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Clark, Hulda Reger attributes parasites &/or pollutants to mental problems. 
She advocates electronic & herbal treatment. 
[DANGER - The electronic (ECT) may NOT be of God, especially if administered by nonbelievers in Jesus Christ.]

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1. Overcoming Mental Illness (Part 1) + 2. Overcoming Mental Illness (Part 2) @
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Elderberry @ - 2023-07-16 @ - A healthy gut can contribute to emotional, mental & physical health. Cites low carb + osteogenic diet to help stabilie mood + shed weight due to meds.
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   with transcript - Chris Palmer:  It’s been a work in progress for over 25 years as an academic psychiatrist.
But the pivotal moment for me was in 2016, when I used the ketogenic diet to help a patient of mine with schizoaffective disorder lose weight. That was really my only goal. I had NO concept that it might help his psychotic symptoms or other symptoms. I was simply trying to help the guy lose weight. I’d been using the ketogenic diet for people with depression, or even just low-carbohydrate diets or getting rid of junk food.
I’d been using those approaches for almost 20 years (for bipolar & anxiety), I think, at that point. But depression is very different [from] schizoaffective disorder. So this man tried the ketogenic diet, [&] within 2 weeks, not only did he begin to lose weight, but I started to notice an antidepressant effect in him. He was becoming less sedated, making better eye contact, [&] talking a lot more. But the most astonishing thing was that, at about 6-8 weeks into the diet, he spontaneously told me that his auditory hallucinations were going away, his long-standing paranoid delusions were going away, [&] he began to realize that they weren’t true and probably never had been.
This man went on to lose 160 pounds & has kept it off to this day. He was able to do things that he had not been able to do since the time of his diagnosis. He was able to go out in public & not be terrified that everybody was trying to mess with him or harm him in some way. He was able to complete a certificate program. He was able to perform improv in front of a live audience. These things would have been impossible for him prior to the diet. Seeing schizoaffective disorder, a version of schizophrenia, go into nearly complete remission from a diet in many ways completely upended everything that I had been taught as an academic psychiatrist, & it forced me to do a deep dive into a tremendous amount of science to try to understand what just happened."
(Palmer's protocol is to slowly titrate patient off most/all meds, to degree possible.)
GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid/amino acid Audie G Leventhal, Utah School of Medicine, found that GABA eliminates brain garbage signals that distract & overwhelm. Take PM. www.  9/4/2003
Glutmine or glutamic acid helps get rid of brain ammonia which can cause irritability, nausea, vomiting, tremors, hallucinations, fatigue, confusion, inability to concentrate, exaggerated mood swings & death per Erdmann in The Amino Revolution
Susan Heitler Ph.D.
10/27/2014 Editorial -
Chapter #1
Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More website
Power of Two Marriage, which teaches skills for marriage success.
Free worksheets + video examples:
Depression  Anger  Anxiety   Addictions   Well-Being   Relationships
Leej, Arthur - - Electricity & Mental Conditions -
(Caution - Avoid Edgar Cayce, spirit mediums and other NON Judeo-Christian modalities. 
Nowadays the secular remedy ECT is used mostly for bipolar & severe depression.) 
Arthur E. Baines was a submarine cable engineer...
Using a sensitive galvanometer, he began to measure the deflection between the index fingers of the right & left hands.  A normal healthy person had a deflection of 1.5 microamperes.
He reasoned that people with lower electrical deflection were often unhealthy...
He found a big change in electrical deflection when people were near power lines...
Baines & his medical friends tried treating people by having them hold hard carbon rods in their right hands.
The galvanometer quickly went off scale.
He found that nerve deafness, severe fatigue & many cases of paralysis were due to inadequate body electricity. 
1 case of paralysis recovered after 13 years by this simple technique...
If the positive electrode produces an elevated mood above the eyebrows, then could a negative electrode in the same place calm down those who needed it? This was studied in 4 persons with manic states.
They were given 250 microampere currents for 2-3 hours.
After 10 days of treatment, 3 patients had their excited behavior & elevated mood restored to controllable levels...
The demon theory of mental illness (died) passed away with the coming of the medical revolution of the 19th century. According to the theory (based on Scripture or God's thoughts), people hearing voices in their heads & people with multiple personalities had valid reason for believing that they were possessed by demons.
The Bible said that true believers could cast out the voices.
The theory faded after priests & preachers failed in their attempts to exorcise the 'bad spirits.' 
Reverend Joseph Priestley, the leader of a Presbyterian Church in Leeds, England, in 1770, experimented with electricity. It was rumored that he could perform miracles.
A woman who believed that an evil spirit possessed her came to him & begged for help.
He didn’t want to treat her, but he finally sat her on an insulated stool & charged her with static electricity.
He ended the session by giving her a good shock. The woman explained:
'There, the devil’s gone. I saw him go off in that blue flame.  He gave me such a jerk as he went'...
Electricity has been used to treat addiction & mental conditions. 
If you really want to quit something, but you just can’t break the cycle, you can treat yourself, but it is best to have professional help (initially).
An apparatus can be made from a 9-volt battery (SLOWLY) stepped up to produce a 70-volt AC shock...
Researchers have been experimenting with cranial electro-stimulation. 
The CES units are very similar to electro-sleep units.
They are set at 100 hertz with a pulse width of 2 milliseconds. 
The electrodes are placed just below the ears & a pulse is applied for 40 minutes a day for several weeks."
L-glutamic amino acid may detoxify brain ammonia by forming glutamine which can
cross the blood-brain barrier & help in the production of GABA, DNA & energy.
Narramore, Bruce (fundamentalist) Christian Psychologist - Printable brochures (that align with conventional medical protocol) on Mulitple Personality, Bipolar (Manic Depression) Attention Deficit, Depression, Schizophrenia, Adolescent Drug Abuse, Avoidant Personality, Sexual Compulsion + others (Caution - Avoid acupuncture & yoga.) Self Forgiving is Essential for Healing (but only after repenting to the Trinity.)
Nutrition & Mental Illness - Sampling of the Current Scientific Literature part 2 - - by Gary Null and Martin Feldman MD -
Older clients may be helped with acetyl-L-carnitine, B12, B1, B9, calcium, magnesium, trace elements & ascorbic acid.  
Nutritional Psychiatrist Melvyn Werbach MD - Nutritional Influences on Mental Illness -
Nutritional Influences on Illness
O'Neill, Barbara @ Healing the Mind video by nutritionist - 10/22/2017
O'Neill, Barbara @ - 5/28/2023 - - 10/7/2005  
Osmond, Humphry psychiatrist with Smythies and Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer developed idea of endogenous production of adrenalin-based hallucinogen & subsequently the adreno-chrome hypothesis of schizophrenia & its treatment with vitamin B3. Coined with word "psychedelic" -
Linus Pauling, molecular biologist, won the Nobel Prize twice.  He coined the term orthomolecular, orthomolecular psychiatry, and orthomolecular medicine.  He advocated the treatment of mental disease by the provision of optimum molecular environment for the mind, especially optimum vitamin & herb ingredients, such as vitamin c, that are normally present in a healthy body.
Pfeiffer, Carl C MD Mental and  Elemental Nutrients, The Healing Nutrients,
Dr Pfeiffer's Total Nutrition
, Nutritional Science and Cookery,
Neurobiology of the Trace Metals Zinc & Copper
Founder of Brain Bio Center, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Quotes:
"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect." 
"If there's a drug that can alter the brain's biochemistry, there's usually a combination of nutrients that can achieve the same thing without side-effects."
Polypharmacy (drug cocktails) are a last ditch attempt by psychiatrists to rescue those
with severe depression, bipolar, or schizophrenia. 8/10/2004
Spanbauer, Chris & Christine  1/2003 cassette
Vitamin B3 or the Adrenochrome Theory of Schizophrenia by psychiatrist Abram Hoffer (deceased) Canadian Psychiatrist, founder Orthomolecular med -
audio #020412-130 at Nutritional Medicine Today 4/02 order at 1-905-889-6555 
Vitamin C helps many psychiatric patients according to Dr. C. Milner (1964 Prevention
and British Journal of Psychiatry ) per Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing
Roger J. Williams, chemistry professor, founder Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute, discovered vitamin B5 (panothenic acid) & many vitamin related discoveries. 
He developed Genetotrophic disease theory saying deficiencies in our microenvironment
result in disease (especially psychiatric).


Carpenter, Ron @  2013 -
(Where were/are the Messianic-Christian & deliverance mentors, esp. for pastors?)
Dan Chaon's novel is an autobiography of his recovery You Remind Me of Me
Gilmer, Dr. Vance & Mr. Hyde is the story of a small town doctor who murders his
father for mysterious reasons. Many years later, we learn that
Huntington’s disease
was the reason behind many of his behaviors.
11/25/2018 RADIO
(Program notes that compassionate prison release request may be preferable to litigation.)
Hafner, Susan Laner - autobiography - One Touch - The Story of an Awakened Heart - - Both Susan's mom & dad had mental illness issues.
Hickey, Marilyn - Shattered Mind NOT Demon Possessed -  - Testimony begins at end: approx 23:23 - where Marilyn shares that William Branham told her mom to place her tear stained handkerchief on her husband to allow God to heal him, that he was NOT demon possessed but rather had a shattered mind.
Hickey, Marilyn - Your Pathway to Miracles - Chapter 7 Miracles from the Prayer Closet
"When my mother was 40 years old, she reached out to God to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit out of desperation concerning my father's mental illness.  Because he was mentally broken, he'd become verbally & physically abusive...Shortly after this, my father was admitted to a mental hospital.
The doctors said he would never come out again.  Yet my mother began to pray & fast. 
Within 1 year, my father was healed... She lived to be 90 years of age & prayed intensely for everything."
Hickey, Marilyn and Sarah - 11/17-23/2011 - Breaking Generational Curses
Part 1
- Watch this Program Here - superior - Includes spiritual insight on divorce.
Mental illness had infested the Hickey bloodline, but God reminded Marilyn that her (creator/spiritual) Father was God & He did NOT have mental illness in His blood line.

Generational curses are real but not something we have to live under. @
Hickey, Marilyn - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3
Marilyn's dad was released from mental institution after her mom applied anointed handkerchief. 4/9/2015
Hickey, Marilyn -
Testimony - 5/20/2015
Hoffer, Dr Abram (deceased Canadian Psychiatrist)  Masks of Madness  video @ Share improvements/healings through use of alternative orthomolecular medicine (nutritional supplements esp. vitamin B3). 
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Hugo, Adele - Madame Pinson editorial from - erotomania -
1975 movie directed by Francois Truffaut -
The Story of Adele H
Glenda Jackson - – 10/20/2014
Radio - 9/22/2014
ured own mate of insanity
Jackson, Vanessa - African American Stories of Oppression, Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems - - Spirituality
"The majority of the interviewees spoke of the importance of their spirituality in their recovery process.  One interviewee identified as Muslim & the rest identified with some form of Christianity. 
My own spiritual tradition incorporates African ancestor worship & is heavily influenced by the work of psychiatric liberation activist, priestess & author Luisah Teish

At the worst moment of my depression, I created an altar to reflect my intense pain & my hope for recovery.
Several people talked about the need to help religious institutions respond more effectively to mental health concerns. 
An interviewee who identifies as a lesbian recalls being subjected to a form of  'exorcism' as a child to deal with perceived mental health issues and the sense for her family that 'if you don’t fix this now, you are going to have a lesbian on your hands.'  The depth of spiritual wounding that can occur when an individual is cut off from his or her religious community or, even worse, when religion is used to further abuse people, is incredible. 
On the other hand, the power that spirituality has to heal & to restore a survivor’s sense of self & serve as a vehicle for reconnection to community is equally powerful. 
The documentary Dakar:When the Spirits Are Angry chronicles a healing ritual in Dakar, Senegal, during which a woman suffering from diabetes & emotional distress is treated by the local healer. 
There were many amazing events that occurred in the course of this nearly week-long ritual, but what stood out for me most was that the entire community was involved in lending energy, through music, dance, cooking, prayer, to this woman’s recovery.  Maybe community connection was key to her healing. 
A local doctor noted, 'The ritual is designed to cure the sick person & community, which believes that [he or she] is sick.' (Dakar,1999) 
The understanding that the community must be healed for the person to truly be well is a radical notion that would be useful for modern psychiatry to consider. 
How can we draw on these traditions to create a model of recovery for African-American psychiatric survivors?"
Kennedy, Rosemary -
Kennedy, Rosemary -

Larson, Kate Clifford - Biographer has 3 historical female investigations: +
One might also like 2 following: +

Margot Kidder (superman's wife Lois Lane) bipolar symptoms were remediated through diet, herbs & supplements (despite a few relapses). (autobiography Calamities) Her testimony is on video above. - 
King George 3rd
Kubala, Margaret-Ann - In His Way and His Time - -
Autobiography of healing from schizophrenia.
Max @ + +
Natalie @ 
Pines, Paul - My Brother's Madness "Paranoid schizophrenia, an illness that began to assert itself when Claude was a promising medical student & which inexorably drove him into a marginal life."
Salinger, JD - 9/4/2013 -   "Salinger’s horrific eye witness experiences during the liberation of Dachau, etc. caused him to have a nervous breakdown, post-traumatic stress syndrome & a variety of mental illnesses."
Simmie, Scott & Nunes, Julia The Last Taboo +
Beyond Crazy - Journeys through Mental Illness
Collection of Canadian testimonies of coping with mental illness. winter 2002 newsletter review
A South Sudanese psychiatrist's Herculean task - 10/29/2014
Trissel, Kathleen - Ohio licensed professional clinical counselor -
Facing Mental Illness
- autobiography of healing - fall 2006 -
Uganda - Breaking the stigma around mental illness in Uganda - BBC special - 2/20/2015
Uganda - What Uganda can teach West Africa about Ebola - 8/12/2014
Vincere  Mussolini of Italy abuses power.
While being married to (2nd) wife, Mussolini institutionalizes mistress (or purported 1st wife & their son). 
Movie indicates that a Catholic hospital gives mistress (1st wife) a lobotomy. WARNING:
(Movie is very explicit & emotionally violent. 
NOT recommended for general public, especially not for minors.)
Walmann, Irving - -
"Irving G. Walmann, Gladstone, MO, born January 22, 1927, Minneapolis, MN,
passed away 6/12/2009...
Download ? Mental Illness for Caregivers -
Download PDF Mental Illness - Can it be Cured, Prevented -
Lending Library - recommended book
Author, parent of child diagnosed with schizophrenia, came to similar conclusions of
Canadian Psychiatrist Abram Hoffer
Because his son was diagnosed with mental illness at an early age, Irving Walmann has spent over 40 years reading up on the subject.  The book...'Backed by over 200 references to the writings of experts...[he] believe[s] that almost all mental illness is caused by a shortage of...tryptophan, in the blood.' The neurons in our brains use trytophan to produce serotonin. Walmann goes on to state, 'I...believe that a shortage of serotonin is the primary cause of the depressive mental illnesses.' In fact, he argues that much mental illness could be prevented & 'that both the depressive illnesses and schizophrenia stand a good chance of being eliminated,' if only doctors would (have the courage to test, to) act on his ideas.  Walmann...points out...that many medical problems throughout time have had simple solutions, which were considered ridiculous at their particular place in history – citrus fruit to prevent scurvy & vitamin D from cod liver oil to prevent rickets...
2 examples...I have to admit to finishing the book wondering, 'What if he’s right?'"

Walsh, Sheila - 1/18/2017
amazing testimony re mental health

Wilson, President Woodrow - -
"What was the explanation for the mental collapse of Woodrow Wilson?  1 of the sequelae (consequence of prior disease) of (the 2018) influenza is mental illness or deterioration (& in some cases even schizophrenia). 
This combined with pre-existing cerebral arteriosclerosis did the trick (of misgoverance/misjudgment)."


Aluminum -
"Immune activation injury (esp. due to vaccination given during significant developmental stages of infancy/youth) is linked (can contribute) to autism, schizophrenia, depression & other mental illnesses or neuro-developmental disorders. Immune activation effects on the brain are mediated by immune system signaling molecules, especially cytokines (Estes 2016, Meyer 2014, Smith 2007, Choi 2016, Pineda 2013)"
Johnson, Catherine  Shadow Snydromes - The Mild Forms of Major Mental Disorders That Sabotage Us
& When to Say Goodbye to Your Therapist - Author specializes in brain & neuropsychiatry writings. 
2 of her sons have autism.
Warning.  An excess of the amino acid methionine (SAMe) may result in psychological problems. 
This is likely due to the lack of magnesium per Erdmann in The Amino Revolution.
Add magnesium (+ daily banana for potassium) to diet.  SAMe is best for depression & worst for mania, as rule of thumb.  During mania reduce intake of red beet roots, broccoli, spinach & many inexpensive wines which contribute to the body's formation of SAMe.


Steven Brooks - Nuclear Power - 4/30-5/6/2012 - transcript Steven prays for you during program.
Cerullo, Morris - Victory TV 4/26-30/2010 - How to Win the Battle for Your Mind!
#222 - click here to watch it  #223- click here to watch it + #224-2246 -
Satan's strategies against God's people (church) is to terrorize, persecute, oppress, delude &/or possess.
"Refuse to Give Satan Access to Your Mind," the arena of thoughts and battles.
Cohen, Jeffrey - Judaism and Mental Illness - -
"The 1st onset of mental illness is on average at the age of 18-19...Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772–1810) spoke of the distinction between R'fuat HaGoof (Healing of the body) & R'fuat HaNefesh (Healing of the Spirit).5
In modern medicine a distinction has emerged between curing (what hospitals attempt to do) & healing which is a (w)holistic care model focusing on the 4 dimensions of a person: namely physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual.6"
Jennifer Eivaz - 8/6/2017 -
SID: Any mind type diseases, Alzheimer's, bones. Pray right now.
JENNIFER:  I just prophesy over your body right now.
I prophesy to your mind, that you have a sound mind.
God has not given you a spirit of fear.
He has given you power and love & a sound mind.
I break mental illness off of you.
I command your mind to come together in the name of Jesus.
I command your sanity to come back.
I command your chemicals to balance out.
I command a reversal in Alzheimer's and dementia right here & right now.
I even speak to your bones.
I command your bones to be healed, your broken bones to set themselves right now,
for fractures to heal, for knees to be healed, backs to be healed, discs to be healed.
Your body made whole, I prophesy it, in Jesus' name.
Goll, James @ Transcript - 6/3/2015 @ or - Edited Excerpt -
JAMES: The man of fire himself, Jesus, like Revelation, Chapter 1 says, "With every wound I received, I obtained a special level of healing for my people." Now while I explain this, I believe that faith is going to light up in the people's hearts right now, as I just explain this. As I speak this out, a special level of healing will come your way right now. He took me to His wounds: to his back & the 39 stripes. Within each of those places where the back of Yeshua Jesus was laid open, I saw names of sicknesses & diseases. I saw leukemia, paralysis, scoliosis, just different names. I saw names written in every 1 of the stripes of Jesus. He takes me to the crown of thorns & says, "When the crown of thorns was pierced upon My head, I obtained healing for every mental disease known to mankind." He took me to His feet where they were pierced through & said, "I obtained healing for paralysis." He took me to His hands & said something very distinctly, "Did you know that most diseases are transferred by touch. I obtained healing when I was nailed, pierced through in My hands. I obtained a special level of healing for every contagious disease." I believe Holy Spirit wants to touch some of you right now. Maybe you've gotten just some kind of sickness. Maybe you're like me with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. You have authority to give away what Jesus has given to you. Right now I just speak TO leukemia, I speak TO blood disorders. I speak to someone who's on kidney dialysis. God has another way. He is going to bring purification to your blood & kidneys.
Jesus even was pierced through. I want to say to you, He has healing for every heart. Someone with like a hole in their heart & someone with a heart murmur, the Lord Himself is coming by to visit your house. 
Healing is coming to your house today.
SID: You said it's 1 thing to understand this revelation, which Jesus taught, like the 39 stripes. Explain again.
JAMES: Jesus's whole back was laid open.  It says, "By His stripes we are healed."
He took me, turned to the side & revealed His back to me. I saw that it had been laid open.
Within every 1 of these wounds, there was a name that was written of a disease or a sickness.
Because for every wound Jesus received, He obtained a special level of healing for his people.
SID: How do you get that revelation to become fact. 
There's faith involved. God has taught you a principle called decree. Explain.
JAMES: The Book of Job says, "You shall decree a thing & it will be established." & "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." The Book of James says, that, "Our soul is saved by the ingrafting of the Word of God." So we've got to store up the Word of God, the Bible, in our hearts.  Then we have got to proclaim the salvation of God. So we proclaim, "My whole house shall be saved." We proclaim: "By His stripes I am healed."
I didn't just have an experience, an encounter. I then had to learn to work the miracle, called, the workings (or the working out) of miracles.  So God does His part.  Then we cooperate & do our part.
I had to learn to (consistently) prophesy & decree (apply scripture) over my physical body, over my organs & speak (resurrection) life (in Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power.  Then thank Him).
Heflin, Ruth Ward - RIVER GLORY (678KB)  chapter 19 Meet God in the River (that flows from God's throne.) -
Psalm 46:4-5 God is in the midst of her.  "Sometimes, the deeper people get in (the river) the more normal they become.  God puts some normalcy into those who have no normalcy in the natural
Their lives have been misshapen and filled with turmoil, but as they get into the river, God begins to put into action a healing process that will forever transform their lives.  He brings normalcy to a life that has known none.  While they are in the Spirit, way out in the depths of the river, God brings a healing to the body...emotions... mind.  He gives them a new sense of direction.  They know that they are going forward into the full purposes of God."
Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - 11/17-23/2011 - Breaking Generational Curses
Part 1
- Watch this Program Here - superior - Mental illness had infested the Hickey bloodline, but God reminded Marilyn that her Father was God and He did not have mental illness in His blood line. 
Generational curses are real but not something we have to live under.  @
Hull, Cletus L. - - Pennsylvania, USA
784:my-church-is-a-mental-hospital&catid=226:hl-articles-2015-2&Itemid=373 +
Kat Kerr - Read your bible daily !! [Don't miss ] TN Radio Show interview @ Kat Kerr 2016 - 9/7/2016 or -
A sound mind is determined by what we put/allow in our soul (consisting of mind/will/emotions). 
[Regarding Messianic Christians who have invited Holy Spirit to live in their human spirit:  In Jesus' name (after REPENTing) one can by a deliberate act of his will LOOSE from his soul each negative deposit or layer that has wounded him & BIND to his soul God's opposite virtues + the soul of Christ (so that curses are REPLACED with blessings, evil with good).  To be whole one also needs to RETRIEVE, call back all soul layers that were given away/forfeited/stolen, such as by a rapist/terrorist/kidnapper or an illicit sexual act.]
April 17 at 2:29pm @ The Kat KerrThe Kat Kerr - "The Soul" Recorded on 3/17/2017
Kat speaking on the soul at New Freedom Fellowship in Okolona, MS. -
Father God is accelerating mental health healing/deliverance, as He/we do not have time for hours of mental health counseling and other secular or spiritual remedies. 
We regularly/consistently/immediately LOOSE any thing which comes to our attention,
so as to disallow it to nest/incubate/germinate/take root in our soul (mind/emotions) or reproduce in our family tree.  We replace any evicted thing with God's virtues, by BINDING God's goodness/character to our soul layers/heart/mind, via an act of our will, regardless of our feelings/emotions/thoughts, according to what scripture tells us is ours as His heirs.
Lopez, Jeremy - Prevention. ~ 2016- Year of The Mind of Christ by Jeremy Lopez -
Massey, Jamie - - VIDEO testimony - ends with 2 prayers
Video is from - -
Duluth, Georgia, USA - Regarding the age of 20 -
Satan intimated that Jamie would be insane by age 20. 
She rejected that lie & got well with the help of the Trinity.
4/3/2012 -
Apr-07 - Mental Illness? from -
ental illness' is also a kissin' cousin to the matter of suicide, which we have addressed in the past. [link] & related Q/As [link] - [link] as well as the matter of Chemical Imbalance [link]...
If anything, drugs -mask- the problem, making it impossible for the sick person to become well. How does one become well, unless the 'problem' is squarely faced & dealt with? But if one is drugged up, how is a person able to face reality? In addition to which, mind-altering drugs are a door-way for the entrance of demons.
(After attempting suicide)  I was protected, because I was God's Child (since age 5).
When a person is not in control of their own mind, it is like Jesus spoke of the 'empty house' cleaned & swept.  The demons come along & find the 'Vacancy' sign lit up, they take up residence. (Mt12:43-45)...
Why did Saul go 'crazy'? It says that God's Holy Spirit left him & that an evil spirit came as a replacement.
Saul decided to NOT follow God & be faithfully obedient to Him. When Saul disobeyed, Samuel says to him, 'For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry. Because you have rejected the Word of Jehovah, He also has rejected you from being king.' (1Sa15:23)  Saul's evil crazed mind was not something that he 'COULDN'T HELP IT'. In God's knowledge of his heart, apparently he had made 'choices' within his own spirit (or soul). Jesus said that we cannot serve '2 masters'. (Mt6:24)
Since Saul had rejected God, the only other master was Satan & his demons...
Most of what exists today (regarding DSM diagnosis) is NOT mental 'illness'; it is (often a need for inner healing of old emotional wounds/trauma or) 'sin' (of self or inherited ancestral, either/both which has/have NOT been repented for, the evil spirit evicted and and replaced with God's Holy Spirit). When they speak of 'attention deficit' issues, it is not so much a 'disease' as it is a lack of 'self-control'; the person never grew up to learn self-discipline. Same with 'hyperactivity'. What the world calls a 'disorder' is most usually (unrecognized) 'sin'.
They call it a 'disorder', dope the person up with drugs & actually exacerbate the problem; & never really cure it, because they refuse to acknowledge  (un-repented) 'sin' (the spiritual root) for what it is."
Millsaps, Bob @
“I am a believer in Jesus.
I have a sound mind. The blood Jesus spilled wearing the crown of thorns provides healing for my mind.
I receive the gift of His peace. As my mind is stayed upon Him, I have the mind of Christ. 
I claim complete healing over any torment, guilt, worry or uneasiness in my mind. In Jesus name! Amen...
He said, Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.  The crown of thorns was worn by the King of kings because He knew that 1 of the places that Satan likes to attack believers is in the realm of their mind. 
The crown of thorns encircled the mind of Jesus. 
That crown purchased the right for every 1 of us to have a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7 KJV says
For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, & a sound mind.”
Mohr, Greg - Healing Door - Chapter #3 -
Websites/yourhealingdoor/images/pdfs/healing@20door@20sample.pdf Son Mike was healed after consistently speaking: IT IS WRITTEN scripture TO Mike's body.
Testimony @ Introduction:
You Tube channel -
Facebook - Claris Bible school instructor
Murillo, Mario @ - 042723 -
Spiritual, political + social assault on mental health has already begun, esp. upon students. (1st part of video)
Renner, Rick @ 
Edited excerpt from Dressed to Kill - "TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR THOUGHTS - I’ll share my experience of how I got free from those thoughts, which had tormented me since childhood. It’s not some heavy duty revelation;
it’s actually so practical that anyone can do it. The 1st thing I had to do was to identify the enemy.
You’d think that would be pretty easy to do since the answer is always the same. The devil is our enemy.
But in my case, I had to realize that my brain wasn’t the enemy. The enemy was the devil.
Once I got that straight, I began to understand his tactics: thoughts, ideas, & suggestions.
When I was in the middle of all that, I did not trust myself to just think. It sounds weird, but I really didn’t.
So this is what I had to do. I had to get down to the raw nitty-gritty & inventory every thought I had.
I had to think about what I was thinking about. I couldn’t let my mind just go rampant.
I had to start judging every thought & putting it into 1 of 2 piles: thoughts of life or thoughts of death.
For example, if the thought came to me: No one loves you Kylie Oaks, I would have to analyze that thought. Okay, that is NOT a thought of life. That thought went into the pile of death thoughts.
Then a thought might come such as, I need to use the washroom. I would judge it. Yes, that’s a good & needful thing, so that thought went into the pile of life thoughts. It started out that elementary where I had to take every thought into captivity & judge which pile it went into. Whenever there was a death thought, not so specific as, You deserve to die, but death as in being anti-life or anti-God, I had to recognize it for what it was & deal with it accordingly. This is the key to your victory right now. If you do this, I promise, you will get free.
It is NOT about doing it 1 time; this practice is the sum total of all its parts. When I 1st started doing this, I did it upwards of 200 times a day. I’m not kidding. I would say these things out loud in the most embarrassing places on the planet, like the peanut butter aisle in Walmart. A death thought would come to me, & I’d be whispering, No, not now. But I knew that if I didn’t keep a leg up on the devil, he would keep a leg up on me.
So I would stop there in the store or wherever I was, put my hand on my head as a point of contact & say, 'In the name of Jesus, that is NOT my thought.' What was I doing? 1st of all, I was telling that thought it did NOT belong to me.  I was rejecting the thought of the enemy. Then I would say, 'In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind. I only think thoughts of life. I do not think thoughts of death. That is not my thought. I refuse that thought. I don’t have issues about that anymore.'
After doing that, I would go on. Once I got a little stronger in this, I would insert (whisper) a bit of Scripture that talks about life. I would find a scripture that pertained to the situation that I was dealing with at the time.
If I was dealing with my self-esteem, I would insert a scripture about who I was in Christ Jesus. I started out with the bare basics in Scripture & went from speaking these things to myself 200 times or more a day to about 150, then to about 100. I kept going; I would NOT give up until I was the master of my mind. It came down to 25 times a day & fewer. Then finally 1 day, all of a sudden it seemed like, I woke up & realized that for the whole day before, I had not thought about dying, not 1 single time. When I was dealing with anger issues & that anger would start bubbling up inside of me, I would lay my hand on my head & say, 'In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind. I only think thoughts of life. I do not think thoughts of death.
I do not have an anger issue
.' I started calling those things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17).
I confessed, 'I don’t have anger issues anymore.' Now you might ask, 'Isn’t that lying?' No. It’s going back to who you truly are. I knew these things were true because I’m a child of God. I’ve been made in the image of God, & I walk according to His Word," (God's Truth about me as His born-again Holy Spirit filled child in scripture).
Sanford, Agnes - mental illnes @ - UNFORTUNATELY cited link is obviously NOT from Agnes, but whoever is maintaining her web link.with a secular worldview on this particular subject.
Sumrall, Lester - Witch Doctor - - pg 43
"Dr. A C Pacheco e Silva, a medical authority & psychiatrist,
declared that the major cause of mental illness is spiritism" (especially in Brazil).
LaDonna Taylor @ 2012 -
Music creates a demon free zone.
Walsh, Sheila - 1/18/2017
amazing testimony re mental health
Gary Whetstone - Recommended - Dealing with FEAR is one of his specialties.
Wommack, Andrew - 10/22/2019 -
Wommack, Andrew - 10/22/2019 -
Andrew is rarely tender towards people in trouble, those who are in unbelief.  He has witnessed those who ruminate 24/7 on the negatives, thus not allowing Holy Spirit to interveine in their lives.
On the other hand, those with mental issues, who now stand in a place of God's mercy, revelation & timing, are healed/delivered/restored.  Thus, let us stand in the gap for those hurting people (often under the curse/spell of Pharmacia) until they are able to recognize & receive their rescue & thus begin to walk out their destiny in Christ.  Thanks.
The enemy seems to attack immature young adults, especially in their late teens,
when they have left their home of origin but before they are married.  In other words their parental covering has been removed & as a woman, she does not have the covering of a husband. 
The intensity of the attack might occur (1) if he/she is not born again & baptized in the Holy Spirit (2) is a loner (3) has a mighty destiny on his/her life (4) has a family curse of mental illness that has not been remedied by the blood of Jesus, and (5) does not have family/church praying for him/her.

Miracles + Healings

Bonnke, Reinhard  9/2006 CFAN Impact editorial shares that numerous mentally troubled were healed.
Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer
Chapter 8 Breaking the Enemy's Grip shares that water baptism healed a woman of madness and demonic oppression "in a land where many people are deep into witchcraft religions; sometimes they lose their faculties."
Cho, David Yonggi  The 4th Dimension vol 1 publisher -
Chapter 6 God's Address - shares God's words, "She is suffering from a psychosomatic sickness. 
This is not an organic sickness; this is a mental sickness
" due to guilt
over incest, abortions, and deceit. - (The spiritual repentance/confession does heal the mind/emotions.)
Clark, Randy - 7/13/2015 - &/or (edited excerpt)
RANDY: It was like a goliath taunting Israel's army because I had a young man with schizophrenia in my church.
We were seeing a lot of physical healing, but we weren't seeing any mental healing.
I said, according to Psalms 2:3, it says, "Praise the Lord O my soul, forget not all his benefit who forgives us all of sin and heals all our diseases."  So I said, "Lord, it says all, it doesn't just say just physical.
That includes mental illness as well as physical." So we worked & prayed for that.
A man heard the Lord speak to him.  He goes & gets his daughter who...was paranoid schizophrenic.
She had obsessive compulsive disorder & anorexia.  When he brought her, a friend of mine, an engineer by trade, was starting a new church there, reached over & aid, "I bless you in Jesus' name." She fell out.
That night when she went home she heard the Lord say, "I anoint your head with oil," & she did.
"I anoint your whole body with oil," & she did (anoint her body with oil).
She was knocked (down) & stuck to the floor with electricity going through her body until morning.
When she got up she was mentally normal & healthy.
Pastor Lufile Kasongo Ehambe "Ehambre was born deep in the heart of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  After graduating from high school, Pastor Ehambe rebelled against Christianity, the faith of his parents.  He became deeply involved in Islamic witchcraft
As a result, he became imprisoned by severe mental illness
Pastor Ehambe suffered with chronic insomnia night & day.  He was unable to sleep for 3.5 years.
In addition, he also became extremely ill with bone cancer due to drinking several bottles of perfume during his involvement with witchcraft.  His parents never gave up hope & prayed daily for his healing. 
His conditions were so severe that he was taken to the United States to seek medical attention. 
The doctors could not offer him any medical hope & recommended that he return to his home in Africa. 
When medical & witch doctors could not do anything for him, Barbara Casual a beloved missionary from Oregon, shared the gospel with Pastor Ehambe.  Barbara told Pastor about the powerful death & resurrection of Christ and that Jesus had the power to heal & deliver all who are afflicted. 
He fully accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior & was completely healed. 
In addition, he was delivered from several demonic spirits. 
After his healing & deliverance, he was filled with the Holy Spirit."
Joan Hunter 2012 - Cellular memory is explained.  Trauma memory God can erase. 
Heart transplants, etc can carry negative memory, which can be erased by God. 
Mental illness can be reversed.  Prayers ar at end of program for you. 
Recommended -
Joan Hunter – Freedom Beyond Comprehension Part 1  4/24/13 +
Joan HunterFreedom Beyond Comprehension Part 2  4/25/13
- Remove Label of mental illness, in Jesus' name.
Prayers and Promises for Healing with Joan Hunter 10/18/2017
Healing Prayer for Alzheimer's 
Jason Westerfield #1   Jason Westerfield #2 - LISTEN  4/25/2008 Awesome prayer for Alzheimer's.
4/14-18/2008 #1587
4/21-25/2008 #1588
Hickey, Marilyn - 4/21/2011 (at end of broadcast) shares testimony of anointed cloth (being laid on dad by mom) healing dad from being mentally ill & 2nd testimony of God healing/delivering young man having mental illness under Francis Hunter ministry. +
Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3 4/9/2015
Hickey, Marilyn - Shattered Mind NOT Demon Possessed -  - Testimony begins at end approx 23:23
where Marilyn shares that William Branham told her mom to place her tear stained handkerchief on her husband to allow God to heal him, that he was NOT demon possessed but rather had a shattered mind.
Anita Hill autobiography on cassette 10/6-10/03  
Ms Hill cured of 14 diseases including mental illness through principles taught by Henry W Wright @
Peter Horrobin - Forgiveness - video or transcript -
Hunters' book How to Heal the Sick  Pg 167 - Frances & Charles teach us how, in the name of Jesus, to command a creative miracle to occur in the brain.
Hunter, Joan - Joan Hunter Ministries - + -
Daughter of Charles and Frances - Watch archived
Joan Hunter
 1/11-17/2010  Broadcast includes healing prayer.  Often trauma triggers mental illness.
It can be cursed and eradicated, thus loosing self/others from schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, etc. 
Merlin R Carothers relates A Most Amazing Story of the recovery of Marilyn Foglio from mental illness in a lock up ward, due to praise.
Narramore, Bruce    Narramore Christian Foundation free 30 mental health booklets
Sherrill's The Happiest People on Earth tells of an Armenian King in 301AD
who was cured of insanity by St Gregory -  pg 32
Stacy, James  PUSH ministry, England
Susan Jacobs relates 2 healings of mental illness on Sid Roth's radio program.
A major key was fasting.  1/6/05 audio MATTHEW 17:20-21 KJV   
I (Jesus) say to you, "If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain,
'Remove here to yonder place'; and it shall remove.  Nothing shall be impossible to you. 
However this kind does not go out, except by prayer & FASTING."
Whetstone, Gary - 7/15-19/2013 - Video - or
GARY, "You know, I got born-again in a mental hospital & it's a miracle God even got to me, but He did."
SID,  "It's 1 of the most amazing testimonies I've ever, ever heard.
He was all set to have an electronic lobotomy. He would never been sane the rest of his life & he heard God's voice.  But so, God's had his hand on you for a long time."
Whetstone, Gary & Faye - © Copyright (edited)
GARY: Well the problem was the new friends; now my brother was the president of the pagan motorcycle club at the time & my swing went from the student council president, captain of the football team, all the way over to the organized crime world.  I still had some mental capacity to me, but I had such a low self-image, it was the most tormented life you could ever imagine.  Until 1 day I walked into a house. 
I was carrying what you carry when you’re doing your drug dealing.  These people were massacred. 
My mind snapped just like a twig.  The next thing I knew, all I heard was voices inside my mind.      
I went as insane as any human being could ever be insane
: You actually went into someone’s house; you thought it was your house?  Explain. 
: Right after that, I literally turned into a raving maniac.  I would have these voices go off inside of me.  1 of them told me that this woman was my wife, that was my house & everything in there was mine. 
I kicked in the front door, knocked over the fish tank. 
Her husband came down, started fighting; knocked him out.  She ended up calling 911.
The next thing I knew I was up against a fence with a sawed off shotgun in my mouth with the S.W.A.T. team. 
I was just kicking the guy between the legs, telling him go ahead and blow my head off.  I don’t care.
: You experienced...(hearing) voices:
: It’s very real  .It is not a joke  .It’s not just hype.  It’s not stories, because when the state police took me; it turned out that the woman’s home that I broke into was actually a psychiatric nurse. 
If that wasn’t the grace of God; she pleaded that there was a mental condition this person had and not to press charges.  They certainly had the right to do it. 
They took me to the mental hospital, and after a period of time I ended up being locked up in an isolated area. 
I literally turned into an experimental guinea pig for the state of Delaware.
: How…At your worst moment, what were you like in that mental institution? 
GARY: Well they would shoot me up with Thorazine & Melareal and all these different drugs that would knock a horse out.  I lived in a padded cell that I’d eat out of the same pan I’d go to the bathroom in every day.
It absolutely had no effect on me. 
I had a little tiny hole in the window & my knuckles would just be blood raw with the rage. 
The anger & torment that was in my mind
Because I wasn’t allowed to be with anybody in an open population; they kept me totally isolated
: Now did they explain to you about this experimental electronic lobotomy they were going to do to you?  
: Well, one day they took me into a psychiatrist’s office where they would restrain my hands & my feet.
My parents had already signed a waiver of the state, that if they had killed me or permanently maimed me, there was no legal recourse.  I was notified that I had lost all constitutional rights as a human being & that I no longer was a citizen.  I was now a ward of the state for an experimental program.  They explained they were going to drill a hole; somewhere about 3 inches around; insert an electric probe into the lobule area of the brain, & remove all memory; which would reduce me to about a 3 year old. 
: At that point did it bother you they were going to do this? 
: Well, I had heard that this had happened to people, but I’d also heard that no one ever lived through it. 
Years later I was with another psychiatrist that I had talked to.  He said that this procedure was developed in Auschwitz during the time of the Nazi concentration with the Jews.  It was actually 1 of the processes that they had used for behavioral control of the Jewish people in the concentration camps
: So 2 days before they’re going to reduce you to a vegetable or die, a man starts talking to you. 
Where did he come from? 
GARY: You know the only thing I can say is a friend of mine that I had in school had gone to a church 1 day & begged this preacher to come & meet me. 
They had me restrained with my hands & feet, but they took me out of that isolation area. 
I went into the solarium & they locked the door.  They took the things off my hands & feet. 
I’m thinking, what are they doing this for?  I look up.  This man sitting there says, “Gary?” 
I said, “Yeah?” He said “The power of sin is going to kill you.” 
I thought sin was the procedure they were going to do. I thought he was the priest giving me the last rites. 
I wasn’t Catholic, but I figured somebody sent him in & told me that this was…But I was so drugged up. 
I couldn’t even think.  Then I really don’t remember the words that he said, but I do know that I heard this word “Jesus & heart.”  The next thing I knew, I was on the carpet.  I was just crying, crying & crying. 
I couldn’t figure out what happened.  Then I got up off the carpet & my mind cleared. 
Voices were gone; the torment/anger/rage/mental desire to attack was gone. 
: Yeah, but in 2 days they’re going to make you a vegetable; now you really understand it. 
Did you tell the doctors you’re ok? 
: Well, I said to the guy that came in,  I said “What did you do?”
He said, “You’re saved.”  I said “What’s that?”  He said, “You’re born again.” 
I said, “What’s that?”  He said “I’m sorry I have another appointment.”  I said “You can’t leave me. 
What did you do to me?” I didn’t know who he was, so they let me back into my isolation area. 
All night long, I just beat on that window & just told them
“I’m sane.  I’m sane.”  Finally after about 8 hours, the orderly came by & says, “What do you want?”
I said, “I’m sane.”  He said, “Right.”  I said, “I’ve got to see the head psychiatrist. 
”Well after a period of time, they came back in, shackled me back up again, led me right back to the head psychiatrist, sat me down & took the restraints off my hands.  I’m thinking, “This guy is like the other guy, because I’m free,” so this is going to work out great. 
So I’m sitting there.  My mind is clear. I said to him, “I’m sane.”  He said, “You’re sane?”  
I said “Yeah.”  He said, “Tell me what happened to you.” 
I said “A man came in, told me, I don’t know what these words are, but I’m saved & born again. 
I don’t know what they are but… He told me that God is in me & I now can think.” 
: He said “Do you believe that now God is in you?” I said “Yeah.That’s it. 
God’s in me.”  He said “You realize that this is now a further digression of your acute state of paranoia, multiple personality disorder.” He goes on with this list of things.  I realized he didn’t believe me. 
As soon as this clicked in, he didn’t believe me.  I lunged over the top of that table; grabbed him. 
: Now he’s really going to believe you? 
: You know not everybody knows how to act like they’re supposed to when they come out of a mental hospital. The only problem was I was still in.  I wasn’t out yet. 
: But you heard a voice; this voice said, “Run.”  What did you do? What did it mean?
: Well, he obviously hit a panic button.  The orderlies came & chained me back up again. 
I’m on my way back to my isolation ward; only this time what they did was they didn’t want to handle me.  Because when you’re violent in that area, they just kind of guide you by open & shut doors.  I was in a hallway that actually (open).  They had bars & gates on them & stuff like that... But there was a double set of doors...double locked with chains... It was snowing outside. I had property of the state hospital pants & t-shirt on, and socks.  Of course they don’t give you shoes because of the threat of, you know. 
I hear this voice, “Run.” I’m used to hearing voices so the only difference is this one’s different.  I’m talking to this voice.“  Ok, run?  Ok, run where?”  If I run back & forth there’s only 5' between walls.  Well I’d been running back & forth in my padded cell for a long time, so that wouldn’t get me any where.  Then I thought, Well if I run this way that guard is down there watching me.  He’s going to open the door.  If I run back this way, the guy is going to push me back that way.  So where am I going to go?   I hear this voice say “Run.” I said “Ok where?”
As soon as that happened, I looked over to the left. There were 2 keyed deadbolts on that door...
Both padlocks were opened.  The door was actually unlocked.
I escaped out of that mental hospital that day in November. 
: This is very supernatural. 
It’s impossible what he did, but rather than going through this lobotomy, he went out of a door in a high security mental institution.  Walked out with guards & everything. 
(Awesome.  Thank You, Lord.)
Whetstone, Gary - - 7/2/1999 - "This intriguing book...opens a window into the mental conflicts of violent youth.  Beginning with a fast-paced true story from nearly 30 years ago, you will re-live the author's shocking teenage escape from a state mental hospital, where he resided after a tragic sledding accident. Read how Gary Whetstones stellar high-school career ended in shambles after this debilitating event. From Student Council president, football captain, state-ranked tennis player & high academic achiever, his new handicaps opened the door to drugs, insanity, a motorcycle gang, guns, sex, & violence.  Desperate for a solution to their son's violence and instability, Mr. & Mrs. Whetstone had turned to the local state mental hospital for help. However, the medical authorities declared his case hopeless and irreversible. Confinement for life was the doctors' only answer. Yet, God had another amazing plan. Hours before the doctors were to perform an operation that would render this boy a vegetable for life, the young Whetstone dedicated his life to God. Suddenly, he found himself clear headed as he escaped from the institution in front of the guards.  Later, pricked by his conscience, Gary returned to the hospital for a full evaluation. After a lengthy examination period, the young man's doctors were confounded since their patient was now totally well... Except for the grace of God, Gary Whetstone could have been like the teenage murderers in Littleton, Colorado. Today, nearly 30 years later, Dr. Whetstone pastors Victory Christian Fellowship, a large church in New Castle, Delaware. To date, he has traveled...teaching & preaching the Gospel around the world. Conquering Your Unseen Enemies:
 Promises an open window into the minds of potentially violent youth
 Describes the severe mental & spiritual conflicts facing today's youth
 Unveils the only answer to the medias overwhelming promotion of death & violence
 Offers hope to parents, families & friends frustrated by their inability
to reach their loved ones in bondage to violence
 Gives practical strategies to help readers reach those in conflict
and to conquer their own spiritual enemies
 Teaches how to minister freedom to others through the power of the Holy Spirit
 Includes a handbook with definitions, step-by-step instructions & powerful insights for spiritual victory.
Gary Whetstone stated, 'I believe that every reader of this book
will experience the same power of God as I did when He set me free.'"
Whetstone, Gary - video archives -
or ministry -
Wommack, Andrew - 4/29/2011 testimony of healing after tithing - -
Wommack, Andrew @ - 7/6/2016
Andrew Wommack shares testimony of woman on week-end pass from mental institution who requested prayer for a sound mind (and emotions) & was subsequently released from commitment/confinement. 
Subsequently she remained there as an employee.  A 2nd time she enlisted Wommack for prayer. 
This time he had her tithe the entire contents of her pocketbook, based on that day's scripture:
1 Kings 17:7-24
Within a week she had a new: car, residence and employer + was reconciled with her family.
Wright's A More Excellent Way cites a hypothesis of genetic inheritance and suggests a spiritual cure of confession of family sins followed by a request for God to change the genetics. Henry Wright's Georgia, USA ministry- - 


Bridges, Kynan -
Bridges, Kynan @ 10/13/2014 -
Bridges, Kynan -

KYNAN: "Many people don't believe that sickness is the oppression of the devil.
But we know based on scripture, Acts 10:38, the Bible says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost who went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him.
So the 1st step people have to know based on the testimony of scripture, that sickness is oppression.
Why?  Because it prevents us from fulfilling our assignment of advancing God's kingdom.
God doesn't want us in a hospital bed. He doesn't want us confined to hospice care...
He (Jesus) said to me, 'This is my heart for the nations.' As he did this, it was almost like I could hear & feel his heart weeping. He said to me, 'Son, many of My people believe that I am the One causing them sickness & pain.' He says, 'But that is not my will. I paid the ultimate price for them to be healed.'
His heart was broken for the nations because many don't know the price that he paid for them. I just began to weep when I saw this experience. For the 1st time, I saw how Jesus feels when we mischaracterize him...
I was teaching on the law of expectation. Now this is so important for the church to really understand, because what you expect is what often manifests. So here I am teaching on this (spiritual) law of expectation...
Step out and do it...The more you're going to experience God's power.  The more you experience His power, the more you're going to be able to trust Him for greater manifestations of His glory."
SID: "Now one of the reasons, and there are multiple, people are human, is un-forgiveness...
Kynan, I had a misunderstanding personally about un-forgiveness.
I thought that if you offended me, I'll forgive you in a New York second if you ask me to. What I found is I suffer the consequence if I walk in un-forgiveness, whether he asks me and humbles himself or not."
KYNAN: "You know, there's someone listening right now and you're saying, I can't forgive that person.
But guess what? Forgiveness is not for them. It's for you.
The sooner you release, I believe you're going to experience a breakthrough in your healing."
SID: "Kynan said when he does 3 things, miracles erupt. #1, proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven.
#2, create the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Holy Spirit is welcomed.
KYNAN: "The 3d and one of the most important keys to seeing healing manifest is a 'D' word called 'determination.' What that means is that we must keep pushing into God until we see manifestation. Too many people give up before their miracle manifests & right when they're about to receive their healing, they quit.
The Bible says, 'Don't cast away your confidence. It has great recompense of reward.
For you have need of endurance, determination, persistence in order to see the miraculous'...
KYNAN: Absolutely. Satan is a bully.  Like all bullies, the only thing a bully responds to is brute force.
You have to learn how to really, really stand your ground & tell the enemy, you're not going to have my health, you're not going to have my body, you're not going to have my mind because it belongs to God.
I'm going to fight for it with every fiber of my being.  Until you get to that place, the enemy will keep attacking & he will keep disturbing your health. But when you make a decision & say, no more, I will not tolerate it anymore, & keep pressing, you'll wear down the enemy & he'll have to flee."
SID: "Many times Jesus cast out demons & people were healed. Other times, He prayed for the sick & people were healed. So there's a distinction. Kynan, what type of illnesses have you seen that the 1st thing you look for is to cast the demon out even before you pray for someone to be healed?"
KYNAN: "The 1st most common one is cancer. I believe, along with many of those that have gone before me that cancer is a manifestation of the demonic spirit of death, also mental illness: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. You see this throughout the New Testament.  Jesus cast out spirits of insanity. Things like arthritis & things that deal with the bone are often times manifestations of spirits of infirmity in people's body. 
We have to use discernment to know how to identify these demonic spirits."
Now you talk a lot about sin (un-repented personal/ancestral/territorial) can literally be a portal for the demonic."
Demonic spirits (sometimes) have a legal right to enter. When people are involved in pornography, adultery, watching demonic movies, the new age.  There are so many involved in the new age that, you know, many people don't realize it, but these things are allowing the enemy to have a stranglehold on believers without their being aware of it. You got to understand that the 1st thing, if you really want to, let's say you're not experiencing healing & have been dealing with prolonged infirmity, the first thing you've got to identify is are there some open doors or demonic portals, & through the power of the (Holy) spirit (in Jesus' name) you need to collapse those portals.
When you do, we've seen many people supernaturally healed just by breaking the power of the demonic."
Now what do you exactly mean, 'would collapse the portals'?
What I mean is we have to take authority through the name of Jesus & close those doors.
It's just like in the natural, it's like, imagine a tunnel that an enemy is traveling through. 
Many times during wars, there would be secret tunnels where spies & enemies would come through. 
The 1st thing it would do is take a stick of dynamite.
They would collapse that tunnel, & it would block off the passage to those enemies.
The same way in the spiritual realm, we have to take the dynamite of the Holy Spirit, the dunamis of God. 
We have to release the (resurrection) power of God that will break & cut off that demonic entrance...
(PRAYER) ight now in the name of the Lamb Jesus Christ, Yeshua, we collapse, we break the power of every demonic portal, every demonic entrance that has been opening the door to sickness & infirmity, right now. 
If you'll just stretch your hands right now, I believe that the Holy Spirit is even healing you now.
(PRAYER) We cancel the assignment of the devil in Yeshua's name. Amen."
Carrin, Charles - Deliverance Ministry May Be Your Answer -
"When I brought the authority of Jesus against his ancestry of Druid worship, astonishing things happened. Demons began speaking out of him in guttural, dog-like growls, contorting his body, changing his appearance into something ugly and grotesque. Mark 1:26; 9:26. 4 major spirits were identified. 1 of those was the spirit of 'idiocy.' When we challenged it, the man’s eyes suddenly crossed, his hands became spastic, jerking rigidly, his tongue thickened, turned sideways in his mouth, and be began slobbering with senseless jabbering.
In a split-second, he became a full-blown idiot.  The good news is that he was totally delivered; the mental pain was gone forever. But please be aware of this frightening truth: Had this young pastor not received deliverance, the spirits hiding in him would ultimately have destroyed his sanity, ruined his family and ministry & had him locked away in an asylum. Could that happen to a born-again pastor? Yes. Absolutely.
I have no doubt that asylums needlessly contain many such Christians."
Cerullo, Morris -
Copeland, Kenneth  John G Lake   Testimony is given of Lena Lakey who as a patient of the Medical Lake Insane Asylum was healed during prayer at John Lake's healing rooms in Spokaine, Washington state, USA. - A Worcester, Massachusetts, USA child was healed of mental illness after prayer.
Dickerman, Don - March 2010 Newsletter MENTAL DISORDERS
source - Hurst, Texas, USA -
My mother was diagnosed as 'paranoid schizophrenic'. She attempted suicide 9 x in a 6-week period.
She was tormented in her mind. This was before I knew about deliverance as I do now. Since her death I have many times tried to discover what may have happened in her life that could have allowed this. I don’t know.
Her 2 sisters committed suicide.  If they were abused as children I don’t know about it, none of my relatives know about it. While I suspect that may have been the problem, I don’t know.  Can’t find anything in her ancestry that helps me to answer the mystery, but there was a source. It was the work of demons.
My friend, now deceased, Frank Hammond, was convinced in his ministry that
'rejection' is at the root of paranoia & schizophrenia. I have had many experiences to confirm that, however, there may be multiple things that come together to bring this about. Delusion is maximum deception. Paranoia is defined as 'a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance. It is unjustified suspicion & mistrust of others'...The question is really not that it is caused by demons, rather it is how the demons cause it...When a lie has been believed it is very difficult to deal with demons until the lie has been renounced.  The problem here is that the deception is so powerful that the individual does not perceive it to be a is more than simply commanding demons to go in the Name of Jesus.  If it was that simple, I would be at the mental hospitals right now. I have been there, I have prayed for institutionalized people.
I have spent many hours in the psychiatric wings of the prisons, I have heard the demons react when I would walk down the halls or come by their cells.
I have heard the screams down the corridors as the sounds from the chapel services spilled into the prison.
It is more than just speaking the Name of Jesus over a mentally ill person. It is complex & until the legal rights of those demon powers have been removed (by the individual or parents), freedom does not come...
(Regarding some testimonies of SRA, where there are dead end streets regarding healing and deliverance, seldom, but sometimes SRA violations are imaginary, because even though) there are demons involved...the demons have permission, because she is believing & perpetuating the lie." (Definitely not a proven fact, but an opinion of author.)
Hickey, Marilyn - 4/9/2015 - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3 -
Marilyn's dad was released from mental institution after healing handkerchief applied by mom.
Hunter, Charles & Frances - Chapter 11 When Ministering Heating Up - @ - - MENTAL ILLNESS -
How an individual thinks is a result of what he or she has allowed into the mind.
Therefore, when the wrong thoughts & thought patterns come across the mind, regardless of their origin, it is up to each individual to either receive, reject, or replace them with the right thinking & thought pattern.
It has been said that practically all mental illness is the result of guilt.
If so, that simply means there is sin in the life.
To gain control & mastery of that area requires an acknowledgment by that person of the problem source, a genuine repentance, with a turning away from sin, & an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.
Insanity is classified as mental illness as we discuss it here.
To minister healing, 1st bind & cast out the spirit of whatever the problem is:
depression, oppression, schizophrenia,
mania, etc., by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name.
Next speak the peace of God into that mind & heart in the name of Jesus.
Since a major part of the problem originated in wrong thinking, then the most important step is to change the thinking by renewing the mind (see Romans 12:1-2) by filling the mind & the life with the Word of God.
The Word says, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5 NKJV).
Notice that it is a choice that we must make; God will not do it for us.
We are to renew our minds with God's Word by reading it, meditating on it, confessing it, occupying our minds with it, & living it, until we begin to think the same way God thinks. People need to be delivered, saved & baptized in the Holy Spirit & then they need to get into the Word of God.
Then, the only way for them to remain free of this bondage is to obey Jesus and be doers of the Word.
That means they must put the desires and purposes of God and Jesus above their own. Those who look inward will perish in darkness, but those whose light shines outward to reveal Jesus will remain free.
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. (John 8:36 NKJV)
Sneaky Squid Spirit Can Attack Your Mind -
LeClaire, Jennifer - 2/23/2017 article
When the Sneaky Squid Spirit Starts Stalking You -

"The doctrine, as revealed to Jennifer LeClaire through her ability to see into the spirit realm, teaches that Sneaky Squid Spirits, which have tentacles like their natural counterparts, stalk Christians & attack their minds. 
Below is the April 26th, 2017 episode of the Walking in the Spirit podcast where LeClaire explains the Sneaky Squid Spirit revelation & how to protect yourself from a Sneaky Squid Spirit attack." @
Daniel Olukoya - Madness Of The Mind - The Analysis Of Confusion -
Habitation Of Spiritual Insanity - When Your Marriage Is Sick
Ramirez, John - - Ex Satan Worshipper Testimony - (edited) "We had a book in New York City, in American. I was the 3rd person to get this book that had symbols in the book of different demons, different principalities, of different ways of killing people with the witchcraft. You couldn't have a copy of this book unless the devil signed off on you.
I would take symbols in that book & do witchcraft TO people.
I put witchcraft on people, make people get diseases out of nowhere.
I make people get leprosy...cancer. I gave people miscarriages...abortions.
I put people in hospitals for surgeries, that didn't even have to go for surgeries.
I did witchcraft so people would lose their minds.
I (put) spirits of: bi-polar, schizophrenia, disease, suicide on people.
I'd be up all night long, praying & talking to the devil, when Christians can't even go to church for one hour.
When Christians can't even pray for 1 hour.  (Thus we &/or our ancestors could be a victim of witchcraft/occultism/satanism, but Father God through Jesus Christ His Son & Holy Spirit resurrection power, is superior to all evil.  Once enlightened, we can repent for any (known & unknown) sin/legal grounds for a curse to stick and then to commission & enlist our heavenly army host to reverse all harm, plunder hell & repay us & our bloodline with 7-fold blessings. 
We can also enlist the Trinity to infill, mentor & defend us & our family tree, forever.) recommend the following web links:
1.The General Renunciation Prayers to Break Masonic Curses
2. Masonic curses Sickness, Disease, Early Death associated with Freemasonry -
Mental Illness
 I renounce & break all curses of mental illness coming down my ancestral (blood) line due to involvement in Freemasonry.
 I renounce & break the curse of having a double-soul, double-mind, ADD, or being Bipolar (manic depression).
I (renounce &) break the power of spiritual & mental confusion.
 I renounce & break all curses that disable me from comprehending & articulating what I feel.
I (renounce &) break all curses on my verbal faculties & the ability to hear (or see) spiritually & physically.
 I renounce & break the curse of having 2 fathers or masters & the resulting confusion in identity.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I call my body, soul & spirit into perfect alignment, per God’s perfect plan & will.
 I renounce & break the curse of Paranoid Schizophrenia & Fear from my ancestral line & myself.
 I renounce & break the power of Freemasonry witchcraft oaths & curses resulting in depression, melancholy, oppression & being in a psychotic state.
 I (renounce &) break all ungodly ties or bonds to anyone in my family line with the same problems.
 I renounce & break the power of the curses of the Freemasonry ceremony involving Nebuchadnezzar.
 I renounce & break the power of all Freemasonry witchcraft oaths resulting in insanity, senility or dementia, Alzheimer’s, disorientation, confusion, loss of memory, breakdown of any kind: mental, emotional, spiritual, nervous or physical.
 I (renounce &) break the curse of being committed into a psychiatric hospital or asylum.
 I renounce & break the curse of obsessive compulsive, repetitive behavior.
 I (renounce & break the curses of suicide, death wishes, and mental instability.
 I renounce & break all curses of insecurity & co-dependency due to abandonment (or rejection) by the father because of Freemasonry.
Nervous Disorders & Fear - IN JESUS' NAME:
 I renounce & break all the curses on the nervous system coming down my family line due to involvement in Freemasonry.
 I renounce (& cancel) the Shriner’s ceremonial ritual & oath of standing on a board in bare feet & having electric shocks transmitted through the body.
I renounce (& cancel) all curses of shock to the nervous system, all attraction to electroshock treatment & death from electric shock.
I renounce & break the curse of all shock, fear, trauma & grief stored in the nervous system through accident, sudden shock, sudden loss & death or through inheritance.
I declare in the Name of Jesus Christ, that I am loosed from this fear & shock. 
 (I declare) it is broken from my generational lines (on both sides).
I declare that continual shocks are broken from my family & me.
 I loose myself (& family) from fear (& future incidents) of accidents, rape, ny kind of loss & blows to the head.
 I renounce and break (cancel) the power of Freemasonry Occult curses to afflict my ancestral line & myself with diseases or violence affecting the nerves such as: multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, spinal cancer, Parkinson’s disease, sexual abuse, rape, sudden death or betrayal by friends or marriage partner.
 I (renounce &) break the power of the Masonic curse of death from the spinal cord, nervous system & (any evil) silver cord in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 I renounce & break every curse of inflammation of the nerves & the nerves being on edge.
 I declare that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & all ties to the Masonic temple is cut in the Name of Jesus Christ.  I am loosed from every known or unknown disorder & disease resulting from any Freemasonry (witchcraft/satanic/occult) curse.  Every negative thing lodged in my (family) nervous system is now dislodged.
I now close & plead the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over every access point."
(In Jesus' name we invite You Holy Spirit to indwell & replace all damaged DNA.  Thanks.  Amen.)
3. Financial Curses Associated with Freemasonry
4. Masonic Renunciation Prayer Break Employment Relationship Curses
5. Masonic Renunciation Prayer Break Employment Relationship Curses
6. Renunciation Prayer to Renounce Eastern Star Curses
7. Learn more about the Masonic Lodge - Videos
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 8/2009 excellent newsletter testimony -
Ana was delivered in a mental institution.
Gossett, Don - Healing of Nervous Disorder @ -
"Remember: NO child of God (who has repented & invited Jesus' Holy Spirit to live in his/her heart) need ever experience a nervous breakdown, nor land in a mental hospital.
Knowledge of His truth (in Scripture) will set you free (from any institution & from any psychiatric diagnosis)...
Here are some of the negative (root) factors that cause (trigger) nervous disorders...worry, fear, frustration, unforgiveness, sorrow, heartache, distress, bitterness, mental anguish.
In the Name of our Savior (Jesus, verbally/out-loud) cast out these negative spirits (problems) from your life. Refuse to allow them entrance again...When you feel nervous, sing songs of victory. When griefs arise, sing them down...TO those disquieted nerves of yours, speak it over & over again, 'Peace be still.' Those ancient words of Jesus are fresh & vibrant with healing power to dispel every nervous disorder. 'By His stripes I am healed.'" [Each of us MUST continually read (or listen to) the entire Bible.  Then speak relevant rebuttal scripture out loud TO Satan & TO any negative symptom, such as depression, anxiety, fear, feeling of suicide.] 2011
Gossett, Don - March 30, 2010 - A Sound Mind #1 (MP3)
Gossett, Don - March 31, 2010 - A Sound Mind #2 (MP3)
Gossett, Don -
April 1, 2010 - A Sound Mind #3 (MP3)

RADIO from 2010 series at
Hunter, Joan   Healing the Whole Man handbook -
chapter 13 Prayers for Various Conditions  Mental Illness ministry:    
(1.If indicated, lead person (a) in prayer of repentance + (b) to Jesus as Messiah +
(c) to Jesus as baptizer in Holy Spirit.)
2.In Jesus' name lead person in prayer for generational curses. 
3.In Jesus' name command Mental Illness to go & never return [with all its symptoms & manifestations. 
In Jesus' name command all the related diagnosis to be bound & go, never to return. 
In Jesus' name command Pharmacia (the side effects of the medications & the need for medications) to leave & never return.  In Jesus' name command all harm done by meds, medical treatments,
institutionalizations, rejection, trauma & shame to be reversed. 
In Jesus' name loose person into his God ordained destiny to be a blessing & not a curse.]
4.In Jesus' name command new nerves and/or a new brain that will function perfectly.
5.In Jesus' name, command all body chemicals and hormones to be in balance. 
6.In Jesus' name command all electrical and magnetic frequencies to be in harmony & balance. 
7.In Jesus' name curse any brain prions; command them to be dissolved (& never to return). 
8.In Jesus' name, command brain to process information properly. 
(9.Praise God for what He has begun & will finish.) 
Lake Hamilton - Psychic Heredity and Bondage Prayer - deliverance prayers -
Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina -
Often "the familiar spirit is involved in mental diseases."
4.5.2 BAAL "uses Addictions & Sexual-Immorality, which goes hand-in-hand,
to control the minds of people (mind control) in an attempt to control the whole world (Exodus 32)...
Baal is also the power behind 'Mental Illnesses' & is therefore the
strongman of
all mental-institutions.
With the increase of sexual-immorality, mental-illnesses will also increase –
Baal’s final aim is destruction & suicide.
Baal demands the sacrifice of the 1st-born children
[HE over them (evil entities/problems) by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.]
Mulkey, Monty - episode-677-spirits-of-insanity.mp3 5/22/2012 (starts about 53:30 on internet dial)
Believing the lies of demons can be a root problem of insanity.
Schambach, RW - 9/2008 news letter with testimony of mental illness being healed by proxy  
"A woman came to me with a package of candy.  She said, 'Brother Schambach, my sister is in a mental hospital.  I have sent her so many prayer cloths, but those nurses know what they are & never get to my sister.  They end up in the trash.  I want to put one over on the devil.  I want you to pray over this candy. 
I believe God is going to heal my sister when she bites into it'... This woman's  faith  was activated.
I wanted to agree with her for her sister's miracle, so I wore the candy. 
Several months later, while I was receiving an offering at 1 of my meetings in Philadelphia, a woman came to me & said, 'Brother Schambach, this is my sister... She then began to tell  me a  powerful story. 
This was the woman who had been in a mental hospital for almost 30 years. 
When she received the candy, she bit into it.  According to her own testimony, she felt something like an electrical current go through her entire body, down to her feet & back up through the top of her head. 
When the current left her body, she was in her right mind for the first time in 30 years.
I don't know how God did it, but the anointing went with that candy. 
Through the faith of her sister God completely delivered her from insanity."
Also listen to many awesome testimonies I'll Never Forget (3 CD series) #N765   
I'll Never Forget (3 tape series) #C765
Shreve, Mike - 7/23/2018 - (edited) - -
MIKE: 1 of my teachers had told me, if you ever have a confrontation with a demon, either directly or in a human being, then take your authority, your Throne Room authority & declare the Word of God with the same authority God would in the same situation.
SID:  You talk about strongholds in the mind. There are 3 primary weapons to tear them down.
MIKE: 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 10, Verses 3-5, it says, "Though we're in the flesh we do not war after the flesh, but the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." Now watch the wording carefully. It says, "Casting down," not demons, not principalities or powers, but "casting down imaginations & every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God." So there are certain mindsets.
SID:  You might be able to say everything that exalts itself against a promise of God.
MIKE: Is a stronghold.  (A pastor) began to explain to me that 1 of his best members, a very godly woman,
the leader of his intercessory group had been married to an abusive man that constantly told her things like how stupid, ugly & worthless she was, a man who is supposed to be a protector, not a predator in his home.
But anyway, she cracked & finally had a nervous breakdown. We went there (to the insane asylum). 
They gave us only 5 minutes with her.  They said,  "No religious stuff." I didn't know how to respond to that, so I didn't say yea or nay. I just smiled & thought, "Let them interpret that smile any way they want to."
In my mind I was thinking, "I'm here to do God's work."  They led us back to the room. Thankfully, they let us close the door. She did not acknowledge us being in the room. She acted like she was alone, just sitting on the bed, muttering. Her pastor said, "You go ahead." I walked over. I thought, "Well even if she doesn't act like she hears me, I believe her spirit hears me. I believe her heart hears me."  I didn't want anybody outside to hear.
I got real close to her. I thought, "I'm going to declare every promise I can think of in the Word of God, for the next 4-5 minutes.  I thought, "Jesus, when He faced off with the devil, He always said, 'It is written, it is written, it is written.'" I thought, "I'm going to use the same method." I got down close to her & said,
"It is written, there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
It is written
nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.
It is written
, behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy.
It is written God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a power of love and of a sound mind.
It is written
if God be for you, who can be against you," on & on, & on. I looked at my watch.
Lo & behold, we had 30 seconds left. I said, "Pastor, we've got to go for it."
So we both laid hands on her & without planning it in advance.  We both burst out speaking in tongues as loud as we could, very loud, so much so the door swung open. 2 big bouncers came in, grabbed us by the arm, led us to the front door, threw us outside & locked the door behind us. But we had already done sufficient damage to the devil's kingdom, because after we left, that woman got up, bathed, clothed herself & went up to the front desk.  She said, "Call my family, I don't need to be in here anymore.  God gave me my mind back."
Souza, Katie @ -
Hollman, Rick -
www.HCMFJ.Com -
King Agag is the satanic king over witchcraft, rebellion, mental illness 1 Sam 15: "Katie (Souza) has learned to 1st bind the strongman (satanic king) (and all its underlings) over the problem area (in Jesus' name). Then she commands the strongman & the strongman's evil workers to all leave. This usually brings complete freedom, but if the satanic attack returns (or does not leave) then there is a 'soul wound' giving the devil and his evil workers a 'legal right' to stay. A 'legal right' is always the result of a sin - something that someone did to you or something you did to yourself. The solution is as simple as asking Jesus to reveal which soul wound (because we all have many) is allowing the demons &/or evil spirits to stay & oppress or torment. Then we forgive others and ourselves, confess the sin (which could be as simple as not taking the situation to Jesus at a time in our life when we were not yet a Christian), then Jesus forgives the sin that is now confessed & repented of.  We ask Jesus to cleanse & heal it."
"In Jesus Christ's name, I take authority over Satan and all of Satan's kingdom which is:
= 2888 = prince(s) of this age, Example: King(s), (like the president of a country & his staff). 
When there is possession, this is always the evil being that is involved per Ken Hagin.
Powers = 1849 = magistrate, courtroom judge(s).
Principalities = 746 = The first person/thing in a series, the 1st place,
(Example: bailiff, an official in a court of law who looks after prisoners, handcuffs, etc.)
The reason so many suffer or are tormented or die pre-maturely is because they have denied the fact that we live in a spiritual warzone, or... give mental assent to the reality of spiritual war. I have had Christians actually say to me that voodoo curses or witchcraft curses are not real and that they do not believe in such things...
Deuteronomy 28:15 tells us that curses for sure are real & the devil is using them quite effectively against you & your loved ones.  Keep in mind that it is YOUR job to resist the devil according to James 4:7. you know how to do that?  Do you know how to resist the devil to the point that you can teach it to others? 
How many soul wounds do you have that are giving the devil 'legal rights' to destroy your physical health, destroy your financial prosperity, destroy your family relationships.  Is it time to learn how to change your future. Maybe you would like to learn how to utilize God's (guardian) Angel & some (spiritual) hornets (Ex 23:23,28) to go before you as you put on your battle gear (Eph 6) & begin to learn how to win the battle you are already in." 11.28.2015
Souza, Katie - -
The Lord said
, ‘
Sometimes you've got to 1st drive out demonic powers that are making people sick before; you can then heal the sick
Smith, Michael W - Powerclip #2 Planos Spirits "The Mental Illness Demons" -
Smith, Michael W -
Ministry to the Mentally Ill - Lies and Fear Deliverance Training - HouseOfHealingAZ
Tillin, Tricia - Banner Ministries - The THORNY PROBLEM: CAN a BELIEVER BE DEMONISED? - "Jessie Penn-Lewis...experienced the Welsh Revival & saw the excesses & satanic counterfeits that arose because of it.
Her book War On The Saints...writes of a case known to her: 
'In the Spring of this year (1912) [a certain Christian] who was possessed came here, & the spirits possessing her spoke through her in voices utterly unlike her own. They would utter through her the most awful blasphemies against God, & against our Lord Jesus Christ & would prophesy concerning the Church…
Much prayer has been made for her & with her. When the frenzy comes upon her, she is fearfully shaken, dashes about the room, is made to howl like a dog, her hands clenched, her face drawn with horrible contortions, etc. But the marvel to everyone is that, although the frenzy is upon her every day.  Sometimes once, twice or more in 1 day, her health is perfect, she sleeps well, and in the interval is THE MOST LOVELY-SPIRITED CHRISTIAN WOMAN.  This sister is not one who has not got faith. She is well grounded in the same faith, & has the same light as we have; but we have here to do with a demon, the like of which I have never met before, nor read about.'
(#3 footnote: War On The Saints Jessie Penn-Lewis, p.316, using private letters written by an evangelist in Germany.) 
The woman in question was delivered, but not before much prayer & warfare against the demon ...over a number of weeks."  © 1997 Copyrighted to Tricia Tillin, Banner Ministries, PO Box 23, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1QR.

Coventional Medicine

Amen, Dr Daniel -
"Correct the negative thinking patterns that put your brain at risk for anxiety, depression, relationship & job problems. Most people are never taught to correct the Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) that infest their brains. Thoughts are just thoughts, not facts. Thoughts often tell you lies & fill you with Fear.
If you never question or challenge the negative thoughts that go through your brain you believe them & these erroneous little bugs can ruin your life.
You need to develop an internal anteater to keep your brain healthy.
Whenever you feel sad, mad, or nervous, write down the automatic thoughts that go through your mind. 
If they are negative & distorted, talk back to (rebuke/disallow/prohibit/cancel & then replace) them.
You do NOT have to believe every thought you have."
BBC Science and the Brain
"Headroom Youth: The new series of Waterloo Road explores young peoples' mental health issues in its storylines.
From a young age Vernski was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Writing lyrics & rapping have helped him through tough times."  Video view available in the UK only. 5/2010 
Breggin, Jewish Psychiatrist Peter @ -
"What medicine & psychiatry have done (in large part) is to take essentially behavioral problemss of conflict between adults & children & redefine them as medical problems (to accomodate the pharmacy, medical & insurance industry, over the health/interests of the patient/client/child)." 2014
Date of onset -
ECT (electrical convulsive therapy) "In 1954 I observed how nicotinic acid (flushing vitamin B3) relieved a severe case of post ECT amnesia in 1 month.
Since then I have routinely given it in conjunction with ECT to markedly decrease the memory disturbance that may occur during & after this treatment.  I would never give any patient ECT (especially) without the concomitant use of nicotinic acid. It is very helpful, especially in cardiovascular-induced forms of dementia as it reverses sludging of the red blood cell & permits proper oxygenation of the cells of the body.
For further information see Niacin Therapy in Psychiatry. [8]...(regarding memory).
In September 1992, Mr. C., 76 years-old, requested help with his memory. He was terribly absentminded.
If he decided to do something, by the time he arrived where he wanted to do it he had forgotten what it was he wanted to do. His short-term memory was very poor & his long-term memory was beginning to be affected. I started him on a comprehensive vitamin program including (non-flushing vitamin B3) niacinamide 1.5 G daily. Within a month he began to improve. I added niacin to his program. By February 1993 he was normal. April 26, 1993, he told me he had been so well he had concluded he no longer needed any niacin & decreased the dose from 3.0 G to 1.5 G daily.  He remained on the rest of the program. Soon he noted that his short term memory was failing him again. I advised him to stay on the full dose the rest of his life."
(Whether/when increasing or decreasing dosage, remember to titer it SLOWLY.)
Hatfield, Agnes B - Impact of Mental Illness on Families - - - -
The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Huntington’s disease or - "A hereditary neurological disorder characterized by movement, cognitive & psychiatric symptoms (includes this link: Exorcism and Mental Illness Across Different Cultures )."
(Huntington's can be considered genetic/inheritable & confirmed by lab testing.)
Insel, Thomas - 2013
Insel, Thomas -
- Thomas Insel is Director of the United States National Institute of Mental Health.-
Intervarsity Press secular resource -
Lobotomy history - -
Other TV archives have shared patients being caged, but lobotomy is even more demonic. 
An eye opener of USA medical malpractice history, in the name of science, expediency, profit & power. 
Father G-d, we repent for our ancestors' actions.  We curse & demand to die such malpractice at its roots. 
We place any evil consequence under the blood of Jesus.  We loose mercy, kindness, understanding, deliverance, healing & blessing upon the medical establishment & upon families with mental illness, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen
Masters of the Mind - a brief history -  -
Unfolding of Key Ideas - "Primitive man and ancient civilizations alike viewed the unusual and strange within a magical and mythological frame of reference.
They attributed behav
ior that they could not understand to animistic spirits. Although both good
and evil spirits were conjectured, the bizarre and often frightening behavior of the mentally disordered led to a prevailing belief that demon spirits must in-habit them. The possession of evil spirits was viewed as a punishment for failing to obey the teachings of the gods and priests. Fears that demons might spread to afflict others often led to cruel and barbaric tortures. These primitive therapies of shock, starvation, and surgery have parallels in recent history, although the ancients based them on the more grossly naive conception of demonology
If, by chance, the disordered behavior was view
ed to signify mystical powers
(as was epilepsy among the early Greeks), patients were thought to be possessed by sacred spirits with which the gods had honored them. This favorable view of mental affliction, although still based on a demonic mythology, evolved into amore uniformly sympathetic approach to the ill. Egyptians and Greeks erected temples in which physician priests augmented prayers and incantations with kindness, advice, recreation, and herbs. In the haven of the Egyptian hospice, priests interpreted dreams and suggested solutions both to earthly and heavenly problems.
The Grecian Asclepiad temples of the 6th century
BC.,were located in remote regions away from family, trade, war, and stress. Here the sick were comforted, fed well, bathed and massaged, given calmative drugs, and surrounded by harmonious music. Despite these promising interludes, the notion of demon possession persisted and those unable to benefit from humane treatment were cast among the evil to be flogged and chained.  Psychological treatment was first recorded in the temple practices of early Greeks and Egyptians in the 8th century BC.
During the 5th century BC., Hippocrates suggested that exercise and physical tranquillity should supplant the more prevalent practices of exorcism and punishment."
Meso-limbic pathway - is currently under medical scrutiny for the purpose of deep brain therapy on behalf of Parkinson's and depression.
Rose, Charlie -  Viewing and Transcript links @ 
10 Programs
Episode 1: The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain   transcript
Episode 2: The Perceiving Brain   transcript
Episode 3: The Acting Brain    transcript
Episode 4: The Social Brain    transcript
Episode 5: The Developing Brain    transcript
Episode 6: The Aging Brain    transcript
Charlie Rose Brain Series Episode Nine 6/22/2010  -
Bipolar (Kay Redfield Jamison) & schizophrenia (Elyn Sacks) guests -
rogram neglects/discounts spiritual roots/remediation.
CAUTION regarding link source
"I'm (Gabriella Kortsch) an integral life coach, clinical hypno-therapist, relationship coach, dream worker, EFT practitioner, writer & professional speaker."
Charlie Rose Brain Series 2: Schizophrenia with Cornelia Bargmann, David A. Lewis,
Danny Hurley 3/30/2012 - Duration
60 min
Science Friday radio -

Zagworm spores
: Among the smallest fungal spores in the world -
Zagworm, like Ringworm, is actually a fungal parasite rather than an actual worm; the name comes from the track marks left by the fungus when breaking down tissue which resemble the pathways of burrowing worms.
These distinctive features, but the absence of worms themselves, coupled with the ‘possessed’ appearance of sufferers led the Motuans of Papua New Guinea to believe that the disease was caused by a demonic parasite; they therefore named it after the Motu word for Satan – ‘Xag’.
Transmission of the parasite is frighteningly easy & fairly unique.
Since the spores are so small, they can essentially hitch a ride on some larger strains of bacteria, making catching Zag worm as easy as catching the common cold, although far more dangerous without treatment.
Once ingested the spores hatch into gametophytes & burrow into the body, generally settling on tendons or large areas of sinew, where they grow & break down the tissue. This erosion of tendons & sinew causes the 1st noticeable symptom of a Zagworm infection: involuntary reflex reactions.
This rapid tensing & relaxing of the muscles (especially in the limbs) can cause involuntary jumping or, more commonly, falling over; at other times the affected person can be expected to lash out or upwards with the arms & can often result in the patient punching themselves repeatedly in the face.
The next stage of the illness usually sees the fungus spread to the brain, causing memory loss, paranoia & delusions; if treatment isn’t administered early at this stage then recovery is very unlikely.
In some rare cases, where tendons are completely broken down before the destruction of brain tissue has proved fatal, Zagworm can cause Detached Bone Syndrome (DBS), a particularly horrific condition that can see the body contort into painful and unnatural positions, such as joints bending backwards or bones sliding out of position.
The trauma of witnessing this condition in a person who is already highly mentally unstable has been the inspiration for many posession myths, including much of the content of the 1973 film ‘The Exorcist’.
Despite how common the parasite is, and the fact that it is almost always fatal if left undiagnosed, Zagworm can be easily and cheaply treated with voriconazole" the generic alternative to Vfend (brand name) 50mg (Vorizol) or 200mg (Voritek or Vorizol). (Always safer to titrate up SLOWLY.)
BEWARE of side effects - Also see

It is written:

Genesis 30:11-14 Stern - Adonai said to Moshe (Moses), 12"When you make a census of the people of Israel and register them, each, upon registration, is to pay a ransom for his life to Adonai, to avoid any breakout of plague among them during the time of the census...
14Everyone over 20  years of age who is subject to the census is to give this offering to Adonai."
[ - "He (Father God) says we are accountable beginning at 20 years of age, to 'pay a ransom' for our lives. In other words, living for Him requires ACTION & OBEDIENCE.
He treats us all equally, rich or poor.  Back then, everyone was to pay half a shekel. (Yes, today Yeshua has paid our ransom, but that in no way means we are no longer accountable or don't have to act responsibly in the conduct of our lives for YHWH. We are still required to do something for Him: Keep His 7th Day Sabbath & the (Jewish) Feasts & whatever else we still can keep of the Torah, His original Divine Instructions for Righteousness.)" - Ignore author's bias as how to or not to fall under the power of the Holy Spirit...
It seems as if Satan has a legal right to intervene in the life of anyone aged 20 or more, who is not under the Blood of Jesus & not under the covering of a parent, husband/mate or rabbi/priest/ministry.]
Exodus 30:11-14 Stern - 11.Adonai said to Moshe (Moses),
12"Whenyou take a census of the people of Israel & register them, each, upon registration, is to pay a ransom for his life to Adonai, to avoid any breakout of plague among them, during the time of the census...
14Everyone over 20 years of age who is subject to the census is to give this offering to Adonai."
Exodus 38:25-26 Stern - 25.The silver given by the community weighted 100 talents 1,775 shekels (6,650 pounds) using the sanctuary shekel.  26.This was a beka per person, that is, half a shekel (1/5 of an ounce) using the sanctuary shekel, for everyone 20 years old or older counted in the census, 603,550 men.
Leviticus 27:1-7 Stern - 1.Adonai said to Moseh,
2"Tell the people of Israel, 'If someone makes a clearly defined vow to Adonai to give Him an amount equal to the value of a human being.
3.The value you are to assign to a man between the ages of 20-60 years is to be 50 shekels of silver (1&1/4 pounds) with the sanctuary shekel being the standard;
4.if a woman, 30 shekels
5.If it is a child 5-20 years old (age 5 through 19), assign a value of 20 shekels for a boy & 3 for a girl;
6.if a baby 1 month-5 years of age, 5 shekels for a boy & 10 for a girl;
7.if a person past 60, 15 shekels for a man & 10 for a woman."
(See here, the Lord Himself has set up age maturity/accountability/spiritual covering guide lines.)
Numbers 1:13 Stern -
1.Adonai spoke to Moseh in the Sinai Desert, in the tent of meeting...
2."Take a census of the entire assembly of the people of Israel, by clans & families.
Record the names of all the men
3.twenty (20) years old & over who are subject to military service in Israel."
Numbers 1:17-45 Stern - 17.So Moshe & Aharon took these en who had been designated by name.
.They gathered the whole assembly to state their genealogies by families & clans & recorded the names of all those 20 years old & over...
.The men 20 years old & over who were subject to military service were recorded by name, family & clan, starting with the descendants of Reuven, Israel's 1st born...
.Moshe, Ahron and the 12 leaders of Israel, each from a clan,
.counted the people of Israel by their clans, those 20 years old & over, eligible for military service in Israel."
Numbers 8:23-25 Stern -8:23-24 - Adonai said to Moseh,
24"Here are instructions concerning the Lviim:  When hey reach the age of 25, they are to begin performing their duties serving in the tent of meeting, but they themselves will NOT do any of the work;
25When they reach the age of 50, they are to stop performing this work & not serve any longer. 
26.they will assist."
Numbers 32:10-12 Stern - 10.Andoais anger blazed up on that day. He swore,
11"None of the people aged 20 or more who came out of Egypt will see the land I swore to Avraham, Yitzchak & Yaakov; because they haven't followed Me unreservedly,
12.except Kalev the son of Yfuneh the Knizi & Yhoshua the son of Nun, because they have followed Adonai unreservedly."
Numbers 4:3 Stern - 1.Adonai said to Moseh & Aharon,
2"Take a census of the descendants of Khat, who are among the descendants of Levi, by clans & families,
3.all those from 30-50 years old; these will enter the corps doing the work
(rabbinical ministry) in the tent of meeting (synagogue)."
Luke 3:23 Stern - Yeshua was about 30 years old when He began His public ministry
It was supposed that He was a son of Yosef, who was of Eli. - Deuteronomy 28:15,28-29 KJV = If you will (heed only the thoughts/moods of the spiritual enemy &) NOT harken to (discern/recognize/notice/heed) the voice (thoughts/whispers/ heart) of the Lord your God to observe to do all His commandments & His statues which I command you this day... all these curses shall come upon & overtake you...The Lord shall (allow Satan to assault) smite you (your mind/emotions/family tree) with madness, blindness & astonishment of heart...
You shall be oppressed & spoiled evermore.  No man shall save you. [Only Holy Spirit can save you, because this is a spiritual assault (not a chemical or physical issue) needing spiritual repentance + renouncement & rejection of Satan's lies, replacing them with God's scriptural truths, in Jesus' name/blood/power.]
(EG: I do NOT have a mental illness.  I LOOSE that wrong lie from my soul (mind/will/emotions)
& BIND to my soul Your opposite truth:  I am fearfully & wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully ... made.
I praise You because I am fearfully & wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. psalms/139-14.htm

Deuteronomy 28:28 The LORD will afflict you with madness ...
The LORD will (allow/permit Satan to) afflict you with madness, blindness & confusion of mind. deuteronomy/28-28.htm - The LORD will (allow/permit Satan to) afflict (badger/torment/test/trick) you (your family tree on both sides) with insanity, blindness & mental confusion, (esp. if there is a legal/spiritual permission/violation/curse needing to be repented of/replaced with a holy blessing).

Jeremiah 29:26 - The LORD has appointed you priest in place of Jehoiada to be in charge of the house of the LORD; you should put any maniac who acts like a prophet into the stocks & neck-irons.
1_samuel/16.htm :
Now the (Holy) Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul & an evil spirit (allowed) from the LORD terrified him.
15Saul’s servants said unto him: ‘Behold now, an evil spirit from God terrifieth thee.
16Let our lord now command thy servants, that are before thee, to seek out a man who is a skilful player on the harp.  It shall be, when the evil spirit from God comes upon thee, he shall play with his hand & thou shalt be well.’
17Saul said unto his servants: ‘Provide me now a man that can play well, and bring him to me.’
18Then answered 1 of the young men: ‘Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Beth-lehemite, that is skilful in playing, a mighty man of valour & war, prudent in affairs & a comely person.  The LORD is with him.’
19Wherefore Saul sent messengers unto Jesse & said: ‘Send me David thy son, who is with the sheep.’
20Jesse took an ass laden with bread & a bottle of wine & a kid & sent them by David his son unto Saul.
21David came to Saul, and stood before him.  He loved him greatly; and he became his armour-bearer.
22Saul sent to Jesse, saying: ‘Let David, I pray thee, stand before me; for he hath found favour in my sight.’
It came to pass, when the [evil] spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took the harp & played with his hand; so Saul found relief.  It was well with him & the evil spirit departed from him.  (NOTE - When our human spirit is NOT united to God's Holy Spirit, there is a void/vacancy allowing a legal loophole for an evil spirit to oppress/demonize/possess that individual, until the time of deliverance/healing/repentance/forgiveness.)
Moonstruck - Matthew 4:24 V-PPM/P-AMP @
GRK: δαιμονιζομένους καὶ σεληνιαζομένους καὶ παραλυτικούς
Strongs: Suicer, Thesaurus ii. 945f; BB. DD., under the word ); to be epileptic (epilepsy being supposed to return & increase with increase of the moon) (as with parasites)
NAS: demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics;
KJV: and those which were lunatick, and (or)
INT: possessed by demons and epileptics and paralytics
Moonstruck - Matthew 17:15 V-PIM/P-3S @
GRK: υἱόν ὅτι σεληνιάζεται καὶ κακῶς
NAS: on my son, for he is a lunatic & is very
KJV: son: for he is lunatick, & sore
INT: son for he is epileptic and miserably

Emergency Mandates &/or Legislation

What’s Really Behind Government’s Push to Monitor Your Mental Health?  10/27/2022 - Politial Agenda/Con?
"Stripping you of your freedom is 'for your own safety' & you’re supposed to be thankful.
If you’re not, the biosecurity state labels you a homicidal bioterrorist...

All you have to do is declare people who don’t mask up or won’t get the latest gene therapy a threat to public health & people around them do the harassing.  We’ve even discovered it’s easy to get people to commit voluntary suicide by taking a poisonous, experimental injection they know nothing about, again because they’re afraid of getting sick (just for beginners)...We stand to lose sovereignty over our individual bodies."



Cox, Paul L - Prayer of Release from Chronic Physical, Mental & Spiritual Disorders -

Children's Literature

Campbell, Bebe Moore, Emerson College professor, is author of Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry , a book for children who have parents with mental illness.
Catch A Falling Star  (from Iris the Dragon Series)  Book by: Gayle Grass
Stones, Sonya  Stop Pretending - What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy Prose/poetry diary/memoirs of 1st hospitalization of older sister (categorized as young teenager reading)
Films - -
Free Speech programs - - -
Understanding Trauma - How We Treat the Broken Among Us By Yaholo Hoyt -
12/3/2014 news Federal Court Halts Execution Of Mentally Ill Texas Prisoner -
Scott Panetti was diagnosed with the beginnings of schizophrenia.
During his trial, he defended himself dressed as a cowboy & insisted he was a character from a John Wayne movie.
" - The Prosecutor, March-April 2008, Volume 38, No. 2 -
The witness is not competent to testify