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British & Welch Psychiatric Hospital historical survey -

Rate USA hospitals charge for various procedures: 
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Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics  Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Christian Health Care Center &  psychiatric hospital
Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA    1-201-848-5200

King County Hospital  King County, Washington state, USA 
New model program where mandate is patient wellness.

Grading Hospitals: National, USA - +  Grading Hospitals:
California, USA  Grading Hospitals: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, USA -
Traditional teaching psychiatric hospital -
1-800-333-0338 press 1 for inpatient, press 2 for outpatient - Continuing education for professionals & public (free) 
617-855-3151 or 3152  Cole Resource Center for Patient/Family/Friends/Employers 1-617-855-3298  High-end facilities for the well to do in America are:
McLean's "Pavilion", "Butler's Duncan Lodge" at Butler Hospital, Providence, Rhode  Island,
"The Retreat", Sheppard Pratt, Towson, Maryland, & "Silver Hill Hospital", New Canaan, Connecticut -
McLean has a brain bank per 6/13/2004 Boston Globe @  Gracefully Insane by Alex Beam of McLeans' history
- (Intake chemical RX treatment & lack of titration & informed consent or representation is NOT nice, is traumatic, violent & morally reprehensible, especially when joined with 4 point restraints &/or lock down.)

McLean Hospital history @

New England, USA - Psychiatric treatment @
New England, USA - Psychiatric treatment @

New Life Clinics (+Hospital & Radio Program) Traditional Christian orientation, Dallas,Texas,USA

Ramapo Ridge Psychiatric Hospital   (1989) of Christian Reformed church, Wyckoff, NJ, USA   
Dual Diagnosis Program Pathways - Outpatient mental-health program 1-201-848-5200

St. Davnet's Hospital, County Monaghan, Ireland (Neither available nor recommended facility)
/stdavnetstimeline.pdf @ 
1861: It is ordered that there should be ‘erected & established in or near the town of Monaghan’ a new asylum
(working farm) to accommodate 300 lunatic poor from Monaghan & Cavan & is to be called ‘Monaghan District Asylum’.
1867: The Lunacy (Ireland) Act (30&31 Vic. c. 118) prohibited the committal of dangerous lunatics to prisons.
All such persons must now be accommodated in district asylums.

Westwood Lodge Hospital, Westwood, MA, USA  1-781-762-7762

Housing for immediate family of patients at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass is at
Halcyon Place, 27 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, Boston, USA 02116 Reduced Rates

Housing for immediate family of Massachusetts patients Wayside Bed & Breakfast, CAP member
(Christian Association Prime membership) Small Rate  1-800-443-0227

Hospital Patient Advocacy
Graith Care @
Hospital Patients Need an Advocate to Fight the ‘White Coats’ in the Medical Establishment,
Former Nurse Says ( 8/4/2022 (expensive, but can save a life)

911 Lines for the Mentally Ill

Psychiatric News

Pean, Alan @ When the Hospital Fires the Bullet

Carey, Benedict - Assisted Suicide Study Questions Its Use for Mentally Ill -
"Researchers who looked at doctor-assisted deaths in the Netherlands found that some patients had declined treatment that might have helped."

History Infamous history - 
(Woe.  Father God, in Jesus' name, we repent for this documented horror history.  We ask Your army host to continue to expose & prohibit such practices + bind in our cities, states, counties, nations
spiritual strongholds behind such evil.  Strip their platforms & make toast/ashes of such hurt. 
Deliver, heal & replace with opposite 7-fold blessings, especially those with insanity in their family tree. 
Thanks.  Amen.)
 Special Report: America’s 1st Asylum for African Americans Marks 150th Anniversary - "Central Lunatic Asylum for Colored Insane, which opened in 1870; it was the 1st state asylum in the nation created for newly freed slaves.
It was renamed Central State Hospital in 1894."  (Father God, we repent for any harm done to these Your innocents & thank You for any blessings, in Jesus' name.)