Alternative Medicine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine may reduce brain oxidative damage, while both ALC & LC (L-carnitine) improve ambulatory activity + boost plasma & brain levels of carnitine.5/2005
Pregnenolone hormone and ashwagandha herb both may regenerate damaged/new brain neurons.
Other helpful supplements/foods are grape seeds, vinpocetine, ginger.
Pregnenolone occurs naturally in wild yams & is converted to DHEA, estrogen, progesterone &/or testosterone.  5/2006 6/2006   Also refer to HORMONE replacement or HRT
Quercetin may protect nerve cells from oxidation better than vitamin C.6/5


Leaf, Dr. Caroline - 7/8/2009 - Switch on Your Brain with Meta-cognative Mapping +
Who Switched off My Brain #1 
Broken brain branches/dendrites are put into inaccessible bins where recall is not readily available. 
Short term memory generally stays only for up to 24 hours.
#2 -
Distorted thinking results when left & right side of brain does NOT work in synchrony/harmony. 
For every electrical impulse your brain grows a branch/dendrite.
#3  m/watch?v=IGhogZ2t_r4&feature=related -
2 feelings (fear/faith) have corresponding chemicals. 
Fear chemicals are distorted feelings due to too much or too little of the good/faith chemical.
How Wireless Headphones Could Lead to Neurological Disorders - 10/17/2020