Baker, Rolland  IRIS ministries
"Tests conducted by the physicians have reported minor damage to cells within the brain believed to have been caused by 2 serious bouts with malaria and perhaps a series of small strokes."
6/25/2009   "Heidi and I would both be dead by now if our doctors had been right.
A few years ago Heidi was in the hospital for a month with a staph infection that went out of control. The doctors gave up on her and told her she could write her tombstone. Then suddenly, while preaching in a lot of pain, God healed her, and the next morning she was out jogging!
4 months ago I was diagnosed with terminal dementia, and was barely alive. I needed help to shower, change clothes, put on my shoes, clip my fingernails. I didn't know what country I was in, and couldn't remember anything from the day before. Heidi built a room for a full-time caregiver for me in Mozambique. Doctors said I wouldn't live long, and family was called."
6/23/2009  "I have been in a battle that has lasted almost 2 years. In July of 2007 I experienced a nervous breakdown that resulted in a lot of mental and emotional stress. Doctors prescribed medications that only partially helped and had negative side effects. I had a nervous tension that was oppressive (demonic/tormenting) and extremely unpleasant. As time went on my memory slipped more and more until I had signs of serious dementia...
I was invited here in (WEHINGEN), Germany a little over a month ago by a beautiful couple we have known for years, Wayne and Irene Negrini. They heard about my condition, and were determined to help me through their long experience with medical and natural remedies.
They run a red-hot, fervent Christian ministry called "Community without Walls" in English  (Foundation of discipling, preaching and mentoring ). They have loved on me and extended themselves to me financially and time-wise in an amazingly unique way.
They also run a small hotel, restaurant and "Wellness Center" with saunas, a weight room, massage rooms, alkali scrub tables.
...I've had a lot of IV infusions designed to do many things, clean out brain capillaries, wake up my nervous system that gives me sleep and rest, give massive doses of needed vitamins...Doctors donated their time. Materials such as IV needles, bandages, misc. things, were donated. Nurses spent hours with me for free.  All this past month Wayne and Irene and the staff here have also been praying for me, counseling me and interceding for me intensely. And I've been receiving email from so many of you, telling me of your heart and your prayers for me. The bottom line is that NOW I am thinking clearly and normally, which is huge. I do not have dementia."
"Today I am back in Pemba ministering the Gospel, ready to fly my plane again, and reconnected with our friends and staff here. I look forward to pushing back the frontiers of missions in Sudan, DRCongo."
[Be reminded that this ministry above is comparable to the stable where Jesus was born or the basket which floated Moses to safety.  It is the nest of healing incubation whereby flocks of individuals (mother hens) ministered to this family with ongoing prayers and services 24/7.  A special place of grace for them.  Our special place is (more likely than not) elsewhere.]