MPD - multiple personality disorder
or DID - dissociative identity disorder


Medical Science

Medical Research
Government Medical Abuse - 6/24/2004 - One of the doctors involved in the MK-ULTRA Project -
Dr. Ewen Cameron
was President of the American, Canadian, and World Psychiatric Associations [4].
The Department of National Health and Welfare awarded grants to Dr. Cameron
for experiments..
Carol Rutz, a survivor of CIA mind-control who eventually recovered her memory, came forward to expose abuses
against her and others. She write about experiences under the MK-ULTRA: "The CIA bought my services from my grand-
father at the tender age of 4. Over the next 12 years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways.
Electroshock, drugs, hypnosis
, sensory deprivation, and other types of trauma were used to make me compliant
and split my personality
(i.e., create multiple personalities for various tasks).
Each alter or personality was created to respond to a post-hypnotic trigger,
then perform an act and not remember it later
." [11] 
Many women brainwashed in the MK-ULTRA program were raped as part of their mental conditioning process [12].
The 1 doctor to admit his role in the mind-control projects, G.H. Estabrooks, used hypnosis as an interrogation method
for juvenile delinquents. This was under the direct authority of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.
Dr. Estabrooks reported to Science Digest that the creation of multiple personality disorder could produce hypnotic
couriers he referred to as “super spies” [13]. In his book Hypnotism, he defends the practice as necessary because of the
war demands [14]. In 1961, the MK-ULTRA Subproject Proposal stated the creation of a multiple personality
disorder in children as one of its goals
[15]. The following FOIA documents explains the results of the procedure [16]: 

Inner Healing Ministry

Sanford, John Loren and Mark - Elijah House Ministries, Spokane Valley, Washington state, USA
Deliverance and Inner Healing - Section #1 Relationship between Deliverance and Inner Healing
#8 A Balanced Approach toward mental Illness and Disorders - A Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder -
A woman with a name tag of Jeannie was identified as Alice by the Lord.  "To survive she made herself believe
that her traumas had happened to someone else.  She constructed separate identities within herself. 
They were NOT demons needing to be cast out.  The fracturing was a coping mechanism...
It is unbiblical to believe that a person can have more than 1 personality, for that would imply that he has more than 1 soul...The prevailing thought that dissociated parts are not, in fact, personalities...Instead, each part is split off to handle only a particular set of memories, or 1 memory, or even a fragment of a memories...but only certain tasks, roles or personality traits. 
The parts do not mature as a normal personality would, but stay fixed at a particular age (usually, the age at which a major trauma occurred)...
The American Psychiatric Association has changed the name 'multiple personality disorder' to 'dissociative identity disorder'.  For as experts in the field agree, the point of any healing process should be to gently bring the person to embrace the fact that all the trauma really did happen to one person, not many...
While we do NOT believe that these are separate personalities or souls, is it really unbiblical to believe that a person is capable of perceiving himself this way?
...Isaiah 61:1 says, 'He has sent Me to bind up the broken hearted'.  In Hebrew, broken-hearted literally means 'a heart that is broken into pieces.'1 
But this is NOT a description of multiple hearts; it is a description of 1 heart that has been fractured...
We have all conveniently 'forgotten' inconvenient truths...all felt cut off from an emotion or a talent...have felt a barrier between head and heart...
for Alice, each identity bore for her the pain of a trauma she herself (her 'core identity', in clinical language) was unable to face...
Not knowing Jesus, this became her only hope for survival and a sense of normalcy."


Multiple Personality Disorder
Multiple Personality Disorder or DID -
Discussion of alters (typically considered fractured personalities behaving at emotional level
at age of fracture).
Apr-07 - Mental Illness? from - "Today they speak of 'multiple personality disorders'...
The different persona... (personalities) although from the same person...a different demon.
If a person has multiple demons residing, of what use is drug therapy? If anything, the drugs compound the problem
by relieving any sense of 'self-control' as the 'Vacancy' sign is turned on. In such a case, the only benefit of drugs
might be if the person is exhibiting violent physical behavior, endangering himself and/or those around him;
then, perhaps drugs can 'disable' the physical body from being able to respond to the spiritual/soul control of the brain.
Remember? The brain makes the body move, physically; but it is the soul/blood that operates the brain.
What operates the soul (mind/emotions/will)? The (human) spirit? Whose spirit? God's? or Satan's?"
Alters -
Alters - There is the potential for both manipulative spiritual and/or psychiatric mind control by others and/or demons.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez  Regions of Captivity  Chapter 2 At Death's Door 
"The enemy fragments and imprisons our souls (emotions/feelings/thoughts/mind/personality)." 
In "the spiritual world and its different regions, the prisons of souls (are) kept captive." recommended
Friesen, James  Uncovering the Mystery of MPD  Here's Life publishers 
Unless alters are demonic, they cannot be erased or cast out.
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance
attribute the cause as spiritual and thus the needed solution as spiritual
Hampsch, Father  in Healing Your Family Tree (Catholic)
cites a study suggesting that some multiple personalities may arise
from escape into alternate identity due to sexual abuse
Harfouche, Robin  went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple 
Order book #1112 "From Hollywood to Heaven"  8/20-24/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast #1553 - Order program cassette   Order program CD  LISTEN by clicking onto radio internet archives.
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA - Rape/abuse prayer requests 
web address =

Monday radio broadcast shares that some individuals can separate themselves from
abuse/violence/rape by allowing their mind and/or spirit to depart to another location.
Holliday, Pat   Deliverance From Mind Control  5/20/2007 newsletter
September 2007
Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"   
Chapter 12 Gateway to Hell  "The hydra spirit...has body and tail of a lizard, but...7-9 separate snake heads. 
Each head has its own unique personality and voice...that talks to the person...
This is
the (evil) spirit that causes multiple personalities
and It is possible for a person to have more than one of these spirits...
Demonic spirits have something that I call sensors...
The spirit within them will identify another person who is possessed by a hydra head spirit. 
The 2 of them gravitate toward each other. 
When they engage in illicit sexual relations, the number of spirits in both of them multiplies... 
(The hydra spirit) comes out only through prayer, fasting, salvation, and power of Holy Spirit...Nothing else." 
Kraft, Charles H in Defeating Dark Angels - Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life 
cites Dr James Friesen's Uncovering the Mystery of MPD
Friesen suspects that severe abuse creatively produces another personality(s) enabling victim to survive ordeal.
Kraft says each alter has to deal with its own emotional garbage, plus each alter needs to be led to Jesus separately.
MacNutt, Francis  Deliverance from Evil Spirits - chapter 5 How Do We Know If an Evil Spirit Is Really Present
warns us to tread carefully, if the Holy Spirit has not told us definitely what the root issue is,
for we can further fracture the multiple personalities. 
Chapter 17 Satanic Ritual Abuse again warns us that most people with multiple personalities (alters)
do NOT have demons that need to be cast out, at least initially.  READ THIS CHAPTER. 
AMP may be God's method for a terrorized/victimized person to survive. 
MP persons need TLC first and foremost.
MPD - Paranoia Bulletin #5: The MPD Horror -  Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler:
The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave -
of use to deprogrammers - PDF file -
Multiple Personality Disorders cassette tape by Monty Mulkey,
West Coast Church of Deliverance, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Savard, Liberty - Breaking the Power - - Chapter 3 Satanic/Soulish Deception of the Church 
Savard refuses to give credibility to separate counterfeit 'personalities' of a fragmented soul. 
Savard contends that the soul defends itself by masquerading as fragmented personalities. 
Savard binds the (fragmented) soul as a single entity to God's will, purposes, truth, and mind of Christ. 
Savard has the victim renounce, loose, and repent of all wrong agreements with any 'wounded inner child'
theory as well as all victim mentality programming.  Savard prays to bind the person's soul/mind,
, and spirit to the truth of the Word of God in scripture
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown Prepare for War 
Chapter 14 Ritualistic Child Abuse shares that ritualistic child abuse during satanic services are
always for the purpose of placing demons (multiple personalities) within a child.
Food for Thought
CONSIDER the possibility that each/either theory or belief above is true, in some circumstances
(soul fragmentation: by self for protection or by a demon through violence)
or even that a combination of the above ideas are true from time to time.
2nd, often it matters little the method (self-defense/demon/occultism) of fragmentation,
as long as the root cause/trauma is identified/exposed and dealt with - gently/kindly/compassionately.


Cox, Paul L  Prayer of Restoration and Regeneration - "We began to receive words that a demon named Dagon
was connected to the church a and to many who had MPD."  Realizing this demon is a problem,
"I renounce & repent for myself, for all those in my family generational line & as a current member of the body of Christ"
every past & present sin, especially __________________ (See web link.) 
"Lord, would You reconnect us to You, our Head and true source,
and cut any ungodly connections that would cause any ungodly electrical impulses? 
Lord would You balance (,distance, remove or cancel) all electro-magnetic fields
that would deceive, defile, corrupt & contaminate our spirit, soul & body?
[Lord please void/reverse any/all electrical/magnetic treatment/therapy damage (ECT).]
Would You please disconnect me (us) from all ungodly heavenly places?
Please complete our regeneration
Would You cleanse and reconnect the DNA of our bloodlines and the Body of Christ and weld the fragments together with the fire and glory of God?
Would You give me (us/them/him/her) discernment of my (our/their/his/her) memories in my (our/their/his/her) brain and in my (our/their/his/her) cells? 
Please allow me (us/them/him/her) to know if they are true or false, if they are past or present, ancestral or my (us/them/him/her) own. 
Please give me (us/them/him/her) Your wisdom and direction to know what to do with Your answer.
I declare that as all believers are called into the priesthood of the Lord, I (we/he/she) bear the iniquity (consequence/curse) of the sins against the (Your) sanctuary. 
Oh Lord, the great and awesome God who keeps His covenant of love with all who love Him and obey His commands,
we have sinned and done wrong.  We have committed iniquity.  We have done wickedly and rebelled...even by departing from Your precepts and judgments.  Neither have we heeded your servants, the prophets who spoke in Your name, to our king and to our princes, to our fathers and all of the people of the land.
I (we) declare that You are the head and establisher of the true priestly line of Melchizedek.
I (we) declare that You are the establisher of us as living stones who are being built into a spiritual house,
a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to You Father, through  Jesus Christ (Your Son).
I (we) declare that (we/he/she) I am part of a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God and that we will reign on earth with You.
Now therefore, our God, hear the prayer of Your servant and his (our)supplications, and for the Lord’s sake cause Your face to shine on Your sanctuary, which is desolate.  My God, incline Your ear and hear.  Open Your eyes and see our desolations and the city which is called by Your name, for we do not present our supplications before You because of our righteous deeds, but because of Your great mercies.  O Lord, hear, forgive, listen and act.
Do not delay for Your own sake, my (our) God; for Your city and Your people are called by Your name."


Watkins, Lorenzo - @ -
LDM -Tallahassee-Big Bend (Florida) -

Conventional Resources

Bobgan, Martin & Deidre -  - 1989 -
chapter 21 by secular/scientific couple who seem to refute the Bible &/or Judeo-Christian counselors, but on non-religious issues.
Friesen, James  Uncovering the Mystery of MPD, Case Studies  Here's Life publishers 
Excellent book on DID/MPD/SRA (satanic ritual abuse).
McHugh, Dr Paul R - The Mind Has Mountains  
Part 3 A Woeful Misdirection of a Tradition has section
Dissociative Identity Disorder Is a Socially constructed Artifact
. Excellent textbook on DSM evolution.
DID is synonym for MPD or multiple personality disorder. 
Brilliant mind, but undiscerning in spiritual warfare matters. 
Pray that the veil be removed.
Mind Control
Smith, Margaret  Ritual Abuse  Harper Collins publisher - Discusses many types of ritual abuse.
Stout, Martha  They Myth of Sanity - Divided Consciousness and the Promise of Awareness 
Penguin books publisher Stout, a Boston psychologist, shares/showcases her clients as a composites to preserve identities. 
Her section 3
Split Identity
helps clarify just exactly how a MPD/DID person might behave +
how the medical society in DSM 4 perceives/diagnoses MPD/DID. 
" 1994, was renamed...DID...Hysteria (or 'wandering uterus')...gave way to...
'anxiety disorders'" DID "is defined as the presence of 2 or more  distinct identities or ego states,
'each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self,
' in an individual for whom at least 2 of these ego states recurrently take control of behavior." 
Stout believes these personalities are survival/coping identities. 
(For those who believe in evil spirits,
the book strengthens the concept of the possibility of demons speaking through the mouth of some of the victims/patients.)
Stout, "Do they have conversations with each other in your head?"  Patient, "Constantly...
Sometimes I'd do almost anything to drown them out.  Sometimes the vodka helps. 
What they argue about mainly is that they all want to come out all the time...You know about Abe. 
He wants to die.  He talks to me a lot.  It's really hard to keep him in.  Sometimes I think I can't do it."

Walking the Line between Conventional & Spiritual Ideology -
Multiple Personality Disorder and Demonic and Spirit Possession
– Part I - 2005 - 
"M. Scott Peck writes about 2 of his patients who were possessed and of their exorcisms at which he attended in Chapter 5
of his book, Of Possession and Exorcism. He refers readers to Malachi Martin's Hostage to the Devil, an excellent book." - 
Paranormal Behaviour  by Jill Stefko

Conspiracy Theories
Illimani malice -  "Another method that has also been used to enhance memory is hypnosis.
Estabrooks was able in the 1930s to create Multiple personalities via hypnosis and get incredible mental feats accomplished by those parts which were asked under hypnosis to have photographic memories.
Still another method is to place small transceivers into the head or body of the person.
These implants have been attached in the neck or other places, and have been connected to various parts of the brain.
This has allowed special intelligence agents to be linked to large computers.
The intelligence asset can get continuous information on anything the intelligence agencies have managed to get into their large computers. Brain implants can down load incredible amounts of information to the brain, however, the ability to use this information wisely is still a skill.
Having a library of information available doesn’t necessarily mean a person is wiser.
For more on slave-computer interfacing see the index for information on ALEX, Amalgamated Logarithmic Encrypted Transmissions,
and UNIX systems which are used to tie the Monarch Mind to computers.  Drugs and torture are also used to enhance memory.
Brain stem scarring is not the only method to enhance memory, but it has been a 'highly successful' good method (if one doesn’t count all the ruined lives when it’s failed).   MPD also naturally increases the brain’s functioning several fold, and can help give photographic memories." 2/15/2007
Svali articles - -
Original MP3s of Svali radio appearance with Szymanski - 1/17/2006
Alters - - mikal haley
John Todd's Testimony
Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier - The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave -
The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim - section #2D. How MPD works @

Healing Testimonies

Campbell, Wesley and Stacey 3/30-4/3/2009 - Radio broadcast #1637 
Thursday's (4/2/2009) program shares wonderful testimony of Jesus healing a woman with multiple personalities.
Clark, Randy  There Is More  Chapter 12 shares the healing/deliverance of a girl with multiple personalities. 
Carole Baerg covered the girl's eyes and declared the glory of God over her.
Cox, Paul  The Sound of the Lord Unidentified woman testifies, "In 2002 the Lord revealed to me that
I had Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder...
Satanic ritual abuse was the cause of my dissociation...I no longer hear voices."
Anita Hill autobiography on cassette 10/6-10/2003  
Ms Hill cured of 14 diseases including multiple personalities through spiritual principles taught by
Henry W Wright +  
Souza, Katie - -
Watton - Surviving Together, the Memory Debate - Ritual Satanic Abuse and the role of Evil Spirits - "Pastors and missionaries testify to demon possession (demonization/oppression) among many peoples of the world today, from primitive heathen tribes with animistic beliefs to highly educated persons from Europe and America. In numerous cases those who commit mass murders and suicide seem to have been impelled by wicked demons. It is urgent that Christian workers take seriously this doctrine and learn to exercise the authority of Christ to set free those who are demon oppressed or possessed."
pg 449 Demonology; The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, 1983 Moody paperback edition
Williams, Tonya - 6/12/2006 TV broadcast includes healing testimony of Tonya Williams who attended Mercy Missions treatment center. 
Watch or listen =
Think About What You Are Thinking About - Part I
or order at
Think About What You Are Thinking + AboutCached + - What greatly contributed to her healing was her reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.