Housing for Homeless

America Family Inns - New York, USA locations = Prospect in Bronx,   Saratoga and Springfield Gardens in Queens, Clinton in  Manhattan. 
All may contain a temporary 24 hr crisis nursery.  www.homesforthehomeless.com - www.familyhomelessness.org
Bazelton Center for Mental Health Law - Legal site for Fair Housing Advocacy, DC, USA  www.bazelton.org/housing.html
Betty's Place for 15 women, Boston, Massachusetts  www.projectplace.org
Bridge Over Troubled Waters  Boston, Massachusetts, USA  bridgeotw@gis.net  www.communityroom.net/NPOMission.asp?156
BRM is a Christian mission + a wet shelter (which takes the homeless in any condition). BRM has a post-detox program plus a residential unit per 3/20/05 Boston Globe . - Kingston House, Kingston St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA allis@globe.com - www.boston.com/globe
Champ House  Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA  1-508-771-0885  www.champhouse.org  
CEEH or CEE Homelessness Inc  Boston, Massachusetts, USA  www.ceeh.org/aboutus.asp
David Mallory's Campus of Care, Naples, Florida, USA shelters the homeless  1-239-774-1165
Dimock Center, 55 Dimock St, Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA 02119 http://dimockcenter.org/news/page/Who-We-Are-.aspx per 2/14/2010 www.bnntv.org Common Ground broadcast, the Dimock community health center has an onsite 28 bedroom temporary shelter for homeless families.  A majority of its patients/members/ subscribers are black.  Thus many of the staff are multilingual.  Center also has psychiatric resources (conventional medicine).  Many locals (especially the low income) use the center as their primary health provider. http://dimockcenter.org/news/page/Directions-to-the-Dimock-Center.aspx
God's Love Shelter, Helena, Montana, USA - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/episodes/july-1-2011/gods-love-homeless-shelter/9075/ - 7/1/2011 http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/tag/shelter/feed/
Hearth housing for the homeless elderly includes medical and other care. http://www.hearth-home.org/   http://www.hearth-home.org/news/pr/MARN_award.html
"Hearth Inc., which Bissonnette (a married lesbian + a part-time practicing nurse) founded with 6 other women, has successfully provided permanent housing for more than 1,300 people in (co-ed) residential buildings at 6 (Boston, Massachusetts, USA area) sites, including Dorchester, Roxbury and the South End." 
Homelessness Advocacy - http://www.womenofmeans.org - Boston, Massachusetts, USA neighborhood
Homelessness Information Exchange - Washington DC, USA  1-202-462-7551
Boston, Massachusetts, USA area - Horizons for Homeless Children with play spaces program  -
http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=9400 - http://www.idealist.org/view/org/4Dc9F47n3C2D/
Housing Again - Searchable database for Agencies & Developers - http://resources.web.net/index.cfm?app=housing&types=link
Housing First  http://www.npr.org/news/specials/housingfirst/index.html    http://www.housingfirst.net/ - Good effort to eliminate homelessness.
Housing for the homeless in Jerusalem, Israel  www.jerusalempage.netfirms.com
Jeremy Reynalds runs Joy Junction homeless shelter in Albuquerque, New Mexico & provides food & housing for 2-3 months  for 6,000 homeless. 7/2003 www.charismaamag.com
John Stover is a homeless advocate for change in his Civil War American novel Common Cents - Also 8/15/2004 Urban Update TV channel 7 interview
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital - Hope Found - homeless shelter, Boston, Massachusetts 7/24/2008
Massachusetts USA Dept of Housing offices for shelters, temporary housing, homelessness  www.mass.gov.dhcd/publications/howto.htm
National Alliance to End Homelessness,  Washington DC,  USA  1-202-638-1526
Pathways  http://www.endhomelessness.org/content/general/detail/1128   http://www.pathwaystohousing.org
Refugees in Providence Rhode Island http://www.iiri.org/refugeeresettlement.htm
http://www.seabox.com/v3/military/ - Sometimes the military will make shipping containers available to agencies providing housing for the poor in remote or devastated/flood/disaster areas.
http://www.shelterinaday.com/ - http://www.terrapeg.com/shop-eco-friendly-furniture.html Fort Meyers, Florida, USA
Shelter Partnership Inc, Los Angeles, Calif, USA  Resource for Agencies  1-213-688-2188  www.shelterpartnerhsip.org
Shelter for 22 pregnant & single parents, Dorchester, Massachusetts http://www.vpi.org/Farm/Shelter.htm
Travelers Aid Family Services, Boston, Massachusetts, USA  http://www.taboston.org/aboutus.html  http://www.taboston.org/programs.html    
Program for homeless women with children

Non USA Homeless Housing

Magnus Stenbock Hotel, Helsingborg, Sweden 18 single rooms, furnished, bath, linnens - 30 day lease 
46-42-123036 www.mentalhealth.org/publictions/allpubs/ken-01-0108/hotel.asp

Housing for Females

Stella's Homes for Moldova, Russia orphans - http://www.stellasvoice.org/gideons300/

Housing for Males

Simon’s House is a home for orphan boys who have aged out of state-run facilities and are at risk for being sold into slavery for construction work in Russia.
Hong Kong - Go-Togethers - http://www.ststephenssociety.com/gogetters/index.html Homeless teens have opportunity to reside at St Stephen residence.
Lee County, Florida, USA - http://www.leeeoc.com/pages/default.aspx - http://www.leelostpets.com/hurricane_guidelines.htm - Special Needs Program -
2002 housing legislation - http://www.tacinc.org/housingframe.html - http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/homeless/budget/2002/index.cfm - section 811 or 8 http://www.tacinc.org/housingframe.html -
Nashville, TN, USA - http://theboot.com/danny-gokey-sophias-heart-nashville/ Shelter for the entire family including dads. 2/3/2011 - -
http://www.vpi.org/ - 2011 - For 35 years Victory Programs has been providing housing and support services to homeless individuals and families who are also struggling with addiction and chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Starting in 1975 as a single program for 20 homeless men in Boston’s South End, today Victory Programs operates 18 innovative programs located throughout Boston and in Cambridge" Massachusetts, USA


7/2009 - Homeowners aged 62+ are eligible for grant up to 7,500 to repair rural home for health and safety issues with proof of inability to repay $.  www.rurdev.usda.gov


Lord John Taylor - http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2008/s08090191.htm - http://www.lordtaylor.org Lord Taylor at the House of Lords (English parliament) explained about his mother's worry because he was so little.  "She prayed, ‘God, I have 2 things in this world; 1 is my faith in You and 2ndly, my little baby John. I pray that one day he will become one of the great men of England.’ It was a crazy prayer at the time, because there she was, poor, black, and homeless."  John's written testimony and CD can be found at his web site.
Beth's sad story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtJWkMrtlvo&feature=channel
Take Back the Land http://takebacktheland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74:abcworldnews041209&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=60

Other Help for Homeless

Boston, Massachusetts - St Anthony Shrine, 100 Arch St - http://stanthonyshrine.org/PDF/weekly.pdf - Bread on the Boston Common Ministry
Chapel by the Sea  1-239-463-3173  Fort Meyers beach, Florida
http://relevantfl.org/ministries.html - Lend-A-Hand homeless outreach ministers to less fortunate on weekly basis in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA area.