Alternative Medicine

Choline or lecithin (phosphatidyl-choline) may reverse drug induced tardive dyskinesia + enhance memory. 
6/2000 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  
Eva Edelman in Natural Healing for Schizophrenia recommends manganese, vitamin B3 & choline or DMAE or lecithin  www.boragebooks.com   edelman@boragebooks.com
R Erdmann in The Amino Revolution suggests taurine & glycine plus a multivitamin. www.amazom.com
Vitamin E may help prevent deterioration of TD.   (Natural is always superior to synthetic vitamin E.) http://md.slolar.com -  2001
Ginkgo Biloba L. Family: Ginkgo-aceae - http://www.factsandcomparisons.com/common/pdf/RNPLL_websample_monogr.pdf -
Mental disorders caused by schizophrenia
- "Concurrent use of Ginkgo biloba & haloperidol may increase the efficacy & decrease extra-pyramidal adverse reactions of haloperidol...
Patients (taking ginkgo biloba) also reported greater improvements on the Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms than patients receiving cholanzapine therapy alone.70"
(Be reminded that one can grow his own ginkgo tree & at times find the ginkgo tree in public areas.)
Medical Science
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Mary Jane Q Cross is a Newport, NH, USA artist who paints despite her tremor caused from medication.