sleep apnea

L-Tryptophan (or 5-HTP) taken at bedtime may help to normalize sleep.   Tryptophan an amino acid becomes serotonin which becomes melatonin. Use low dosages. As of 2/04 it is an OTC supplement and need not be obtained only at the veterinarian's.
Light striking the retina during sleep can reduce melatonin hormone that helps regulate circadian rhythms  7/03 Discover magazine
Melatonin taken PM helps sleep apnea, says B J Sahley in The Melatonin Report
Do not take if you are Bipolar, manic, taking a MAO antidrepressant drug, or have an autoimmune disease, says Lewis & Clouatre in Melatonin and the Biological Clock 1-800-699-CALM