Alternative Medicine
Vitamin L-Glutamic Acid (glutamate) may help  correct personality disorder, depression, fatigue, impotence, plus alcohol and sugar cravings.  It is an excitatory neurotransmitter and a precursor to glutamine and GABA. 
Danger - Take AM (in SMALL amounts so as not to trigger strokes).  Take individual amino acids with a low dose amino acid complex  + a low dose vitamin B complex containing B6.   pg 29 Balch's Prescription for Nutritional Healing


Lozano, Neal - Resisting the Devil - A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance - 
Chapter 1 - Exorcism and Deliverance: 2 paths to Spiritual Freedom for Catholics -
"War trauma" can be "passed down through the generations and in...mental illness...The (Catholic) Church understands...that behind the trauma passed down in families who experienced WWI, (and) behind (subsequent/some) personality disorders...sits a malevolent being whose goal is to destroy our hope for a sound mind and our (spiritual) inheritance of a free will."