Inositol a B vitamin may help. -


Dickerman, Don  When Pigs Move In   endorsed by Frank Hammond  Colleyville, Texas, USA ministry
Other books containing "some" of above more complete information are  Serpents in the Sanctuary and Turmoil in the Temple
Chapter 5  What Kinds of People Come for Deliverance?  "The spirit was a trichotillo-mania spirit - a compulsion spirit that he could not his life by permission of a generational curse.  Trichotillomania is a term coined by a French dermatologist in 1889 to describe the compulsive or irresistible pluck is derived from the  the Greek words thrix meaning 'hair'; tillein...'to pull'; and mania...'madness' or 'frenzy'...
In psychiatry, trichotillomania is classified as an impulse control disorder...Impulse control disorders are characterized by the inability to control or resist the temptation (or impulse) to do something harmful."

HEALINGS - Youth, pray to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.
Healings take place…including a young girl named Toni who shares the story of her severe depression because her mother was in prison.