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Clinical Trials. - Be sure patient gives power of attorney to relative and that both of you are present when the informed consent form is signed. 1st get a second MD opinion.
DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) system was established in 1952.  It puts labels onto patient symptoms enabling the pharmaceutical, insurance, medical and social service industry to bill for services provided.  In 2006 the International Psychoanalytic Association  with the American Psychological Association created The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual which assigns 1 of 14 personality patterns before electing a DSM label.  In the case of anxiety disorders, it ignores neurotransmitters in favor of Freud's 4 basic danger situations - loss of a significant other, love, body integrity or affirmation by one's own conscience. When varying schools of thought compete to hold exclusive theories, a doctor will win, but a patient will lose.  Each school of thought should contribute to the total well being of the patient, soul, mind, and spirit. Winter 2005 newsletter
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Song, Suzan, fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry, Stanfordís Lucille Packard Childrenís Hospital, 2/12/2010 Mental Health Providers In Ethiopia Looks West
field work in Ethiopia - The expression "ringing in my ears" can mean mental stress, while "hot/burning scalp" can signify depression.  Discussion of bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis.
Watters, Ethan  Is The U.S. Exporting Mental Illness? -
book Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche
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Sacks, Oliver - 10/10/2019
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Conventional help is practical, comforting, enlightening & even encouraging, but it is only a way station or a treading of water, so to speak.   It infrequently finds & routs out the root problem, like a toilet routorooter. 
Holy Spirit can put His finger on the initial problem, expose & put it to permanent flight. 
There is a saying that God does NOT fix us when we need Him, but will fix us when we BELIEVE Him.
You see, God healed us 2,000 years ago.  When each of us discover our medical inheritance, then we can begin to continously consistently claim it, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Help to Understand, Deal with, Reduce &/or Come off Psychiatric Meds
Breggin, Psychiatrist Peter @ Dr. Peter Bregginís Three New Pioneering Courses! | Psychiatric Drug Facts
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