Abel, Dr Gene + Barlow, David + Blanchard, Edward  Gender Identity Change in a Transsexual  1977 Archives of Sexual Behavior vol 6, #5    
A male ready to go through a total sex change, agreed to an exorcism, during which he was cured, 22 demons having departed.
Rita Bennett's 1993 fall newsletter In Touch and Emotionally Free shares a case history of Jesus' intervention in the life of Jerry Leach a transvestite.  It shows how innocent speech can create sexual identity psychiatric problems. 


Any feelings, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, teachings, doctrines which contradict the Bible are often inspired by zeal-out-of-ignorance-of-Scripture,  manipulation, lies/deceit, and/or demons, because they contradict God Himself and have serious spiritual and often physical consequences.  Scripture says that in latter time men will teach lies as truth. 
Such is the case with homosexuality and lesbianism plus transsexuals.  It has nothing to do with fundamentalist hate crimes.  It is a fact that God hates the crime but loves and adores the person.  Today society attempts to brainwash/ desensitize even the child in kindergarten into believing a lie, to legislate gay marriages, to mandate teachers to proselytize and companies to reprogram employees minds concerning same sex relationships. Read the entire Bible YOUR-SELF!  Never rely on others' ideas.
Even the psychiatric guidelines have been changed to accommodate current agendas of the gay rights activists.  Perhaps gay individuals think legalizing their relationships via a marriage contract will ease their conscience.  Unfortunately, God does not agree.  Conscience is healthy and its purpose is to bring us into the confessional where God can and will remove stains and wash us clean.  With God virginity can be restored! Father God in great joy will always restore any sincere repentant individual to Himself.   We can pray, "Father God, in Jesus name, I apologize right now.  Restore to me my virginity and the years the locust have stolen.  Loose from me all those lusts that hound me and place in me your Holy Spirit to resist evil.  Empower my angel to guard me and lead me away from temptation.  Loose into my life all physical and spiritual provision.  Let me recognize and accept those people and situations you put in my way to help and protect me.  Let my life count and be a blessing.  Thanks.  Amen"
Kerr, Kat - 1/2/2015 - Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 2nd half of program
@ God determines sex at time of conception, when He knits us in the womb.
Renner, Rick - 10/10/2019
"TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender" @ + - @
Pure Passion
Foster, David Kyle - Read Excerpt online
Foster, David Kyle -
Foster, David Kyle End of program -
shares we are to name - problem/addiction/demon/temptation/compulsion/addiction/thought/voice/self-talk/anxiety/fix/cigarette/candy by what it is attempting to do (murder/rape/drink/drug/suicide/numb-pain)
then to command it to go - to the place that Jesus will send it, in Jesus’ name (and not return) (and to replace-with/bind-to our soul the opposite virtue: His lover for lust, His peace for fear, etc. in Jesus’ name)
The Kat Kerr - May 4 at 5:24pm (edited) Final REPOST #12 is a most important message concerning our future and the operations of our souls. - 3/28/2016 at 7:07am - "The Body of Christ needs a Soul Check-up. If you do not like what you have been reading, hearing or even saying yourself about the elections or anything else : Trashing, Bashing, Judging, Despising or even Hating one another just because you believe or choose differently from each other; then you NEED to do the following, so that your soul can prosper.
Every word you hear, read or say goes into your own soul, which will cause you to think on those words, choose those words and speak those words.  If they are negative, hurtful, despising words, your soul will begin to be filled with wounds and/or darkness. If you want to clean out your soul, then say (out loud) what the Father taught me, to keep my soul free of fear or sadness so that I could prosper: (In Jesus' name,)
'Father, I choose as an act of My Will to Loose all negative, hateful, hurting, angry, bashing, trashing, judgmental, wasteful words and/or images from my soul, right now, in Jesus name. I will no longer participate with anything that brings death, fear or defilement, nor tolerate them in my life.'
After you have done that and meant it, say this to fill your soul with Life: (In Jesus' name) 'Father, I now choose as an Act of my Will, to have You download into my soul, Your: Love, Presence, Joy, Life, Power, Plans and Hope so that I can manifest for You and cause my soul may prosper. In Jesus name I RECEIVE IT.'
When we speak Life, not only will our souls prosper but so will others. Now thank Him for giving us the choice to forgive and be forgiven! GOD WANTS OUR SOULS TO PROSPER, BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GUARDING OUR SOUL (HEART). FOR OUT OF IT WILL FLOW THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES.'
We all need to do a SOUL CHECK-UP at least once a week (including declaring individually over each of our children's souls).  Do not forget to include loosing fear too. This can also be used to loose any grief, despair, torment, confusion, witchcraft or curses, addictions or traumas even if they happened long ago.
It really works if we choose with our Will and receive by Faith. I will also add to that list: thoughts of suicide or (lesbian/transvestite) thoughts or desires of homosexuality (which is not the image of God, but a trap from Satan using unclean spirits)...Be set free from both of these traps...
May your souls prosper exceedingly so that you will prosper and Be in health and so our (indwelling spiritual) lights will blind the enemy. (Like Holy Spirit) our souls have layers (which are also our emotions) that collect both light or darkness.  Our Will is in the center of our soul along with the Mind, so whatever we feed it, we will become; so fill yours with (Father God's) Glorious Light and Love...A prosperous wonderfully made by the Father and is a spiritual part of you, but you choose this day what will go into it."

News,2933,583394,00.html - Cuba Begins Peforming State-Sponsored Sex-Change Operations - 1/19/2010 - Newswire: Cuba Celebrates Transgendered Marriage 8/15/11 - "In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country with strict social mores and traditional values, sex-change operations are legal. Over twenty years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (religious edict) making sex change permissible for "diagnosed transsexuals." Yet homosexuality is still punishable by death."
Gender Insanity- Calif. Transgender Bill Now Law 8/14/2013 - Slippery Slope - "A statement at a United Nations meeting this week announced that the US government will begin using the term “sexual rights” in discussions of human rights. The statement is a result of years of lobbying by interest groups who argued the United States should show global leadership on addressing the rights of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Sexual rights, according to the US statement posted on a State Department website, include 'right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence.' The US definition is generally in line with a pre-existing definition on the World Health Organization website [which is not (yet) an official WHO definition]. The announcement precedes a gathering of 150 world leaders at the UN to launch ambitious new development goals, including gender equality. A major push at the gathering will be to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights by 2030. Richard Erdman, a deputy US ambassador to the UN, was specified that the term “sexual rights” will not (yet) be used for anything legally binding. “Our use of the term does not reflect a view that they are part of customary international law. It is, however, a critical express of our support for the rights and dignity of all individuals regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity,” Mr. Erdman told the Associated Press." - 2/8/2020 -
Bachmann, Michele - - 10/12/2020 - There is an ongoing attempt to slip gender issues into health care insurance and into anti-discrimination legislation to remove sexual assault protection and replace with freedom of gender expression and imprisonment for those who verbally express a contrary or Biblical opinion, in other words, to mask/muzzle/mute/handcuff the church or God.