Medical Doctors and Resources for Homeless Women


(CHIP) Comprehensive Homelessness Intervention Program for Boston, Massachusetts, USA female community reentry from incarceration.  May include case management & mental health services.
Computer Instruction, Community Learning Center, Cambridge, MA, USA
1-617-349-6363 FREE for residents of Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont
Dental Randolph, Massachusetts, USA (for men, too)  About Dr. Anthony Olatunji
Dr Leslie Smith's autobiography Dr in Waiting  2/01
Daytime resources, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Rosie's Place, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Up to 3 month's TLC including housing, 2 meals, counseling, & medical attention for homeless women & their young children
The Department runs the only psychiatric intensive care course in England.  Page 51shares that Frontline is a London Personality Disorder e-based interactive web-based multimedia learning tool for staff/students of St George's Hospital Medical School & St Mungo's mental health charity working with homeless mentally ill.
Transition Network insurance for retired women.  Members can obtain a Health Care Portfolio that may enable friends to help out in a health crisis.
Women of Means Inc, Boston Doctors, Massachusetts, USA 
$26.00 Phone directory of homeless resources in Massachusetts, USA  Judith Perry 1-781-239-0290


Mercy Ministries for Women
Norvel Hayes Ministries - New Life Maternity Home, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA Home is for unwed mothers who want to keep their babies.  Home is the result of  Norvel Hayes' vision from the Lord.