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Bulletin Board of UK's National Schizophrenia Fellowship
28 Castle St, Surrey KT1 lSS in England (020-8974-6814)
Holocaust survivors meet monthly in Brookline.  Sponsored by Jewish Family &
Children's Services, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA.  12/21/2008
Little Flowers and Friends - Children aged K-5 with special needs meet for fellowship at the St. Gerard Majella Catholic church, Canton, Massachusetts, USA.  2/20/2009
Roffman, Arlyn  book  Meeting the Challenge of Learning Disabilities in Adulthood
Structured social programs in Dedham/Boston/Brookline/Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA for adults with learning disabilities run by Toward Independent Living and Learning Inc @ $750/year 7/17/05


Kiko Argüello - chapter 1
Interview + The 3 Angels chapter/section - "Because of sin, you have lost the most profound dimension of yourself, what makes you be a person.  Indeed, man, by separating himself from God (Who defines him & the role for which he was designed/ created0, Who is the only One Who is - 'I AM WHO I AM" (Exodus 3:140) (then man recognizes/wakes up) finds out that (now since his separation from God), that he (himself) IS NOT...1 of the fundamental reasons that so many young people kill NOT BEING (alive to another/having NO relevance), to discover that they ARE NOT for anyone (not even to God, so they 'feel').

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich  -  I Cannot Do This Alone 3/16/2021

"O God, early in the morning I cry to you.
Help me pray & to concentrate my thoughts on you;
I cannot do this alone. In me there is darkness, but with you there is light;
I am lonely, but you do not leave me;
I am feeble in heart, but with you there is help;
I am restless, but with you there is peace.
In me there is bitterness, but with you there is patience;
I do not understand your ways, but you know the way for me.
Restore me to liberty, & enable me to live now that I may answer before you & before men.
Lord, whatever this day may bring, Your name be praised. Amen."
[Therefore, in the name of Your son Jesus, I now loose from my soul:
darkness, loneliness, feebleness, restlessness, & bitterness. 
In the name of Your son Jesus, I now bind to my soul Your opposite virtues:
light/liberty, comfort/friendship, strength, peace & forgiveness/grace.
In Jesus’ name, I an now every whit whole.  Thank You Holy Trinity

Foster, David Kyle - People sometimes misinterpret sex for love.
Foster, David Kyle -
Read Excerpt online
Foster, David Kyle - +
(Being single/celibate can be a calling or a season.  Regardless, we can be wed to God: )
I Am there! By Yolanda Ballard 9/25/2013
Rhoda Banks -  -
"The Purpose of Being Hidden was written by a counselor who encounters many people struggling with these same thoughts. In this inspiring booklet, you will see that every great leader goes through their own wilderness. Joseph had to wait 13 years before God raised him up. Even Jesus did not enter into His ministry until He was 30 years old.
What if God was hiding you for a season to prepare you to be a leader and to walk
in your destiny
? The author’s insight will give you a fresh perspective on your life and encourage you to hold on to the faith and patience required to come out as a leader on the other side...
Rhoda Banks shares how God teaching them to overcome obscurity, rejection, and even misunderstanding."
Carn, Brian -
"The Lord told me...'I want you to break the curse or the spirit called limbo'...a curse called not enough...
Every time something is about to happen for you, it falls through...
You never reach your promise...Every time you get ready to sell the house, everything is
in place, but the deal falls through, because there is a stronghold called not enough...
Break it off of your life...Open your mouth. Break it...Lift those hands very high...
He teacheth of us to war with our hands...
Break it with your hands. Stomp your feet.
Destroy it (in Jesus' name & resurrection power)...
The spirit of limbo is being completely broken off of your life. 
The curse of not enough is being completely dismantled."7.16.2015
Burt, Arthur, Bron Wendon, Conway Road, Penmaenmawr, Gwynedd, N. Wales  LL34 6BB, Great Britian 
Voice: +44 01492-62-3338  (1912-8/28/2014 at age 102))  (BA = 5/21/1927 born again)
Contemporary of Smith Wigglesworth - -
audio made available by - -
Real Audio of Arthur Burt  Listen carefully! approx1.5 hrs
Burt, Arthur

Burt, Mary
Word and Spirit International Ministries - Jubilee,
Penmaenmawr, Llandudno, North Wales  LL30 9AY, United Kingdom
"If you ask me who I am, I will tell you. I am nobody, and the message I bring today
is that every somebody will now have to become nobody. We must lose our identity
in the body of Christ, because Father will not give His glory to anybody but Christ
Arthur Burt part 1 talking about Smith Wigglesworth
Arthur Burt part 2 talking about Smith Wigglesworth

Arthur Burt praying for Sharnael Wolverton
Photo credit

Burt, Arthur - editorials - - &
Burt, Arthur - Died at age 102, per Kathy Walters. Memorial service. 
Ministry & conventions through Bron Wendon fellowship & ministry house
will continue (12/2014).
Editorials -
Carrin, Charles - MINISTERING TO SCHIZOPHRENIA AND OTHER MENTAL DISORDERS - "The Holy Spirit answered, impressing me with 3 specific Scripture subjects & showing their application to the people’s needs.
Each Bible verse spoke of God’s 're-gathering' His people. It was a wonderful revelation, one I prize to this day.

The Scriptures were:
1. God's restoration of Israel to their land & to His grace: Amos 9:11-15. Romans 11:25-36.
2. The final gathering of the elect: Matthew 24:31.
3. Identification of double-minds & its cure: James 1:7
The Lord then emphasized it was always His purpose to re-gather His people from wherever they had been scattered. That applied to nations, families, or individuals, who had become fragmented.
Through the prophecy of Amos, God emphasized that He would make a final gathering of Jews to their mother-country. Jesus spoke of a 'gathering' of
God’s elect & their reunion in Heaven.
Holy Spirit then applied that 're-gathering' principle to individuals whose
minds had been scattered. It was His will that they come to complete restoration. He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the 2nd part of their need. Before anything else, these people needed to have their minds (re-gathered) 'called together'...
The woman’s need at this point was not deliverance, even though demons seemed to be rampaging. What she needed was for that hidden part of her mind to be coaxed out of hiding. This was key. Non-communicating parts needed to be reconnected. Deliverance ministry at this point might have appeared successful but she would have quickly returned to her tormented state. I remember praying desperately saying, 'Lord, what do we do?'
The answer I received was to speak very lovingly, very reassuringly, to that specific part in hiding, to tell it the danger was gone, it no longer needed to hide, Jesus was now its savior & protector. I was
not to command it as I would have a demon, but to appeal to that tiny, frightened little girl to turn loose of the sofa & come home...
I need to emphasize this point: We ministered deliverance successfully to these patients only after the fragmented condition of their minds had been corrected...
Deliverance Ministry is not a one-time experience. There must be follow-up with all patients.
Each must be warned that deliverance can bring immediate results but the
renewal of their mind is a process. One without the other is not only futile but dangerous.
Jesus taught that demons (attempt to) return to unprotected houses.

Matthew 12:44. Everyone undergoing this type of ministry must defend themselves from spiritual re-infestation. They must become active in a full-gospel church, stay in fellow-ship with other believers, daily nurture themselves in the Scripture, & maintain a loving relationship with the Lord. This is absolutely mandatory." 4/14/2013
Chawla, Navin - Mother Teresa, the Authorized Biography - Chapter 7 - Brothers and Co-Workers -
"The spiritual poverty of the (American) West is far greater than the physical poverty of the so-called developing countries.  She (Mother Teresa) calls these unwanted people the 'shut-ins'.  It is far harder to cure that form of loneliness. 
These people are 'nobody'. Nobody notices them.  Mother wants the Co-Workers to be 'somebody' to 'someone'."
@ -
LDM - Identity crisis
1.If they are aware of the different parts (personalities/fractured pieces of soul &/or demons) inside,
they see them as individual people who are part of them and often will know the names.
2.May believe that they are not a person, not a human being.
3.They don’t believe they have the right to say no.
4.They have no sense of anything belonging to them.
5.They see themselves as either overly sexual or nonsexual beings.
6.They have a profound ambivalence about their relationship with God.
They are mad at God for allowing their abuse yet they desire to draw close to Him.
They feel rejected by God.
7.They are very afraid to trust God or anyone else who extends kindness to them.
1.This is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They believe that “If they really get to know me, they will reject me”,
& unconsciously try to prove that that person will eventually give up on them as all the rest have.
2.They have a great desire for secrecy. Often this comes from a pattern of threats from the past not to tell.
3.They have a pervasive sense of vulnerability.
Clark, Dennis & Jen - Loneliness is often the influence/oppression of an evil spirit. 12/19/2016
DR. JEN: Scientists have found out that it's contagious that if one person in your group of friends suffers from loneliness you would have a 52% chance of catching it from them. The reason it's contagious, the secular scientists don't know this, was I learned from Dennis that loneliness is not an emotion.
Sadness is an emotion, but loneliness is a spirit that creates a sense of emptiness even in the innermost being
of a believer.  But for a believer, emptiness is impossible, because we're filled with God...
DR. JEN: Close your eyes. Go down to your spirit in your belly, in your heart; open & yield to God.
Now there are those of you out there who have a spirit of loneliness.
Now your heart is open. Allow yourself to feel how you feel at those times.  Receive forgiveness for having an idol in your heart that is taking up room where God should be. Just receive (His) forgiveness and yield, & welcome his presence to come in and fill you. I'm seeing bondages broken off people right now.
I see a lady weeping with joy because the love of God is pouring in where there was nothing.  There was separation that you felt that you were separated from God.  I see several other people...Just receive forgiveness...
There's somebody who is getting a physical healing right now because you just received forgiveness & a spirit left. Somebody had cancer & that spirit of cancer has left & when you got back to your doctor you're going to get a clean bill of health, & some of the things you thought you were going to have to face, you aren't going to have to face.

I just hear the Lord saying, too, even the things that appear mild...
It feels like an ache; those are symbolic of a closed door. It might just feel like an uncomfortableness.
Do not minimize any of these things, but basically say, I want no thing to come between me & my God.
- Don’t Live on the Frayed Fringe 8/26/2013 @
Lindell Cooley - 8/2014 video &/or transcript
"Oh God of burning, cleaning flame, send a fire. Your blood gets cleansing today we claim. Send the fire today.
God of Elijah, hear our cry, send the fire. Make us to live our time. Send the fire today.
Come & burn up every trace of sin, bring the life and glory in. The revolution now begins. Send the fire today.
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire. Send the fire today. It's fire we want, for fire we plead. Send the fire.
Only the fire of God will meet our every need. Send the fire today. Give us strength to always do what's right & give us grace to conquer in the fight. Give us power to walk this world in light. Send the fire today.
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire, send the fire, send the fire. Send the fire today...
For 6 months, I would finish the worship and the preaching would happen.  We'd go into prayer time.  I would just go in the choir loft, and I'd cry. It was 6 months of birthing. It was 6 months of restoration. It was where the Lord was literally talking to me every night about things in my life. He said, 'You know, you pick this up here, you pick that up there, and you replace Me.'  I said, 'Lord, I want more of you. I want you to change me. I don't feel like I'm worthy to be here. Why am I here? Lord, I shouldn't even be here.' Going on 6 months, this went on. Sunday morning at church, 6 months into the revival, and I'm leading worship, I lost control of myself.
Not in my fashion at all.
Fell over the keyboard, landed on all the keys.  The ushers, by this time, they're used to this, so they just come and pick me up and shovel me off to the corner & lay me on the floor & another guy comes & finishes the service.
For 4 hours that day, I laid there & wept for 4 hours...
The Lord was just saying, 'You know what Lindell,
I want to restore your innocence before any of this stuff that allowed to come into your life. I want to take you back to the little boy who used to love Me with full abandon.'  When I got up out of that floor, Sid, I have never been the same person. I felt like I was 12 again, (around the age of Jewish Bat/Bar Mitzvah, com ing/beginning of age/manhood/ puberty/between 12/13 & age 30).  It's almost like the most enormous, I don't care, that you could ever have, the cares of life.
Most people are bowed down & weighed down with the cares of life.
It's not that we're careless as believers in Christ.  It's not that. We show up, we pay our bills. It's not that.
It's the other things that we care about so much that cloud up our walk with the Lord.
The Lord just took that layer by layer with my permission
He would talk to me & say, "Today I want to take this away. Today I want to take it away."  What He was doing is He was moving all the clutter out of my life & putting himself right back in the middle.
You know, a lot of times we ask the Lord to come in, but we've all got, we've got so much stuff in our house & we think the Lord is going to coexist with it. But He comes in the front door. He goes, 'You know what?  
I don't like the way you decorated here
. Let's remove this couch & that chair & let's get this out of here.'
But I realized that I allowed the Lord in the front part of my house, but not the whole house.
He says, 'If I'm not Lord of everything then I'm not Lord at all.' 
When you're in that presence of the Lord that's why worship is so critical.  In His presence, you lose the care. You realize there's so much more of Him than you have & you want Him just to take over
That's what He did for me on that 6-month Sundays, the Sunday of the 6-month revival.
Changed my life. I've never been the same person."
Cornelio Closa, the disappearing boy From: Lester Sumrall's Alien Entities 1995, pages 141-148 (See Lester Sumrall links below.) @ -
"The story of the invisible boy is true. It is a story to which I was intimately related.
It is about a young Filipino boy who was tormented by an alien entity for more than a year.
This spirit would cause him to disappear from a classroom at school or from his home...
'The pastor told my father he knew someone who would help me, someone who had helped others.
He said I needed help badly & that I had to be prayed for immediately.
He told me the devil himself was in my body.  My parents brought me to church to see Lester Sumrall.
The pastor met us there. I was very uncomfortable and wanted to run away'...
Reverend Sumrall spoke to the Methodist minister & asked: 'Pastor, what’s wrong with this boy?'
The pastor said: 'He runs away & disappears.'
'Well, when I was a boy, I used to run away too, but I got a spanking for it.'
'He’s different,' the pastor responded, 'He may disappear right out of my hands.'
'Then it’s the devil’s power,' Reverend Sumrall said. 'I will pray for him.'  'Lord Jesus, we plead Thy holy blood.
We command the devil to come out of him.  We break the devil’s power that this devil can get him no more.
May he be surrounded with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Be free in Jesus Christ’s Name.  I believe it. Amen.'
Then Reverend Sumrall said to me: ‘Look up here. Smile. May Christ’s blood surround you.
The spirit cannot make you disappear again as long as you live’.
'I felt cleansed, purified, and my body was mine again. I joined my parents.
As the song in church rose in glory, I took my place with the people.
Reverend Sumrall reminded me that there was truly much to be thankful for.
I had been in the house of the devil & enslaved to him.
Through his help, Jesus Christ & all His power had made me whole and good again.
By the blood of Jesus Christ, by His power without measure & without end, He had saved me from eternal damnation’...
Rev. H. A. Baker, traveled from the United States to the Philippines to verify the facts of this case.
They were unbelievable to him. But after talking to all of those involved & establishing the facts, he wrote me & said: ‘Unbeknown to you, I visited the Philippines.
I contacted Cornelio, the school teacher, the parents & their neighbors.
I discovered that it is absolutely true what you describe about this miracle’. 
He went on to state: ‘No doubt, this is the greatest miracle outside of the Bible, & as great as any miracle in the Bible’.
Demonology - Loneliness -
Doug -
Eckhardt, John - -
Arrested Development is a(n evil) spirit that causes a person to remain childish & immature.
This is a prince of mind control. He operates in a specific area of the mind. Everything he does functions in the mind.  His only target area is regression from ages 13-0. 
This spirit operates in reverse, & its main objective is to stop a person's growth (spiritual & natural).
Another one of this spirit's goals is to take the person back to the position in the womb & choke him to death.
Many people who experience choking in the sleep state may be dealing with this spirit.
Even if its task is not completed, it opens the door for spirits of terror by night, nightmare (Mare), and fear of the dark. 
This spirit also has many other spirits working with him or under his command to accomplish his dreadful task.
Remember that this spirit's task is to keep the person
bound by childhood spirits so that they can never walk in the realm of maturity.
Remember, too, it regresses from age 13-0; for every year it regresses it manifests a different spirit.
There is a different demon assigned to each age; each (age) demon has a specific task.
This Arrested Development spirit wants to embarrass a person at all times by manifesting the different age personalities, thus making a person's immature words or advise an accepted reality & creating doubt in the person to not even trust themselves to make mature decisions.
This spirit also works with schizophrenia and spirits of homosexuality & lesbianism.
This demon may try to create designs for a person's life by setting up events of rape & incest, allowing spirits of rejection, homosexuality, hurt, fear, schizophrenia, inability to give or receive love, isolation, and hatred of men (or) hatred of women to enter.  Another design this spirit sets up is escape through drugs & alcohol.
It also works strongly with Ahab, Jezebel and whoredom spirits in keeping the person depressed with his or her life, forcing them to regress to their happier childhood years, while attempting to keep the person from developing mentally.   The Word of God says in 1 Corinthians 13:11:
"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child:
but when I became a man, I put away childish things."  
There are 3 definite states here that the spirit of arrested development tries to use or in which the spirit tries to keep the person:
1.Speaking as a child;
2.Understanding as a child;
3.Thinking as a child.
The Word of God teaches us the power of the spoken word, that life and death are in the power of the tongue.
Notice that Paul separates and distinguishes the things spoken by children & those spoken by adults.
As mature saints of God, we are to speak forth the wisdom (mature things) of the Word.
In Hebrews 5:12-14, we see that our understanding is to be matured. The Word says: "meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good & evil."
Here we see that the thinking and understanding of believers must be developed to the place of maturity.
This spirit, left unchallenged, will never allow the person to get pass the stage of childhood in life.
Remember what Paul said:
"When I became a man I put away childish things.
Adults who still play with toys and collect dolls are (may be) manifesting the characteristics of children:
This could be the spirit of arrested development manifesting through escape of reality."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity - section 5 Land of Forgetfulness - shares that there is a place below called the "land of forgetfulness" from which one may need to be set free. This is spiritual place of captivity where few remember (notice) your existence on earth.-
Isaiah 38:17 TNJB
   You have preserved my soul from the pit of nothingness.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - Chapter 1 God is a God of Designs. -
"Churches...ministers...most attacked were the ones that were alone.  I saw the demons...sent in." pg 40-41
Ferrell, Ana - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
Chapter 2 The Throne of God - Section I Came to Judgment before the Great Judge of the Universe -
There is a place of loneliness in Ministry training by the Holy Spirit, where one will be unable to see or hear God for a season.
[This reminds us of the time when Jesus on the cross cried out that He had been forsaken by His Father God; but that was His sense of loneliness, that of his feeling being abandoned. 
Nonetheless, God had NOT abandoned Jesus, even though His 5 senses and His human spirit told him otherwise.]
Chapter 4 Christ a Kingdom of Love
Section Jesus' Loneliness - Jesus shared with Ana that there is a place of His loneliness "where My beloved NEVER COMES" like a place of abandonment to an orphanage, prison, asylum, institution, nursing home, or hospital where others never (or seldom) visit.
"The reason why we just receive revelation as with an eye dropper is because we live isolated under a structure of selfishness of self-protection with barriers that isolate us from one another...
He who is in darkness can only see his own needs."
"Every man is a spirit that came from God...
The very Trinity...decided to pull from Himself a part of His own heart & to create from there mankind...from Himself...
God created man with a (human) heart that needed His Creator in order to feel complete...
He also determined for His own (spiritual) heart, that wonderful incomplete feeling, that only finds its fullness when His beloved, the Church (congregation/Bride of Christ) empties herself into 1 spirit."
Section Within the Depth of God's Heart - the greatest pain (of separation)...when one that He loves, chooses eternal separation from Him...
Eternally He will continue loving and mourning them (His human seed/offspring/creation)."
"A little of piece of God...our spirit, continues existing in every man...cries out to be able to find again that love from which he came."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places -
Chapter 17 Disarming the Powers section False Gods of the Aztecs -
Regarding spiritual warfare, "In some places we ask God to make us invisible, because it is sometimes difficult to reach a place guarded by the police."
Gray, John - Thursday, August 10, 2017 - - Whatever travesty allowed in our lives, is what God knows we can handle (with God) & and leave a awesome/better legacy to heirs & generation.  A pep talk to the discouraged/demoralized/hopeless/emotionally dead, especially men(Pertains to 1st 15 minutes of program).  Book: I Am Number 8
Robert Henderson - 3/14/2016 - Proper Heavenly Court Litigation - -
ROBERT: (Because of his divorce) I was watching my son give up on what he had been made for. 
He knew he had been made for, because he felt everything he had failed.
So the Lord said, (Spiritually) “Bring him to my courts.” 
I began to understand a little bit just enough to start.
I began to repent for Adam, because he (at that time) was in no place to deal with this. 
I repented. See, I tell people intercessors do for others what they can’t do for themselves until they can.
But you also needed (legal) authority to do it as his father, you did it (spiritually).
I was his father. That’s right. That’s exactly right.  So I began to repent for him. 
(Like Job in scripture) I repented for any failures he had as a father, as a husband.
I repented for him believing the lie of the enemy. I repented anything I felt, anything I understood, anything I thought, anything I imagined, I repented. It took me about 5 minutes.
Then I heard the Lord say something really powerful & significant.
He said, “Now you repent of the things you have said negatively about him to his mother,” my wife.
He said, “Because the accuser is taking your words and saying even
his own father testifies this about him
.” Now I never said anything to (my son) Adam,
but I had said some things to his mother. 'I don’t understand why he: did this...won’t stand up...won’t shake free from this.'  I just spoke negative (emasculating) things.
That was binding him.
That was binding him. My words were being used by the accuser
because as his father, the accuser could take my words & say, his father, this is the testimony of his words concerning him. So I repented. Although now I’m repenting
with tears. As soon as I got that done, it took about 5 minutes, the Lord said to me, “Now I want you to prophesy his destiny.  Adam is nowhere.” So...I said, “Lord, I declare according to Your Word how beautiful up on the mountain are the feet of those that bring good news. Adam will carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He will walk upon the high places.” Then suddenly the Spirit of the Lord said, “Now rebuke the spirit of depression.”
You see, what I didn’t realize I had done, I had dealt with every legal thing, so that now I could righteously & legally attack the devil. I said, “Satan, I rebuke you.”
I still remember. I said, according to Ephesians, Chapter 5, I say, “Awake thou that sleeps and Christ will give you life. I rebuke you, you spirit of depression.
I command you to leave my son now in Jesus’ name.
It took about 15 minutes to do that after 2 years of praying.  I got up & thought, that was really different. 
1 & a half weeks later, my phone rings. I look at it says Adam.
I punch it. I say, "Hey Adam.” He says, “Hey Dad,” verbatim, “Can I talk to you?”
I said, “Sure.”  He said, “I don’t know what happened but a week & a half ago suddenly all the depression left...
I am now ready to do God’s will.”
Hernandez, David - -
DAVID: I’ve walked with Jesus, but I feel as though I’m missing something. I’m looking back now.
The Lord had withdrawn not because of anything that I had done; when I say He withdrew, He didn’t do so literally, He did so in relation to my emotions. I learned that when God seemingly withdraws (like He did when Jesus was on the cross and "felt" abandoned), He’s not doing it to push you away. He’s doing it to draw you closer.
Hetland, Leif -
LEIF: The next thing (after fear) the enemy does: failure. Now you feel you've failed.  You are the only 1 that is here 1 then forsaken. He isolates you.  This is part of the strategy of the enemy. He comes to kill, steal & destroy.
SID: You get offended with all your best friends & now you're isolated.
LEIF: Yes. So he isolates you. That's why it's so important sometimes for us to enter into the hard work of rest & rest becomes your weapon of warfare. So even there, it's the lamb's nature.
Hinn, Benny - 7/26/2016 - broadcast - Holy Spirit is very lonesome
He is only person now on the earth.  Jesus is in 3rd heaven.  [Father, in Jesus' name, we repent for neglecting to befriend and fellowship with Holy Spirit.  With Your and heaven's help, may we increasingly daily comfort, walk, reign, minister & war with Holy Spirit, according to Your plans and pleasure.  Thanks.]
Holloran, Mr. Pat - -
Deliverance from the Orphan Spirit
Pat Holloran - October 2nd, 2009 – Part 1 or  + October 2nd, 2009 – Part 2 or -
(As part another's marriage covenant flesh we can pray for mate's personal revelation of son-ship in God, to come in dreams; likewise we can pray/declare the same revelation blessing for all those who share our physical & even our spiritual DNA - yesterday, today, tomorrow.) (Always test any prophecy, in part or whole. 
Both we & prophets are learning to hear God

"The Hebrew word used here in Proverbs 8:30-31 is the same word used of children playing in the New Jerusalem of Zechariah 8:5! The Scriptures here are pointing us into a mysterious portal of what true spiritual freedom & liberty is all about and it is the 'Wasteland Intoxication Effect' ! It is in the place of nothing (i.e. wasteland) that He meets us & brings us back into His original pattern of creation...Abba is wooing us outside the camp of the old wineskin & into the new...So be bold & courageous to go outside the camp & surrender totally to Him.
He will sustain you by possessing you with the atmospherics of His Glory realm as is seen here in Proverbs 8.
It is in this wasteland of nothing that actually is the greatest portal to the true Spiritual realm."
[When we have come to the end of self (me/myself/I) we become empty/available for Him to fill us up with Him-self, when we invite God's Holy Spirit in.]

Dr. Aiko Hormann - Shattered Dreams - Fragmented -
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Hoyt, Yaholo - Adoption and Hospitality Should Replace Evangelism by Yaholo Hoyt - The Power of Adoption - "When most people think about the term 'adoption' we usually only think about a family adopting a child.
However, to 'adopt' is 'to bring into your family.' Adopting a child is certainly the most potent form of adoption, but there are many degrees after that. You can adopt a single mother, & her children, into your family (speaking relationally, not legally). You can adopt the alienated and lonely into your social circles.
You can adopt those outside your socio-economic status into your community.
Like adopting a child, it is a commitment to say that no matter who they are, or what happens, they are family."
TD Jakes' Rags to Riches - 5/10/2011 - -
A friend, even though temporary, may be a stepping stone to your next level.
A covenant relationship is a serious one; Christ gave His all that we might have His all.
Jakes, TD - 
Jakes, TD - 11/9/2011 Speak to loneliness (in Jesus' name). 
Check out

Kelley, Earthquake - Bound to Lose, Destined to Win - - Chapter 12 Gateway to Hell - Sometimes it is an outside spiritual force: "a(n evil) spirit that causes people to experience intense loneliness and to believe that life is not worth living.  As they experience further hurt, the door opens to another spirit called atarroth adder or crown of snakes.  These demonic snakes wrap themselves around a person's head like a crown & slowly squeeze.  The spirit squeezes until the person is convinced he can no longer deal with the pressure.  Then he kills himself.  The crown of snakes does not attack only (practicing transvestites/same-sex/lesbians/) homosexuals, nor does it attack only people who are engaged in immoral sexual activity.  Anybody who is under so much stress that they feel unable to cope with life is likely dealing with an attack by this demonic spirit.  This spirit can also cause migraine headaches...
Command that spirit to leave, in the name of Jesus
, & then plead the blood of Jesus
The hydra head spirit causing multiple personality creates many personalities & voices in the head of its victim, who might contemplate or attempt "suicide just to get relief from the voices (often presented as internal thoughts and/or feelings)."

#108) Kat Kerr - 4/23/2011 - The Enemy Wants You To Think You Have No Power
PM Heaven #2 - Oasis Church - Alive_Again Dec 18, 2012 - "The enemy wants you to think that you're nothing and nobody, and have no power, & that he's going to do what he wants to with you.
That's pretty much the message he has given everywhere.

He also wants people to be afraid of what's coming on the earth. Well, the world better be afraid! But NOT God's people. Because we're going to do those greater works, those greater miracles Christ said we would, & they haven't happened yet. Also we have to be loving one another, so the world will know that it's by our love for each other.
Not denominations fighting denominations. There are NO denominations in Heaven.
(The Holy Ghost) He's not something to be afraid of. He's the 3rd person in the Trinity.
They call Him
the Drama King in Heaven, & you're about to see more drama from Him than you ever have on this earth. He's going to come to services totally uninvited, with permission from the Father, & turn them upside down. Because (congregations)  they're tired of adapting to man's services. They're about to adapt to Heaven.
For a while (era/season/time) we will have a little Heaven on earth?."
King, Patricia - teen ministry to u - 7/2013
LeStrange, Ryan
1/16/2017 -
SID: Hello. Sid Roth here...Many believers are under spiritual attack...They don't know it.
How can you fight an enemy if you don't even know you have an enemy, if you think it's your self
There are many believers that are under attacks of loneliness...fear... depression....many areas.
Once you can identify that these attacks are demonic you can throw them out the window every time
(in the name and power of Jesus).

RYAN: Loneliness. The enemy plays a real trick on people's minds in their loneliness (&) delayed promises.
You know, there is a
kairos time for every prophetic promise & Galatians talks about. "We will reap if we faint not."
Well the enemy tries to weary us, so that we give up on the promise...Sometimes there's a passing of time.
Confusion about purpose is another attack. People get confused about what am I supposed to do...
A spiritual attack can actually create physical fatigue & exhaustion.
Elijah was under the juniper tree & couldn't wake up.
He was under an attack of heaviness. So there's many, many symptoms;
if you can identify the symptoms you can recognize the attack. That's a key
RYAN:  The Bible says where the spirit of the Lord is
there is liberty...
t's not hard for you to get set free. I see people with attacks of confusion...with the spirit of fear...a spirit of infirmity...Come on, lift your voices and begin to cry out to the Lord right now. Father,
I thank you for that Micah 2:13 breaker anointing. I break the spirit of fear.
I command the spirit of fear to loose people.
I command the spirit of pain and infirmity to loose people.
I command deafness to loose people.
I release the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I say receive a miracle right now.
I break that spirit of confusion. I say you you shall prophesy with clarity.
I release that breaker anointing now. In the name of Jesus, be free right now.
In Jesus' name, shout to the Lord with a voice triumph. Hallelujah. (edited)
Loneliness - - "The Talmud teaches us that a human being is a husband and a wife, together, a single soul with two halves. Before one is married, he or she is only half a human being, a male half or a female half. This is why one feels loneliness for a mate.
It's like having "your better half" surgically amputated from your complete self.
Loneliness disappears after one
lives with his or her soul mate."
"To experience a relationship with another person, we want to engage their soul, that which is inside. 
We are not looking to just relate to their body. Unfortunately, we cannot see the person, the soul; we can only see their body. We want to engage that aspect of a person that disappears a minute after they die.
We want to engage the
, which is the essence of a person."
Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - THE SHAME-FEAR-CONTROL STRONGHOLD - "The Shame-fear-Control Stronghold derives out of a false belief about identity, which is an ungodly belief.93  
The core of this (faulty) belief stated,
'I am uniquely & hopelessly flawed'. 
Shame & Guilt derived out of the fall (Genesis 3:10). Adam & eve lost their connection with God.
What this (falsely) implies is that shame & guilt & separation from God – are the same thing.
Shame Stronghold: The root of Shame is abandonment.
   This demonic stronghold produces isolation & people who hide.
Fear stronghold derives from fear of abandonment.
Control stronghold.  When the control stronghold is very strong it might be at 'Jezebel' level. Helping a person to let his defensive walls down will take the uttermost care from the counselor, as well as much faith and grace from the counselee. Creating trust is thus of foundational essence.  The counselee should be prepared to expose the false shameful personality - a counterfeit identity - to the extent (so) that the real personality (is exposed/no longer) entrapped! This (deceptive self-image) stronghold (along with its group of demons) masquerades as the 'real-self' of the person.94
(Kylstra, Chester and Betsy (2001) Restoring the Foundations.)"
[CAUTION.  In many instances, a false identity needs to be exposed, bound &/or evicted, in Jesus' name, rather than counseled. 
An ungodly dependency upon a counselor &/or medications can be extremely detrimental. 
One's DAILY & most significant spiritual medicine needs to be the Holy Spirit, holy scripture & the Person of Jesus, not a psychologist/psychiatrist/pastor/counselor, who tends to feed his own bank account & ego rather than his client; beware of co-dependency.  A superior counselor should be able to empower his client in under 1 year
A mother teaches her bird to fly - solo.]
Chapter 3 -  4.3.1 PRINCE of the NORTH: BELIAL – THE FALSE LION
"The geographic spiritual area where the Northern Kingdom of Satan’s headquarters is situated in Moscow:
Soviet Russia:63
1.'The Main Goal Of Belial Is To Make Everyone And Everything Worthless': He Destroys Christian Religion, Christian Faith, Spiritual Maturity, Marriages, Relationships & Finances. This Principality Works With Continuous Cold War.64
2.Belial Creates False Belief Systems As Strongholds Of The Mind and Emotions
(causing rage & other emotional strongholds), from where he and other demonic powers can rule the person’s life.
3.Belial Binds The Minds Of People. He Is Mixing The Truth & The Lie – light & darkness, right & wrong, good & bad.
He is also mixing righteousness & sin, creating grey areas with no absolutes.65 He is trying to kill the reality of the truth of Jesus Christ for the person. His ultimate goal with the victim is to complete destruction of the intellect, using an ancient power.
4.This entity works in the minds and sub-consciousness of people, invading their thoughts & dreams, through Ctuluh, the dream master. Turners-and-twisters are used to disrupt logical thought patterns.
Such a victim should be led to repentance & truth by the Holy Spirit. When a Christian experience resistance, the devil should be resisted (James 4:7). 'In the process the victim becomes confused between illusionary visions & reality, struggling against controlling thoughts, megalomania, fantasy spells and the impulse of the victim to retreat into this unreal world, thus losing touch with the real world, existing in a grey nothingness.67 ...
The etymology of the word Belial (in Greek) means worthlessness, without profit, destruction, wickedness, evil, ungodly (men).70 When there is referred to people as 'the children or sons or daughters of Belial', it implicates that such a person belonging to a group with the trademark of worthlessness and wickedness." THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SPIRIT OF BELIAL:72
1A spirit of Worthlessness
A spirit of Wickedness
A Anti-Christ spirit (promoting the worshipping of other gods)
4. A spirit of Rebellion
5. A spirit of Disobedience
A spirit of Irreverence / disrespect
A spirit of Immorality
A spirit of Uncleanness
A spirit of Adultery
A spirit of Rape
11. A spirit of Prostitution
12. A spirit of Alcoholism and Addiction
13. A spirit of Incest & Sodomy
14. A spirit of Fornication
15. A spirit of Backsliding
(Father God, in Jesus' name, we repent for any iniquity and sin triggering or allowing
these curses.  In Jesus' name we bind all evil spirits relevant to these curses & command that they permanently decease & desist in _________ & his/her bloodline, that they return 7 times what they stole & that all curses be replaced with holy blessings from this day forward.  We thank & praise You Lord God, in Jesus name.  Amen
Maloney, James - The Wounded Cry - "A heartfelt booklet that cuts right to the source of many people's issues in life: rejection, fear, isolation. Candidly recounting his testimony, James Maloney shares the solution each of us needs & can find only in 1 Man: the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has made it clear, 'I have heard your cry for acceptance, & I love you just the way you are.'"
Maloney, James - LISTEN to Tuesday's Radio broadcast 3/3/2003 & TV video 8/2014  
Mathias, Art - -
McTernan, John - - 2/10/2014
McTernan, John -
Meeder, Kim - 3/5/2012 - Great story on what a stranger's smile can do.
Moore, Beth -  (As God reverses our loneliness, so we can do likewise both for God and others.) 4/11/2012 -
Give a smile or bear hug, in Jesus' name.
Morris, Robert - The God I Never Knew - - Morris reveals how the Holy Spirit indwells, communicates with, operates through His body & our flesh.  "The Holy Spirit's chief desire is for relationship - to offer us the encouragement & guidance of a trusted friend."
You also are built together for a habitation of God in the Spirit.
Ephesians 2:22 9/26/2011 9/27/2011 9/28/2011
Fear of the Holy Spirit - 9/29/2011
Myles, Francis - (edited)
"In the movie, The Matrix Morpheus the prophet from the City of Zion confronts young Neal with a staggering choice. He shows him a red & blue pill. He told him that he could only have 1 of the pills, so he had to choose wisely. Young Neal asks Morpheus what the 2 pills represent...Morpheus tells Neal that if he chose the blue pill he would return to the life he was familiar with. A seemingly safe & predictable life trapped in a false reality called the 'Matrix.' A malicious program called 'the agents' controlled the people who lived in the matrix. On the other hand, if he chose the 'red pill' he would come into a 'new and higher level of consciousness' that would deliver him from that false reality called the 'matrix' & allow him to discover his true 'self.'  In the movie, Neal chose the red pill.
He immediately became 'unplugged' from the false reality of the matrix to eventually become the savior of Zion.
In his new state of consciousness, Neal realized that the life he had known in the matrix was not as 'safe' as he had supposed. 
To the contrary, it was the most dangerous life a human being could ever live, because the people who lived in the 'false reality' called the matrix, were actually pawns of a malicious program called 'the agents' (demons). People were  actually asleep to their true purpose and potential. Even though The Matrix is a fictional movie made by Hollywood, the Lord said to me, 'The blue pill' represents sin, which binds the people of our planet to a false sense of reality.  People sedated on the blue pill are being remotely controlled by demonic entities (Satan’s agents). 
The 'red pill' represents the precious blood of Jesus, the only agent in the universe that can unplug lost souls from the false reality of the matrix.
Applying the blood of Christ over our heart & mind is the beginning of a new & higher state of consciousness...
God, Who cannot lie & knows all things, declares to Jeremiah that before 'I formed “YOU” in your mother’s womb, I knew “YOU.'  See that there was a 'YOU' (a spiritual holy blueprint/destiny/assignment) in young Jeremiah that God formed & foreknew in His foreknowledge.  This 'YOU' that was trapped in Jeremiah represented 'his true self/identity,' without the influence of demonically engineered programming.
God went further and informed Jeremiah that this 'YOU' in him was the 'YOU' that had the potential to become a prophet of God to the nations.  This 'YOU' was not restricted in consciousness by age, space or time.  Unleashing this 'YOU' that was trapped in Jeremiah would set him free from living inside the false reality of the matrix.
Unfortunately, another very malicious, demonically engineered program was also operating in young Jeremiah. It was the “I” program. This demonic program places 'self' (I) in the place where God is supposed to be. This demonic program says, 'I can't,' where God says, 'I (Myself) can' (through your cooperation). 
This demonic program 1st appeared in Lucifer and transformed him into Satan (Isaiah 14:12-15).
This (me/myself/'I' program is a slave of the law of sin & death.
Failure to break free of this demonically engineered program will doom us to a life of sin and death.
This program is single handedly the greatest hindrance to living in a higher level of consciousness. 
It is my prayer that God will deliver you from this demonic programming as you are reading this book...
(I/we receive Your ongoing permanent deliverance.)
Holy Spirit showed me that the answer to the dilemma of unfulfilled prophecy is rooted
in dealing with a question of 'Identity Theft.'  The Lord told me that when the Holy Spirit releases a personal prophecy over any individual, the prophecy is always directed towards the 'original YOU' in Christ in God
The prophetic Word is the property of your regenerated human spirit not the outward man that everybody sees...
Many Christians are not walking in their 'true self' but in a self that for the most part has been programmed by culture, environment & the invisible influence of demonic powers.  Consequently, when many sincere followers of Christ receive a prophecy they immediately apply it to the 'I' that they know themselves to be, when in actuality the prophecy was addressed to their inward man (human born again spirit).
Sadly, many Christians are so 'soulish' their 'spirit man' rarely comes out of Defining Consciousness the shell of their persona to do the work of God. Consequently,
their 'soulish persona' [wounded unhealed soul (mind/emotions/will)] superimposes itself over prophetic words that the LORD meant to be assumed by the regenerated spirit.
In the daily grind of life, this phenomenon is known as (spiritual) 'identity theft.'
I asked God to give me a clear Biblical example of this phenomenon & He did.
(In Genesis Rebecca was unable to have children. After her husband Isaac prayed) Rebekah became pregnant with twins.  The 2 children struggled with each other in her womb, so she asked the Lord, 'Why is this happening to me?' The Lord told her,
'The sons in your womb will become 2 nations. From the very beginning, the 2 nations will be rivals. One nation will be stronger than the other; your older son will serve your younger son.'  When the time came to give birth, Rebekah discovered that she did indeed have twins.  The first one was very red at birth and covered with thick hair like a fur coat. So they named him Esau.  Then the other twin was born with his hand grasping Esau’s heel.
So they named him Jacob.  (Father) Isaac was 60 years old when the twins were born (Genesis 25:21-26) & Rebekah took notice of the child who came out last because of the prophecy that God gave her concerning the inherent destinies of her 2 sons. 
Isaac, who did not understand God’s original intent for his younger son, gave him a name that was contrary to his inherent destiny. Isaac named his 2nd son, 'Jacob,' which means 'supplanter', But the child’s 'true self' in Christ in God answered to the name 'Israel.' 
The prophecy that God had given to Rebekah over her younger son was never meant for 'Jacob'; it was intended for 'Israel.'  'Jacob' was who he was naturally, but 'Israel' was what he became when God restored his (God) 'consciousness' concerning his true self in Christ in God. The supernatural encounter he had with God at the Jabbok River challenged his perceived identity as 'Jacob' & restored him to his true identity in God’s Kingdom as 'Israel.' 
As 'Jacob,' he remained a supplanter, deceiver, hustler & God only knows what else, but as 'Israel,' he was a prince endued with the power to prevail with God and man...
When Isaac told Esau to go into the wild to hunt for a wild animal so he could bless him, Jacob, in tandem with his mother, devised a most devious plan to steal the blessing from unsuspecting Esau. The scheme they concocted was the most devious case of 'Identity Theft' ever mentioned in Scripture.  I do not have the space to focus on the scheme they concocted, except to say it involved Jacob pretending to be Esau in front of his father
who was blind for all practical purposes. When Esau discovered that his scheming brother had supplanted him, a spirit of murder came upon him. When Jacob saw that his life was in danger he fled into exile. 
On his way to Syria to live with his uncle Laban, he slept at a place called Luz. While he was sleeping, he dreamed of a ladder that reached up to Heaven. He saw angels ascending and descending on this ladder. At the top of the ladder, he saw the Lord. God spoke to him. He told him that He would bless him and his descendants with the land he was sleeping on. When Jacob 'woke up', he was deeply moved and made a very interesting statement.  When Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, 'Surely the Lord is in this place. I wasn’t even aware of it.'  (Genesis 28:16).  When Jacob woke-up he said, 'The Lord is in this place & "I" did not know it.' 
Jacob confessed that he couldn’t really discern the Lord’s presence when the 'I' program was active in him.
But why did the Lord wait until he was asleep before He appeared to him? The reason is staggeringly simple:
God uses dreams while people sleep to bypass demonic programming that makes it difficult for most Christians to hear from God while they are awake.
God uses dreams to speak to our 'true self,' because when many of us are awake, the demonic 'I' program is very active.  The Lord told me that at the City of Luz (later known as Bethel)
God put Jacob to sleep so He could speak to 'Israel' who was still trapped in Jacob. 
The prophecies that Jacob thought were his actually belonged to 'Israel.'  The name 'Jacob' represented the supplanting nature of the flesh, while the name 'Israel' represented the life-giving divine nature of God.
When he became Israel, he began to manifest the prophecy that God gave to his mother before he was born.
He suddenly became greater in spiritual stature than his elder brother. While he remained 'Jacob,' Esau had the power to place him in exile but as soon as he became 'Israel,' Esau was placed in total subjection. 
This is what coming into (spiritual God) 'consciousness' will do for millions of Christians around the world who have endured perennial defeat at the hands of the enemy."
Neshia - -
"They lead him to the Neshiah, the 5th earth, where he becomes oblivious of his origin & home.
The Neshiah is inhabited by dwarfs without noses; they breathe through 2 holes instead.
They have no memory; once a thing has happened, they forget it completely, whence their earth is called Neshiah, 'forgetting.'"
Orphan evil spirit - Leif Hetland 2011 - 5/9-13/11 Messianic radio - listen
Pelton, Kathi - The Power of Agreement by Kathi Pelton - -
11/2015 -
"My husband & I spent many years doing foster care.
Most of our foster kids were teenage boys who had been neglected, abused and abandoned.  As horrible as many of the events were in these boys' pasts, there was an even more tragic event that permeated their lives.
The day they came into agreement with
the voices of evil that pursued them is where their lives took the most tragic turn.
On more than 1 occasion when one of our boys had been 'triggered',
(upset emotionally by some word or deed)' causing them to rage against their existence,
I would put my arms around them & repeat over & over.  'This is not who you are! This is not who you are. 
'Somewhere deep inside they knew that the message of being worthless was not true.
Yet life had beaten that demonic message into the fabric of their identity.
The enemy had used the events in their lives as proof of the lie, creating agreement between them & the demonic agenda that was being played out.
One of the enemy's greatest strategies is to get 1 of God's amazing creations to agree with an identity, that is different than the one that He gave to them.
The enemy takes great pleasure in setting up scenarios that give proof to his lies.
Demons love to hang out with hurting & disillusioned people to speak lies about their identity.
If he can get them to agree with his lies, then power is released creating legal authority
to validate this lie as truth in their life...There is good news,  if you have agreed with the enemy about your life or the life of someone else. YOU CAN BREAK THAT AGREEMENT.
It is not too late to change the course of your life and remove every legal right that this
agreement has secured.  You can go before the Righteous Judge & ask forgiveness for this agreement, renounce the agreement, break the power of the legal right and
then come into agreement with truth and justice on your behalf & on behalf of others...
Isaiah 30:1-5 , Isaiah 30:18 , Isaiah 30:23-26 , Jeremiah 29:11
When you agree with the (scriptural) truth of the Lord, it releases the power of the (Holy) Spirit. You agree with the legal right of Heaven to come to Earth.  When you bring an-other (person &/or the Holy Spirit) into this agreement along with you, it releases even more power.  I encourage you today to break all alliances & agreements with lies, & to enter into truth.  Wait for the Lord, for He will restore all things, as you (daily/consistently) come into agreement with His truth, & walk in it."
Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Chapter 14 - God's Plan for Wholeness -
"The last phase of loss, and the most dangerous of all, is withdrawal and loneliness. 
To protect ourselves from more hurt and pain, we become our only focus."  
Instead, we MUST plug into G-d, a church/synagogue & family/friends. 
We need to have a schedule, to work and/or volunteer.
Spiritual Lepers by Steve Porter - 3/2015 - "I'm calling you out of your isolation; you're not to dwell alone another day! I see your pain and how your soul has become vexed because of the poor choices you've made.
You contaminated your soul with the filth of this world and now you feel you can never be accepted again.
Though you've asked God to forgive you, you believe you are too far gone to ever be forgiven, too lost to be found, so you cry out "Unclean! Unclean!" You expect others to run away in disgust, because you're a spiritual leper...
The foul smell of your past still lingers upon you when He (But the Lord Jesus) lifts your chin & with eyes full of love He looks deep into your soul & says these amazing words, 'Because you have repented & come back to Me, I have made you clean! I have made all things new. You are no longer a leper or an outcast, instead you are my child.'" -
Spiritual Lepers  By: Steve Porter

Porter, Steve - Invisible to the World but Known -
"Do you feel invisible to others?  If so, take heart, because God knows your name.
When you're
invisible to others & no one knows your name, choose to be content to worship before an audience of 1, because it's in that place that God will equip you for your destiny and whatever ministry He has for you.
Scripture says our ways are not God's. In fact, He often does things in ways that seem illogical to our human understanding. Case in point: it's not about rubbing shoulders with those who can open doors for us;
nor is it about hoping & praying someone will notice our special talents.
Sadly, we often see people trying to climb the ladder in the flesh...Any kingdom built by man will fall, while only those built and established by God will stand. Any kingdom built by man will suffer loss…because it wasn't God at all.  
Psalm 127:1 says this:
"Unless Jehovah build the house, in vain do its builders labor in it; unless Jehovah keep the city, the keeper watcheth in vain."  
According to the Kingdom of God
- Build your ministry (family & business) according to
the Kingdom of God, not according to the dictates of the world.
Time spent alone in His presence is never wasted but wisely invested.
You see, it is in the waiting that He prepares us to fulfill our destiny.
The Lord will purify our motives when we are alone in His presence unnoticed by man
until we no longer care who knows our names or how popular we become.
We are too busy worshiping the FAMOUS ONE: JESUS. 
If we are passionate about Him & submit to His leading He transforms us, helping us die to our old (unholy) desires & motivations, so we can live & move and have our being in Him alone. In fact, He says that until we die to our old nature & even our gifts, & submit to Him, we get in His way, hindering Him from moving as He desires.
So how do we do that? We ask Him to open our eyes to see where we've been deceived & are content, stuck in preconceived notions that are not of Him - where we hold on to opinions that must go if we are to become that bride in white garments (of purity/ virginity/forgiveness). Until we let go of all the things that our 'old man' (human nature/ inheritances/DNA/addictions/bad habits and soul wounds) brought into the relationship, we drag garments of flesh with us, coloring everything we do & say.  It is not about getting a million Face-book likes…
It's about being transformed in the secret place, so that we see through heaven's eyes instead of the eyes of the flesh.  It is about asking Him for His point of view & moving in harmony with His Spirit…
I've learned that the best approach is to hide in the secret place & become desperate for God, because then He will move us & bring us into our destiny.
I have found if we focus on His face, people will then seek us out because we carry something special.
If you carry the goods, people will pursue you. When all is said & done, the world's approach leads to feelings of hopelessness and desperation that motivate us to operate in the flesh, while God builds a kingdom inside of us that reflects His character, where He alone makes the connections that will produce real, life-changing fruit in us & everyone we meet. He can place you at the right the right time...that will surpass (& suppress) anything you do in your own ability.  

The Bridegroom Knows Your Name
- At the end of this process He will get the glory for our rise to fulfill our God-given destiny, and man will get no credit for placing us into our promise. In human terms, it's not who we know - it's knowing Christ and being content to love Him & follow His lead wherever it takes us.
If He keeps you hidden away for a lifetime, all is not lost. Having your name known in heaven is worth more than millions singing your praises (in family/farm/business) on Earth." 

Prince, Derek - Loneliness can be a symptom of rejection.  From Rejection to Acceptance, part 1:
A wounded spirit,who can bear? (Prov. 18:14) (TL12-1)
From Rejection to Acceptance, part 2: The Solution to Rejection (TL12-2)
Puta or Pura - possible demon of forgetfulness - pg. 11 - Medical Record - Volume 94, Issues 1-12 - Page 11 - Google - 7/6/1918 - (One can stand in the gap, in Jesus' name.)
Randolph, Larry - The Coming Shift  Chapter 7
Vision Shift
  In times of distress, there is often a sense of seclusion that drives us to a place of isolation
Once we are isolated, we are easy prey for the assault of the enemy upon our minds. 
Anger, fear, & un-forgiveness give rise to bitterness of the soul, & this bitterness alters our perception of reality.  Eventually, we are overcome with a case
of spiritual amnesia & fail to remember the wonderful things Jesus has done in our lives...
To identify with the many problems in our lives, we will take on the (evil) spirit of those problems." 
Let us NOT be like Sampson who was both spiritually & physically "blinded because of his weak character." 
In Jesus name, we call out to You Father God, Your Holy Spirit & Your holy angels to come rescue us, right now.  Thank You.  Amen.
Ruonala, Katherine -
Humility is the gasoline in God's tank that gets you where you need to be. -
Sandford, John & Paula - The Elijah Task - -chapter 9 The Creative Power of the Word in Prayer - "Hinduism asserts that man... through many successive incarnations a person is to put to death the body with all its desires in order to escape...into the (spiritual) Nirvana (nothingness) of absorption back into the spirit."  [Nirvana per Webster dictionary: salvation for Hindus & freedom for Buddhists.]
Schubert, Linda - Precious Power - booklet - -
In a vision of God's throne room the Lord showed Linda through a doorway
a long line of people prepared to help her on the next stage of her spiritual journey.
Perry Stone -
Chapter 4 - Who Is Sitting In Your 3rd Chair -
"When you have allowed a 1st chair hireling to sit in your 3rd chair of intimacy,
& as a result you have been betrayed, you will become fearful of friendship failures & will create a resistance to new friends, becoming a social recluse in an effort to protect your emotions from another wound. 
In your mind it is better to have no close friends than to see friendships turn sour or experience a close friend taking on the Judas goat nature & betraying your trust."

Sudduth, William - So Free - - Chapter 1 - Deliverance, the End-Time Ministry -
"Another way that Satan reaches people through the internet is by preying on their loneliness. 
I believe that loneliness is the #1 problem in America. 
People abandoned & rejected and just want to talk with someone who cares about them."

Sumrall, Lester - The Invisible Boy - "Cornelio Closa, Jr. was possessed of an evil spirit & became invisible under its power."  DVD shares that Cornelio was delivered by God. 
Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - A look behind the door to the spirit realm -
Alien Entities
 recommended - Chapter 15 Cornelio Closa, the Disappearing Boy -
Philippines - A demon disguised as a young girl enticed & tricked this young boy to rebel, incite trouble, & repeatedly disappear for an entire year before exorcism eradicated the Satanic power influencing his life. -
Lester Sumrall,
Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House (PA), 1995, pages 141-148 - opportunities to serve or be served

Please Take Your Seat by Elaine Tavolacci - 7/25/2014 (Prophetic revelation)
hen I heard them announce, 'Please take your seat' I then recognized that this
was Jesus Himself making an announcement to the body of Christ. The Lord says (that)
it is time to take the seat that I have assigned to you. This is the season in which I am raising up the nameless, faceless generation to do great exploits.
Many of you who have been hidden, will be used in this end time harvest.
Those of you who have been looked upon as the underdog will step forward & take your rightful place in My Kingdom.
I am calling those of you who have been considered outcasts.
I am calling those who have been mocked, scorned, shunned and abused.
Those of you that have been forsaken and rejected, it is now your time to take your rightful place in that which I
(Jesus Your Messiah) have ordained for you.


Trump, Donald - - 30 minutes (Trump’s mentor) so last 15 minutes best if in hurry. - Beware of friends/dates who look like a million, but have a 20 cent character. 
Who are their friends?  Good clue. 
In befriending others beware that they do not do all the taking and you do all the giving. 
Each should have something to contribute. 
This/each relationship can be temporary (as part of our growing up/maturing.) 
(Same principal could apply to counselors/mentors/doctors, otherwise the relationship can become their bread & butter, a co-dependency.  Rather after 1-2 years or less, patient should be able to cut the apron strings or at least greatly reduce visits, as client should have learned all teacher has to teach.
Holy Spirit is our best mentor, Who whispers alerts and new revelations DAILY.)

Vera, Rich - + 9/6/2013 video 
Our individual and lineage greatness depends on God’s viewpoint rather than our personal reputation in news.  Some of the poorest individuals are God’s wealthiest most famous celebrities.  We need His eyeglasses; we need eye exams.  Our bling is often God’s manure.  It is God's, not our, reputation & kingdom that counts in heaven.  [Rich contends NO born-again Judeo-Christian has a curse, because Christ became a curse for us on the cross.
1st we need to repent and then to appropriate/take that free gift/blessing.]
Walsh, Greame -  9/16/2010 -
"We must demystify what deliverance looks like in the western church today! We all have the power in us by the Holy Spirit to bind the pain, the effects and the power of the curses no matter whether you’ve been a believer for a day or all your life. The Spirit of God doesn’t change. All that to say, I began to realize that because my grandfather was an actual orphan, I needed to come against the orphan spirit that was (inherited) passed down to me.
So from this day forward, I stand free and accepted into the beloved (the sonship of God) & the pain, effects nor the power of generational curses can hold me back any longer."
Walters, Kathie 3/3/2013 CAN U SPEAK AND HAVE A DUMB SPIRIT? Revised Excerpt
"Having a dumb spirit doesn’t mean that you can’t speak. 
It means that when you do speak, you don’t have authority.
It seems to snatch away your words.  It feels like you never said anything."
Prayer to eradicate a "dumb spirit": "In the Name of Jesus,
"I bind the dumb spirit
I take away it’s power to snatch, ste al & twist words out of my mouth.
I take back & reverse everything stolen by the dumb spirit & his evil companions.
I apply the superoir authority I have in Christ.
I will
speak the things God tells me to speak.
I will
sing the things God tells me to sing.
I will
declare with power the words of Life & prophesy.
I will
decree good things into my family/school/work/ministry relationships.
I have authority & power in God's anointing.
'Devil, get your hands off my voice & words (past/present/future),
in Jesus mighty Name.' Amen. So be it."
Walker, Dennis - - When we are condemned, we tend to retreat from others & then from God
We need to surrender to God each area where we are condemned (by others, self & Satan).  We need to begin replacement therapy; each time we begin to relapse, we are instead to go out & lead another to Jesus.
Walker, Dennis -
Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning @  
Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Chapter 4 Rise & Be Healed 
'"I heard the man speak, saying, 'Tell Chris he need never walk into the house alone. 
Tell him to close his eyes, picture Jesus, reach out & take My hand. I'll walk with him.  My name is Holy Spirit
Wommack, Andrew - 9/12/2014 -
God prefers to use the nobodies so HE can be glorified.
Wommack, Andrew - 12/29/2020 - Eternal Life #2 - When we apologize to God, "friend" Jesus & invite the Trinity's Holy Spirit to indwell us, we experience God as our Dad, Jesus as our saviour & Holy Spirit as our GPS & safety net 24/7.
Wright, Henry -
"If you look into the mirror & don’t think you are the “fairest of them all,” you may have an Unloving spirit looking back at you! An Unloving spirit attaches itself to you to make you feel rejected & cause you to reject yourself. It makes you feel unclean, unworthy & like you don’t measure up. It makes you feel that you are no good. When you look in the mirror, you don’t like what you see. When you hear your voice, you don’t like the way it sounds. When people look at you, you think they hate you. You can see it in their eyes. So you spend all your time debating with yourself as to whether you belong on this planet or not. You stand in front of the mirror & comb your hair this & that way. You look at this wrinkle; you look at that sag. You look at those eyes…
the same old eyes that stare at you every morning in the mirror. You spend your whole day in a world of “not measuring up.” This person doesn’t like me. That person doesn’t like me. God does not like me. I do not even like myself. Why was I born? You start replaying the same old unkind messages that were spoken to you in the past and they become your life. The evidence that an Unloving spirit has come to make its abode with you is that you are constantly struggling with yourself. That is its nature and it needs you as a medium of expression.
When you have an Unloving spirit it wants to go on stage. You are the puppet and it is the hand that moves you.
You are like a puppet going through the motions by the hand of someone or something else that is making you say, do & think. This is 1 of the greatest bondages known to mankind...
All the evil things that were said or done to you in the past will scar you & make you feel unlovely but you must understand that in the new birth you became a new creature. You are not a biological seed of your ancestry anymore. If you keep hanging onto your biological ancestry you negate the son-ship & daughter-ship of the living God.  2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  You are a new creature by faith.
You have to believe that and accept it. When you became born again, your spirit came alive to God & you made God the Father your own 'Abba, Father.'  You have to realize & say to yourself before God, 'I am not expendable. God saved me because I am important. I am not going to listen to lies anymore.'  God said in Psalms 139:14 that you…you personally, are fearfully and wonderfully made. Before you were ever conceived, God saw your parts & pieces as they were curiously wrought in the bowels of the earth, out of the dust of the earth. He fashioned them in his mind and in his creative ability & the genetics of your ancestry from Adam & Eve. He saw you before you ever came, uniquely individual, uniquely separate…so separate that your name is written down in heaven. 
You are the bride of Christ. God loves you no matter what anyone else said or did to you. If you cannot believe it & receive it, then you have an antichrist spirit because you are telling God He is a liar, & you are going to believe the lies of the devil before you believe the living God who has spoken to you from His Word. Mix His Word with your faith. Let God be true & every man a liar.  To be free of the Unloving spirit you are going to have to be so subjective in receiving the love of God your Father in Jesus Christ, that your perspective will be that if anyone smiles at you today, it is just a bonus.  If you are constantly struggling with yourself, it is time for you to be you.
Tell that Unloving spirit that you don’t need it. You can stand on the stage of life yourself.
It’s time for you to take back your identity. If someone doesn’t like you,
it just doesn’t matter. God loves you.  There is noone greater than Him."

Orphan Spirit
Prophecy: Don't Allow an Orphan Spirit to Distract You From the Emerging Glory Ahead -

Slumbering Spirit &/or Soul

Sandford, John & Paula -
A slumbering spirit: "condition in which the personal spirit (&/or soul) has not been fully awakened, so that certain facets of the person's life simply lie dormant...
The soul is both temple and prison. In some areas, the soul is a beautiful temple through which the spirit can express itself wholesomely. In others, it is a prison, or an armored warship for attacking others. (We can loose unholy aspects + bind the Trinity's virtues.
As Holy Spirit shines a flashlight on certain areas, from time to time, it is then God's time for us by an act of our will to LOOSE that aspect from our soul & next to bind the opposite of God's virtues to that vacant spot. 
It is immediately spiritually accomplished inside of us.  Thanks Holy Trinity.  Thanks holy heavenly host.  Thanks guardian angels.)

Evidence of a slumbering spirit in scripture: Isaiah 52:1-2 + Isaiah 56:10
Romans 13:11-14 + Ephesians 5:13-14 + I Thessalonians 5:4-8 + Revelation 3:3; 16:15"
(Obviously 2 most important spiritual milestones need to have occurred to initiate one's spiritual conception & to spiritually empower us: Invite Jesus to forgive his sins & to live in our heart + invite Jesus to baptize us with His Holy Spirit.)
or 2/26/2015 post

[Sandfords attribute 51% of issue to fathering negligence: omission/commission.) 4.2.2017  "Lord,
I recognize my spirit (&/or soul) is not fully functional, not fully awake in several areas.
For some reason (confess if known) my spirit (man &/or all or part of my soul) chose not (failed) to enter into life. 
I confess this as (a personal &/or family) sin... Like Jonah, I have fled from the life You designed for me.
As with Jonah, my refusal to (function) live In these (sleeping) areas has caused (me & my family) trouble.
I ask Your forgiveness for the ways in which I have wounded (myself &) those around me, Lord. 
I ask Your forgiveness for being unwilling/unable to (fully) live life.  God,
I ask You to awaken my spirit (man). Cleanse my spirit (&/or soul) & remove the (evil) cobwebs.
Thank You for not giving up on me.
I ask You to be even more persistent. Touch my (spiritual) ears so I can hear You speaking to me.
I choose life. I make a conscious decision to be fully present. 
I ask You to hold me to that decision, even if at times I don’t want to.  Bring to death in me that impulse to flee.
I ask that Your resurrection life strengthen & enable me to develop new ways to respond in each of the areas in which I am slumbering. Help me to see Your call to life, as a loving call. Help me see the (same) call from those who love me in the same way. Set a(n angelic) guard over my life, so I can respond to that (supernatural holy) call in a good way. I thank You, Father God (in Jesus' name),
for my life (and the destiny for which You created me from the foundation of the earth)." 2 videos:
"Healing Prenatal Wounds & Sins"
+ "Waking the
Slumbering Spirit" by John & Paula Sandford editorials (scroll to bottom)
Young, Sarah - Jesus Lives - Section: Joy - publisher "You are often subject to a slumbering soul: taking for granted your life with all its blessings, being overly focused on negative things...
I want to help you break your soul can soar in the heights with Me....
Yearning for an awakened soul is half the battle."


Galatians 3:13 - Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written:
"Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole."

(In Jesus' name, we are NOW loosed/redeemed/rescued/free from all curses.)
2_corinthians/5-21.htm - 21He (Father God) made Him (His 1st born son Jesus) who
knew no sin to be (become/swallowed) sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.  (The presence of the Trinity in us makes us holy & brings us into right standing with God. 
We repent & invite You in.)
philippians/2-7.htm - New International Version - He (temporarily) made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.  (Yeshua's nothingness/loneliness was only temporary.)
COMMENTARY:  Jesus cried out on the cross, "Father God why have You forsaken Me?"  Father God's presence departed from Yeshua on the cross, but only momentarily.  God cannot look at sin, nor be near it; God temporarily (for a season) separated Himself from His Son Who had become (past/present/future) sin (or become filled with the sin) of the entire world, until that sin was consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Remember, in the Old Testament, one of the sacrificial goats takes on the sins of the congregation each year at the synagogue, as a word picture of this spiritual sacrament.  "

Missing Persons
who may be deceased -

Invisible Friend

Sudduth, William - So Free - chapter 6 Curses - 5 Sources - - client testimony -
"Proverbs 26:2.  If a door has been opened for the enemy...& there is a cause, a curse can and will alight...
I was attacked by a severe sickness...
God showed me in a dream a girl...casting spells against me...
Apparently I had opened a door with a wrong attitude.  I repented...
When she was 12 years old her parents had put her in a mental hospital where she as befriended by a witch.  The witch convinced her to cut her finger & draw an image on the floor using her own blood.  After doing that, she heard something run across the room and jump into her chest.  From that moment on, she had supernatural powers...
(She subsequently had a deliverance session.)  We later discovered that she had multiple personality disorder (MPD)...In Chapter 8 one of her personalities was an active sorceress.  In order to protect ourselves from witchcraft, we have to make sure that Satan has no legal right, no open doors through which to enter (oppress) our lives (or to harass us from the outside)."
7 Witchcraft and the Occult - - client testimony -
"Ever since I was a child, God has had His hand on me.  When I was 1.5 years old, I was placed on an altar and was about to be sacrificed to the devil, but God intervened...Growing up, I was molested...At the age of 6, I asked a demon (I know that now) to come in and live inside me.  I was at a slumber party where we had a séance.  A voice said that if I would let it come into me, it would protect me and be my friend...
For the longest time it had a part of my heart.  When I got saved, I could not fully feel God's love; it was blocked because I was still holding on to the love and comfort I knew.  But just recently, I was completely set free. 
Satan no longer has a part of my heart.  Now God could come in and fill my heart with His love...
Jesus came in & delivered me from...fear, guilt, shame, satanic rituals, generational curses, rejection unforgiveness toward myself and others...God is a loving God. He forgave everything.  He does NOT remember it anymore. 
When He looks at me, He sees His child, a pure, spotless bride."
COMMENTARY: Jesus on the cross yelled out that His Dad had forsaken Him.  Well, that was His true human experience at that time in His life on the earth.  Thus, if/when we likewise "feel" abandoned, it is a valley of the shadow of death THROUGH which we are traveling.  Father, in Jesus' name & power, we invite You & Your angels to accompany us in & through this season, so we reach the destiny for which You designed us. Thanks."

Being/Feeling Invisible

Rothschild, Jennifer - 3/1/2016 -



Again And Again, Mohamed Bzeek Fosters Children Who Are Dying 5/25/2017
@ radio

England 1/17/2018 Minister of Loneliness -
Homelessness - +
Ty Tashiro, psychologist - - Awkward: The Science Of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome.” (@tytashiro) Sometimes one's or another's feeling awkward is being overly blunt (perhaps, regarding a white elephant in the room) or (perhaps not waiting on Holy Spirit's timing) or focusing exclusively/excessively on one's own passion or unusual interests or facing in a different direction/agenda/focus than the crowd in which one moves/inhabits/visits.  Savants, for instance, seldom run with the pack.  Nonetheless, social skills can be learned, if only/mainly for the politeness factor.


Hinn, Benny 7/12/2016
There is a place of isolation, where like a caterpillar in a cocoon, one is prepared to become a beautiful butterfly for God. 2/6/2023 -

"Former CIA analyst Stella Morabito explained how the powerful have used the fear of loneliness as a tool to gain & maintain authority.  People can resist by refusing self-censorship & connecting with others.  Morabito, author of “The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, & Conquer,” pointed to Dr. Anthony Fauci as someone in a position of power who weaponized the fear of loneliness."

It is imperative to sourrond oneself with others (family/friends/spiritual-congregation/safe-people) with whom to bounce things off of.  Of course the oother family is our heavenly family (the Trinity) with whom we also need a daily relationship.


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