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I'm Pregnant - Now What? - Ruth Graham shares her daughter's story.
Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression can be caused by our invisible spirit man's negative reaction to a negative spiritual situation, especially where one has not repented, forgiven oneself and placed all issues under the blood of Jesus and in the hands of Father God.
Sandford, John Loren and Paula -
Healing Prenatal Wounds and Sins the Slumbering Spirit
1985 - -
(Sometimes scripture translators interchange soul and spirit.  Regardless, to a large degree, the basic spiritual principles would apply.)
Paula Sandford - Adopting parents may also want to look at Paula Sandford's New Life for Your Adopted Child - A Guide to Healing Prenatal Wounds
Sandford, Paula - New Life for Your Adopted Child - -
The child had a prenatal life & memory via its human spirit from the time of conception.
The Importance of Music in a Child's Life - + - 1996 -
"Researchers at the University of Konstanz in Germany reported that exposure to music rewires neural circuits."
"Talk to your child a lot. If you want her to master a 2nd language introduce it by the age of 10."
Prayer Invites Healing and Change - Prayer is never restricted to time nor location; thus the Holy Spirit can heal the wounded human spirit, (the human soul and/or the physical body) "all the way back to the time of conception."
Ministry to Children 10 and Under - the formative years -
Do Not Neglect to Discipline; Neither Allow Discipline to Become Abuse.

Gestation Medical Issues

John A. SpeyrerIntrauterine Memories of Twins - or
Verny, Dr. Thomas - The Secret Life of the Unborn Child -
In 1981 Dr. Verny shares that the fetus experiences physical & emotional feelings which influence it's life after birth. #1 #2