VOLUNTEER Opportunities

Boston College Lifelong Learning Institute, Dover, Massachusetts, USA
for adult senior citizens who both volunteer teach & learn. 617-552-2950
inquire 10-3 M/T/T http://www.bc.edu/friends/alumni/ilr/#membership
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Volunteer to drive seniors and blind residents to local
destinations for a fee to rider of approx $12 each way. 7/7/2011 - 1-617-451-0049 x 362
www.itngreaterboston.org - jpbushness@bushnell@itngreaterboston.org
Brigham&Women's Hospital Chaplaincy, Boston, MA - Eucharistic Ministers training, support, parking, meals  1-617-442-9322  fhauck@partners.lrg
Dr Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center, South End, Boston, Massachusetts, USA is looking for Human Rights Committee volunteers.  Meet monthly PM to review patient complaints & yearly to inspect facilities.  cornelius,carter@dmh.state.ma.us
Gould Farm, Boston or Monterey, Massachusetts, USA - (Work with young adults & adults with Mental Health challenge) - volunteer@gouldfarm.org  E-mail address is being protected from spambots.
You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Post/mail or e-mail your resume.
Gould Farm offers a rare opportunity for volunteers from around the world to participate in the life of this special community. Experienced, mature & sensitive individuals interested in helping people with mental illness rebuild their lives may apply for positions in areas that include clinical, residential, farm, forestry, food services & administration.
Flexibility is essential. Volunteer commitments are generally for a year (some summer positions may also be available) & the Farm provides room and board, a stipend, health insurance & other benefits, as well as supervision by a senior staff member."
Volunteer get trained and Become a Playspace Activity Leader
Ride with Pride Inc - http://www.forgeworks.net/wishlist.html - Horse Therapy Volunteer
"Help special needs riders with their lessons by leading a horse or sidewalking &
assisting with the tasks of the lesson. Please contact Ruth Davis at 508.791.2494
or Chris Mahan at 508.886.2002." Rutland, Massachusetts, USA
Share at Rosie's Place, South End, Boston, Massachusetts, USA is a self help program that offers
food values at $30 for $13 to women who volunteer 2 hours
http://stanthonyshrine.org/wellness.asp looking for medical volunteers in Boston, MA.
http://www.stephenministries.org/ - opportunities to serve or be served

Trail Blazers of Empowerment

Cyre, Grace - FOSTER PARENTING - http://www.boston.com/
from Home for Little Wanderers http://www.thehome.org/site/PageServer or
Desoto in Peru http://www.ild.org.pe/desoto/bio TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxERamRMt24
United Nations economic model 
Right & ability to own property will transform garbage dumps. http://www.ild.org.pe/news/credit-suisse
Personal usable ID will combat poverty. 
Olsteen, Dodie - Innovation is the key. - Dodie, a pastor's wife utilizes a fast food drive through for the purposes of praying for those who are disabled or would seldom attend a church/synagogue/prayer-meeting.  Cars line up & she prays inside or outside the vehicle, depending on circumstance & her availability.  Obviously, she has co-workers.
Sean & Leigh Anne Tuohy- Turn Around - autobiography of movie "Blindsided"


9/28/2014 - http://www.israel21c.org/
Volun-tourism - Volunteer 1week Vacations from Canada or USA - http://www.globeaware.org/?gclid=CP7r89DHrrYCFVGf4Aodxy0A5g - tax deductable -