Sheffield, Jack - 8/2017
JACK:  We're in 6 hospitals, going into our 7th hospital.
SID:  What do you do in these hospitals?
JACK:  We open up Heaven. That's the 1st thing we do is we worship our way in to the Glory of God in the chapel. Have you ever seen anybody in a chapel?
Well now you're going to find a strong team of people in each 1 of these chapels.
JACK:  We have the blessing of these hospitals. We actually have become their pastoral care. Some of them don't have chaplains.
They beg us to come. Please come. We've got to have Jesus.
SID:  It's the marriage of the best medical with the best of God. That's my kind of hospital.
JACK:  Come on. Come on. That's where I want to go.