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Editorial Court rules in favor of Harvard in firing 5/13/2006 - Michael Mannone says he had an allergic reaction to his psychiatric meds.
Bishop, Elizabeth  (February 8, 1911October 6, 1979)   Her book of poems is being published in 2/2008. 
Liz "was an American poet and writer. She was the Poet Laureate of the United States from 1949 to 1950...Bishop’s mother descended into mental illness and was institutionalized in 1916, when Elizabeth was 5.  Although Bishop’s mother would live until 1934 in an asylum, they would not meet again." 
Her dad died.  She became an orphan and was raised by her relatives.  She eventually moved to Brazil where she became an active lesbian.
Richard, Eugene  Out of Mind, out of Sight editorial in 4/2009  
Includes horrific photos of psychiatric institutions in Paraguay and Mexico.

Saks, Elyn - - New Video Interviews with Elyn Saks, Professor with Schizophrenia -
Saks, Elyn -
Saks, Elyn - 1/25/2016
Saks, Elyn - chapter 1

Saks, Elyn -


Heavenly Hope

Orphan evil spirit - Leif Hetland 2011 - 5/9-13/11 Messianic radio - listen - 5/10/11 broadcast shares healings of bipolar illness