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Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one 'projects' one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else."  For others it can be believing/demanding that all thoughts of others, negative and positive, be consistent with one's own, thereby rejecting or not acknowledging another's identity. 
For instance, a father who is also a boss might insist that his mate or child or employee feel or think or act according to his dictates, due to his position of power and due to his lack of insight and/or due to his disregard for another's wishes/potential/ feelings/etc.  Some people for instance when making love say, "You really enjoy this," rather than, " I really enjoy this."    
A parent might admonish a child, "You do not feel sad." What we are talking about is not the occasional projection, which happens from time to time, but a consistent life style of thought and speech, brainwashing/programming the lives of family members/employees and disallowing/ discouraging/intimidating autonomy.  After awhile the family/employees often tune this out, but obey, so as not to rock the boat. The problem, especially in families, is that this may become generational,  producing dysfunctional, or even psychotic, individuals who have little self awareness. 
Especially in the extreme case, we would suggest that there may be a demon of projection.
We are basically talking about ignorant/mentally ill/damaged individuals inadvertently inflicting emotional/psychiatric harm; this  unpremeditated behavior does not apply to the deliberate indoctrination by dictators and heads of religious cults.  "In Jungian psychology, the shadow or "shadow aspect"
is a part of the
unconscious mind which is mysterious and often disagreeable to the conscious mind."  Some individuals have a problem separating "I" from "we" in their mind.   Exorcism 101
"The demonic was the 1st century's way of describing modern psychological diagnoses [personalities in (DID) dissociative disorder Alter Possession or a projection of the inner self] or political categories (the demons are symbols of an oppressive power structure)."   "Formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), DID results in a person's enactment of two or more selves, sometimes called 'alters.'"  - Psychiatry and psychology currently do NOT recognize the possibility of demonization.
The occult practices teach/advocate a form of astral projection of soul/spirit; which is forbidden in the Bible,
when associated with Satan/demons/witchcraft/wizzardy, but allowed/encouraged when associated with the Holy Spirit/Jesus Christ. 
However, this is not the issue/problem/discussion of the above DID personality disorder.