- Obama advisor is "Ezkiel ISRAEL Emanuel (who) is the brother of Rahm ISRAEL Emanuel and son of a well known ISRAELI TERRORIST,"
according to watch dog     

Freedom of Information + Safety + Warnings

 Informed Consent

ADHD - 10/4/2008 "Why are healthy children labeled 'ADHD' & put on psychiatric drugs?
Are they drugs for a real disease or simply for the teacher to control class?
What can parents do with a “strong willed child?” Is there a chemical imbalance in the brain? 
Dr Peter Breggin
a psychiatrist for over 40 years & a consultant for the National Institute of Mental Health, has written more than 20 books, including Medication Madness : A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood Altering Drugs.
Dr Breggin gives some fascinating case studies where psychiatric drugs didn't cure chemical imbalances but caused them."
ADHD - 10/11/2008 - "Is psychiatric drugging of healthy children a form of child abuse? 
What do psychiatric drugs do to a child's spirit? Dr Fred Baughman, a neurologist for 35 years & author of
The ADHD Fraud- How Psychiatry Makes Patients out of Normal Children, is a legal expert before courts & legislatures.
He says there's a link between school violence & psychiatric drugs yet schools & courts force parents to drug their kids.
Dr Peter Breggin says, 'In every case that I have withdrawn stimulants from a child diagnosed with ADHD, they have done better, even spectacularly better, without drugs.'“ Audios broadcasts at
Advance Directives are what you make them + Making Advance Directives work for you @
Amnesty International - Irish section is an advocate for mental health since
Article 19 ( global access to information) - 
Headquarters: London & S. Africa
Athletes for Medical Freedom @ 3/1/2022 @
‘The Defender Show’ Episode 26: Wrestling Champ Kyle Dake Tells RFK, Jr. Why He Started Athletes for Medical Freedom or Read in The Defender -
Beck, Glen - 4/27/2009 - Baby DNA is in danger of loss of privacy.,2933,518127,00.html -
parent's consent is just critical...
It's really the government that's taking the blood & DNA from their child, & they're not being asked. 
We're going to do something on this next week. FMRI, as I understand it, is genetic testing that you can actually start to begin to see while you're predisposed to insanity or predisposed to violence, you're predisposed to all of these different things.  It is eugenics & it is new technology."
Bypassing the automated phone replies to access a live medical operator
Disallow Pharmacia & its alliances to bully patients &/or their families.
Breggin @
Breggin, Peter R @
CANADA - 5/21/2021 @
Do Ontario children 12-15 need parental consent to get COVID-19 vaccines? It depends where you live | The Star
Check out a Massachusetts physician's credentials at
Additionally ask another physician who he/she would (or does) use & why.
Charge Card reports showing your payment to the psychiatrist can also show up in your Credit Reports & affect your ability to get a loan, etc.  8/6/2003 Wall St Journal, Personal Finance, per S Marciniak
Committee for Freedom of Choice
USA advocacy for alternative medicine
Conscience protection in USA  You can vote.
Consumer Quality Initiatives, Boston, Massachusetts, USA founder & lawyer (with bipolar diagnosis) Jon Delman. 
Staffed mainly by individuals on psychiatric meds.  For beginners his agency helps youth with mental health problems transition to adult services. Ex-psychiatric Patient Wins Leadership Prize -
11/2/2008 Boston Globe Metro editorial @ -
John participates in NAMI’s In Own Our Voice (mental health secular) program that shares wellness medical recovery testimonies.
Credit Card report - annual free report online -
Deep Info
1,4 Dioxane, a known carcogen, is found in some baby shampoos & cosmetic products.  It is outlawed in Europe, but not in USA. 
Ethylene-oxide is added to the Sodium Laurel Sulphate to create Sodium Laureth Sulfate; in the process you get Di-Ethylene Oxide, another name for 1,4 Dioxane. It can be completely removed by what's called vacuum stripping.   
FDA Cosmetic Regulatory Page    EU Risk Assessment of Dioxane
What’s in the products you use every day   

Lab results from independent study on dioxane
Disabled Kids Abused in Serbia -,4670,SerbiaAbusedChildren,00.html 
"Troubled children bound tightly to fetid cribs they have never left since birth. "
(DSM-5) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5/2013 revisions - - - - revisions to following areas:
Structural, Cross-Cutting, and General Classification Issues for DSM-5
Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence
Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic, and Other Cognitive Disorders
Mental Disorders Due to a General Medical Condition Not Elsewhere Classified
Substance-Related Disorders
Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders
Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Somatoform Disorders
Factitious Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Impulse-Control Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified
Adjustment Disorders
Personality Disorders
Other Conditions that May Be the Focus of Clinical Attention
FDA UDA Informed Consent Draft 2014
Fire retardants may be toxic to your health & your child's development.
"The successful (California, USA) bill prohibits the use of either chlorinated or brominated fire retardants in domestic furniture or bedding such as mattresses, pillows & comforters.
It also revises strict California fire safety standards that now require foam inside cushions & mattresses be flame retardant.
Instead, manufacturers would be allowed to leave the foam untreated if a flame resistant barrier surrounds it.
Chemicals made with bromine or chlorine have repeatedly proven problematic.
Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, used in industrial transformers were banned in the
1970s after a series of industrial spills highlighted the compound's potent neurotoxicity.
2 types of flame retardants, known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs & common in foam, were withdrawn from the global market earlier this decade after scientists linked PBDEs to developmental effects & a tendency to linger in humans & wildlife." 
Douglas Fischer, Oakland Tribune 6/7/2007
FOCA - Freedom of Choice "act" - USA - -
Legislated FOC is basically/often a con-job or legal maneuver/loophole regarding patient insight or patient rights. 
Once the patient is out of the home, beware. 
Every time you sign, you can print also -
"I do NOT waive my legal/moral rights." & "I allow my mate/other 24/7 access to my medical records."
Freedom of Information Act 1997 - Dublin, Ireland FOI Act Regulations or FOI Act Request Form -
Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act, Canada 
Also see legislative advocacy @  
Freedom of Info Handbook 
Informed Consent 
Informudo Consento (Japanese)
Freedom of Info USA @
Guardianship Abuses - Why Guardianship Abuse Occurs - 10/5/2017 NPR Radio - No federal oversight. 
Every state makes its own rules & has own oversight or lack thereof.  Kentucky currently has 1 of the better programs.
HIPAA - Advance authorization form for release of health information for mate, guardian, or person named as health care agent in Health Care Proxy document.  New York, USA form
HIPAA @ The HIPAA Deception - Why HIPAA Is Not A Privacy Law (  video
Informed consent requires that before doing a medical procedure, the doctor must describe to patient the procedure plus explain risks & benefits.
Before delivery of a newborn child, it is reasonable to ask for the afterbirth/placenta/umbilical cord to store for medical purposes, to dispose of ceremonially, or to bless ceremonially. 
, Dr Carl A & Silverman, Dr Howard D  Healing Ceremonies 
Informed Consent is a JOKE on the patient, for beginners, especially for a 1st time admission for a psychiatric problem.
Informed Consent family advocacy etc. -
InformedConsent20171112.pdf?ver=2018-01-18-145824-210 - Parents/family/alternative providers may be able to use this form as a "template/sample" to obtain more involvement in consenting relative's/patient's medical issues.

Informed Consent @ - 12/2020 post -
Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, including life-threatening emotional & physical reactions.
So it is not only dangerous to start psychiatric drugs, it can also be dangerous to stop them.
Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.  
Methods for safely withdrawing from psychiatric drugs are discussed in (psychiatrist) 
Dr. Breggin’s book: 
Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families
. The Landmark Kaimowitz Trial Against Psychosurgery: 3-JUDGE OPINION ULTIMATELY ENDS PSYCHOSURGERY IN STATE HOSPITALS, VA & NIH - DR. BREGGIN’S TESTIMONY SETS STAGE TO INVOKE NUREMBERG CODE - The following is excerpted & slightly revised from a longer article by Dr. Breggin on the history of his reform work in stopping the return of lobotomy & psycho-surgery in the 1970s & then in stopping the racist federal violence initiative in the 1980s. These events are described in greater detail in Peter & Ginger Breggin, The War Against Children of Color (1998. Legal & political aspects of the antipsychosurgery campaign are also described in a law review article by Peter Breggin, “Psychosurgery for Political Purposes”(1975). Also see sections on Racism & on Psychosurgery.  Originally published in Journal of African American Men 1:No. 3, 3-22. Winter 1995/96 under the title, Campaigns Against Racist Federal Programs by the Center for the Study of Psychiatry & Psychology by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.  In 1972 the State of Michigan & the Lafayette Clinic of Wayne State University began planning an experimental psychosurgery program for the control of violence, using “voluntary” inmates of the state hospital system.
Gabe Kaimowitz, at the time a Michigan Legal Services lawyer, heard about the upcoming medical event, & intervened in the court on behalf of “John Doe” & 2-dozen other state psychiatric inmates scheduled for eventual enrollment in the experimental program.
Comparing Blacks to Bulls - Ernst Rodin was the chief neurologist & moving force behind the Lafayette Clinic’s psychosurgery project. In 1972, Rodin wrote a lengthy speech describing psychosurgery & castration as fitting treatment for some of the violent behavior displayed in the riots that had raged in his city of Detroit (Michigan).
Rodin voiced doubts about doing psychosurgery without sterilization, because with psychosurgery alone “the now hopefully more placid dullard can inseminate other equally dull young females to produce further dull & aggressive offspring.”
Rodin argued that children of limited intelligence tend to become violent when they are treated as equals.
He wanted them brought up in an “authoritarian life style,” & declared that many of them, like aggressive bulls, should be turned into docile oxen by means of castration. In the neurologist’s own words, it was time to “get down to cold-blooded medical research dealing with individuals rather than masses.”
The Verdict - Kaimowitz invited me to testify as his medical expert & during 2 days on the stand, I gave a history of state mental hospitals & psychosurgery. I wanted the 3 judges to understand that state mental hospitals are similar to Nazi concentration camps in how they suppress & humiliate their involuntary inmates.
I wanted to suggest the applicability of the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code was originally written into the final opinion of the judges at the 1st War Crimes Tribunals in postwar Germany.
It consists of 10 principles for “permissible medical experiments.”
The 1st principle states in part that the human subject “should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion”
(Trials of War Criminals, 1946-1949, pp. 181-182).  The Nuremberg Code meant that Jewish inmates of concentration camps were not actually volunteers when they seemingly agreed to participate in medical experiments, such as being frozen in ice water. If they did acquiesce to these experiments, their consent was coerced by fear of other worse alternatives, such as torture or death in the gas chambers.
After hearing a spectrum of witnesses, the 3 judges agreed with the substance of my testimony, including the devastating effects of the most modern psychosurgery. Their official opinion cited the Nuremberg Code & used it as 1 reason for prohibiting consent to psychosurgery in the state mental hospitals of Michigan.
The judges found that “involuntarily confined patients cannot reason as equals with doctors & administrators over whether they should undergo psychosurgery.” They declared that under 1st Amendment freedoms the “government has NO power or right to control men’s minds, thoughts, & expressions. If the 1st Amendment protects the freedom to express ideas, it necessarily follows that it must protect the freedom to generate ideas.” The judges followed my testimony closely in describing how psychosurgery impairs mental & emotional functioning.
The opinion was never appealed & stands to this day. It continues to inhibit the performance of psychosurgery throughout the country, especially in state mental hospitals, the VA and prisons.
Some psychosurgery continues in medical centers such as Harvard & Brown. 
As described in The War Against Children of Color, there are contemporary attempts to revive lobotomy & other forms of psychosurgery, although none of the advocates now dare tie their work to political aims. What keeps advocates of psychosurgery from proceeding ahead full-throttle? Is it their own scientific caution or ethical concerns?
In Psychosurgery (1992), Rodgers quotes Donlin Long, the Johns Hopkins director of neurosurgery:
“You’d also need an institutional commitment to absolutely pristine science & the guts to tell the Peter Breggins of the world to stuff it,” he [Long] added, referring to psychiatrist Peter Breggin’s lifelong battle to ban psychiatric surgery.
Judges’ Opinion Applying Nuremberg Code in Kaimowitz psychosurgery case
Dr. Breggin discusses Kaimowitz in his article, Psychosurgery for Political Purposes

Informed Consent - 1/2018 @
Guidelines for the Administration of Long Acting Antipsychotic Injections in Adults (Version 5 – January 2018) -
Insanity Defense - The 'insanity defense' and diminished capacity  - - United States v. Hinckley -
Insanity Verdict 4/23/2010
Insurance -
In Fitts v. Federal National Mortgage Association (Civil Action 98-00617), Judge Harold H. Kennedy ruled on 2/26/2002 that Fannie Mae & Unum Life Insurance Company of America (Unum) improperly classified an employee's bipolar disorder (manic depression) as a mental rather than physical illness, which subjected her to a 24-month limit in benefits. 
Honberg said, 'The decision has symbolic importance in the ongoing Congressional debate over parity for
mental illnesses in health insurance,' said Ron Honberg, legal director of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).
'It will have a practical impact on precisely how the industry drafts long-term disability insurance contracts in the future.
It also is another step toward ending discrimination based on myths & stigma. 
What is most important is that the court weighed science-based factors in reaching its decision. 
 Mental illnesses are brain disorders. They have fundamentally physical causes. 
Insurance companies cannot arbitrarily ignore the reality of the mind-body connection.' "
Kendra's Law - Holland, psychiatrist Julian (New York) 10/26/2009 Working Weekends At A Psych ER
Kendra's Law
transcript at
"The good thing that came out of it is that a new mental health law was created called Kendra's Law, which is instead of involuntarily committing somebody to an inpatient stay, it's involuntary commitment for an outpatient course of therapy. So that means that a judge can sort of remand you to be seen by a psychiatrist longitudinally, be followed & make sure that you go to your appointments & take your medicine.  If things start to fall apart & you start to get sick, you can, by law, be brought to a psych ER to be evaluated whether you need to be admitted." audio at website
Lobotomy - + photos:
Lobotomy -
Lobotomy - Kennedy, Rosemary - photos
Lobotomy - Vincere Mussolini of Italy abuses power. 
While being married to (2nd) wife, Mussolini institutionalizes mistress (or purported 1st wife & their son). 
Movie indicates that a Catholic hospital gives mistress (1st wife) a lobotomy.  
WARNING.  (Movie is very explicit & emotionally violent. 
NOT recommended for general public, especially not for minors.) 8/2/2018 
Medical Information Bureau - Get your own individual medical records for $8.00 - -
Central data bank containing 12 million American medical, psychological & personal histories, MIB or
Medical Information Bureau, Westwood, MA, USA per Boston Business Journal 11/5-7/1984 vol 4 #36 -
Central data bank is only for medical & insurance professionals.
Medicating Kids  
Mental Screening for Young to Begin for Massachusetts children on Medicaid. goldberg@globe -
Boston Globe newspaper  The bar is very low. 
The subjective evidences for mental illness cited in the Boston Globe are those typical behaviors for many children.  Our concern is mandated medication or uninformed parents/school being pressured to subject their children/ students to medical oversight & relinquishment of parental rights. There is a danger of the loss of child/parental consent. 
Most freedom of consent paperwork signatures are coerced & done during emergency/crisis.  12/27/2007
Mroczek, Nancy @ 
Nancy warns consumers to use glass or hard plastics for food storage. 
The softer the plastic, the more apt it is to leech into food. 
Toxins gravitate to the fatty tissues, such as breast, causing/contributing to/triggering disease such as cancer.
National Assoc for Rights (NARPA) -
NICE @ @
Nutrition & Mental Health winter 2004 newsletter editor sends out a serious WARNING to families of mentally ill & families with histories of mental illness.
The US government has implemented a major policy initiative called "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health". 
The Commission recommends mandatory mental health screening & treatment for every child in America, without parental consent.  It's biggest lobby is the pharmaceutical industry. -
PH and Disease -
Psych Diagnosis - 2004
Regulation - 2001-Richard Elliot Doblin -
Safety of Clinical Trials - 2 USA accrediting groups - -
SNOMED software tracks all medical records - Available to doctors, hospitals &
insurance firms. Health & Family Wall St Journal 7/2/2003 - Anderson
The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 in USA guarantees free access to vitamins.
Treatment Advocacy Center - Arlington, Virginia, USA -
USA Internet Dates Background Check ($50.00 fee) - regarding co-ed dating
USA Nursing Homes Graded by Government -   1-800-medicare

Prescription RX WARNINGS

Accutane -
Thanks to Dr. Bremner, Accutane, an acne medicine, is now off the market after causing depression.
The drug also may have led to 300 suicides in Accutane-treated patients -
The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg: Accutane - the truth that had to be told (Paperback)
Amen, Dr Daniel or - Prescriptions For Healing the Brain 
Brain insights & meds.
11/24/2003 Abilify is not as good on negative symptoms of schizophrenia
Risperdal stiffens muscles. 
Geodon causes cardiac rhythm disturbancs. 
Zyprexa causes weight gain.
3/24/2004 Antipsychotic meds have side effects risks: diabetes, jerky limb movement, suicide, weight gain, adverse impact on blood fats (lipids) -
Antidepressants or SSRI's may be harmful for those under the age of 18,
because they do more harm than good & are not licensed for use in Britian.
Wall St Journal
, Technology and Health ,  Spring 2004 Nutrition and Mental Health newsletter  12/12/2003 2/3/04 3/23/2004 7/20-21/2004 8/5/04 9/28/2004 12/22/2003 + 2004
Other antidepressants with serious side effects are Seroxat/Paxil, Sertraline/Lustral/Zolof, Citalopram/Cipramil/Cellexa, Escitalopram/Ciprales/Lexapro, Fluvoxamine/Favarin/Luvox.  
Warning: To reduce/titrate down, go very slowly.  8/6/2004 March 2003
Antidepressants Under Scrutiny Over Efficacy 1/17/2007 editorial in Personal Journal - -
Unpublished data show doctors are making inappropriate prescribing decisions that are not in the best interest of their patients.  This is a violation of their oath to do no harm.  The drug industry is suppressing/ignoring negative data while only publishing/sharing favorable trials/studies/research - is NOT comprehensive.
Ask the Pharmacist radio archives
Breggin, Dr Peter R  Toxic Psychiatry
Bremner, Dr. J Douglas -
dp/1583332952 - Before You Take That Pill: Why the Drug Industry May Be Bad  
, Dr. J Douglas

Bremner, Dr. J Douglas - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - articles -
Buying larger tablets & splitting tablets, plus buying in Canada may save LOTS of money. 
Buy smaller doses, if larger doses are not warranted, to prevent overdosing & to assist the mentally challenged. 3/2003
Carlat, Daniel - psychiatrist - book excerpt at Unhinged: The trouble with psychiatry-
a doctor’s revelations about a profession in crisis -
"Doctors are free to prescribe medications for anything they want, even if there is no official FDA indication.
This is called 'off-label' prescribing...It is illegal for drug companies to explicitly market their drugs for off-label uses.
Drug reps were explicitly instructed to not leave a paper trail: 'Anything you write down can be audited.
So don’t write anything down,' they were told by executives who were concerned about future lawsuits...
Meanwhile, I saw my colleagues in psychiatry continuing to prescribe Neurontin for conditions such as bipolar disorder & anxiety disorders, even though the newest definitive studies found that it worked no better than placebo for either of these conditions. Apparently, doctors had been brainwashed (or bribed)."
"Psychiatric side effects have included a case of acute psychosis (visual & auditory hallucinations, irrational speech, & behavioral disturbances) following ocular administration.
The symptoms resolved upon discontinuation (of eye drops or of infection medication)." 8/2014
Cipro - DANGER - -
Do NOT use this black box med as an antibiotic. 
Request a drug with NO black-box-warning, with NO or minimal side effects. 
According to this testimony, this all-synthetic drug stays in the body like a virus or evil spirit, facilitating/triggering ongoing havoc.
 Clozapine: Controversy Erupts Over Brand/Generic Equivalence

2000 - @ Pharmacy Today

Generic clozapine is "NOT" bioequivalent to Clozaril R per Dept Pharmacy,
Riverview Hospital, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Clozppine - Doctors Raise Warnings about a Form of Clozapine 10/24/2000 by Thomas M Burton -
Generic clozapine in question for effacy - Wall St Journal 10/24/2000 & shared by htm
Clozapine @ 2/1/2001
Clozapine (&/or clozaril brand) - WARNINGS - risk of developing (diabetes,)
heart attack, pericarditis, &/or myocarditis 1/21/2002
Clozapine literature search returned 1 case report & 1 small case series. The former described a return of psychotic symptoms in a 79-year-old man after an inadvertent switch from brand-name (Clozaril) to generic clozapine (Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Morgantown, WV). 25
He had been stable on 500 mg of brand-name clozapine daily.  However, his symptoms returned with such severity that hospitalization was required approximately 1 month after the switch.
Brand-name clozapine was reinitiated.  He was stabilized within 2 months.
Although specific mention of an investigation & eventual ruling out of other reasons for psychotic exacerbation was made, including factors that could have affected clozapine pharmacokinetics, no details were provided.
Mofsen & Balter 26 provided a detailed description of 7 patients with reemergent psychotic symptoms after switching to generic clozapine (Zenith Goldline) after a prior period of stabilization on brand-name clozapine (Clozaril).
The newly precipitated psychotic symptoms persisted, in spite of increases in the dosage of the generic formulation & resulted in the hospitalization of 5 of the 7 patients.
Clinical deterioration occurred rapidly after the change in clozapine formulations (i.e., within 1-6 weeks).
After switching back to brand-name clozapine, only 1-3 weeks was required for most patients (6 of 7) to return to the level of symptom control & functioning seen before switching to the generic drug.
However, it took 1 patient 6 months to return to the previous level of symptom control.
There was no apparent change in concomitant medications for any of the patients.” @
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Volume 67, Issue 1, 1 January 2010, Pages 27–37,
Clozapine - Catatonia following abrupt stoppage of clozapine - 
Clozapine - Generic clozapine in question for effacy - Wall St Journal 10/24/2000 -
Clozapine - Generic clozapine is "NOT" bio-equivalent to (is inferior, not as good as brand name) Clozaril R per Dept Pharmacy, Riverview Hospital, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 
(Is this bad wrap due to manufactuer's lack of: profitability, good science, transparency, &/or real caring?)
Clozapine - Potential Side effect of clozapine is diabetes per Dept Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Health System, Fairview Hospital, Ohio, USA Food & Drug Admin plan to require warning label for diabetes for atypical antipsychotics 9/18/2003 WSJ -
Clozapine - Glycine is inadvisable if one is taking the antipsychotic drug clozapine per Pure Encapsulations. -
Clozapine (Clozaril) may be adversely affected by large amounts of cocoa due to its caffeine content. 
Cocoa may exacerbate psychotic symptoms & toxicity of clozapine + inhibit clozapine metabolism Related foods are black and green tea, coffee, cola, guarana & mate.  Excess cocoa may also trigger migraines in sensitive people. 
The sudden withdrawal of large amounts of cocoa may cause lithium toxicity, due to cocoa's caffeine content.
Oral contraceptives & grapefruit reduce caffeine clearance. 
(Note: Grapefruit increases med dosage; thus can be good when titrating medication dose down.)
MAOIs with high cocoa intake may trigger a hypertensive crisis due to tyramine content.
Excess cocoa has been known to cause shakiness, increased urination, rapid pulse & constipation.
 Clozapine (Clozaril) -!userfiles/pdfs/Pharmacy/2019-Essential-Formulary.pdf 
Generic $ vs Brand -

Tier 1
– Lowest Copayment Most (but not all) generic drugs are in Tier 1. For the lowest out-of-pocket cost, always ask your doctor if a Tier 1 drug would work for you. (Helps reduce patient cost AND discourages use of brand.)
Tier 2
– Middle Copayment If your drug is in Tier 2, ask your doctor if a Tier 1 drug might work for you.
Tier 3
– Highest Copayment If your drug is in Tier 3, ask your doctor if a Tier 1 or Tier 2 drug might work for you.
Clozapine (Clozaril) -
Clozapine/clozaril can interact with the following herbs/supplements; however this med may be able to be reduced/ titrated down with the consistent use of the same - green tea, kava kava, milk thistle, manganese, melatonin,
B2 (riboflavin), B6 (pyridoxine), &/or vitamin E.
Clozapine side effects may be reduced by the addition of vitamin supplements
N-acetyl cysteine + Vitamin C), Selenium, & (5-HTP) 5-hydroxytryptophan.
Smoking may reduce blood levels of drug, whereas caffeine intake may increase blood drug levels. 
Glycine supplementation may increase drug induced side effects. (The reverse may be true. 
Thus the greater the vitamin benefit, the less the need for RX & the less the RX side effects. 
Thus dosage could potetially be reduced a wee bit.) Clozapine side effects and natural alternative medicine
Clozapine reduction/titration down - Take ascorbate vitamin C powder with bioflavonoids & rutin, ½ teaspoon every hour to bowel tolerance daily for the 1st month of healing. (Vitamin C is a natural tranquilizer.
It will help in withdrawal from chemical tranquilizers & drugs.)
Clozapine (Clozaril) - -  -
Clozapine medication can contribute to excessive constipation & serious bowel blockages. lead to serious bowel problems. 1/28/2020
DANGER - Salvia divinorum herb, diviner's sage, contains salvinorin A, a potent hallucinogen almost as strong as LSD. 
It targets a single chemical brain cell receptor involved in consciousness & reality perception.
The receptor is located in neurons having a role in depression, drug abuse & schizophrenia. 
It has been used by the Mazatec Indians in Mexico.  It can cause thoughts not original
with one's personality, depression, dysphoria, suicide, visions, & disembodiment. 
4/3/2006 USA Today newspaper Nation editorial
Dangerous Meds -
Dateline TV Inside the world of counterfeit drugs  Dateline Hidden Camera Investigates Chinese counterfeiting of drugs. 6/4/2007 -
E-Drug - - [e-drug] non-profit pharmaceutical companies "
Armed with almost $4.7 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Victoria Hale, a pharmacologist & her new Institute for One World Health are leading the development, testing & manufacture of new drugs that once languished in the labs of commercial firms but are now headed for clinical trials against killers that threaten millions in Asia & Latin America. 
A nonprofit pharmaceutical firm may seem an oxymoron doomed to fail, but drug industry experts say Hale may be onto something."
Developing nations
need to know about safety of new drugs available to them.
Effexor like cymbalta is a dual-action antidepressant 8/5/2004
Effexor, an antidepressant,  boosts 2 brain chemicals: serotonin &  norepinephrine,
and may cause hostility & suicide per Wall St Journal 9/3/2003 & Wyeth
Ethical minefield is what Friday's 10/1/2004 Wall Street Journal's Science Journal calls conventional drugs (which have many side effects) to be used for memory & attention.
Current drugs being used for cosmetic neurology are (toxic) botox, beta blockers (as propanolol which seems to erase negative emotions associated with bad memories), Modafinil or Provigil, ritalin, cholinesterase inhibitors such as donepezil or Aricept & CREB inhibitors (proteins which seem to erase only disturbing memories). 
Effexor (venlafaxine) - - Side effects:
include nausea, constipation, headache, insomnia, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, sweating, itching & nervousness.
At the end of treatment, dosage should be reduced gradually.
Precautions: venlafaxine should not be taken by people with arrhythmias or uncontrolled hypertension, by those with severely impaired liver or kidney function, or by women who are pregnant. It should be used with caution in people with heart disease & in women who are breastfeeding. Driving ability may be impaired.
Interactions with other drugs:
Clozapine its plasma concentration is increased.
Effexor withdrawal/discontinuation help: Passionflower & activated charcoal.

Florescent Hydrogel Biosensor in vaccines @ - 9/2/2020 @

Foster children -
Raymond Francis, "a chemist and a graduate of MIT, once found himself in a hospital, battling for his life.
The diagnosis: acute chemical hepatitis, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, & several autoimmune syndromes, causing him to suffer fatigue, dizziness, impaired memory, heart palpitations, diarrhea, numbness, seizures & numerous other ailments.
Knowing death was imminent unless he took (emergency) action
(1st by checking himself out of hospital), Francis decided to research solutions for his disease himself. His findings & eventual (miraculous self recovery led him to conclude that almost all disease can be both prevented & reversed (via an organic/live/raw/GMO free diet + elimination of: vaccines, RX, operations  environmental toxins, whenever practically possible)." - RADIO - 4/27/2015 -
Secular - -
Author notes that 'the nervous system" can develop "a memory of past reactions."  He is 1 of many who cite this body memory.

Frequency Tranmission @
5/4/2021 - "The COVID vaxxed are transmitting something to those around them (including many unvaccinated people) that is causing those around them to suffer strange symptoms (migraines, nosebleeds, bruising, bloating, period pain, serious irregularity with menstruation, etc) 4/28/2021
...David Icke did a recent video
(Human Antenna – Broadcasting The Vaccine Frequency) ..DNA: The Transmitter-Recevier Antenna - DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid & is considered the master genetic blueprint of the human body. It is arranged in a spiral helix. DNA is also a transmitter & receiver of energy; 2008 Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier proved that DNA transmits & receives frequencies in his 2010 paper entitled DNA Waves & Water where he showed that 'bacterial & viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions.' 
In other words, DNA is like an antenna. This article summaries Montagnier’s findings:
'Using a photo-amplifying device invented by Dr. Jacques Benveniste in the 1980s to capture the ultra low light emissions from cells, Montagnier filtered out all particles of bacterial DNA from a tube of water & discovered that the post-filtered solutions containing no material particles continued to emit ultra low frequency waves. This became more fascinating when Montagnier showed that under specific conditions of a 7 Hz background field (the same as the Schumann resonance which naturally occurs between the earth’s surface & the ionosphere), the non-emitting tube of water that had never received organic material could be induced to emit frequencies when placed in close proximity with the emitting tube.
Even more interesting is that when base proteins, nucleotides & polymers (building blocks of DNA) were put into the pure water, near perfect clones of the original DNA were formed. 
Dr. Montagnier & his team hypothesized that the only way for this to happen was if the DNA’s blueprint was somehow imprinted into the very structure of water itself resulting in a form of “water memory” that had earlier been pioneered by Jacques Benveniste. 
The existence of a harmonic signal emanating from DNA can help to resolve long-standing questions about cell development.
For example how the embryo is able to make its manifold transformations, as if guided by an external field.
If DNA can communicate its essential information to water by radio frequency, then non-material structures will exist within the watery environment of the living organism, some of them hiding disease signals & others involved in the healthy development of the organism.  The day that we admit that signals can have tangible effects, we will use them.
From that moment on we will be able to treat patients with waves. Therefore it’s a new domain of medicine that people fear of course.  Especially the pharmaceutical industry…1 day we will be able to treat cancers using frequency waves
David Icke’s Perspective on the COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon - Icke ties this in to the overall nanotech agenda (including things like the hydrogel biosensor), stressing that although there may be a chemical element that is being transmitted, the main cause is the energetic element: frequency. He emphasizes that the introduction of synthetic mRNA via the non-vaccine (mandated injection) is designed to change the DNA antenna inside of us, so that it responds to a new (artificial) command & control center:  It’s literally hijacking our divine connection: It’s not really about shedding some substance so much as a transmission of what is in the vaccine, or what the vaccine is giving off...
'Everything in this reality, in its foundation, is about frequency. The body is a recevier-transmitter of information…
DNA is a recevier-transmitter of information…how that DNA antenna is receiving and transmitting dictates what we are interacting with …[They want to] change the nature of DNA…It’s not picking up those [high] frequencies. 
It’s only picking up the frequencies of [the] technological sub-reality: the Smart Grid.
This nanotechnolgoy, which is in these vaccine potions, is changing the receiver-transmitter antenna nature of DNA…so our Mission Control is not expanded conscoiusness, it’s simply the Cloud…so we receive & transmit only their information. 
People who…have had the vaccine are having [their] DNA antenna re-wired so that [they] receive & transmit different kinds of information, that locks [them] into this Smart Grid, this Cloud. That’s the foundation; I am not saying there’s not a chemical element to this transmission we’re hearing about, but for me the key area is this frequency.
If you get nanotechnology in the body, & then it starts transmitting its frequency, then obviously that frequency, that substance which is impacting upon the person who’s had it.  As it transmits its frequency, it’s going to impact in the same way on others who pick up that frequency, even though they’ve not actually had the jab. 
I think this is the foundation of what’s going on. They’ve turned these vaccinated people into antennae, transmitting their frequency.”  2/17/2020 @
Final Thoughts - So, just as with many aspects of the COVID op, this subject of COVID vax transmission ties in to the Synthetic Agenda, the Nanotech Agenda, the Smart Grid & more. This isn’t just about toxic vaccines, gene therapy devices, sterilization, infertility & depopulation, although these are all clear & present components of the operation.
This is about controlling the information our DNA can access, because that in turn affects our perception. 
This is about the larger NWO (New World Order) scheme of
perception control.
Our perception depends upon the information we receive."

Immunologic & coagulation disorders have resulted from Long Term Antipsychotic Drugs As Chlorpromazine
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Robert Yoho MD @ Patient, beware.  RX detrimental info often stays concealed until off-patent.
Pasadena, CA. + (cosmetic surgery) +

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour - 05.19.21 - Progressive Radio ... @ - Butchered by "Healthcare" is title of my guest's book & subject of my (RADIO) interview with Robert Yoho MD.  We might add "butchered for profit" to the title. A former ER doc & retired plastic surgeon, Dr. Yoho became disillusioned with medicine as a money-making machine.

Yoho, Dr. Robert @ - edited excerpt 9/5/2020 @ Butchered by “Healthcare”: What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care - " For at least half of health care, the potential benefit does not outweigh the harm...
Many drugs are ineffective.  A lot are damaging. Some of the worst are the statins, the newer diabetes drugs, the osteoporosis drugs, the influenza vaccine, & the whole psychiatric pharmacy...Patent medicines are a rip-off. Generics are sometimes inactive or even contaminated...Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG) is also useless or harmful. It immediately kills 2-9% & gives long-term brain damage to a 3rd. A few patients supposedly benefit:
3% with severe blockage of their 1-centimeter “left main” artery. For them, the studies show a 5-year survival improvement of 20%."  (Use CQ10 with satins + avoid synthetic meds & mRNA vaccines.)
Generic RX & Off Label use
Eban, Katherine - RADIO
Eban, Katherine - 5/17/2019 - Adapted from an excerpt of
Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom by Katherine Eban with permission from Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright © 2019 by Katherine Eban. All rights reserved:
Many of the generic drug companies that Americans & Africans alike depend on…hold a dark secret:
They routinely adjust their manufacturing standards depending on the country buying their drugs, a practice that could endanger not just those who take the lower-quality medicine but the population at large
These companies send their highest-quality drugs to markets with the most vigilant regulators, such as the U.S. & the European Union. They send their worst drugs (made with lower-quality ingredients & less scrupulous testing) to countries with the weakest review…
Often, substandard drugs do not contain enough active ingredient to effectively cure sick patients.
But they do contain enough to kill off the weakest microbes while leaving the strongest intact.
These surviving microbes go on to reproduce, creating a new generation of pathogens capable of resisting even fully potent, properly made medicine
Treating patients with drugs that contain a little bit of active ingredient, as he put it, is like “putting out fire with gasoline”… The twin forces of subpar medicine & growing drug resistance will be so destructive that developed countries won’t be able to ignore them.
As Elizabeth Pisani, an epidemiologist who has studied drug quality in Indonesia, put it, ‘The fact is, pathogens know no borders.’”
Clozapine - Generic clozapine is "NOT" bio-equivalent to (is inferior, not as good as brand name) Clozaril R per Dept Pharmacy, Riverview Hospital, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 
(Is this bad wrap due to manufactuer's lack of: profitability, good science, transparency, &/or real caring?)
Clozapine - Generic clozapine in question for effacy - Wall St Journal 10/24/2000 -
Langreth, Robert - Betting on Bones editorial 8/3/2009 - "Amgen, America's biggest biotech drug maker,...says it's impossible to make exact copies of biotech drugs & opposes (required/legislated/mandated) automatic
substitution (with generics)."
Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn
7 atypical antipsychotic meds - Zyprexa, Risperdal, Symbyax, Seroquel, Clozaril, Geodon and Abilify are used to treat psychiatric conditions, like schizophrenia, but are now used  "off label" to treat dementia behavioral disorders,
resulting in stroke, infections & death. 4/12/2005 Wall St Journal +
Bass, Alison - magazine editorial 3/2003 +
Bass, Alison - Side Effects - A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial
, Alison 9/24/2008 Uncovering the Side Effects
editorial - The true story behind Paxil and it's link to suicide
"Teenagers were withdrawn from the study & called non-complaint when they were in suicidal as a result from Paxil & should’ve been counted in the study as adverse effects...I got the smoking gun memo saying not to publish negative studies. "
Breggin, Dr. Peter R - Medication Madness: A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood-Altering Medications
, Dr. Peter R @ -
Brain Disabling Treatments
 in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock, and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex

Breggin, Dr. Peter R @ - Bio-psychiatric medicine/drugs or pharmacology for psychiatric patients (for the large part) harm rather than help the patient brain.  Treatments:
1-disrupt normal brain function.
2-cause generalized brain dysfunction.
3-impair higher human functions including (sexuality), emotional responsiveness, social sensitivity, insight, autonomy & self determination.  1 single dose of risperidone decreases metabolism in ventral striatum, thalamus & frontal cortex (cortico-striato-thalamo-cortical feedback loop region) in emotional-regulation areas of limbic system & higher mental systems in front lobes, blocking dopamine & creating a biochemical lobotomy. 
In  schizophrenia, the + symptoms would have been decreased, whereas the - symptoms would have been increased. 
Eg., drugging a patient would increase his already negative symptoms of fatigue.
Chapter 8 notes that Lithium (for reducing mania in bi-polar) even in low dosages adversely affects brain waves & is toxic rather than helpful to the brain.
4-desentitizes/impairs brain/victimizes/disables/deactivation of - both -
(1st episode schizophrenia) patient AND non-patient (given the drug).
Chapter 9 notes that ECT (electro-convulsive therapy for depression) can cause irreversible brain damage.
COVID vaccine ingredients @ + +
Cymbalta hits 2 brain chemicals norephinephrine & serotonin rather than only serotonin as most SSRIs. 
1 cymbalta suicide death occurred 2/2004.WSJ 8/5/2004
Duloxetine indited in suicide per 2/13/2004 Technology & Health, Wall Street Journal.
Also see 6/3/2004 WSJ - 10  major USA antidepressant drugs are cited as potential
suicide risks for both adults & children per 3/23/2004 Personal Journal of 
See 4/20/2004 Personal Health of Wall Street Journal on Serzone/nefazodone re: teen liver failure & death. 4/5/2004
Fluorescent Micro-particles @ 12/19/2019 @ - "Researchers headed by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a micro-needle platform using fluorescent microparticles called quantum dots (QD), which can deliver vaccines & at the same time invisibly encode vaccination history directly in the skin. The quantum dots are composed of nanocrystals, which emit near-infrared (NIR) light that can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone. Tests using the platform showed that QDs delivered to samples of human skin were still detectable after photobleaching that simulated 5 years of exposure sunlight, & they remained detectable for up to 9 months when tested in rats."
Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Diego, USA - 2010-05-20 - - How Corrupted Drug Companies Deceive and Manipulate Your Doctor
Grapefruit can be awesome or dangerous - depending on you having knowledge.  If you want to lower dosage safely,
then you may want to add grapefruit.  If you want to prevent/reduce toxic drug side effects, then you may want NEVER eat/drink grapefruit with some meds.  The bottom line is that grapefruit makes some medicines more powerful. 
"Individuals have different levels of an enzyme in intestines & liver, called CYP3A4, that breaks down drugs before they even have a chance to get into the blood stream." 
Grapefruit compounds furanocoumarins can "obliterate CYP3A4 in the gut.  The result: More drug gets into the blood-stream."  For those with high furanocoumarins, one could have 10X the amount of 1 med/pill in bloodstream.
11/27/2007 Personal Journal section -
Grapefruit - (Grapefruit can even DOUBLE dosage, so BEWARE!) 10/30/2007

Harrington, Ann - or
Mind Fixers' Documents The 'Troubled Search' For Mental Illness Medication
Search for a biological cause. Pharmacia has left behind a legacy of over-diagnosis & over-medication @

Hoffer, Abram - - "Tranquilizers create a tranquilizer psychosis...If you do not believe that tranquilizers cause a psychosis, start taking 15 milligrams of Olanzapine today & stay on it for a few months & see what happens to you. Ask your family what they think of your condition, i.e. if you are still working.  The tranquilizer psychosis is a mixture of the original psychosis under partial control combined with the toxic effect of these drugs."
Illich, Ivan - chapter 1
Illich, Ivan - chapter 2 -
editorial - or
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Lambert, with Kobliner, Victoria @ - - - -
Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels @
Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients
Neurontin is under scrutiny for contributing to suicide 5/20/2004 - (Get medical exemption for any mandated COVID vaccination.  Join others.  Do NOT isolate.)
Northrup, Dr. Christiane - about mRNA content injection @ - 5/2021 +
Older antipsychotics such as Haldol and Trilafon (perphenazine) may cause involuntary movements, jerkiness & tremors - in excess of the newer atypical drugs. (Medical) Success of drugs was based on "how long a patient was willing to stay on them" before quitting due to side effects &/or failure of drug to work.  + +   Personal Journal
Olsen, Gwen Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
Other Web Links:
OTC - Over the Counter & Prescription RX to reduce or avoid if over age of 65 -

Synthetic mRNA @ - "Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna 'Covid injections' are vaccines; rather, both ‘mRNA vaccines’ are actually “experimental gene therapy drugs”.  
BEWARE! The Highly Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Contains Untested Synthetic mRNA -

Getting off Paxil
Paxil - You may want to advise your surgeon per Bottom Line Health. June 2004

Peterson, Melody - Our Daily Meds - - Click Google's "contents" in it's book review to read chapters or go to - NEVER  take meds without doing your homework.

Peterson, Melody - Side effects of atypical antipsychotic drugs include extra-pyramidal symptoms (EPS), hyper-prolactinemia, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, diabetes mellitus (DM), cardiovascular problems such as myo-carditis, pregnancy & lactation dangers to infant (neural tube defects), blood dyscrasias + increase in density of D2 receptors (dopamine) making patient biologically dependent on meds, thus at high risk for psychosis & schizophrenia if/when stopping drugs...Tough read, but vital to the health of you & your family.
"The cognition of patients with Alzheimer's disease grew worse when they took either Detrol or Ditropan. 
Both bladder drugs have what doctors call anti-cholinergic effects, which means they block the action of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter.  Nerve cells release neurotransmitters to send signals to neighboring cells.  The anti-cholinergic
medicines block some of these signals...The brains of the patients who had taken anti-cholinergic drugs for 2 years or longer had more that twice the level of abnormal clumps of amyloid plaque & tangled bundles of fibers as those who had not taken the drugs or had taken them for a such time...
dementia often reverses, if it is found & the patient stops taking the offending drug." - - Downloads @
Pill Splitting (1/2): You may be able to split these pills in half. Begin by asking your doctor if pill-splitting is right for you. If so, ask your doctor to write your prescription for half the number of pills & double the strength you normally need. For example, instead of 30 pills of 20 mg, you’d get a prescription for 15 pills of 40 mg. Then you (or the pharmacy) can split them in half for the correct dose.
This way, you save 50% of the cost. Call our Customer Service Department for details. -
Bottom $ line seems more important than patient safety/efficacy.
Prescription drugs may be dangerous to your health.  FDA relies on safety tests of company selling drugs. 
Buy Frontline documentary at 1-800-544-4440.
(Codex) Codex Alimentarius Commission, plus drug companies wish to have control over vitamins.
3/2004 - 11/17/2003 - - Author will NOT identify herself, so one may want to refer to her related web link resources/footnotes.  Her free online book - Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry.
(Revised version)

articles -
Prozac - 1st quarter 2006
Prozac - Side effects of antidepressant Prozac (fluoxetine) are suicidal feelings, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss & headaches 
Risperdal & Risperdal Constr (injectable) may cause tumors per 10/30/2003 
Risperdal - WSJ Health & Family -
Risperdal is now FDA approved for teenagers with schizophrenia, contending that  the disease is worse than the negative side effects, the side effects being the lesser of 2 evils. Some of the side effects include weight gain, fatigue, nausea, and prolactin/ breast milk production.  Short term use is also approved for teenagers diagnosed lebeled) with bipolar mania
Other approved use is for dementia.  Side effect for that is premature death.  
Risperdal - 8/23/2007 - to treat schizophrenia.
Eventually, the FDA approved Risperdal for additional uses, including bipolar disorder & autism. It is also used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, insomnia and depression. Invega is also approved to treat schizoaffective disorder.  However, these 2 drugs can cause serious side effects such as breast development in boys. Hundreds of boys who took these drugs suffered breast tissue enlargement & some were forced to have surgery to remove the tissue. 
They can also cause movement disorders, diabetes & even death. As a result of these side effects,
a number of patients and their families filed lawsuits...People who take Risperdal, Risperidone or Invega may suffer from a number of side effects, including serious ones like gynecomastia, movement disorders, diabetes, pituitary tumors and heart problems that can lead to death...Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by abnormally large breasts in males.
It is caused by excessive breast tissue growth, not excess fat. The condition is often caused by hormone imbalances in the body.
In the case of Risperdal and Invega, the problems stem from an overabundance of the hormone prolactin....
Prolactin controls sex drive in males & sustains lactation (breast-feeding) in females & is produced by the pituitary gland. Risperdal and Invega work by blocking dopamine receptors & dopamine controls the levels of prolactin. Because the drugs block dopamine’s action on the pituitary gland, the levels of prolactin increase & can reach abnormal levels, a condition known as hyper-prolactinemia...
Hyper-prolactinemia occurs more often with Risperdal than other antipsychotics. I
n fact, according to data from the New Zealand Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Authority, more than 90% of those taking the drug have elevated levels of prolactin. In children & adolescents, the overabundance of prolactin can
cause gynecomastia; milky, nipple discharge in both males & females (galactorrhea); the absence of periods in females; and delay in growth & maturation. Because Invega is a derivative of Risperdal, it can have same effect on hormones...
Because Risperdal and Invega cause the pituitary gland to produce more prolactin, it may also cause the gland to grow in size. This disrupts the production of other hormones & can lead to the development of pituitary tumors...
One study published in the journal Pharmacotherapy analyzed the FDA’s adverse effect database & found that Risperdal accounted for 70% of all pituitary tumors...
Risperdal & Invega also increase the risk of movement disorders such as extra-pyramidal symptoms or EPS (loss of control over movement) & tardive dyskinesia (involuntary, repetitive movements)."
Russian investigators have found that antipsychotic drugs may cause antibodies to the meds/medications & recommend lower daily doses.  Govorin & Lozhkina
RX list WARNINGS of drug side effects
5 schizophrenia atypical anti-psychotic medications (Zyprexa, Risperdal, Trilafon, Geodon, & Seroqual) have been evaluated in a study called CATIE (clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness).  All are deficient (causing a degree of weight gain, increased blood sugar &/or cholesterol) + are deficient in preventing relapses. 9/20/2005 The Nation 
Side Effects of Tranquilizers = Tardive dyskinesia, nausea, brain damage, weight gain, diabetes, impotence versus none for the illness of schizophrenia.  Hoffer, Abram - volume 19 Journal 2004 editorial  Atypical Anti-psychotics -
SSRI users are 4 times more likely to experience bleeding following surgery. 
SSRI  (antidepressant) drugs can impair alertness, coordinate, increase risk for falls & pull calcium from the bones. 9/1/2009
Suicide warnings are noted by Glaxo Smith Kline & in 8/27/2003 Wall St Journal, Personal Journal for SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), especially Paxil (Seroxat) an antidepressant. 
Zoloft - 10/28/2003 Wall St Journal, Personal Health re: Zoloft/sertraline,fluoxetine/Prozac,Effexor,Paxil
Wall St Journal 8/7/2000 Money & Investing cite Paxil side effect of suicide & aggression.
Wall Street Journal 4/11/2003 by Anand & Burton editorial: Drug Debate: New Antipsychotics Pose a Quandry for FDA, Doctors. Diabetes danger.  Warnings Abroad, Not in US - 
These atypical drugs often cause carbohydrate cravings, obesity, frequent urination & excessive thirst.
Alsorefer to CNN 8/8/2003 Morning Edition television USA 
Zyprexa danger (6/5/2003 + 1/15/2009 WSJ) diabetes concern
Zyprexa danger
(2/20/2004 WSJ) stroke concern: Atypical class of antipsychotics for dementia may be dangerous
and include Risperdal, Seroquel, Abilify Zyprexa taken off preferred drug list in Texas for health insurance program to the poor. 
Zyprexa is the most costly atypical anitpsychotic & causes weight gain.
3/1/04 + 1/15/2009 Wall St Journal
Withdrawal - safely + 
Omega 3's contribute to healing. - "Beta 1, 3-D glucan is the sole active ingredient in Beta Glucan. It is derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, making it the precise substance for which the actual glucan macrophage receptor (CR3, mac-1, CD11/CD18) has been identified.
Beta 1, 3-D glucan is technically a polybranched polygluose, so complex some refer to it as a fiber...
Beta 1, 3-D glucan from the cell wall of baker’s yeast has been shown to have a potent effect on the immune system."
Medical Treatment Warnings
ADD ADHD patients with no change in symptoms may be re-diagnosed & given bipolar meds as FDA has lowered age to which children may be given anti-psychotic drugs. 9/2007
Admissions to hospital care/treatment -
China - 2014 - "Observation" &/or 'outpatient' rather than 'inpatient' status denies rehab insurance coverage. 
Beware of receiving body parts - organ transplants - during surgery! -
CHINA - Dr Liu Quan -
CHINA - Dr Hu Weimin - 7/2007 -
Citizens' life savings are being plundered by overpriced prescription drugs & other hospital costs. 
Free or inexpensive herbal treatments are often discouraged.
derekw - Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) - 12/13/2010
Drug firms 'inventing diseases'
Evolution  - The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER -
Euthanasia - Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed. Red Alert. - 9/8/2013 -
Euthanizing the Mentally Ill ( 4/15/2021 @ Wesley J. Smith | The Epoch Times -
sychiatrists & other doctors assist the suicides of mentally ill patients.  The “right to die” movement is restricted to people with terminal illnesses.  Euthanasia activists advocate lethal injection or prescribed suicide as a “treatment” for the suffering caused by mental illness. Welcome to the subversive mental health concept known as “rational suicide.”  Mental health professionals only have an absolute duty to stop suicides that are impulsive or frivolously based.
If the suicidal person is deemed by the mental health professional to have a rational basis for self-destruction, that is, if the patient “is able to reason. Euthanasia (kill-&-harvest procedures) for mental illnesses has become conjoined with organ donation in both the Netherlands & Belgium. Assisted & rational suicide are really about abandonment.
Fema USA Terror Camps - Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps-80% Depopulation = New World Order (Terror Camps: The Global Agenda)  -
New World Order 2012 Illuminati, Fema Trains, Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law - -
HAARP programme & it's illuminati depopulation Programme (DARPA) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency -
Harrison, Dr. Michelle - A Woman in Residence - autobiography - Book exposes some of the medical industry's self serving or expedient (at expense of patient) practices, especially in pediatrics/obstetrics/GYN.
(Aged 39 in 1982) "Medical training works like brainwashing." Forward states, "To the women who entrusted me with their care at Doctors Hospital, whose forgiveness I ask for the times i did as I was ordered."
The book is her confession diary:
"If I were to have an eye removed," writes Dr. Michelle Harrison in the epilogue of A Woman in Residence, "then I would forever be a person with only 1 eye. If I were to take in poison without spitting it out, I would be a poisoned person.
I might survive, but I would be damaged. Medical training is no less violent than surgery or poisoning.
It leaves women & men no less scarred or no less without the organs that have been removed."[987] cited by
"I used to have fantasies...about women in a state of revolution.
I saw them getting up out of their beds & refusing the knife, refusing to be tied down, refusing to submit...
Women’s health care will not improve until women reject the present system & begin instead to develop less destructive means of creating &...maintaining a state of wellness."
cited by
Editorial - Mother Jones Magazine - Jan 1983 - Google -
Obstetrician-Gynecologist Michelle R. Harrison, MD -
Holland, psychiatrist Julian (New York) 10/26/2009 Working Weekends At A Psych ER
Kendra's Law 
transcript at
The good thing that came out of it is that a new mental health law was created called Kendra's Law, which is instead of involuntarily committing somebody to an inpatient stay, it's involuntary commitment for an outpatient course of therapy.  So that means that a judge can sort of remand you to be seen by a psychiatrist longitudinally & be followed & make sure that you go to your appointments & that you're taking your medicine. If things start to fall apart & you start to get sick, you can, by law, be brought to a psych ER to be evaluated whether you need to be admitted." audio at website
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Leaf, Neurosurgeon Caroline - @

In the 2nd part of the 20th century psychiatry was under heavy criticism [10]. To justify & defend the profession, psychiatrists promoted a medical/disease model of mental health, which is most notably seen at the time in the publication of the 
Diagnostic & Statistical Manual III, which marked a definitive shift away from psychoanalysis & talk therapy [11]. By creating lists of disorders (again, based off no conclusive scientific evidence on the possible biological mechanisms underlying these so-called disorders), which appeared to be simple, objective ways of recognizing mental illness (somewhat like identifying a tumor), psychiatry created a self-made marketing weapon against its attackers [12]. From now on, institutions like the American Psychiatric Association & the DSM would define what is normal, in turn telling us what it means to suffer &, essentially, what it means to be human [13].
They medicalized misery, & today millions are suffering because of their actions, creating a public health disaster [14].
In fact, since it was now widely, yet incorrectly, assumed that these drugs were “curing” the supposed “disease” & not just tranquilizing the disturbed individual, forced drug treatments, institutionalization & lack of consent merely became “cures” [15] (which damage rather than help brains. 
These mood drugs are anti-brain rather than anti-bug/bacteria/virus/disease).
The responsibility & guilt of the medical processionals behind these so-called treatments were essentially sidelined [16].
Today a psychiatrist can be praised for drugging a depressed person with mind-altering substances &, if these do not work, institutionalizing them & shocking their brain with ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) [17]. It is even an acceptable & commonplace practice to imprison mentally ill persons, drug them & lock them in solitary confinement, compelling them to live their days marinating in their own excrement [18]. It is therefore no surprise that mental health advocate, psychiatrist, former director of the DSM & professor at Duke University Allen Frances declares (in Finding a Middle Ground) that “there has never been a worse time or a worse place to have a mental illness than in the US today” [19].
Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies, like the psychiatrists, also realized just how effective a marketing tool the chemical imbalance theory could be [20]. Despite the recognition amongst many psychiatrists & medical health professionals that the chemical imbalance theory is not valid [21], drug companies like Eli Lilly still claim that “antipsychotic medicines are believed to work by balancing the chemical found naturally in the brain” [22].
In fact, their marketing efforts, predominantly to doctors through prescription privileges, have been so successful that it is estimated that 80% of the American public alone believe in chemical imbalances in the brain [23].
These companies would not spend billions of dollars on marketing campaigns if they did not think they would work (to increase brainwashing, patient compliance & profit, rather than patient improvement/health/happiness. 
Their propaganda has been so successful, that insurance only reimburses a DMS diagnosis).
Leaf, Dr. Caroline - The Perfect You - chapter #1
or 2018 TV interview with Joni Lamb: (End of program Dr. Leaf speaks about brain damage by psych drugs.) shares we are pre-wired with 7 perfect systems:
1.Nervous 2.Endocrine 3.Immune 4.Intestinal 5.Integumentary 6.muscular 7.cardiovascular
(This includes the electrical-magnetic & skeletal.  Should there be a deficit, Dr. Jesus is in the business of re-wiring).
(Finally, if the main root issues are not chemical/physical, but rather are from the soul (emotions/mind/will) then a behavioral approach would be more apt regarding character.  If the main root issues pertain to one's spirit, then the approach would be spiritual, especially where/when any evil spirits/demons are plaguing the patient. 
If both are true, then a village/ family/team involvement would be significant/valuable
Rockefeller, John D @ 4/20/2021
Rockefeller, John D - On YouTube here Northrup, Dr. Christaine - "talks about the Flexner Report, in the early 1900s commissioned by John D. RockefellerThis report basically began the destruction of natural therapies & remedies & began the propaganda & genesis of big pharma."

TenPenny, Dr. Sherri @ 2/19/2021 
TenPenny, Dr. Sherri @ 5/7/2021 - Shedding of virus or adnovirus particle &/or transmission of spike protein &/or antibodies from vaccinated associates causing negative symptoms including abnormal bruising/bleeding/menstruation.  EUA emergency approved patent is NOT FDA approved
5G potential dangers due to vaccinations

TenPenny, Dr. Sherri @ Episode 46 - 5/6/2021 -
radio interview by Dr. Larry Palevsky
TenPenny, Dr. Shem @ 5/12/2021 NON vaccine injection - Wise NOT to touch vaccinated individuals.
Recommends zinc, medicinal mushrooms & silver. 9/2/2020 

"A piece of nano-technology made out of hydrogel (similar to a soft contact lens) that can be injected & implanted under the skin using a vaccine as a delivery system. This sensor (or more accurately a biosensor), less than the size of a grain of rice, would effectively merge with the body. As a piece of nanotech, it would link up with the wireless network (the 5G-driven IoT or Internet of Things) & it would both transmit information about you & your body to authorities, as well as receive information. This article from Defense One was already reporting in March 2020 that the biosensor was on track to get FDA approval in early 2021, which is around the same time we have been told to expect the rollout of the COVID vaccine.  2-Part Hydrogel Biosensor Would Emit Various Signals -
The Defense One article outlines the properties & capacities of the hydrogel biosensor...To date, the injected biosensors have functioned for as long as 4 years. Smaller than a grain of rice, each biosensor is a flexible fiber about 5 mm long & half a millimeter wide, comprised of a porous scaffold that induces capillary & cellular ingrowth from surrounding tissue. The hydrogel is linked to light-emitting fluorescent molecules that continuously signal in proportion to the concentration of a body chemical, such as oxygen, glucose, or other biomolecule of interest...
We are hurtling headlong via 
The Synthetic Agenda towards a future of Transhumanism, where man is merged with machine to create Human 2.0. This modified human is planned to be made of synthetic metallic & plastic-like parts; the sales pitch is that we will be augmented & enhanced, however the truth is we will be destroying what makes us human.
Senior Citizen RX Abuse
As Empty As Eve, by Berton Roueche; 1st published in the New Yorker 9/9/1974; reprinted in The Medical Detectives, 1981 - “There weren’t just gaps in my memory. There were oceans & oceans of blankness. Yet there seemed to be kind of a pattern.  My childhood recollections were as strong as ever. The fog of amnesia increased as I came forward in time.  The events of the past several years were the blurriest & the blankest. Another area that didn’t seem to be affected was ingrained habits: repetitive acts & procedures. I mean, I hadn’t lost my command of the English language.
I still knew the multiplication tables…But worst of all my problems was that I couldn’t seem to retain.
I couldn’t hang on to my relearning. Or only a part of it.  The rest kept sliding away again.” 
Electroconvulsive Therapy and Memory Loss: A Personal Journey, by Anne Donahue; The Journal of ECT, June 2000.
 “My long-term memory deficits far exceed anything my doctors anticipated, I was advised about, or that are validated by research.
To the contrary, either I am 1 in a thousand, a complete anomaly, to be able to document memory loss still remaining after 3 years & extending as far back as occurrences 8-9 years ago, or the profession in general, after all these years of treatment with ECT, has still failed to identify & come to terms with the true potential risks.” 
Anne has pioneered legislature in Vermont where one needs to sign informed-consent paperwork before receiving ECT.
Informed consent includes a more candid video for prospective ECT patients.  Evidence for permanent memory & cognitive impairment is found in the neuropsychological evaluations (standardized batteries of tests for brain damage, taking place over two or more days) obtained by individual survivors at their own expense; many of these are collected in the archives of the Food & Drug Administration, Docket #82P-0316.  
FRONTLINE: video: watch full programs online | PBS
 Old And Overmedicated: The Real Drug Problem In Nursing Homes  12/8/2014 -
"Way too many residents of U.S. nursing homes are on antipsychotic drugs, critics say.
It's often just for the convenience of the staff, to sedate patients agitated by dementia.
That's illegal.
This Nursing Home Calms Troubling Behavior Without Risky Drugs 12/9/2014 -

The staff's goal was to reduce the prescription of antipsychotic drugs by 20%.
In the first year, they cut use by 97%. How?
By addressing the real reasons for agitation and aggression.
Nursing Homes Rarely Penalized For Oversedating Patients - 12/9/2014 -

An NPR probe finds many nursing homes are still prescribing schizophrenia drugs to calm dementia patients, despite FDA warnings, but only 2% of excessive-medication cases result in penalties. 
- source: Shots - Health News
The Marketing of Madness free DVD - "Safeguard oneself & others from the dangers of psychotropic drugs."
Published case studies of negative side effects of ECT (electric shock treatment) for depression. Cached
Individual case study is an important and necessary method of collecting evidence. 
It allows the nature and extent of amnesia, memory disability & memory loss to be described in detail impossible to obtain in-group studies. Consistency in individual case studies illustrates that
ECTs permanent effects have not changed over the years.
Matthews & Associates – Houston, Texas -
The person injured by a (brand name) drug has recourse to sue the drug maker. The same cannot be said for generic drugs…Welcome to 1984. War is Peace. Love is Hate. Corporations are People (with rights that real people no longer enjoy)…Generic drugs are NOT equivalent...not identical to the brand-name drugs they attempt to copy…
(There is also) the risk that patients may receive different generics each time they fill their prescription (which) changes (their) response to the drug."
Psychiatric Drugging of Children
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Medicating Kids - -
PBS/Frontline TV broadcast - + broadcast preview
"Al is a psychiatric survivor, psychologist, author & expert on the resilience of the human spirit."  
"Jay a survivor of forced electroshock who spent 10 years in the mental health system...
He founded Mental Health Consumer Concerns & the California Network of Mental Health Clients."
"Psychiatrist & author of Talking Back to Ritalin, (Peter) Breggin founded the nonprofit Center for the Study of Psychiatry & Psychology. He has been a vocal opponent of the ADHD diagnosis. 
He strongly opposes prescribing psychiatric medications to children."
My profession has pandered to the guilt of parents by saying, "We'll relieve you of guilt.
We'll tell you your child has a brain disease, & that the problem can be treated by a drug...
There's actually a great deal of evidence for a conspiratorial relationship.
According to international law, you cannot directly promote a highly addictive Schedule II drug to the public.
Ritalin is in Schedule II along with amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine & morphine.
You're not allowed to put ads in the newspaper for that.
You're not allowed, according to international conventions, to directly promote to the public.
What Ciba-Geigy, now a division of Novartis, has done is to fund a parents' group, CHADD & the group has then gone and promoted Ritalin to the public. So that's 1 potential aspect to the situation...
One of the big differences in what Ciba-Geigy is doing, say, compared to a drug company who might give money for a diabetes drug to the AMA, is that Ritalin is a Schedule II, a highly addictive drug.
There are special controls put upon it by the US government.
CHADD has lobbied the US government to try to get Ritalin taken out of Schedule II.
hey couldn't do anything more valuable for the drug company & more dangerous to the public, than that.
Fortunately, they failed & failed in part because of our disclosures...about CHADD having so much money from the drug companies...
Even before Prozac was approved by the FDA, the drug company was sponsoring seminars for doctors throughout the country on the biochemical basis of depression, mentioning over & over again serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that's affected by Prozac.
They didn't happen to mention that there may be 200 neurotransmitters in the brain & that connecting any one to depression is absolutely foolish speculation. The brain is an integrated organ, with probably thousands of substances participating in its function. To label 1, serotonin, which is, in fact, a widespread neuro-transmitter that goes to every single lobe of the brain & affects everything from memory to coordination to cardio-vascular function. 
Imagine that that 1 happens to be the 1 that's out of balance, because Eli Lilly is selling Prozac...
Now they run into problems. Because the next drug that comes along affects a different neurotransmitter. 
Then the next one affects a different neurotransmitter. 
They're all working, because they all cause certain disabilities of the brain that some people experience as an improvement.
They either can anaesthe  tize your feelings, or they give you an artificial high, or simply give you an enormous placebo boost."  "ADHD doesn't even involve emotional suffering on the part of the child.
There is nothing in the diagnosis that says the child is distressed. It's all about distressing behaviors.
It's a list of behaviors that distress adults."
@ @
FRONTLINE: video: watch full programs online | PBS
Sanders, Lisa  8/13/2009  Meet Lisa Sanders, The Doctor Behind 'House' book Every Patient Tells a Story 
Introduction: Every Patient's Nightmare  Doctors need to be taught to both observe & to listen to patient. audio
Shock Therapy Revisited 10/18/2005  In 1940 psychiatrists recognized that electricity aimed at the brain could cause mood shifts, but also induce seizures & permanent memory loss. 
Now often very expensive, invasive brain & chest surgery to produce milder electrical stimulation is being attempted with Deep Brain Stimulation, Magnetic Seizure Therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation & Vagus Nerve Stimulation (which may cause hemorrhage, stroke, twitching + may require further brain & chest surgery).
"Single-Payer" government-run health care systems as practiced in Ontario, Canada
can be horrendous per Stuart Browning's film  A Short course in Brain Surgery regarding Lindsay McCreith's medical care for cancerous brain tumors.  SSRI Stories - Antidepressant Nightmares
The Medicated Child - PBS - Frontline - 1/8/2008 -
FRONTLINE: the medicated child: watch the full program | PBS -
FRONTLINE: the medicated child: dvd + transcript | PBS
FRONTLINE: video: watch full programs online | PBS
 The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER - 9/8/2013 -
USA and many nations treat patients subjectively, not knowing the root cause, thus not treating the root cause, thus profiting personally & often abusing/harming the patient. 
[Physical health problems can be treated medically (&/or often nutritionally), spiritual problems spiritually & behavior issues often via mind/emotions/brain retraining, (not brainwashing).  Because demons do exist & many scientific/ medical establishments do not recognize invisible supernatural entities including demons to be a part of their world view, the pharmaceutical & medical industry often contend that they alone can diagnose/label/help/cure/remediate/ prescribe/institutionalize.]
Foreign organ transplants can be both an ethical & medical problem.  China uses its prison population to provide organs for transplants.  In China there is only a 30 day wait, compared to years in other countries. 
Until now Israel allowed its citizens to have the the health insurer foot the overseas transplant bill. 
A number of high risk patients have died on the Chinese operating table. 
China Reconsiders Fairness of Transplant Tourism
Vaccine Alerts
Angell, Dr. Marcia - 2005 editorial -
Vaccines-Are They Really Safe & Effective? 
Autism & Alzheimer’s - - 3/28/2013 - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell -
What Chem-trails Are Doing To Your Brain
- aluminum n vaccines warning + chem (aluminum) trails (from airplanes) -
Toxic “GRAPHENE OXIDE”, will need to be revealed in documents submitted to the FDA in just 2 weeks in mid-September – 
Kingston also reveals a timeline of legislation in 2016 where congress undermined the Nuremberg code by removing critical elements of “informed consent”.  Among the changes was the removal of the formerly required animal trial testing phase, replaced with direct testing on humans as the new normal in vaccine safety testing.  
Direct testing on Humans has now replaced animal trials as mankind has become the new guinea pigs as they were in Nazi Germany. These changes are (probably) responsible for the toxic mRNA injections reputed as the most lethal & damaging vaccines in US history as reported by the CDC’s VAERS system."
(Emergency use continued for vaccines.  FDA approval for 2022.)
Fetal cell lines @
Fetal cell Lines @ - (CAUTION: Mention of "may not" does NOT mean "does not".)
Childhood Vaccines by Eli Lilly may contain preservative thimerosol (6/5/2003 Wall St Journal)

COVID Vaccines - - 2/16/2021 BEWARE! The Highly Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Contains Untested Synthetic mRNA + “COVID-19 jab is not a vaccine; it’s a cellular modification technology that causes a self-creating auto-immune disease similar to AIDS” (Video) +  The COVID-19 VACCINE Is A Slow-Motion Genocidal Bioweapon … that Forever Alters the Genetic Blueprint and Damages the Immune System Producing an AIDS-like Covid Syndrome.

I can decide. -  @ 3/2019 @ Coercion invalidates informed consent.2 + 5. CDC’s Childhood Vaccine Schedule Was Created by Pharma Insiders + 6. HHS Fails to Perform Basic Vaccine Safety Requirements.
After eliminating the market forces that assured vaccine safety, Congress made HHS directly responsible for vaccine safety pursuant to a section of the 1986 Act entitled the “Mandate for safer childhood vaccines.”13
As HHS recently conceded in federal court, it has not performed even the basic requirements of this section, such as submitting reports to Congress on how HHS has improved vaccine safety.14 + 12.
Autism. Autism is the most controversial of the claimed vaccine injuries & the 1 HHS and CDC declare they have thoroughly studied. Most parents with autistic children claim vaccines (including DTaP, Hep B, Hib, PCV13, & IPV, each injected 3 times by 6 months) are a cause of their child’s autism.24 
The CDC tells these parents that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.”25
However, there is no science to support this claim for almost all vaccines.
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Lanctot, Dr. Ghislaine - The Medical Mafia PDF - Love Publications, UK -
"The so-called sanitary method is in reality a system of infirmity.  A medicine of infirmity is practiced, not 1 of health, a medicine that only acknowledges the existence of the spirit, the mind, nor the emotions  besides, it only treats the symptom & not the cause of the problem.  It's about a system, which keeps the patient in ignorance & dependency & who is stimulated to consume pharmaceutical products of every sort." -
Page 26 shares that we have the opportunity to choose the lies of a vibrating disease or vote with the human spirit
(who teams up with either the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit).
Lanctot, Dr. Ghislaine - Radio -
Lanctot, Dr. Ghislaine - 8/18/2009 - -
"I was revealing the ineffectiveness & dangers of vaccination...
The Medical Board’s reaction was immediate & strong. Its leaders demanded that I resign as a physician. 
I answered that I would do so as long as they could prove that what I had written was false. The Medical Board replied with a call for my expulsion...I realized that, for the health establishment, the subject of vaccination was taboo. Unknowingly, I had opened a Pandora’s box. I discovered that, despite official claims, vaccines have nothing to do with public health. Underneath the governmental stamp of approval, there are deep military, political & industrial interests... A(H1N1) pandemic is concocted & orchestrated by the WHO (World Health Organization) & serves the same military, political & industrial interests as those of 1976... Consequences may spread...
- Compulsory inoculation of vaccines containing a deadly virus
- Massive & targeted reduction of the world population
- Through vaccines, possible introduction of tiny microchips for mind control
- Establishment of martial law & police state
- Activation of the concentration camps built to accommodate the rebellious
- Transfer of power from all nations to a single United Nations government
- Fulfillment of the NWO (New World Order)...
(CAUTION - Her subsequent research has led her into NON Judeo-Christian ideology.)
Lanctot, Dr. Ghislaine -
stream/TheMedicalMafia/TheMedicalMafia_djvu.txt - full text -
Lanctot, Dr. Ghislaine - vaccination editorial 8/18/2011 -
Martin, Dr. David +  Mikovits, Dr. Judy @ Plandemic ( 6/2021 -
Mercola -
Mercola -
12/17/2015 Thursday, Andrew Wommack alerts those who are not aware, that many mental institutions & psychiatric oversight providers contend & treat patient with importunity, labeling 1 of the causes and/or symptoms of the client's disease as religion. @
Neil Z Miller a medical research journalist expounds.
MMR - - 1/29/2015 - "When we dug into the questions that would be potentially covered, I was told that I could not mention the name 'Merck' in my answers else it would probably be edited out. Merck, you may already know, is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the MMR vaccine.
Merck is currently embroiled in 2 lawsuits for fraud for falsification of data regarding the effectiveness & safety of its vaccines. 1 of these lawsuits has been brought against it by 2 of its own scientists, incredibly brave whistleblowers to whom we should all be grateful.
A judge recently refused to throw out the lawsuits as the evidence is strong against Merck for conscious & premeditated wrongdoing (source)...Non vaccinated children rarely fall anywhere on the spectrum while 1 in every 26 vaccinated children are on the spectrum today in the state of New Jersey (it was 1 in every 150 nationally only 15 years ago!)." 
(Thus one would NOT want to vaccinate PRIOR to mandated school entrance requirements & would want to consider opting out whenever that option is available.  Parents need to be proactive & join together. 
Solo parenting could be treacherous without like minded teamwork & a spiritual umbrella.) 27th from bottom - 5/15/2021 -
& Kennedy share at student level how mRNA protein outwits our own DNA to adversely affect both this and future generations.  22nd from bottom Del Bigtree verifies aborted fetus are used. 
28th from bottom Dr.TenPenny shares that non-listed ingredients small enouth to be unlisted (as is done in food industry) are also included, (such as flourescent hydrogel, to enable potential 5G technology tracing/tracking).
Vaccine Truth - + 
A...long-term complication of vaccination involves the '1 cell-1 antibody' rule. 
This means that once a B cell is committed to an antigen (disease-causing virus or bacteria), it becomes inert & incapable of responding to other antigens or attacks on the immune system.
If a child contracts childhood diseases naturally, it is estimated that up to a total of 7% of their immune system is taken up with responding to these diseases. However, a child who undergoes the routine course of vaccinations, risks having up to 70% of his/her immune system committed to these antigens & no longer available for other immune challenges...meaning the immune system is always in 'attack' mode, which also weakens it & leads to auto-immune diseases.
The Vaccine War 4/24/2010 @ @
FRONTLINE: video: watch full programs online | PBS
Vaxxed film - - "Thompson blew the whistle in 2014, when he responded to a Freedom of Information request submitted by Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist. Dr. Thompson is prepared to testify about these actions publicly at congressional hearings. When that comes to pass, the entire edifice collapses and the agency’s leadership, its scientists & CDC vaccination schedule – all go up in smoke...
The transcripts of the 4 recorded conversations between Dr. Thompson & Dr. Brian Hooker were published in a book in 2015; Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC, by attorney Kevin Barry who, like Dr. Hooker, is the father of a child with autism. The transcripts reveal that CDC hides a plethora of instances of corrupted science upon which CDC had made false claims about the safety of vaccines & CDC’s aggressive vaccination schedule.
In his preface to the book, Dr. Boyd E. Haley, a professor of chemistry who has testified at past Institute of Medicine (IOM) meetings on Thimerosal toxicity, urges every pediatrician in the country to read the transcripts & encourages an immediate investigation by Congress
Make no mistake about the significance of Dr. Thompson’s documentation. 
This is the equivalent of WikiLeaks in public health.
The film challenges CDC’s proclamation that vaccines are 'safe & effective'. CDC concealed the evidence that babies (boys more so than girls) are at increased risk of autism if vaccinated with the MMR vaccine prior to age 3. CDC concealed its own scientific evidence that the increased risk of autism for African American baby boys who are subjected to the MMR vaccine prior to age 3 is 350%...Robert Kennedy Jr. stated, 'All of the barriers that are meant to protect our children: the government, lawyers, regulatory agencies & press, the checks & balances in our democratic system that are supposed to stand between corporate power & our little children have been removed...
There’s only 1 barrier left & that’s the parents...We need to keep them in the equation.'"
Vaxxed - 5/10/2016 "on ‪#‎JoniTableTalk‬, the filmmakers behind the controversial documentary, 'Vaxxed,' join the table to discuss the link between early childhood vaccinations & Autism."
MMR vaccine - CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to Compound CDC’s Crimes more insight re Vaxxed film -
Also, regarding flu vaccine, "we may have a new effect: the 'born-with-it' effect.
Thompson says of the flu shot, 'I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women, like that’s the last person I would give mercury to... I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics.'”
The CDC Conspiracy re MMR vaccine - Trevor Butterworth - 1/2015
Right to Waive Laws - - there is a distinction between public & private conduct & that informed citizens have the right to waive the protection of the public health laws, esp re raw milk sale/consumption.
Spread the Word -
Thompson blew the whistle in 2014, when he responded to a Freedom of Information request submitted by Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist. Dr. Thompson is prepared to testify about these actions publicly at congressional hearings.
When that comes to pass, the entire edifice collapses & agency’s leadership, its scientists & the CDC vaccination schedule, all go up in smoke.
"Really, genetic engineering is just another excuse to avoid good nutrition and it’s another way of further monopolizing the industry against the farmer, against the consumer & of course it perpetuates an increasing use of pesticides & more use of medications.  We have more illness, more allergies, etc...documented in the medical literature. So we have to understand that all genetic engineering is doing is throwing a monkey wrench into the body’s software program, and that software program then is forever defective...A computer virus - absolutely.
Literally that’s exactly what (result) they are creating with genetic engineering. 
They attach a virus to the gene because that virus acts as an activator component, but then they have to add an antibiotic-resistant marker so that they can tell whether or not that gene was successfully inserted, so we automatically end up with things like antibiotic resistance throughout the entire food chain."
Genetically Engineered Foods: Are they safe?  You decide. 
Laura & Robin Ticciati share the generational dangers, often invisible. 
Howard Gordon, producer of X-Files says that this booklet is scarier than anything on the X-Files!
Genetically Engineered Food - Changing the Nature of Nature - Teitel, Martin @ & Wilson, Kimberly - Genetically engineered food is NOT engineered, but rather an unscientific alteration of food crossing species, doing harm not good. Unlabeled genetically altered food and food ingredients are being secretly slipped into our daily diet (groceries/ restaurants). 
Currently the safest way to protect oneself is to (1) say grace before eating & (2) eat organic that is local & in season.
8/2006 editorials 
Is Your Doctor Keeping Secrets? 2012 @
WanHo, Mae
excellent -  The Case for a GM-Free, Sustainable World - 
5/9/2007 Subtitle Toxic Dyes and Preservatives Are Often Key Ingredients -
Where poverty & lack of refrigeration abound, formaldehyde is a magic food preservative & industrial Sudan Red dye is an added color ingredient to boost appeal of drinks & egg yolks.
1/4/2008  Cloned Livestock Poised to Receive FDA Clearance  - Whole Foods Market Inc notes, "The lack of...governmental oversight & (mandatory) tracking could mean consumers will lose the ability to choose clone-free products...
There is no mandatory tracking system in place for products from clones or their progeny."
Teitel and Kimberly  Genetically Engineered Food - Changing the Nature of Nature
Individuals can be rendered immune from tetracycline drugs used to treat diseases such as malaria due to commercial seed treatment with tetracycline prior to sale to farmers.  This soaking is done to prevent germination of all seeds produced from planted seed. 
Grapefruit can double or triple some meds (antiseizure, antidepressants, calcium-channel blockers, cholesterol-lowering satin) due to it's containing a group of chemicals called furano-coumarins. 
5/2006 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition per 5/23/2006 
(note - This can be good for those wishing to increase drug efficiency, reduce/titer down drugs, &/or reduce drug side effects)
Herbs - 12/30/2010
Legislative Actions pending or taken in USA
Lithium -
Generic Lithium may not be as effective as brand name Lithium. 
Also be aware that low dose lithium is available over the counter (OTC) as a supplement/vitamin.
Suramin -COVID Vaccine Antidote? Pine Needle Tea Inhibits RNA Replication ( - edited -5/13/2021 - Suramin is a drug used as medicine for conditions such as African sleeping sickness & river blindness. It has been know to the medical profession for 100 years. Recently a small randomized clinical trial conducted at the University of California San Diego found that a single intravenous dose of suramin produced dramatic improvement of core symptoms of autism, aka autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Suramin is yet another pharmaceutical drug which is an extract of a natural substance: pine needles." Trypan blue - Wikipedia + Toluene - Wikipedia -

Suramin is Derived from Trypan Blue - -
Trypan blue is derived from toluidine, that is, any of several isomeric bases, C14H16N2, derived from toluene.
Trypan blue is so-called because it can kill trypanosomes, the parasites that cause sleeping sickness.
An analog of trypan blue, suramin, is used pharmacologically against trypanosomiasis.
Trypan blue is also known as diamine blue & Niagara blue…
Trypan red & trypan blue were 1st synthesized by the German scientist Paul Ehrlich in 1904." 
Trypan Blue is a derivative of toluene which is a derivative of pine oil. - -
The compound was 1st isolated in 1837 through a distillation of pine oil by the Polish chemist Filip Walter, who named it rétinnaphte.”
Good news (for once)! There's an ANTIDOTE for the current "vaccine/spike protein contagion, and it's readily available - - List archives - - 4/27/2021 - There is a direct relationship between Suramin (the isolated extract), pine needle tea (a hot water extract of the pine, fir, cedar, & spruce needles), & pine oil (which is derived from the needles though an essential oil steam distillation process). All 3 are derived from the properties of the conifer needle....Suramin further decreases the activities of a large number of enzymes involved in DNA & RNA synthesis & modification: DNA polymerases (103, 104), RNA polymerases (103, 105, 106), reverse transcriptase (18, 103), telomerase (67), & enzymes involved in winding/ unwinding of DNA (107, 108) are inhibited by suramin, as well as histone & chromatin-modifying enzymes like chromobox proteins (109), methyltransferases (110), & sirtuin histone deacetylases (111)...
This is medical-speak for inhibiting the inappropriate replication & modification of RNA & DNA
[Consider using vaporizers & consuming hot teas (utilizing conifer needles) esp. after any mRNA vaccine.]

Chinese Dr Hu Weimin - Innovative Doctor Brutally Assaulted for sharing alternative methods of healing that are not dependent on the purchase of prescription medications costing lots of money - 7/2007 
Genetic Engineering section in the Germs for Life chapter of The Secret Life of Germs
by Philip M Tierno warns us that the cows are already out of the barn. 
Genetic engineering began in 1971 with the Israeli break down of crude oil by bacteria.
As of 2001 a 4th of US plants are genetically engineered, including 50% of soybeans & cotton plus a 3rd of corn.
So far sheep, mice & pigs have been cloned.  However, clones are prone to be an unstable, defective representation.
SUICIDE warning to be posted on all 32 anti-depressant drugs sold in USA per 10/16/2004
A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives & Poisons in Your Food author Ruth Winter -
Crown Publishers -
Block, Dr Mary Ann  No More ADHD - No More Ritalin  Autobiography. Excellent read. 
Great forward of  So Johnny's on Ritalin by Dr Fred Baughman
+ superior chapters Step 1, Understand the Medical System and Step 9, Stand Up for Your Child
Block, Dr Mary Ann  No More Antibiotics  The Block Center, Hurst, Texas, USA
Bleach (alone) OR hydrogen peroxide (alone) - (Do NOT mix.) - will kill many tenacious hospital pathogens.
Chinese medicine, transplant organs, herbs, or over the counter medications like cough syrups can be problematic at the least to lethal at the most.  5/6/2007 - From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine
Codex Standard  -  
1 -
The international food irradiation symbol is optional, but when it is used, it shall be in close proximity to the name of the food.
2 - When an irradiated product is used as an ingredient in another food, this shall be so declared in the list of ingredients.
3 - When a single ingredient product is prepared from a raw material which has been irradiated, the label of the product shall contain a statement indicating the treatment.
The United States does not require labeling of irradiated ingredients regardless of their proportion in other foods (in the U. S.).
Several countries, including Argentina, Canada, Israel & Thailand, require labeling when irradiated ingredients exceed certain proportion in other food ( 5% or 10%, for example). Australia and New Zealand & those belonging to the EU require labeling of every minute proportion of irradiated ingredients (essentially to the last molecule) in other foods.
There is NO proper guidance with regard to irradiated ingredients incorporated in 2nd or 3rd generation processed food (a classical example is irradiated pepper incorporated in sausages which are in turn incorporated into pizza).
There is a clear need to harmonize labeling on imported/exported food containing irradiated ingredients. +
Scholarly articles for joseph mendelson irradiation +
2acb is a toxic/harmful chemical resulting from irradiation. 
Day, Dr Lorraine - Drugs Never Cure Disease
Dean, Dr. Carolyn - Death by Medicine  paper 1st quarter 2006 review
Food irradiation -
Foster, Dr. Cynthia A -
Stop the Medicine - - autobiography - MD who cured herself naturally when doctors failed
The Informed Patient (Wall St Journal newspaper) e-mail
The Truth about the drug companies.  How they deceive us & what to do about it.
Gawande, Atul -
Complications, A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science -
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Mendelsohn, Dr Robert Confessions of a Medical Heretic - contends the medical profession is a religion.
Controlled Therapeutic Trials - Disadvantages and Advantages editorial 9/2004 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine  
Mendelsohn, Dr Robert - Mal(e) Practice about the harm of X rays
Medicine on Trial - Inlander, Levin & Weiner - Prentice Hall Press - 1988 unabridged expose of medical mistakes - from annals of medical & public health research. 
Chapter 4 Seeing Things has an excellent section on Mental Breakdown where doctors more often than not misdiagnose & thus mistreat medical problems which are incorrectly labeled psychiatric problems.
Thorazine (given to assumed schizophrenics) can cause permanent side effects like tremors & spasms. 
Neuroleptics given to depressed patients may cause/trigger suicide. 
Chapter 12 What Did He  Say?  What Did I Hear?  What Did We Do?  section on Faith reminds us that even though interns have been taught (brainwashed) that they (or at least medical science) represent gods (the last word), that in fact, they are not.
Mullins, Eustace  Murder by Injection
Over the Counter Medications (OTC) such as [Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Aspirin] taken long term (without protection with such as N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) supplementation) may deplete glutathione & result in liver failure, death.
Moore, Thomas - 12/14/2006
Deadly Medicine
Gary Null, C Dean, M Feldman, D Rasio - Death by Medicine editorial in 1st Qtr 2005 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Null, Gary - Death by Modern Medicine book + Condemned to Death by Medicine editorial cites research paper Death by Medicine condemning unnecessary meds & procedures which harm patients & Dr Lucian L Leape's 1994 Error in Medicine JAMA editorial. 
It cites Dr Martin Charcot (1825-1993) who removed the uterus (hystera) to eliminate female psychological imbalance.
His cure became the fix for mental instability.  Dr John Gofman discovered uranium - 233 & isolated plutonium. 
He contends that radiation from medical procedures (x-rays, CT scans, mammography, fluoroscopy) contribute to 75% of new cancers.  8/2006 editorials 
Is Your Doctor Keeping Secrets? 2012 @
Strand, Dr. Ray -
Death by Prescription - Inventor of Safer Automobile Destroyed by Federal Government due to deliberate delay of safety features of USA agencies. 8/2006 editorials 
Is Your Doctor Keeping Secrets? 2012 @
Ray Strand MD books Death by Prescription & What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You - 8/2004 Sid Roth radio -
 Should Doctors Train on Dying or Dead Patients? -
Criminal Mind - On Death Row - Fate of Mentally Ill Is Thorny Problem - Can States Execute Inmates Made Sane Only by Drugs?  Medical, Legal Quandry - A Test Case in Mr. Thompson 

Willow Bark: Nature's Aspirin - Healthline

 - -
Nov 17, 2014... For over 2,000 years, willow bark has been used in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties & is Mother Nature’s rival to aspirin. - 0000281
"Some of the more commonly known species are white willow/European willow (Salix alba), black willow/pussy willow (Salix nigra), crack willow (Salix fragilis), purple willow (Salix purpurea), & weeping willow (Salix babylonica).
Not all willow species accumulate a therapeutically sufficient amount of salicin.
In 1 study, the amount of salicin after 1 & 2 year growth in autumn & spring ranged from 0.08-12.6%.
The willow bark sold in Europe & the United States usually includes a combination of the bark from white, purple, & crack willows."
Other MEDICAL Problems
Biopure, a red blood substitute, made by Biopure Corp, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA may cause more side effects than if no blood had been administered at all.  Side effects may include adverse cardiac events, strokes, mini-strokes, hypertension, fluid in the lungs, cardiac arrest, &/or heart failure. 7/12/2006
2005 Collector's Edition
How Regulation Of Medicine Is Bankrupting The United States -
Coughs - - Dextro-meth-orphan (DMX, Robo, DM) is in a class of drugs known as dissociative anesthetics, similar to ketamine or PCP.  Many have psychedelic affects & can be fatal when mixed with other drugs.  DMX is one of the active ingredients in many cough suppression products sold over the counter (OTC) in brand names such as Robitussin, Sucrets, Contac & Vicks.
DMX tend to increase any existing mood.  Visual hallucinations, dizziness, staggering, & double vision are common.
Mind/body dissociation, vomiting, seizures, heart attack, stroke & irreversible brain damage may occur.
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Tyenol - - Acet-amino-phen is sold under the brand name Tylenol & is contained in 600 other drug products.  It is a painkiller that causes severe kidney toxicity & liver failure.
Overdose medical therapy is a vitamin = N-acetyl-cysteine taken in excess over a period of weeks. - Another OTC product is NyQuill which contains acet-amino-phen (a Tylenol like product) which may cause permanent liver damage & death.7/8/2004 Health
10/2011 - "Pharmaceutical companies have spent enormous dollars persuading the FDA to re-classify nutrients like pyridox-amine as prescription drugs so that they can monopolize them for their own economic benefit.36   If it were not for aggressive letter-writing campaigns to Congress by consumers, all dietary supplements would be expensive prescription drugs by now."
Medical Procedures May Serve Doctor Rather Than the Patient @
OTC cough/cold medicines are NOT recommended for infants/toddlers under age of 2 per USA Food and Drug Admin/ FDA  - 1/17/2008   
Extreme emotions, resurfacing of hurts, etc. can trigger psychiatric problems.
Check out movies to see if they are free from violence & sex?   1-800-311-4CCC
Veri-Chip, the size of a rice grain, is approved for implant into the arms of the public in USA & Mexico. 
It is now used by vets to track pets & livestock.  It contains a bar code to identify an individual.  The bar code then accesses a central computer bank containing all relevant medical & insurance info. Producer is Applied Digital Solutions Inc, Palm Beach, Florida, USA.  Radio waves are used.  Implant has a life of 20 years. 10/14/2004 - 
Scripture forbids Christians & Jews place identification marks on hand or forehead.
Warning - Cyberonics Inc neck implant to treat epilepsy by sending electrical signals along vagus nerve to control seizures may NOT be safe or appropriate to treat depression in patients who do not respond to antidepressant drugs. 5/12/2005 WSJ 
- Patients with implanted neurological devices should NOT use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) which may induce coma and permanent neurological impairment. Radio waves can heat implanted device and damage brain tissue.
5/12/2005 Wall St Journal  (Will not work & may harm patient if any implanted battery is too low or not working.)
Drugged Water @
Web Sites - Slowly get off meds, especially psychiatric meds. "Detoxification from psychiatric medications is a 3 step process that can usually be done concurrently. These 3 steps carried out by a qualified practitioner trained in psychiatric drug detoxification and neuroendocrine rebalancing will ensure minimal transitional discomfort & quality mental health."  (Green Body recommended doctors may not be licensed nor Judeo/Christian.)
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
potential DANGERS in alternative medicine
Amino acid arginine should not be taken by those with schizophrenia, herpes, or nursing infants per Balch & Balch in Prescription for Nutritional Healing   Foods high in arginine are carob, chocolate, coconut, dairy, gelatin, meat, oats, peanuts, soybeans, walnuts, white flour & wheat germ. 
Glutamate (GABA & glutamine) & aspartate are 2 of the most common brain neurotransmitters that can in excess overexcite & kill brain neurons per authors Baylock & Russell Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills & Eva Edelman Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and other Mental Disorders   (
Journal of Orthomolecular Med 2003
Overdose medical therapy is a vitamin = N-acetylcysteine taken in excess over a period of weeks.
Magic (sacred/psilocybin) Mushrooms act on the serotonin brain receptors to distort perception of reality and can trigger psychosis, paranoia, and anxiety. 7/11/2006 - Journal of Psychopharmacology editorial by Roland Griffiths, John Hopkins neuroscientist & his team in conjunction with The National Institute for Drug Abuse. 
The mushroom ingredient psilocybin is considered a schedule 1 substance in USA, putting it in the same class as heroin & LSD addictive drugs, although it is not considered addictive.  Ritalin, a methylphenidate, was used as the study control agent due to mood-changing effects and timing similar to psilocybin. 
Study excluded patients with family history of schizophrenia or psychosis.
Nanotech Risks +
Insights by Gunter Oberdorster =
NutraSweet /Equal /Spoonful/Aspartame is a (brain poison) NeuroToxin per H J Roberts MD, FL, USA
Also see Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch  1-561-832-2408  
Over the counter drugs (OTC) are often dangerous, namely: Aspirin, Zantac, Motrin or Iboprofen, Tylenol & Claritin. 
Salvia  leaven when smoked are hallucinogenic
Splenda (used as a sugar substitute) may cause mental disturbances
[Do NOT confuse Splenda with (very sweet low calorie) Stevia Reubaudiana herb from South America.]
When buying any sweetener always check ingredients on package label.
is NOT sugar and contains chlorine!  4/6/2007
Vitamin A - 2005 Collector's Edition  One can also overdose on vitamin A.
Brain Code - 8/2/2018
The 1050's Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain - US & Soviet Scientist 
Todd Callender: "Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS" - Seemorerocks 4/8/2022 - Video & edited summary
The whole point (of creating mandated mRNA vaccines) was to genetically modify people for purpose of having them produce these (patented self-replicating) synthetic proteins...
These (new) vaccines were designed to be contagious (to shed the spike protein) in the words of Bill Gates...
Everyone who has had the shot, whose cells have been converted to created spike proteins are the chattel holders of the intellectual property rights holder.  Todd Callender refers back to NASA & DARPA docs dating back to 2001 that talk about hybrid humans that they (patent holders) will own & operate.  
This is an extinction level event whereby these people are NO longer homo sapiens, so have NO human rights.
They (current mad scientists) have found their way round the law in the same way as experimenting with human mice.
People turn up at airports with fake vaccine passports, but authorities already know they are not vaccinated...
Todd Callender quotes a 1013 legal document from the US Supreme Court...which states: 'The court finds that use of mRNA in particular, creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genomes they create.'  
It means (most) everyone who got the shot
where mRNA converted their cells into producing spike proteins are now the chattel property of the patent holders."
Cook, Noran D - In The Brain Code, Mechanisms of Information Transfer & the Role of the Corpus Callosum - (Christians have the spiritual wherewithal to enlist their guardian angels & the Holy Spirit to block/scramble spying & mind/thought reading, in the name of Jesus. 
Actually this same attempt is done by some involved in the occult.  Here too, one can prevent/scramble this.)
Gottlieb, Sidney -  by Stephen Kinzer RADIO
, Sidney @
Gottlieb, Sidney -
Human traffickers kill Egyptian policeman on Israel border - African migrants attempting to infiltrate into Israel are forced to flee back into Egyptian territory. - - 1/24/2011 -
"Asylum seekers trying to reach Israel are often held captive by smugglers in Sinai & are subject to rape & torture, according to a recent report published by Physicians for Human Rights.
The United Nations Refugee Agency UNHCR claims that there are over 30,000 refugees & people trying to have their refugee status officially recognized in Israel at present."
(However, more & more, many of these refugee seekers are Muslim terrorists).
Looking for a Date via Internet? - For a $50.00 fee you can search an American's name to receive an entire dossier on that individual 1 day later - -
1 way to precheck a blind date or avoid marrying dating/marrying wrong person.
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Lieber Research Group ( Computers are often already in mRNA vaccinated people.
Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillip (5/17/1943 Nashville, NT) shares his insight into the USA secret technology
known as Trauma based mind control, known as MK-Ultra, regarding testimony of survivor Kathy O'Brien. 
1st part of transcript relates to himself as author.  [An aside, Maek notes that, for 1, "Through the tactile senses as the 'Achilles heel' of the human race, renders everyone vulnerable to becoming, on some level, a victim of mind control."  Chemical & electrical manipulation are consideered tempoary mind control methods.]
Becoming aware of Cathy O'Brien & daughter's victimization, he inquired of a General, "How do I save these 2 people?" 
Response: Phone mother "while handler is gone.  Use usual hang up code of dial & ring 2x, hang up, call back, ring once, hang up & call back.  Tell her you are God.  Give her a biblical passage. 
The (CIA slaves are) all Christian based programmed around here...Go to China & take them with you...
Cathy had gone inro a state od rocovery, known as FUSION...stopped switching personalities
& was no longer susceprivle to anyonr triggering her... She conrinued ro journal & professionaly judged stable...
The term Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is now clinically referred to by mental health professionals as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)."
Chapter 4 - (Psychiatric) "Patients I have interviewed who suffer from dissociative disorders frequently refer to the profession as 'mental hell,' & their well-intentioned provider as the rapist'...
Daughter Kelly Cox age 9.5 DSM Diagnosis:
AXIS I : Dissociative Disorder
AXIS II: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
AXIS III: Bronchial asthma
AXIS IV: Precipitating stress: Severe
AXIS V: Highest level of function: Fair
Cathy says, "Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind control,
I lost control over my own free will thoughts.  I could not think to question, reason, or consciously comprehend. 
I could only do exactly what I was driven to do. Those who controlled my mind, & ultimately my actions, claimed to be 'aliens, demons & gods', but it was my experience that these perpe-TRAITORS of New World Order controls were/are bound by earthly, human confines, despite their terror-tactic claims & illusions.
The same laws of nature & man do, indeed, apply to them. While they manipulated me by my religion, my maternal instincts, & my genuine concern for humanity, they never 'possessed' my innate being. They could NOT make me 1 of them. They never took into consideration the strength of the human spirit. They did not even know it existed."
Trance Formation of America - "My name is Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O'Brien, bom 12/4/1957 in Muskegon,
Michigan... This TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House 'Presidential Model' mind-control slave...
Adolph Hitler's version of world domination that he termed in 1939 the 'New World Order' is currently being implemented through advanced technologies in, among others, genetic mind-control engineering by those in control of America."
O'Brian, Cathy @
scanned excerpt
O'Brian, Cathy - Trance Documentary Movie @
Patience.  Short wait between intro & full movie.
O'Brian, Cathy @ ttps://
O'Brian, Cathy @ 2020 video + related links
Revivification @ utiizating/adapting some of hypnisis techniques
SQUID - includes "a list of excerpts from books & articles to demonstrate the level of brain mapping & reading today (1986).
(Quantum Interference Device) seems to be the basis of classified technology used to read brainwaves remotely.
Moral Ethical ADVOCACY
Barton, Dave - Psychiatry An Industry Of Death Full Length -
It is imperative to VOTE especially in alignment with holy scripture Voter Assistance @
Put G-D/ethics/morals back into government
Custody - Newswire: Parents Lose Custody Over Pot 8/19/11  New York
Susan Heitler Ph.D. - - Dr. Dobson RADIO interview - Focus on the Family
Kennedy, Robert Jr. - Great Resource for current issues
Mad in America - 8/2/2018 -
"Mad in America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to create a platform for rethinking psych care."
Jay Secular Live radio and TV  American Center for Law & Justice
Parsley, Rod - Center for Moral Clarity -
Perkins, Tony
Petralli, Genita - Family Research Council - Nutritional Biochemist  
Green Mental Health Care – Reclaiming Lives From Psychiatric Drugs
Green Mental Health Care – How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs (edited)
Psych patients think they are taking meds & that their condition is the best they can hope for, when neither is true.
They don’t recognize the fundamental truth that drugs (prescribed or pushed) injure the body & mind...
We live in an era of 'harvesting' & people are being harvested by psychiatry for future income.
The pharmaceutical companies that are making the laws that force their drugs into people now pave the way for psychiatry’s metho ds. Psychiatrists are being sent to grade & intermediate schools to evaluate our children. 
They are the 1st 'doctors' people being incarcerated see. Elderly in senior homes are being drugged to death
If you lose a loved one & are sad (tearful) you get drugged. 
If you get in a car accident you are drugged.  If you have anxiety about finals in college you get drugged. 
If you are going through a divorce you get drugged.  If you’re not good at math you get drugged. 
If you speak against the government you are (labeled as) crazy & drugged. 
Psych prescriptions skyrocket for those 65 & older.  Psych drugs are being pushed on television, in newspapers, magazines & through schools. The unholy alliance between Big Pharma & psychiatry ."
Prescription Without Pills - 10/27/2014 Editorial -
Chapter #1
Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More website
Power of Two Marriage, which teaches skills for marriage success.
Free worksheets + video examples:
Depression  Anger  Anxiety   Addictions   Well-Being   Relationships
Levitin - -
What is the prescription NNT?  "NNT stands for 'number needed to treat' & represents the number of people that is required to take a specific drug for a certain period of time before 1 person is helped by taking it...
uses statin drugs as a very familiar example. What do you think the NNT of the most heavily prescribed statin drug in America might be?  Would...every person taking the statin would be helped? After all, why would a doctor recommend a prescription for a statin unless he or she truly believed it would be of benefit?  How about an NNT...the most widely prescribed statin drug in the United States is a whopping 300. This means that 300 people would need to take the statin for a full year before a single adverse event (such as a heart attack) would be prevented.
This statistic has been verified by Dr. Levitin himself & independently confirmed by "  Locations in Malibu, CA and Costa Rica treating drug addiction & dual diagnosis
(psychiatric). (Uses/advocates some occultic modalities.)
Moral, Religious or Political Freedom ?
Barton, Dave - Progressively literature has been censored/cleansed of all spiritual content,
so that today many of America's judicial rulings are footnoted with recent rather than original texts,
allowing for God to be erased from laws/textbooks & public awareness.
Black History Month Special  - 2/2/2018 - America's Hidden History
President's Day - 2/9/2018 - America's Hidden History
Memorial Day - 5/28/2018 - America's Hidden History
Guests Michele Bachmann, David Barton, Keith Bu... - 2/5/2018 - Ken Copeland
Guests Michele Bachmann, David Barton, Keith Bu... - 2/6/2018 - Ken Copeland
Guests Michele Bachmann, David Barton and Keith... - 2/7/2018 - Ken Copeland
Guests Michele Bachmann, David Barton and Keith... - 2/8/2018 - Ken Copeland
Criminalization of Christianity - -
Manhattan Declaration -
Mind Control - CIA Mind Control Experiments - @ -
Continuation of Nazi experimentation on US military & mental patients, without their consent or knowledge.
Any consent would be not informed.
EUGENICS Project or sterilization - Unnatural Selection - 6/2012 - or
Controversy - -
To conquer a country and bring them under their philosophy is often done in different stages:
(1) Is to use military force   Most countries that are now under Islamic rule forcibly submitted to centuries ago.
(2) Is to take advantage of our freedom laws & policies on such things as birth control & abortion.
Muslims have produced and are producing many children so that eventually there will be more of them than us.
They are also claiming special religious rights & treatments that our government gives to minorities.   
(3) To use our democratic freedoms by getting involved in teaching, education, financial institutions, media & the political scene, which many Muslims are now pursuing.   
(4) To cause havoc and mayhem on innocent people, by terrorist activities.
The radicals are impatient & want to conquer quickly & moderates are happy to wait it out even if it takes many decades.
For their religion wants everyone to become Muslims & live under their religious law.
Find out how many countries are now controlled by Muslims, you will be surprised.
This is not to attack the Muslims, as everyone has some kind of agenda.
Our 2 political parties have agendas. We all believe in freedom, but it should work both ways in all countries.
Why should we welcome this religion here with open arms when we see what (evil) it has done in other countries?
Moncrief, Anita - Exposing Acorn & related socialist agenda USA politics - Part I + Part II
9/22/2010 - Sell to a Jew, lose your life - - 79  
"At the height of Nazi rule in Europe, selling property to Jews was a crime punishable by imprisonment or hard labor. The Palestinian Authority has taken that racist policy to new heights by imposing an automatic death sentence on any local Arab who sells property to a Jew.
A Palestinian court on Monday ruled in favor of an appeal by public prosecutor Ahmed al-Mughani requesting that anyone found guilty of selling land to a Jew automatically receive the death penalty.
Al-Mughani told the Associated Press that the previous interpretation of the law had been too lax.
The previous law had given Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas the power to choose whether Arabs who sold land to Jews would be executed or sentenced to life in prison. Abbas has not approved an execution since taking power in 2004, though a number of 'traitors' have been killed in acts of 'street justice' that went unpunished by the PA.
Apparently, far too many were willing to risk life in prison or take their chances with the vigilantes for al-Mughani’s taste.
That the Palestinians punish anyone who sells land to a Jew is completely ignored by the international media & the Western power brokers pretending to promote 'peaceful coexistence.' But when a local municipality or private citizens make it difficult for an Arab to buy a particular piece of property in Israel, an international outcry is raised." - Bill Carroll - Radio Talk Show Epitomizes American Naivety on Islamic Deceit - "Remember 1 of the 99 names of Allah is 'the great deceiver'. America must stop thinking like Americans when it comes to the threat of Islam but understand the thinking of Middle Easterners & Muslims.
Be as wise as a serpent but peaceful as a dove.  A women who marries a non Muslim based on the fundamental principles of Islam (
Sharia law) should be killed. Since Huma Abedin is a 'practicing Muslim' & her family are Muslim Brotherhood & Muslim Sisterhood operatives & players then why has she not been killed or ostracized for marrying a Jew?..
1. Anthony Weiner may have officially converted to being a Muslim, there is strong circumstantial evidence that this could be the case...
2. That she is just using Al Taqiyah and her marriage to Weiner to give her more cover to do the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the highest levels of our government."
UN - Ami Horowitz, Director, "UN Me" Documentary - UN Me trailer @ or 2009 -
Be aware of impotency and sometimes sabotage of UN against citizens.
UN - Michael Soussan - Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course i…  - -
humorous look at UN & its horrific moral/humanitarian/ethical problems
UN-Me movie -
Opt Out Options 2/27/2015 @ @
I can decide. -  @ 3/2019 @ Coercion invalidates informed consent.2+#5. CDC’s Childhood Vaccine Schedule Was Created by Pharma Insiders + #6. HHS Fails to Perform Basic Vaccine Safety Requirements.
After eliminating the market forces that assured vaccine safety, Congress made HHS directly responsible for vaccine safety pursuant to a section of the 1986 Act entitled Mandate for safer childhood vaccines.13 As HHS recently conceded in federal court, it has not (never) performed even the basic requirements of this section, such as submitting reports to Congress on how HHS has improved vaccine safety.14 + #12. Autism is the most controversial of the claimed vaccine injuries & the 1 HHS & CDC declare they have thoroughly studied. Most parents with autistic children claim vaccines (including DTaP, Hep B, Hib, PCV13 & IPV, each injected 3x by 6 months) are a cause of their child’s autism.24 The CDC tells these parents that, “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.”25 However, there is no (zero) science to support this claim (Pharmacia progaganda to both doctors and parents) for almost all vaccines (over 33 years).
Emergency or Pandemic

6. Can I refill clozapine without lab results? 4/14/2020 - In accordance with current practice, pharmacies may refill clozapine prescriptions if current lab results cannot be obtained in a timely manner provided that the pharmacist uses professional judgment after consulting the prescriber. Required lab results must be obtained as soon as possible & the pharmacist must document all pertinent details.  See the FDA guidance regarding REMS drug requirements during the COVID-19 emergency: 

Medical Agenda & Indoctrination
Martin, Dr. David +  Mikovits, Dr. Judy @ Plandemic ( 6/2021 -

How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent
6/14/2021 (edited excerpt) Parents, this might be the season to find & utilize an alternative MD & vaccine schedule. 
"Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician, who along with science writer Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., co-authored
The Vaccine-Friendly Plan (to avoid aluminum during early developmental growth stages)...

Paul Thomas
was born in Portland (Oregon, USA) in 1957.
In 1961, his family moved to a village in what was then the British territory of Rhodesia on the northern border of South Africa, where Zimbabwe exists today. They were the only white people living in the village. 
In 1964, a party came into power in Rhodesia that opposed transition to democratic rule, which would mean the end of rule by a white minority.
The regime implemented a policy of apartheid-like segregation & was never internationally recognized. 
In 1966, when it was discovered Thomas was attending the village school, he was removed to an all-white school, where he excelled in academics & sports & was eventually given the titular honor of 'Head Boy.' 
In 1968, the regime held a ceremony to lower the Union Jack & raise the new Rhodesian flag in its place.
At school, 11-year-old Thomas was expected to perform this ceremony in keeping with his duty as Head Boy.
Considering the new government to be an unlawful regime, he refused.
In 1973, at age 15, he was arrested for distributing educational materials the regime deemed 'revolutionary.' 
In 1974, Thomas returned to the U.S. & entered medical school, earning his M.D. at Dartmouth Medical School.
He moved back to Portland in 1988.  In 1993, joined a private group practice.
In 1986, he adopted his 1st child & today is the father of 9 children, 3 biological & 6 adopted. 
Thomas says his children were fully vaccinated. At the private group practice, he did things the way he was trained to.
'I come from a background of not being aware of vaccine risk,' Thomas explained.
'I come from a background of being very well trained that vaccines are safe & effective. I believed it.' 
He attributes his initial awakening to having read the study by Andrew Wakefield, published in The Lancet in 1998...
Wakefield did not join his co-author in appealing because the legal costs were not covered by his insurance carrier. 
Thomas credits Wakefield with awakening him to the possibility vaccines could cause long-term harms.
He began attending educational conferences & digging deeply into the medical literature.
Then he observed 4 of his own patients regress into autism after vaccinations, with 1 case per year starting in 2004. 
The 4th such case struck him hard. 'That was the last straw for me,' Thomas recalled.
'I just couldn’t go on with business as usual.' 
The experience led to what he described as his 'divorce' with the private group practice.
The other physicians there felt it would be unethical to do anything other than what they were told by the CDC.
Thomas felt it was unethical for him to continue the 'standard of care' practice of treating vaccination as a 1-size-fits-all solution.
Thomas left to open his own practice, Integrative Pediatrics, on the founding principles of providing individualized care & respecting his patients’ right to informed consent...'We started seeing that our less-vaccinated or unvaccinated children seemed to be healthier,' he said. 'I mean, it was palpable.  You could just tell'...
The Oregon Medical Board myopically focused on the policy goal of achieving high vaccine uptake in pediatric practices across the state, challenged Thomas to produce peer-reviewed evidence to support his approach to vaccinations. 
Presumably, the board assumed this would pose an insurmountable obstacle. Yet Thomas rose to the challenge & published the data indicating his unvaccinated patients were the healthiest children in his practice. 
The board, rather than taking this requested study into consideration, ignored the evidence & held an emergency meeting just days after the study’s publication during which board members opted to suspend Thomas’ license on the false pretext his approach to vaccination represented a threat to public health. 
To support that charge, the board accused Thomas of 'bullying' patients into accepting the alternative outlined in his book, Vaccine-Friendly Plan.  But this, too, is a demonstrably false pretext intended to obfuscate the true reason for suspending his license, which is that the board is intolerant of doctors approaching vaccination on the principles of individualized care & respect for the right to informed consent. 
Contrary to the board’s accusations, the health outcomes that Dr. Thomas has achieved with the children in his practice are enviable & should serve as a model for pediatricians across the country... His suspension was transparently intended to send the message to other pediatricians that if they practice informed consent, they, too, will risk having their license suspended.
The message is that pediatricians must bully parents into vaccinating according to the CDC’s schedule or risk their medical career...

Dr. Paul Thomas. Click here to read the full story. 4 kids/grandkids (edited excerpt)
"If you have autism in the family, a history of autoimmune disorders, or an MTHFR mutation:
delay vaccines
until at least age 5, or never.
Discuss with provider & know risks (& benefits) of not vaccinating (esp. pre-school & school years).
Pregnancy: NO vaccines (No Tdap, No flu shot) Birth: No Hep B 2 months: Hib, DTaP (No Hep B, Rotavirus, IPV) 3 months: Prevnar 4 months: Hib, DTaP (No Rotavirus, IPV) 5 months: Prevnar 6 months: Hib, DTaP (No Hep B, Rotavirus, IPV) 7–9 months: Prevnar 1 year: Hib, Prevnar (No MMR, Hep A, Varicella) 18 months: DTaP 2 years (No Hep A) 3 years: Consider MMR (always give MMR by itself) 4-6 years: DTaP, (consider Varicella, IPV) 10 years: Tdap (boost every 5–10 years) INTEGRATIVE PEDIATRICS 5.2.17 2 11 years: Menveo or Menactra (meningococcal), Varicella 12-14 years: Hepatitis B (3 dose series) 16–18 Years: Menveo or Menactra & consider meningococcal B, Hepatitis A."
(One can take advantage of all available medical/religious expemptions.  Know dangers of synthetic mRNA vaccinations.)