Insurance - Health 
for low income disabled

Children's Health Insurance Program CHIP, USA
Federal website for 12 USA health agencies
Mass Health, Massachusetts, USA   1-800-841-2900   Mass Health Disability Evaluation Services (DES), Massachusetts  (Can apply to DES if disability is/or will last over 12 months.) 1-888-497-9890
McHenry County, California, USA
Wastenaw Community Health Org, Michigan, USA
Health Insurance (for Uncovered Children/Grandchildren)  1-877-KIDS-NOW  Children's Medical Security Plan (for those under age 19)  (Plan de Seguro Medico para Ninos)  1-800-909-2677
Prescription Advantage USA insurance for drugs     Inquire about application postmark deadline.
Free to qualified Massachusetts disabled citizens  call AARP
Social Security Disability Working Allowance  0-800-220-674  United Kingdom, Northern Ireland 
0-800-243-787 (hearing speaking  text phone)
USA help's patients process/pay insurance bills  Making Them Pay by Rhonda Orin
"Patients who lose their job after March 31 (2009) can go into any of the chain's in-store Take Care Clinics and receive free treatment for illnesses like respiratory problems, basic colds and flus, allergies and skin conditions, Walgreens said.  Walgreens will offer free care daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. until the end of 2009...
 Hal Rosenbluth said.  Visitors must provide proof that they're unemployed in order to take advantage of the Walgreens deal. Spouses and children of unemployed customers are also eligible for the free care if they're uninsured."
Drugs - Prescriptions TD Jakes discount prescription card
USA - federal oversight of healthcare USA by state - "Medicaid Waivers help provide services to people who would otherwise be in a nursing home or hospital to receive long-term care in the community. Although there are waivers for many conditions, our focus is towards waivers for people who have intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and autism." - "The Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare gives the IRS more powers than ever, as it will become the agency enforcing the law and collecting healthcare mandate penalties, IRS officials tell Fox Business Network.
IRS officials, speaking on background, say the agency will have access to information about complete payrolls and levels of coverage at small businesses, as well as the incomes of all breadwinners in a home in order to assess and collect the mandate tax, Fox said.
The IRS will also be allowed to share personal information with more government agencies, insurance companies and employers."
Read more: Fox Business Network: Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Means Bigger, More Intrusive IRS


10/23/2007  VGZ Dutch health insurance company, Holland sends "600 of its sickest and most disabled clients to Lourdes, France annually to improve self image of clients and company image.
Christian Private Health Care - USA