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Secrets of the Dead - PBS television case file The Witches Curse  VHS format item # SEDE921
Excellent case study on the ergot fungus that may have caused psychosis & death in many towns. 
Many victims may have been burned at the stake as witches. 
Ergot is a fungus found on rye grain, especially during damp weather. 
Bread made from this grain may have been contaminated with ergot.

Rye ergot can cause temporary mental illness & even subsequent death. 
Ergot is a
rye grain fungus that forms hallucinogenic drugs in bread. 
Whole villages may have been affected in the past, exterminating the majority of residents. 
Many executed witches may, in fact, may have been victims of accidental ergot poisoning. 
There are many website discussions regarding
ergot, including
Now the drug industry is attempting to use ergot derivatives. 
Ergot is in many grain products, but can be decontaminated by adding vitamin C upon opening according to Hulda Regehr Clark's The Cure For All Diseases
Food mold, particularly ergot, has the opposite effect of niacin.
Niacin opens blood vessels rather than closing blood vessels. 

Hawthorn berry also opens blood vessels. -
Note of interest = The protection of stored maize against Sitophilus zeamais by use of essential oils of spices from Cameroon revealed that (black pepper) Piper nigrum, was able to kill more than 96% of weevil with in 48 hours after the contact. Pub Med
Ngamo 2001
Vitamin C added immediately to purchased honey will detoxify any ergot mold existing in the container.

Winter 2004, 3rd quater,Volume 19, #3 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine editorial The Energy System Creating Life & Cancer from Inanimate Compounds cites that insanity & out-of body-experiences are caused by poisoning with DL-methionine DL-sulfoximine, which can be remediated with methionine IV injections. 
The report originated from an incident where the British government donated to Indians, after World War 2,
grain spoilt by the fumicide nitrogen trichloride, which created methionine sulfoximine.
(Issue also discusses brain diseases such as cancer.)


Drugs in Large Part
Mask Rather than Remove Symptoms

Hoffer, Abraham - Chronic Schizophrenic Patients Treated 10 Years Or More - -
Tranquilizers convert 1 psychosis to another.  This was 1st pointed out by Professor Meyer-Gross, shortly after these drugs were introduced from France into England & the US.
He said 'Tranquilizers convert one psychosis into another.' 
The tranquilizer psychosis prevents the unfortunate patient from becoming a normal member of society because with these symptoms no one can function at jobs or occupations where these symptoms & signs are a handicap such as practicing law, medicine, being a normal cook or architect or worker on the farms or in the factories.
Would you allow your surgeon to operate on you if you knew she was taking 300 mg of chlorpromazine daily?  Psychiatrists have tried to deal with this dilemma in only one way i.e. by decreasing the dose, by searching for newer drugs which are less apt to cause severe side effects such as clozapine, & in the extreme by placing the patient on a drug free program.
This would be great if the original psychosis did not start to come back as it does in the vast majority of cases.
The unfortunate patient is caught between these 2 psychoses & like a swing oscillates back & forth...
Eventually the entire schizophrenic psychosis has been replaced by the tranquilizer psychosis.
The major difference is that society is much more tolerant of the latter psychosis than it is of the 1st.
The major difference for the patient is that the psychosis has been changed from a ' hot' to a 'cool' psychosis.  The signs & symptoms of schizophrenia may be divided into ' hot' & 'cool' categories.
Hot S&S are those that families & society find most intolerable & which are the reasons why these patients are admitted to hospital or, if the mental hospitals refuses to accept them into prison.
By the latter I mean that many psychiatric wards & hospitals will refuse to accept patients if they do not want them for a variety of reasons & the easiest way to keep them out is to find them not mentally ill, as was the case with one of the patients I will describe later. 
Hot S&S 
These are the symptoms that most normal people will find intolerable.
They include the following: In perception:
1. visions, especially if the patient talks about them; 2. voices, especially if the patients act upon them, e.g. by setting fires;
3. other senses, if the patient responds with inappropriate behavior.  Thought disorder: If these changes lead to inappropriate behavior such as wandering nude downtown, accusing someone of poisoning them, etc. 
Mood disorder: Manic behavior or suicidal depression. 
Behavior: Any abnormal persistent activity, e.g. hopping on one foot all day, or rocking all day, or any inappropriate social activity. 
Cool S&S 
These are the same S&S but decreased or eliminated so that the overall behavior is now much more tolerable to families & to society.  They are much more tolerable in an acute sense but in the long run will become just as
intolerable. It is 1 of the main factors in making it impossible for families to look after their chronic tranquilized children & forces them into group homes or other sheltered homes like those of the Salvation Army. Tranquilizers produce a variety of cool symptoms which comprise part of the tranquilizer psychosis.  Tranquilizers cool the hot symptoms and add a few more to the unfortunate patient. The tranquilizer psychosis is a combination of cool symptoms originally present in the patient combined with the new symptoms induced by the drugs. The dilemma is that while tranquilizers cool the hot symptoms they do not remove them & they add their own form of toxic reactions."

Mind/Mood Altering Plants

“I try to harvest premium yarrow blossoms in early morning before the hot summer sun cooks out their lighter volatiles. My favorite places are steep north & northwest-facing seaside slopes where onshore breezes provide plenty of soil trace elements for abundant secondary metabolite production in Yarrow. 
1 particularly fine day whilst harvesting Yarrow on a steep talus slope above the sea, I felt suddenly quite
The feeling
resembled benign sunstroke; however, I had been harvesting in complete cliff shade for 3 hours. Involuntarily I sat down and happily laid back into several ancient Yarrow clumps with 3-foot stalks & huge flat umbels 8-10 inches across. Their delicious odors smothered me.
As I looked up and all around, all I could see was Yarrow & blue sky. Paradise. 
After about 20 minutes I was startled and alarmed to hear my aluminum skiff banging on the rocks far below from the rising tide; harvester’s consciousness cancelled my wonderful Yarrow euphoria.
I wondered what had happened. Was it TIA , dehydration, sunstroke (no sun), Alzheimer’s?  
Lightheaded, I carefully assembled my harvest bags and slowly descended to my skiff & rowed back to the distal road end. 
I mentioned this experience to Brian Wiessbuch, acupuncturist & herbalist. He told me: 'Ryan, mark those plants well & harvest them for me next year. The huge flower size indicates that these Yarrow plants are probably polyploids, probably 4X or even 8X. Such plants tend to produce much larger amounts of unusual & psychotropic substances than the usual diploid (2X) plants.'  Apparently, several hours of harvesting had resulted in significant percutaneous molecular movement of Yarrow-sourced mood & mind-altering substances into my hands & arms. Similar percutaneous molecular oassage probably occurs during the prolonged handling of Yarrow flower stalks (harvested whilst green with half-ripe flowers on top) during the ritual Yarrow stalk sorting associated with the consultation of the I Ching, a Chinese book of divination. Accumulation is always followed by dispersal.
Yarrow has cleistogamous flowers which are self-pollinating & this may encourage polyploidy.”
Identification -

The journal Psychiatry Research indicates that sensitivity to 1 of the components in wheat known as gliadin could be driving some into states of acute mania:

"The relationship of the antibodies to the clinical course of mania was analyzed by the use of regression models. Individuals with mania had significantly increased levels of IgG antibodies to gliadin, but not other markers of celiac disease, at baseline compared with controls in multivariate analyses.

Among the individuals with mania, elevated levels at follow-up were significantly associated with re-hospitalization in the 6 month follow-up period."1

While correlation does NOT equal causation, it is interesting to note that there is already robust supportive research on the link between wheat consumption & (some cases of) schizophrenia.
7 such studies can be viewed on our open source wheat database,

For an additional explanation for why wheat may exhibit neuro-toxic, if not also psychotropic properties,
the excerpts from our essay series The Dark Side of Wheat are provided to shed light on the topic:

Gliadin can be broken down into various amino acid lengths or peptides. Gliadorphin is a 7 amino acid long peptide: Tyr-Pro-Gln-Pro-Gln-Pro-Phe which forms when the gastrointestinal system is compromised. 
When digestive enzymes are insufficient to break gliadorphin down into 2-3 amino acid lengths & a compromised intestinal wall allows for the leakage of the entire 7 amino acid long fragment into the blood, glaidorphin can pass through to the brain through circumventricular organs & activate opioid receptors resulting in disrupted brain function. 

There have been a number of gluten exorphins identified: gluten exorphin A4, A5, B4, B5 & C, & many of them have been hypothesized to play a role in autism, schizophrenia, ADHD & related neurological conditions.   In the same way that celiac an intolerance to wheat, it is possible, even probable, that wheat exerts pharmacological influences on everyone. What distinguishes the schizophrenic or autistic individual from the functional wheat consumer is the degree to which they are affected."
(Especially trublesome would be the modern day GM wheat.)


Alternative Orthomolecular Medicine
B-1 (Thiamine) @ Hiding in Plain Sight: Modern Thiamine Deficiency - PMC (  Beneficial B-1 sources include:
Vitamin B comples, Raw Fresh or Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly, Organic Raw Oat or Rice Bran, & Organic Nutritional Yeast.


Age of Onset - Other than medical, emotional, drug inducement, psychiatric or demonic causes,
spiritual reason could be the removal of parental covering/protection/guardianship beginning at the time the child moves out of the homestead. 
Especially if there are curses not cancelled, then there is legal ground on which the enemy can attack the offspring at this time.
Joan Hunter – Freedom Beyond Comprehension Part 1  4/24/13 + Joan HunterFreedom Beyond Comprehension Part 2  4/25/2013 @ Remove Label


Dickerman, Don  When Pigs Move In
Chapter 11 Brain Tumor Healed  section God Has Heard Your Cry   Don told a suicidal doctor labeled with psychosis, "I don't think you are psychotic, though that may have been your diagnosis. 
I believe you are tormented with evil spirits of depression & suicide. 
I further believe God has heard your cry for help."  II told her if she wanted to be free & she had no unforgiveness, anger, or unconfessed sin in her life, that in the name of Jesus Christ, I could rebuke the demons," bind them and send them permanently into the abyss.  "I commanded that they could not split, divide, hide, or use any form of trickery...not harm her or go to anyone  else. 
I commanded them to attention & that when commanded to go, they would go immediately & directly to the abyss."  God did indeed rescue her, permanently. 
Obviously she needed to follow up by fellowshipping regularly with Jesus and those that love Him.

Chapter 12 More Personal Accounts  "2 more (evil) spirits identified themselves.  1 was a prince & the other was a spirit of deception.  I commanded the anti-Christ spirit to gather up his kingdom and to become one spirit.  Mental psychosis was in this kingdom as well.  I commanded him (in the name of Jesus) to retrieve every seed that had been planted, uproot everything that had been planted, clean up the mess completely, & go into the abyss" permanently.




LaPera, Amanda - Losing Dad, a True Story - -
Yes, it’s cancer. Eloisa holds her dear husband’s hand as he’s wheeled out to surgery.
He comes out a changed man & his recovery is anything but typical.
Nobody anticipates Joseph’s quick descent into psychosis and extreme paranoia.
After his insanity peaks, Joseph embarks on a trip that involves 4 continents, 30 countries, 13 wives & a lost fortune.
is the true tale of a father’s bizarre journey through mental illness told by his family...
According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), severe mental illnesses & their symptoms such as schizophrenia & paranoia typically become apparent & are diagnosed when individuals are in their teens or early 20's; therefore, it was highly unusual for Joseph to develop such a severe mental illness at the age of 53." 
(Yes this is now a generational problem. 
Thank God; Yeshua has provided recourse for this inheritable form of family terrorism, via healing prayer &/or deliverance.)


Conventional Medicine

Bobgan, Martin & Deidre -  - 1989 -
chapter 21 by secular/scientific couple who seem to refute the Bible &/or Judeo-Christian counselors, but on non-religious issues.
Early medical Intervention in Canada for individuals who display symptoms of psychosis

Medical Problems

Betel Nut - - "Use of areca nut has been associated with deterioration of psychosis in patients with pre-existing psychiatric disorders [16]
(However, side effects may do more harm than good.) 
@ -
#8. Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) 
Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) is an antipsychotic medication that can treat hallucinations & paranoia. Chlorpromazine can cause: Pigment changes of the cornea, eyelids, & conjunctiva (white part of the eye), Dry eye, Blurry vision, Retinal damage (retinal degeneration).

Thioridazine (Mellaril) is a similar antipsychotic that can also cause these symptoms

Cipro [fluoro-quinolone (FQ) antibiotic] -
12. "In addition to being highly toxic to connective tissue, Cipro is also a neurotoxin capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier & causing severe long-term neuropsychiatric side effects.
These include random episodes of
panic & anxiety, relentless insomnia, seizures, confusion, depersonalization, psychosis, memory loss, paranoia and hallucinations. These side effects can result from as little as ONE pill & persist for years or in some instances even be permanent. People have ended up in psychiatric wards or worse--killed themselves, as a result of some of these psychiatric side effects.

Imagine for a moment being unable to sleep more than 1-2 hours a night, every night, for YEARS."
link1 link2

14. "Dental damage! Cipro can calcify all of the nerves in your teeth as well as permanently dry out your mouth, promoting extensive tooth decay and/or tooth loss. There are people in their thirties who now wear dentures as a direct result of Cipro destroying all of their teeth from the inside out.
Others have had teeth literally break off at the gum line after becoming floxed. Again--
NO mention of this anywhere on the warning label."

Regarding autobiography, "For the 1st 3 months or so after I was poisoned, my CNS (brain) was also greatly affected.  I experienced waves of random panic, extreme mental fatigue unlike anything I'd ever experienced before, terrible memory problems.  I'd start to say something and forget what I wanted to say mid-sentence.
No matter how hard I tried I had trouble remembering things people would say…
I'd come home from doctor appointments and couldn't recall a thing the doctor said.
I even suddenly forgot how to SPELL which was very scary for me. I've always been a very good speller but suddenly I'd catch myself drawing a complete blank when trying to type online, or spelling simple words wrong.
(By the way, if you find any spelling errors on this website please let me know).
I essentially felt mentally retarded. I also suffered with insomnia for the first couple months.
Not that it's easy to sleep when you're in massive full-body pain regardless of how you position yourself, but you get the idea. Luckily my CNS symptoms cleared up after a few months.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many Cipro victims...

The psychological ramifications I've experienced as a result of this never-ending nightmare are beyond anything I can even begin to describe. Depression from the pits of hell. I have been to hell.
I am IN hell. Hell is a place on earth, and Cipro can take you there." 
(If one takes this drug, it is imperative to:) "G
ive...supplementation with magnesium &/or antioxidants during the fluoro-quinolone treatment course... There is NO such thing as a safe fluoro-quinolone antibiotic."
Long Haul COVID @ - 2023-06-23 -
Obviously side effects/symptoms are MUCH worse via vaccinationS vs contagion/shedding.
Scripture says, NO weapon formed against us/Your Body/Bride will prosper, in Jesus’ name
Some Long Covid symptoms:
“HHS advisory found mental health symptoms & conditions linked to long COVID such as anxiety, psychosis, depression, & other mental issues… “Clinical symptoms can vary & include fatigue, brain fog, & dizziness, & last for months or years after a person has COVID-19”
… include malaise, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, heart palpitations, loss of smell or taste, thirst, chronic cough, chest pain, & abnormal movements."
"A mixture of (probiotic) Bifido-bacteria species taken as a pill (with prebiotics) had a (good) impact of dealing with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, or long COVID, according to a Hong Kong study.
After 6 months, patients taking the mixture had better improvement in symptoms of fatigue, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, & other health issues related to long COVID.” 
Parkinson's -
Pharmacology Chapter - Medication Causes of Psychosis - -
Parkinson's - - "Since the development of levodopa & other pharmacological treatments for PD, psychotic symptoms have become much more common (10-50%)."

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