Housing for Throw Away People

L'Arche Daybreak Community - Residents are called "core members."
Canada  http://www.larche.ca/en/communities   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'Arche  http://www.plugintochrist.ca/news/yaiclarcheexperience/yaiclarcheexperience.htm 
Residents are treated as "Jesus", as they would be treated by Mother Teresa and her sisters-in-the-Lord.
Matthew 25:40 "Insofar as you did this to the least of these brothers of Mine, you did it to Me."
[REBUTTAL-The community rejected healing prayer for Adam.  This was a tragic mistake.  The Lord said to forbid not the little ones to come to Him.  The community blocked aggressive healing/deliverance prayer. 
Nouwen compared Adam's human spirit to the Holy Spirit. 
Yes, Holy Spirit does minister through individuals, but human spirits & Holy spirits are not synonymous. 
Nouwen failed to notice (consider/take into account) the activity of evil spirits in humans & in illness/disability. 
Nouwen compares Adam to Jesus, but the 2 are not synonyms. Jesus came to set the captives free. 
When Jesus encountered a disabled person, He confronted the EVIL SPIRIT living inside the individual,
& cast it out.  Jesus did not sweet talk to the DEMON. 
Neither the human spirit nor the Holy Spirit inside of Jesus treated each invalid as though he/she were Jesus. 
Jesus loved the individual by the act of confronting the root cause of each infirmity. 
Nouwen seemed to be blind to (miss out on) the Bible teaching about the baptism of the Holy Spirit
& its power/purpose to heal/deliver/save/free captives.  Certainly Adam was born into captivity.  
We are to love the person, but hate the illness/disease/cancer/deformity/plague/curse/demon/evil enough to eradicate it.  Sickness is NOT a blessing. 
It is a consequence - of germs, ancestral iniquity, curses, personal sin, tragedies, disobedience, etc.  
Yes, there are wonderful lessons to be learned while we wait for God's healing & deliverance. 
Yes, we are to lavishly love wounded individuals, until God intervenes.
Nouwen, Henri JM (Dutch priest - DOD 1996) http://www.silk.net/RelEd/ezinenouwen.htm 
Adam - God's Beloved
spiritual autobiography & biography
"It is God's ongoing incarnation whenever people meet (spirit to spirit) each other 'in God's name.'"
Nouwen reminds readers that it is God Who wrapped Himself in flesh, disabling Himself in a finite body, all the while attempting to reveal Himself to us at the level in which we can begin to comprehend Him with our finite minds.  God's Holy Spirit can live in a Jesus, an Adam, a me.  
Often staff "are able to receive some spiritual gift from the people they are caring for." 
Weekly 2 main questions to staff are, "What was the (spiritual) gift you gave & the gift you received "
The staff are NOT much in favor of receiving deliverance/healing prayer for "core members," due to the great spiritual ministry that God is performing through the patients for others.
If you have tried ALL & failed, maybe this is the residence for you or your loved ones.
1 monk found greater self-abandonment & thus greater intimacy in Christ from his sabbatical with the patients.  Nouwen reiterates that it is imperative that we not only give to God & others, with no strings attached, but also receive from them both - willingly in our times of desolation.
At Adam's death bed, the nurse encouraged those present to bless him & give him permission to go!
Nouwen, Henri JM   Out of Solitude  http://www.cornerstonemag.com/features/iss111/nouwen.htm
Learning to Understand Poverty http://www.crcna.org/site_uploads/uploads/igps/modules/B-learning_understand_poverty.pdf

Builders Care, Jacksonville, Florida, USA - http://www.builderscare.org/ - nonprofit -

Care - http://www.caregiverhomes.com -
Care for loved ones at home by providing pay, training, and support TO caregivers.
Elders and Adults with Disabilities who are Medicaid eligible
can receive care from a family member or loved one instead of having to move to a facility.
Health & Human Services and Care Professionals have an alternative they can recommend to families in need of full time care for a loved one."

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) http://www.foundationforautismsupportandtraining.org/archway7.html
"CLTs are membership-based non-profit organizations that own the land under the housing in order to preserve affordability of these homes for future residents. I am not certain if CLTs can be owned/operated by a government entity but I don't see why the state couldn't be a member of the organization to preserve the use of the land for affordable community living. This model provides a long term lease or in some cases covenants on the title of the housing property to ensure the CLT is consulted and involved every time a home is sold.
This model could be used in conjunction with both the Cooperative and Co-housing models but you would want to get a consultant to advise you of the best structure to maximize ownership & control by the residents."

Housing Rehabilitation via charity - http://www.buildingadifference.com/ 

http://www.ma-mentor.com/standard/page.aspx?guid=1723cf69-c09e-4db3-8f07-2b772bcba67c -
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https://www.miraclefarm.org/Site/Services/Residential-Program.aspx for teen boys in Texas