Healing Services & Prayer

Charles Carrin Ministries  Florida, USA  www.charlescarrinministries.com 
Charles Carrin  3/18-22/2002  (Sid Roth radio broadcast on schizophrenia) www.sidroth.org  click onto radio archives
Healing & Restoration Ministry (Catholic)  Boston, MA, USA  www.fathermcdonough.org (deceased)
Healing Rooms (worldwide-places to go for prayer)  International Cal Pierce Ministry, California  www.healingrooms.com/iahr/iahr_rooms.htm
Ferrell, Emerson - 9/2010 ministry newsletter - Immersed in Him - www.voiceofthelight.com  "Laughing or singing can break connections formed in our neuro nets...Our brains are the greatest pharmaceutical factories on the planet...Neurologists have identified a peptide called enkephalins... known to act as a bonding agent in opiates...
The body's cells are designed to regenerate most effectively when the chemicals or amino acids are alkaline... Sadness, anger, rage, jealousy, & depression produce acidic chemicals...
Consuming pharmaceutical drugs weakens & eventually destroys the body's immune system

Over time the body loses its ability to produce proper chemicals to protect its organs...We can become addicted to the chemicals our body creates...People who view themselves as victims will (may)...eventually attract a real life situation, in order to produce the amino acid (brain chemical which would help fix fear)...The more convinces we are of the reality from our emotions, the more addicted we (may) become to the feelings from our mind's pharmaceutical factory.  Thus, our bodies become the center for decisions instead of our mind.  The mind is the 'drug dealer' supplying the chemicals and memories to support our addictions...appetites."
Foundation of Praise, Escondido, California, USA - www.merlincarothers.com 
A Most Amazing Story
  by Merlin Carothers - Ask for a free brochure of a hospitalized mentally ill patient cured by a dad's praise to God.
Graham, Jack - Church Joins Jesus in His Work With New Mental Health-Care Ministry Life Recovery will offer support groups, workshops, counseling, prayer & crisis care and intervention. Additionally, the ministry will recruit members of the Preston-wood community who have overcome mental illness & addiction and now desire to help others facing similar challenges. 
also announced it will partner with the regional office of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to bring faith leaders together to combat the opioid epidemic.
John Hagee Ministries  San Antonio, Texas  1-210-491-5100  www.jhm.org/prayer.asp
Larry Hutch - Free at Last  (Book about breaking generational family curses)
www.sanbooks.com/products/books/sb010111.htm - June 2003 radio broadcast archive  www.sidroth.org/radiobroadcasts.htm
Mahesh Chavda Ministries International, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA  www.watchofthelord.com 1-707-543-7272
New Creation Healing Center, Plaistow , New Hampshire, USA  www.newcreationhc.org   1-603-382-7391
Peter Gammons' healing services at Cathedral of Faith  Orlando, Florida, USA  www.wyrecompute.com/pg/pgammons.nsf/webcathedral  1-888-7-MIRACLE
Reinhard Bonnke's healing services at Christ for the Nations ministry, South Africa  www.cfan.org/rsa
http://www.stephenministries.org/ - opportunities to serve or be served
Sid Roth's Messianic Vision - Georgia, USA #VREN  God's Word Won't Fail - 1/2003 radio archive -
Cristine Spanbauer's mentally ill mind healed -
www.sidroth.org  1-800-548-1918
Video Healing School, Charles + Frances Hunter, Kingwood, Texas, USA  www.cfhunter.org (Now operating under daughter Joan)