Alternative Medicine

Melatonin - A Lewis & D Clouatre's Melatonin and the Biological Clock recommends a small amount of the hormone melatonin at bedtime.  "Most REM sleep occurs in the
2 hours before awakening-the period of most vivid dreams."  "Narcoleptics reported intense colored drams, completely devoid of their usual nightmare-like elements"
with 50 mg of melatonin.
St. John's wort has "been found to increase deep sleep (although not length of sleep) and aids in sleeping regulation for both hypersomnia and insomnia. This mild sedative quality may also assist with headaches, exhaustion and muscle pains."
(Medications for depression may require the reduction or elimination of this herb,
or St. John's wort may reduce the needed medication dosage.)



Copeland, Gloria - 6/22/2011 -
End of program is testimony of and prayer for removal of night torments.

Peter Horrobin 2011 - - - Radio Show 1733 1/31/2011-2/4/2011 - Trauma - PTS - Nightmares - “When the hidden roots of disease are discovered and removed, the disease must leave.” Discusses trauma in the womb. 
One can pray, “Deliver us from the evil one.”  Physical trauma can affect not only the body, but also the soul (mind/emotions).  Jesus can walk back into time (since in heaven/eternity there is no time) and heal both memories and bodies. - England -
Jesus deputizes us to act in His power and authority NOW.  Salvation (of one’s human spirit) does NOT address root issues of broken personality/character/mind/soul NOR root issues of incurable body. - The Freedom Series - 6 CDs – L L Ministries -
Unholy Soul Ties - curses - premarital/emotional chords/access to/joining-with another’s spirit/mind/body and with demons/evil spirits – Thursday’s program – Infertility cured when soul tie severed.
Scoliosis and fear cured by forgiveness.  Kidney’s cured by forgiveness and thanks, plus praying in tongues for 20 minutes.  Body could NOT receive healing until inner healing took place.
God’s love exposes root issues that need to be healed/exterminated.  Friday’s program ends with prayer.  - Ellel 365: Personal Transformation - One day at a time. Building the Kingdom - One Life at a Time -  Character defects Satin will use to undermine our destiny.
Dr. Aiko Hormann - -
continually tormented by nightmares and flashbacks. 
The following "Tools of the Spirit" were used:
Laser Beams of God's Word -- to get rid of the scar tissue in the brain
Triggering Mechanisms - to deal with PTSD related memories
Potters Wheel - to deal with memories and restoration of the brain
Left And Right Brains - for restoration of his temporal lobes
Spirit Soul Body Alignment for overall alignment of spirit-soul-body
Hormann, Dr Aiko - - Trigger Mechanisms - regarding nightmares - 2012
"What the Lord told me to do was as I have said: I
ministered to her in the supernatural. When she was thinking about it and the visual images, that's when the neurological connections have been made for those particular memories.
I said (in Jesus' name) 'I cancel (Clap) and nullify (Clap) the power of
these memories of the event and the neurological connection be cut off,
and now
(in Jesus' name) new pathways of peace, love and safety' (be loosed from heaven's storehouses.) 
Safety is very important. She felt unsafe in her environment."
 - - -
Joan Hunter 2009 #1665 radio broadcast 10/12-16/2009 - 2 books 
Healing the Whole Man Handbook
 & Power to Heal -
Wednesday the 14th's program shares both psychiatric (schizophrenia)
and physical healing (back and heart) from cursing/eliminating the spirit of fear and trauma. 
Additionally 10/16/2009 is a more thorough discussion regarding transplants and transfusions with testimony evidencing that not only had flesh AND blood been transferred, but also specific evil spirits (such as trauma, fear, fear of death, fear of being bludgeoned to death, night terrors). 
Finally Joan shares how when transplants/transfusions are pending/imminent the team can pray and bind/cancel/forbid all harm from coming into the recipient - plus the team can minister health/healing to the organ and transplant recipient. Book Power to Heal contains this discussion.

Joan Hunter November 2011 11/17/2011 shares that transplant patients can carry memories from deceased donors.  Listen to Thursday's radio broadcast.

Marocco, James - Overcoming Defilement -
video sermon regarding his book - In prayer ministry, in Jesus name, break off every
defilement, including nightmares.  home church videos at for sermons fast forward to middle
Ruah Kezarit - possible demon of nightmares - pg 11 - 
Medical Record - Volume 94, Issues 1-12 - Page 11 - Google - 7/6/1918  
(One can stand in the gap, in Jesus' name.)
Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Eternal Justice - - "When you come to Jesus Christ and your sins are all wiped away...a newborn conscience dwells within you.  The nightmares of yesterday
are all gone.  The sorrows of a heavy conscience are gone.  The blood of Jesus Christ, God's son cleanses you."  (Any remaining night terrors need to be refused in the name of Jesus.  Additionally one may need to request Jesus to baptize him/her in the Holy Spirit plus one may need to do some inner healing and/or deliverance ministry.)
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown Prepare for War  Chapter 14
Ritualistic Child Abuse
shares that ritualistic child abuse during satanic services are
always for the purpose of placing demons (multiple personalities) within a child. 
Some of these children are diagnosed as schizophrenic.  All are demon possessed
(possessing demons). Demons can be a major cause of nightmares,
since the person is less resistant to spirits when asleep.


Brian Adams - transcript - 2/28-3/6/2011 - "The Spirit of God spoke to me so gentle and just so quietly. He said, 'Faith moves Me, son, but forgiveness releases My power'...He took me to some scriptures that talked about where people refused to forgive they would have tormenting spirits released against them, and then I knew,
a scripture came to me, and I heard this in my spirit, that fear has torment. All of a sudden, I started thinking, fear, now that's phobias. That's anxiety attacks, different things that a lot of times doctors can't heal, and these were tormentings. I began to put, asking the people to pray and release people, forgive them, and just make a conscious decision.  Prayer is actually what I call it. They would pray these prayers.
We would see them free from anxiety, from phobias, from fibromyalgia, just different things from mental to physical, to even soul issues."
A battered woman was led in prayer.  "I choose to forgive my husband for putting me in the hospital. And I command you to come out in the name of Jesus. Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. We were taught in 1 John 4:18 that in love there is no fear. Torment does not exist, but God's complete and perfect love expels every trace of terror."
"In my life personally, Sid, I remember the scripture as when God gave me this revelation: Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. One of the scriptures that always stays in my heart is, 'You must 1st have brought your own self to obedience before you can bring others'...
I'd always learned that Christ had died for us and that the healing power of God was available for us. So I started saying, I don't think God wants me to get sick, get healed, get sick, get healed. He wants me to walk in Divine health. So using the Word and quoting the Scripture, I just began to do this. But now it was a fight and a battle.
But once I got this revelation, it's just almost like you become like Teflon where sickness is repelled and it can't stick to you because now you're walking one with the Father in Heaven, because when He looked out on the planet and He saw it was a mess after Adam sinned, He said, how am I gonna fix this? He said, I'm going to release forgiveness, which begins to take care of the problem."



Hazlett, Bob - or
Along with these night terrors and visitations, I had these thoughts going through my mind: you’re worthless, kill yourself, sometimes audibly, sometimes literally something jumping on top of me.  I would come to my parents’ room and I would ask them for prayer.  But one night I went to my parents’ room and my father was praying for me, and like he normally did, help him to think good thoughts. All of a sudden his voice changed, and he said, “I command these suicidal thoughts to be quieted and never come back.”  When he did that something broke in  me, and I started to cry because my father didn’t know that.  I had never told anyone, but my Father  in Heaven did.  When you hear your (heavenly) Father’s voice it quiets all the other voices around you; I believe that’s a key to learning the difference between where the thoughts come from,  because Jesus said, “
You’ll hear my voice and you won’t follow the voice of a stranger.”
I was doing a conference and the auditorium was empty in between sessions.
I  happened to be walking through; I heard this voice. It was like it came from a balcony.   It seemed audible, but it was one of those outside of me voices, and it was the same (unholy) voice, “You’re worthless. You should kill yourself.” 
I stopped. I had this funny moment, because  I realized how ridiculous this thought was.  I pointed to the balcony; if anyone saw me  they’d think I was crazy.
I said, “You’re not my thought. I know where you came from; I’m not going to listen to that any more

Nightmares: Freedom from Demonic Strongholds - -
- "Beginning at age 12,
a young Nigerian named Tope started to be haunted by a recurring nightmare.
See how Jesus Christ changed his life."
Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - - Chapter 1
The Joy of Obedience
- "Something (especially prophetic nightmares) was bothering my life.  I was new in the Lord and I didn't know about deliverance...Whenever I had a dream, bad things would happen the next day, until eventually I went through deliverance."
Much of night terrors/nightmares are the result of un-confessed sins cited in the Bible.  Going to communion often resolves what medicine and psychiatrists cannot.
Visitations NO more, in Jesus' name -
Deliverance prayer. 3/2013 Childhood nightmares - Prophecy & encouragement:
Conventional Ideology - "While some cultures view nightmares as indicators of mental health problems, others view them as related to supernatural
or spiritual phenomena
(such as departed relatives, evil spirits, and good angels).   Clinicians should keep this in mind during their assessments of the impact that nightmares have on clients." 2011
Laura E. Gibson, Ph.D., University of Vermont, VT, USA