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B vitamins - Multi B vitamins work best TOGETHER in tandem to relieve stress & any relevant deficiency. Begin with a LOW dosage of HIGH quality, that is NOT synthetic.

B 1 - Benfotiamine is a relative of the vitamin Thiamine (B1) that appears to have a therapeutic role in pain reduction & diabetic complications (neuropathies & nephropathies); confers bioavailable Vitamin B1 after oral ingestion.

B 3 - As niacinamide or nonflush niacin - B3 is Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer's bottom line for remediating schizophrenia.

B-12 is often prescribed for stress.  Avoid "cyanocobalamin a synthetic form of vitamin B-12, a generic, man-made form. There are 4 types of vitamin B-12 : methylcobalamin (currently one of the better forms), adenosylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, & cyanocobalamin." 7/2019
Also beware of the B-12 synthetic shot (often used on geriatric patients).
Both methylcobalamin and 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin work as cofactors, meaning substances that assist the function of enzymes. As a cofactor, methylcobalamin may be important in cancer prevention, while 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin plays a role in energy production & hemoglobin synthesis. These 2 types of B-12 occur naturally in your body. Methylcobalamin is found in animal-based foods & in supplement form, but many B-12 supplements contain synthetic B-12 in the form of cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. 7/2019

7-Keto DHEA may reduce circulating gluco-corticoids, such as cortisol.  
Take AM to prevent insomnia. 5/25 Life
Rhodiola rosea may reduce the stress hormone, cortisol
per winter 2004 Nutrition & Mental Health
Vinegar (acetic acid) is the source of the adrenal cortical hormone consisting of 3 secretions [adrenaline + mineral hormone from adrenal cortex 1st layer, cortisone  (saccharine hormone) from adrenal cortex 2nd layer, + male & female hormones from adrenal cortex 3rd layer]. Canadian Dr Hans Selye is the father of the "stress theory".  Take vinegar after each meal.  Try vinegar salad dressing, dill pickle, sauerkraut, ume vinegar, ume wine, or fresh ume plums.

Medical Research
NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) -
Researchers ID Gene Responsible for Hereditary Hypertension, Brachydactyly - BERLIN, Germany -5/11/2015 -  "Researchers have (presumptuously/possibly) identified the gene that causes hereditary hypertension and at the same time a skeletal malformation called brachydactyly type E, which is characterized by unusually short fingers & toes. 
In 6 families not related to each other, researchers....

In 6 families not related to each other, researchers have discovered different point mutations in the gene encoding phosphodiesterase-3A (PDE3A).
These mutations always lead to high blood pressure & shortened bones of the extremities, particularly the metacarpal & metatarsal bones.
(6 people with short appendages AND "hypertension" do NOT prove a gene for both
Additionally, high blood pressure is NOT necessarily hypertension or vice versa.)
Simeons, Dr. ATW - " emotions can have an effect on diseases that might seem beyond the power of the mind to influence. Cholera is a classic example, 1st recognized by Dr A.T.W. Simeons, a British physician who practiced for some time in India. In his book, Man's Presumptuous Brain (1960), Dr Simeons pointed out that in a cholera epidemic the very old & the very young survive. Though endowed with greater powers of resistance, those in the prime of life are the chief victims.  The explanation illustrates the awesome power of mind over matter.
The cholera bacillus flourishes in an alkaline medium that, when taken into the body, is normally killed by stomach acids. But fear & worry can alter the rate of acid secretion in the stomach. In a cholera epidemic, young people worry the most, being the breadwinners. Tragically, the worry created by their sense of responsibility alters the acid content of their stomachs, allowing the cholera bacilli to slip through into the alkaline haven of the small intestine. Babies who are oblivious to their illness & the aged who aren't bothered about whether they live or not, survive because their stomachs continue to secrete acid normally."
Simeons, Dr. ATW -  "During the War he held several important posts under the Government of India & conducted extensive research on bubonic plague & leprosy control, & a model leper colony which he built has now become an all-India center.  It was during these years that his interest in psychosomatic diseases began to grow."
Baptism COMMENTARY - When both we & our doctors fail to help us, be reminded the human is a spirit (offspring of our Father God Who is a Spirit).  1st our human spirit needs Holy Spirit intervention.  2nd we have a soul (mind/emotions/will-power) which needs remediation.  3rd we have/wear a suit of flesh which also needs attention.  We are a 3 part trinity just like the spiritual Trinity (Father/Son/Holy-Spirit).  Thus, each human needs a spiritual overhaul.  Spiritually we each need to invite God's Son, Yeshua/Jesus to be our Messiah AND Holy Spirit baptizer.  We do not realize the significance of this until AFTER (in same manner we do not recognize the power/relevance of intercourse until after it has 1st occurred in marriage or rape/fornication/adultery/other.  The prince had to awaken up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss.  Our human spirit needs to awaken to the kiss of Jesus.)
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God gave Robert the revelation that each 7th day is necessary to set aside for personal physical & mental rejuvenation.  52 years of lost sabbaths/sabbaticals may result in a need for 52 days of recouperation.