Medical Doctors and Resources for Homeless Women


(CHIP) Comprehensive Homelessness Intervention Program for Boston, Massachusetts, USA female community reentry from incarceration.  May include  case management and mental health services.
Computer Instruction, Community  Learning Center, Cambridge, MA, USA 1-617-349-6363 FREE    for residents of Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont
Dental Randolph, Massachusetts, USA (for men, too)  About Dr. Anthony Olatunji
Dr Leslie Smith's autobiography Dr in Waiting  2/01
Daytime resources, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Rosie's Place, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Up to 3 month's TLC including housing, 2 meals, counseling, and medical attention for homeless women and their young children
The Department runs the only psychiatric intensive care course in England.  Page 51shares that Frontline is a London Personality Disorder e-based interactive web-based multimedia learning tool for staff/students of St George's Hospital Medical School and St Mungo's mental health charity working with homeless mentally ill.
Transition Network insurance for retired women.  Members can obtain a Health Care Portfolio that may enable friends to help out in a health crisis.
Women of Means Inc, Boston Doctors, Massachusetts, USA 
$26.00 Phone directory of homeless resources in Massachusetts, USA  Judith Perry 1-781-239-0290


Mercy Ministries for Women
Norvel Hayes Ministries
New Life Maternity Home, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA Home is for unwed mothers who want to keep their babies.  Home is the result of  Norvel Hayes' vision from the Lord.