Housing for hospital discharge
and psychiatric community

Franciscan Hospital for Children, Brighton, Massachusetts http://www.franciscanhospital.org/ 
including Kennedy Day School (PDF) Kennedy Hope Academy
for special needs rehabilitation.  Includes home care.  20 psychiatric beds. 100 invalid beds.  Volunteer program.
Geel, Belgian (town where citizens house mentally ill)  AtYourService@Guideposts.org (11/02 Guideposts article)  www.who.int/whr2001/2001/main/en/chapter3/003b5.htm  www.mtholyoke.edu/offices/comm/press/releases/noor.shtml  http://apha.confex.com/apa/129am/techprogram/paper_28476.htm  www.users.cloud9.net/~critique/why-not/geel.htm
Gould Farm, Monterey, Massachusetts, USA (Sliding scale fee) (Farm does not treat addictions: drug, alcohol, sex).  At psychiatric hospital discharge Gould Farm provides 6 months of housing/meals/work.  Gould Farm provides transitional housing (halfway housing) for graduating residents (former patients).  Gould provides vacation housing for former residents. Gould provides college psychiatric volunteer internships.  www.gouldfarm.org       www.mhsource.com/expert/exp1021400a.html
Huntington House, Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, USA @ https://www.housingworks.net/program/1534
Mercy Ministries for women  http://www.mercyministries.org/admission.html
Pine Rest & St Mary's Partial Hospitalization Programs  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA  1-616-455-5000  www.pinerest.org

Military Veterans

Veteran Homestead Inc, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA http://www.veteranhomestead.org/  counseling center takes military discharge and/or military hospital discharge patients (and their family) and provides housing + college degree opportunities. Boston Uncommon editorial 11/8/2009 www.boston.com/magazine