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Gut Diet & Health @ - -2023-01-29 - Excellent resource, except omit the occult modalities cited (such practices as martial arts, yoga, reiki message, etc. having demonic origins).
Hammel, John - Testimony - -
International Advocates of Health Freedom - President cured of schizophrenia "I am forever grateful to John Hammel, President of International Advocates of Health Freedom, located in
Virginia, (formerly) (now ) for sharing his experience with an internet group I belong to.
John cured himself of schizophrenia with (deceased) Dr.
Hofferís (vitamin B3) method after 4 years in a mental hospital." - "Hammell's drive to create IAHF was spurred by his personal recovery from a life threatening illness in 1981 via orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode. His personal story of recovery has been downloaded thousands of times by people world wide & has helped many to escape the ravages of so called "mental" illness.
Hammell points out Dr.Candace Pert's monumental discovery that the brain is interconnected with all organ systems in the body via chemical messengers called PEPTIDES such that there is no such THING as 'mental' illness. 
The whole person must be treated, & only non toxic nutrients can bring about genuine healing at the cellular level.

Hammell created IAHF so that others can have the same chance he had to heal, & so that none of us ever lose access to healing nutrients which he believes are gifts to us...(Bottom line:)
Zinc, Manganese, & vitamin C all help to lower a copper burden. The amino acids l-tyrosine, & l-tryptophan boost norepeniphrine & dopamine levels respectively, also helping to alleviate depression."
NO Codex -
Optimal Life Center - Father and son cured of schizophrenia - Cooke, Graham -
Approaching the Heart of Prophecy
- Superior - Mentors us how to hear God's voice.
LISTEN: Prophetic Evangelism Radio - 4/9-13/2007 - Real Play  M Tu W Th F Windows Media Play  M Tu W Th F
The Safe Harbor Project - Los Angeles, California, USA -

Ride with Pride Inc - - Horse Therapy Volunteer - "Help special needs riders with their lessons by leading a horse or side-walking and assisting with the tasks of the lesson. Please contact Ruth Davis at 508.791.2494 or Chris Mahan at 508.886.2002." Rutland, Massachusetts, USA




Senior citizen flight discounts - 1-800-435-9792 - UpToDate Inc. is working with MD's worldwide.
Conventional Counseling
COMMENTARY: Although secular or even pastoral counseling may be initially good/beneficial, long term it often backfires, becoming a curse.  Why is this?
Consistently repeating one's woes/negatives/injuries is watering/feeding/growing/ empowering/reproducing any harm. 
God creates via speech.  Satan knows many of God's methods & perverts them for his own purpose. 

Speech is one of the most important ways to create for better or worse.  If we have cancer, often we can reverse & cancel it by our speech.  The same applies to any disease or psychiatric issue. 
Again, although immediate miracles do occur, often these healings take consistent repeated healthy/healing declarations, especially scriptural, with the same regime/method/tenacity that one would take his daily medication.

Another reminder is that the atmosphere needs to be positive 24/7. 
Therefore holy music such as hymns played at home/office, in vehicle, etc. contribute to one's healing.

3rd, continual repetition of accusations/complaints can cancel/void one's good confession/prayer.
Father God, in Jesus' name we repent and enlist Your Holy Spirit & angels to assist us regarding all counseling/insight/speech/healing/health.  Thanks.  Amen.


Masters, Roy - - Secrets of a Parallel Universe -
Chapter 10 Breaking Free from Psychotherapy - "Sickness & mental illness would disappear from the face of the earth if we were to find the presence of mind that would enable us to love & obey, in every split-second of testing, the inner prompting that we now know only as 'conscience'...
Our faulty nature has grown layer by layer, reaction by reaction, like the growth rings on a tree... Externally-triggered emotional responses provide the sap & feed the memories that bind those faulty layers together...

We can truly...understand only by His Light, but the evil world knows that to dim that light in us through...cures & encouragement for what we are in our fallen identities...designed to keep you so blinded that you cannot know...question the world's insanity...
(There are) 2 realities: the reality of God, the Father, & the reality of hell on earth without Him...
We go to hospitals in order to be cured, not to become a perpetual patient, a permanent resident, unless, of course, we are beyond hope.  Likewise, we should be going to church in order to be saved; & the evidence of our salvation is our independence  from the church...

Your are sick only because you do not know (recognize & seize) yourself (from God's viewpoint + the inheritance His Son Jesus left us when He died).  All outer forms of therapy (fall short & often) lie to you & cheat you out of your (spiritual) birthright (out of ignorance or) for their own profit...They all get you to a point of diminishing returns, where you discover that you are worse off than you were before; therefore, ripe for the next form of (unholy) 'therapy'...(Unwittingly) they redefine the biblical truth that reads 'not I liveth, bur Christ (and His blessings0 liveth in me' to read: 'not I liveth, but Satan (& his curses) liveth in (or at least oppress) me' (via medication costs & side effects + via societal rejection/discrimination/disrespect)."

Masters, Roy - Mindfulness meditation -  
In the 1950s, excitement around Bridey Murphy's supposed past life regression drove friends to consult with Masters about hypnosis. Masters understood hypnosis to be a (rehashing) 'duplication of life's errors' & immediately realized NO good can ever come from hypnotherapy.[2] Masters sold his diamond cutting business & founded the Institute of Hypnosis where, unbeknownst to his clients, he 'unhypnotized' them instead of hypnotizing them.[2]   In Houston, Masters saw as many as 30 people a day for consultation.[2]
About leaving the diamond cutting profession, Masters said, 'I had my own business,
but I left that lucrative work because I had a calling for this kind of work.
Iím more interested in what Iím doing now than anything else.'[7]
In the early 1960s, Masters was charged with practicing medicine without a license, which was to be a test case to determine the legality of non-medical practice of hypnosis.[2] His 30-day jail term received notoriety because of his counseling of fellow inmates.[2] Masters immediately returned to work & continued on for 2 years, during which time he produced the mindfulness meditation record, How Your Mind Can Keep You Well.
Masters' meditation exercise has long been used by professional counselors.[8]
On why it is effective, he said, 'It enables you to become objective, a little bit separate &
disentangled from all your troublesome thoughts, emotions, heartaches, fears & traumatic memories.
That, all by itself, is extremely helpful, & actually healing.Ē[8]

In 1961, Masters bought a house trailer & relocated his family to Los Angeles where he founded the Foundation of Human Understanding.[7] That same year, Masters started a talk radio show about overcoming stress 'spiritually, psychologically [&] emotionally'.[7][1] Masters continues to host the program, called Advice Line, which has been on the air continuously since its start.[8] Advice Line is syndicated across the United States & is available to stream online."  (DANGER.  Hypnotism is NOT an accepted/allowed Judeo-Christian practice.  He may have been falsely maligned/labeled out of jealousy, as he seems to be more of a Christian counselor than a licensed therapist.)

Functional Medicine @ What is functional medicine. 
(Often a practitioner uses a cross between conventional & Asian.)
Retired Massachusetts Functional Psychiatrist Greenblat will remotely work alongside patient's current team @ @
Orthomolecular Medicine Read OnLine. In Arizona.
Utilizes nutritional + also Asian modalities, not approved by some Judeo-Christian denominations.
Hammell, John @ + Virginia state.
Dr. Hart @ WA state.
Hawkins + Pauling @
Practitioners @ @