Housing for alcohol & drug treatment

Adolescent drug care, Daytop, New Jersey, USA  1-800-668-help
Barnett, Matthew - http://www.thecausewithinyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/1st_Chapter.pdf - Los Angeles, California rehabilitation Dream Center for gangs
Boston Emergency Shelter commission oversees various local shelters in Massachusetts
Some of these have short term (28-day) substance abuse treatment programs and 2 year TIL (transition to independent living) programs.
BRM is a Christian mission + a wet shelter (which takes the homeless in any condition). BRM has a post-detox program plus a residential unit per 3/20/05 Boston Globe Kingston House, Kingston St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA  allis@globe.com - www.boston.com/globe
Gober, Mac - http://www.canaanland.com - Autaugaville, Alabama, USA - "Canaan Land is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian home. Men 18 years & older can apply to become students in the 1 year program. Some men come to Canaan Land as an alternative to prison...Most of them are battling substance abuse, alcohol or some other form of harmful addiction."
Jewels' Crossing for 15 Women & infants (with drug issues)  lsellers@orlandosentinel.com
Living Israel Rehabilitation Ministry  www.living-israel.com Vladimir Krutchkov founded the rehab center.
As of 2008 there are 5 centers, 1 of which is the St Charles monastery in Haifa. 
Messianic Jewish congregation ministers to all denominations including Arabs and Palestinians.
Rogers, Bob - http://mycityofhope.com/what_we_do/recovery_center/ Louisville, Kentucky, USA (6-12 months of residency)
Shalom for women - http://shalomrecovery.com/?page_id=22 - Belton, South Carolina, USA
Teen Challenge - No maximum age restriction  www.teenchallenge.com  Springfield, Missouri , USA  tcusa@teenchallengeusa.com 
international e-mail address:  tciworld@flash.net  Boston, MA, USA-male 1-617-825-3918  Brockton, MA, USA
-male teenchal@aol.com  New Haven, CT, USA + sayno@iconn.net  Providence, RI, USA-female  1-401-467-2970
David Mallory's Campus of Care, Naples, Florida, USA houses & rehabs addicts   1-239-774-1165 www.charismamag.org 12/2003 - 3905 Grissom Parkway, Canaveral Groves, Florida, USA
Manuel Alvarez's New Hope CORPS, Homestead, Florida, USA provides counseling, outpatient, residential and prevention services. 1-786-243-1003  www.charismamag.org 12/2003
Treatment is NOT necessarily recovery/a cure/fix but a discovery, a beginning. 
Biggest challenge is doing the next right thing each time.