JOAN: The problem with people in that depression, they...relive their betrayal, their trauma, their different situations, their molestation, the rape, the abortion, & reliving laying on the table...night after night. 
People that have posttraumatic stress disorder, they relive the situations in the war.
They relive this horrific, traumatic experience again & again, basically as real as it was the 1st time.

SID:  Tell me about this cellular memory. This is fascinating from a scientific viewpoint.
JOAN:  You can actually, it’s medical.
When you hear about things medically, what do they do, which they really can’t where cellular memory is concerned. But what it is, is you learn how to
pray against it or get people free of that.
Because people have (been hit), like this 1 lady...There was a lot of pain here when she was a child.

When she got healed, prayed for the pain to go, the spirit of trauma to go & cellular memory of the experience
, which also triggered the memory of the actual event. 
cursing the cellular memory in the arm, she was free of the pain, but she was free of the memory also.
JOAN: Father, right now in the name of Jesus:
I curse the spirit of trauma in every single person.
I curse any form of trauma: (including) rejection, abandonment, betrayal
+ abuse (mental, physical, emotional &/or sexual
I curse the spirits of loneliness, depression, oppression, worthlessness & hopelessness
What I’m sensing in my spirit is some of you going, well it just can’t go away that easy.
Why not? Why not? It does with people around the world.  Why not you right now?

I speak health & wholeness to your brain.  Put your hand over your head for just a moment.
I speak that those labels of discouragement of being broke, betrayed, divorced, all those labels be removed. 

Not only labels be removed, but supernaturally memory of those horrific situations be gone out of their life,
out of their memory completely.

SID: But some of you felt nothing. Don’t get faked out by feelings, because this is done at a spiritual level. 
Whether you feel anything or not something wonderful has just happened to you.