Medical Acts by Legislature

1999 Amendment to Medical Act 1991, Canada  British Columbia & Ontario, Canada  
Health Professions Act 1996, Canada
Canada plans to export generic drugs to poor countries say Cherny & Chipello in Wall St Journal  10/2/2003
John Kasich's Courage Is Contagious shares Linda Jakes' championing the mentally ill
led to the 1998 Mental Health Parity Law in USA.
Mental Health Parity Law - Equal care under the new law? 2013
Mental Health
Sederer, Lloyd - 5/3/2013 -
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Sederer, Lloyd - 5/3/2013 - Desensitization -
NY doctor's approach leads to a dummying down of Americans, with the trend to call a psychiatric issue/label/behavior a "normal" dis-ease, in the same manner the DSMO has removed homosexual and lesbian ideation/behavior from it's book as an illness.  God calls ALL sexual acts outside of marriage a sin.  look at the recent wave of legislation REDEFINING marriage.  God NEVER redefines His laws.
In other words, any aspect of an incurable illness that has spiritual roots from Satan, needing deliverance, repentance, severing of inherited curses, needs to be exposed rather than swept under the rug, in order to medicate symptoms with drugs/pharmacia. Removing the stigma is nice, but inaccurate, especially when 99% of benefits help the drug industry and 1% of benefits help the patient.  God loves the sinner, but never the sin.  When we are stung with a bee, we move the stinger, not the bee.  For instance, much of illness could be removed jut by one's going to confession and sincerely repenting for one's own AND one's ancestors' sins.