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Abram Hoffer, MD & Morton Walker, MD believe supplements & exercise can prevent & reverse senility. 
Hoffer reversed senility in his own mother.  Smart Nutrients  1-416-733-2117
Acetyl-L-Carnitine &/or R-X-Lipoic Acid may help reverse memory loss. -
Acetyl-l-carnitine-aginate increases neurite connections between brain nerve cells faster than acetyl-l-carnitine.  Life Extension magazine winter 2004/2005
Diane Ackerman  1/4/2004  How Memory Works, Plays, & Puzzles Us
In 1949, the Canadian psychologist Donald O. Hebb proposed that memory stems from neurons working in unison to strengthen the synapse where they meet...
I prefer to think of the Hebb rule as a bedroom drama. The more often a neuron excites another neuron the easier that becomes. The more 2 neurons excite one another, the tighter their bond grows. The reverse is also true: a neuron inhibiting another weakens their bond. Neurons love to be turned on, to feel alive, & they prefer exciting contacts over those that turn them off. A neuron doesn’t turn on instantly, it requires a little buildup until a threshold is reached. Once aroused, it fires briefly down its length, is drained of its juice, then must rest a while & recharge before it can perform again. If a partner is still very excited, it may respond by firing again & again; if not, it may quiet down. In neuroscience parlance, neurons that fire together wire together."
Add oxygen to your water cooler.
Aged garlic study shows extended neuron survival in hippocampus, short-term memory brain part,
+ increased number of nerves present & their ability to branch to enhance memory association. 
Discover the Power of Aged Garlic Extract
by Hamilton & Fox MD
Amen, Dr Daniel
August 2001 NeuroPsychoPharmacology Nutrition Mental Health Autumn 2002    
Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living
vol.7#6, vol.7#2               
Bacopa Monniera
a creeping wetland herb may enhance memory & cognition
Berg, Eric @ Dr. Berg's Wife Has Crazy High Cholesterol of 261.. - YouTube - 3/27/2021 (edited) "The symptom of memory loss has to do with the hippocampus. A few things that can damage the hippocampus: • Age • Decreased oxygen • Stress • High glucose • Vitamin B1 deficiency • Vitamin D deficiency • Zinc deficiency.
The hippocampus is 1 of the only areas of the brain that can regenerate.
But, you’re not going to be able to regenerate the hippocampus without feeding it ketones.
How to help fix short-term memory loss: • Increase oxygen to the hippocampus (exercise or use hyperbaric oxygen therapy) • Increase ketones • Fasting • Take vitamin D3 (&/or get outdoor daily sunshine)
• Consume foods high in zinc (sulfate) • Decrease stress
• Take (low dose B complex vitamin &/or B1 [via supplement or perhaps via (deactivated) nutritional yeast]...
To increase ketones: • Get on a low-carb diet (the healthy keto diet)
• Consume MCT oil What Is MCT Oil? – Forbes Health • Take exogenous ketones.
Dr. Eric Berg is: retired chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting,
author of book The Healthy Keto Plan & Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals.
Berg no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. 

Healthy fat sources include wild-caught salmon & sardines, avocado, walnuts, almonds, ground chia & flax seeds, flax seed oil, olive oil & avocado oil...While MCT oil is a manufactured source of saturated fat, usually derived from coconut or palm oils, it differs from other fat sources. (Choose organic.)

1/2 cup fresh organic blueberries may reverse brain aging suggests Dharma Singh Khalsa MD of Tucson, Arizona, USA in Food as Medicine  1-520-749-8374 - He also recommends Vitamin E, CQ10, PS, DHA, Ginkgo, Huperzine A & Vinpocetine, SAM-e, sesame seeds, curry dishes & spinach. 
Blueberries may help reverse brain aging. 9/1999 Journal of Neuroscience 
One of the benefits of blueberries is the ability to produce heat shock proteins that help protect against inflammation. 
2005 Tufts University + 4/2005 Neurobiology Aging + Winter 2005/2006
Bostonia magazine Summer 2005 editorial by Tom Stoddard Our Memories, Ourselves discusses the Boston University fMRI work they are doing at the Boston BU Center for Memory & the Brain. 
Joe Tsien, engineer, working with Center for Systems Neurobiology explains how different neural cliques cooperate together to create both traumatic memory & flashbacks. 
Mark Moss, MED professor, says that cortical neurons do not seem to be lost with age; rather the white matter in the cortical mantle, the cables that connect gray matter, the neurons, seem to be compromised. 
Eichenbaum's research indicates that the hippocampus is responsible for recollections,  whereas familiarity may be related to the nearby cortical areas. BU notes that stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine & the drug Ritalin + academic stimultion improve memory performance.
Braverman, Dr. Eric    Dopamine improves brain firepower.  Acetylcholine improves intelligence/memory. 
GABA helps control anxiety & pain.  Serotonin helps restore happiness & sleep.
The Younger You read online
Braverman, Dr Eric R  
HTL mode
The Edge Effect - Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer's, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction & More
pg 244+  cites supplements (eg., to boost dopamine, especially in Parkinson's disease). 
Pg 271+ discusses the BEAM or Brain Electrical Activity Map. 
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Braverman, Dr Eric R -
pdf/nutrinews/Neurological%20Function%20&%20Aging%20NN%20(01-03).pdf   Discussion of brain electrical activity & nutrients:
"Electrical burst of the P300 brainwave indicating voltage (power or energy) &  speed
(which identifies brain age as opposed to biological age."
Pages 7-10 help practioner/client evaluate nutrients/supplements
that may help eliminate/reduce medical symptoms/problems/root issues.
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Choline may improve the brain's hippocampus memory center in both infant (& senior citizen).  
Choline can be added to poultry feed to improve choline egg content.  2007 chapter 4
Don Colbert MD recommends egg yolks for choline which is the raw material used to make acetylcholine for brain function/memory
Choline may be found in bulk in its pure form in/as royal jelly.
Folic acid (800 mcg daily in those with homocysteine levels between 13-26 micromoles per liter) may improve brain memory, sensorimotor speed, information processing speed, word fluency.  4/2007 
Galantamine from snowdrops & daffodils increases acetylcholine.  (Dried water lily bulbs may be obtained in Asian grocery stores.)
Gary Small MD (psychiatrist & neuroscientist) has authored many books & runs a Memory Boot Camp or Memory Fitness Institute.  See his travel schedule. Books include The Memory Prescription, The Memory Bible, Improve Your Memory Now, The Memory Workbook, Building Mental Muscle, The Memory Book, The Sharper Mind, Exercises for the Whole Brain, Keep Your Brain Young, Keep Your Brain Alive, Reversing Memory Loss, Saving Your Brain, The Color Code, The complete Guide to Herbal Medicines, The New Glucose Revolution & The End of Stress As We Know It.
Gingo Biloba, Acetyl L-carnitine (ALC), DMAE, Vitamin E per Newsweek 11/3/97
(You can grown your own Gingo Biloba tree)  1-212-445-4870  to order reprints of Brain Boosters
WARNING - Gingo Biloba may thin blood.  Do NOT combine with Warfrin (unless you want to reduce amount of your anti-clotting drug). 6/22/2004 Wall St Journal
Gingo Biloba seeds - especially sprouted are good for you. One can buy organic seeds that will germinate.
The female tree will produce seeds.,5%20Transplant%20and%20Care.%20...%206%20Considerations.%20 Tree Varieties4/11/2021
Ginkgo Biloba @ If you like Ume Wine, etc. Just add a home made or commercial tea bag into each opened bottle to impart health benefits. Innovate.  Liquor under 80% alcohol may need to rebottled separately, refrigerated & consumed (perhaps witin the month).
Healthy Living volume 7 #6 Dr Vittorio Porciatti at Institute of Neurophlysiology, Pisa, Italy notes that CDP-choline (cytidine 5-diphosphocholine) a USA vitamin is commercially produced in Europe & prescribed for Parkinson's, brain trauma, & aging. Also, raw organic acetylcholine (ACh) is available as royal jelly from the bee hive.  1-800-543-BEES
Healthy Living volume 7 #6 - Vinpocetine from the periwinkle plant is used by the Gedeon Richter Co of Hungary as Cavinton in Europe for cerebral insufficiency & stroke to improve memory
Hormones that help memory (recall ability) are vasopressin, human growth hormone, pregnenolone, 7 Keto, & DHEA.  Frontal brain lobes are where dopamine provides energy, generates beta waves & controls thought.  Temporal brain lobes are where GABA provides calm, generates theta waves & controls hearing.
Parietal brain lobes are where acetyl-choline provides brain speed, generates alpha waves & controls memory. Acetylcholine is synthesized by the body from choline, a B vitamin that comes from lecithin in the foods we eat. 
The best food source of choline is raw organic royal jelly.  Occipital brain lobes are where serotonin provides restorative ability, generates delta waves & controls sight. 3/03,3/04,5/5,6/2004
Keep levels of neurotransmitter acetylcholine low during sleep & high during day per German research.  1/27/2004 Personal Health
Lecithin increases acetylcholine brain levels to improve memory per Dr David G Williams report in Alternatives
One can  purchase it as soy lecithin granules in a can instead of buying as a supplement. 
Also look for organic soybean sprouts. 1-800-219-8591
Life Extension  9/03  Dale Kiefer suggests GPC (L-alpha glycerylphosphoryl choline), Nexrutine from the bark of the phellodendron tree of Asia, B-boswellic acid from Boswellia serata tree, Quercetin flavonoid, Vinpocetine, PS (phosphatidylserine) & Pregnenoline hormone to reduce brain swelling.
2/04 Ed Rosick MD recommends 5 grams a day of creatine to speed processing for working memory & intelligence to combat Huntington's, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, GAMT, & AGAT (brain disorders).
L-Tryptophan an amino acid (or 5-HTP) may help reverse memory loss, irritability & poor mood. The brain can & does grow new cells. Take at bedtime. As of 2/2004 L-Tryptophan is a legal OTC (over the counter) supplement
Nicotine & drug side effects may cause memory problems per Rodale's
The Prevention Total Health System
DANGER: Raw soybeans have been indited in memory loss & brain damage in men & unborn children. 
Instead, use fermented or sprouted soybeans
Also, table sugar causes pancreas to secrete insulin to lower blood sugar & subsequently the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol to lower the blood sugar.  Cortisol can damage the hippocampus memory center.
Meiser & Anderson  Overcoming Senior Moments.
Reversing Memory Loss by V Mark, MD & J Mark recommend purified choline (lecithin or phosphatidyl choline), citicoline, lots of water, deep sea fish, fowl, but NOT meat, excessive vitamin B6, salt. 
Make the AM meal the largest & PM meal smallest. Walk & read out loud.
Reynolds, Josh - 20-20 Brain Power -
wsradio2/wsradio-player.cfm/type/windows/show/Coping-with-Caregiving/segment/1677.html radio -
Recommends - Chinese moss/Huperzia serata/huperzineA/Hup A and acetyl L-cysteine (NAC),
RNA or ribonucleic acid helps short term recall per Dr George Goodheart. Dr David W Williams report 1-800-219-8591 
Foods rich in RNA are salmon, tuna, lentils, mung beans per Dharma Singh Khalsa MD in Food as Medicine
Balch & Balch in Prescription for Nutritional Healing used by GNC nutrition stores notes that Chorella is very high in both RNA & DNA & notes that Spirulina also contains both RNA & DNA nucleic acids.
Amino acids methionine, arginine, ornithine, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, manganese & magnesium contribute to production of RNA per Erdmann in The Amino Revolution.
Royal Jelly "is the only natural source of acetyl-choline...needed for memory."
Vinpoceine (periwinkle seed extract) is classified as oxygenator and activator of cerebral metabolism.  (Periwinkle is also source of 2 chemotherapy drugs - vincristine & invvlastine.)
Organ Transplants
Joan Hunter 2012 - Cellular memory is explained.  Trauma memory God can erase. 
Heart transplants, etc can carry negative memory, which can be erased by God.
Organs - - "Organ transplants cellular memory is a premise which exemplifies that our brain is not the only organ that stores personality traits and memories because major organs may have self-contained brains...Transfers of memories have not been reported in simpler transplants like corneas because they don’t contain large population of neurons. Dr. Andrew Armour a pioneer in neurocardiology suggests that the brain has 2-way communication links with the 'little brain in the heart.' The intelligence of neural brains in organs depends on memories stored in nerve cells...Personality changes that patient’s encounter after organ transplants were coined by doctors as Cellular Memory Phenomenon" - " A case was an 8-year-old girl who received a 10-year-old girls heart. After her operation she began to have nightmares of a man trying to kill her. Her dreams were so vivid that she went to a psychiatrist who actually believed they were real. It was found that the donor was murdered and the recipient who had the nightmares described the man in such detail that the police were able to find the killer and he was convicted of murder."

Soul Layer Trades + Soul Ties
Wallnau, Lance - - (edited)

1. You are a spiritual being (clothed) in a physical body. Even as your body can connect with something physical, your soul can connect with someone else. During the act of sexual intimacy, the 2 become (are woven into) 1 (Genesis 2:24 + 1_corinthians/6-18.htm . This is one of the mischiefs of (untimely/premature/illicit) sex. [Another is the transmission of disease (STD).] The consequences of (emotional & sexual) soul ties (outside of wedlock) has not been effectively taught in this generation.
2. Your soul can be bound to another
. When 2 pieces of paper are glued together, no matter how carefully they are pulled apart, each side has fragments from the other that remain stuck to (manipulated/triggered by) it (until LOOSED per Kat Kerr protocol:
When you have multiple physical partners, you have multiple parts of you that have 'become one'

(in thoughts + emotions)
with those partners.  It may not be that all those relationships have equal power but it is almost certain that there is a memory imprint that is hard to shake from one or more such encounters. American culture has completely collapsed on this front...
It does more to clarify the Biblical call to sexual purity when seen from a different perspective
(Additionally these soul layers/debris/splinters/thorns are MAGNETS & negative self talk which ATTRACT the same bad influences/demons/behavior/dates/addictions/circumstances that self-sabotage/boomerang or attract good 2nd-best friends/choices which are NOT God's best/1st purpose/destiny for which you & I were created in this generation...
With organ transplants, one takes RX to prevent rejection.  In the same manner, our DNA is allergic to 'strange' soul layers, NOT belonging to our own genome.  Understanding this may help us to use our willpower instead of our feelings & reject/evict each soul layer messing with our becoming whole once again, with the assistance of the Trinity & His holy angels & host, even becoming & staying a virgin, once again, in God's eyes. 
God's opinion & super power is primary.  Father God always adores us, but not always our behavior.


A nun obtained a healing of short & long term memory loss, as well as mental alertness and mental clarity as she appropriated the body & blood of Jesus during Eucharist (communion) per John Hampsch
in Healing Your Family Tree
When Heaven Invades Earth by Taylor & Clark share a testimony of a brain being healed.
A 3rd of her brain had shut down.
Joan Hunter 2012 - Cellular memory is explained.  Trauma memory God can erase. 
Heart transplants, etc can carry negative memory, which can be erased by God.


Carrin, Charles -
"I have a pastor friend in Florida who years ago was flunking Bible College. Intellectually, he struggled. Though grievously disappointed at having to drop-out of school he was preparing to do so when a friend encouraged him to seek renewal in the 'spirit of his mind', Ephesians 4:22-24.  He exhorted my friend to ask the Holy Spirit to 'give him the mind of Christ' and to 'bring to memory everything Jesus had said to him.' He obeyed; the Holy Spirit miraculously responded, & today–with a renewed mind–this pastor can quote all of the New Testament & most of the Old Testament from memory. 
He can do that in more than 1 version. What happened? He experienced 'renewal in the spirit of his mind'...
1. We humans use only 3% of our brain power.
2. In the fall of Adam we lost access to 97% of our mental potential.
3. Albert Einstein, 1 of the greatest minds in 1000 years, used only 7%."
Papa God, in Jesus name, we ask You to align our minds with Yours so that You in us can do awesome things for Your glory and purposes.  We receive this.  Thank You.  Amen.) 5.14.2010
Cellular Memory -
"Cellular memory might be possible since the discovery that neuropeptides exist not only in the brain as once thought but in all the tissues of the body. (The root cause of this memory is unidentified.
1 possible explanation is existence of invisible demons, which can travel from generation & trauma to trauma.  Additionally there may be a spiritual blood link/connection/significance, over & above the physical blood relationship.)
Joan Hunter 2012 - Cellular memory is explained.  Trauma memory God can erase. 
Heart transplants, etc can carry negative memory, which can be erased by God.
Kerr, Kat - LOOSING + BINDING - 9/1/2017 @
Leaf, Dr. Caroline - daily videos - Disorder comes from toxic choices.  Disorder is not always a disease. Prion proteins result from choices & are rectifiable/reversible.
+ + + with other good links
Meyer, Joyce - +
Meyer, Joyce - 25 day Bible study @ -
Stone, Perry - founder The Voice of Evangelism - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA - Breaking the Jewish Code - Chapter 5 The Meanings & Purposes of Jewish Life Cycles - code 5 - There are Hebrew Secrets for training a child following God's life cycles. - "A person can usually retain information if it is repeated 7 times...
5 times a day Muslims...chant...Knowledge is easier to remember when s et to music & singing...because knowledge passes through the mind 1st, afterward becoming part of the spirit.  Music, however, moves us from the inside out...
When David played his hard...Saul was delivered from an evil spirit....
Musical repetition w as believed to be the method by which the ancient prophets taught their students in the schools of the prophets (2 Kings 2:3-7).  The class was divided in half, as 1 group sang in Scriptures, & the 2nd group repeated the words through chanting or singing," like a duet.
Scripture - King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) - The Comforter, Who is the Holy Ghost, Whom the Father will send in My name; He shall teach you all things, & bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. -

Ephesians 4:23 - “Be renewed in the spirit of your minds.” +
(edited) "According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, toxic thoughts, such as stress, worry, fear, anger & unforgiveness, actually cause damage to the brain. Chemicals are released into the brain, causing chaos & damage. Those toxic (negative) thoughts can cause a loss of sleep or of the ability to do your job right, physical illness & more. 
In a spiritual sense, those toxic thoughts connect you to the curse. But when you guard your mind & thoughts, + keep yourself in a (positive) attitude of faith, praise, thanksgiving & truth, you come over to healing, deliverance and victory."
+ Kenneth Copeland Negative Thoughts Cost You Something video

jub/2_timothy/1.htm - #7for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, & a sound mind.


3/2008 - I Will Remember - biography of Andrew Engel who had a brain tumor removed. 
It affected his ability to recall & store memory.  He determined to excel, so with persistence & tenacity he overcame the negative predictions, graduated from college with top honors and landed a good job. 
Some keys include determination, reading something 5 times, rewriting, recording/taping information, listening & relistening to information, plus using a GPS on his cell phone.
3/2008 Retrain Your Brain - 20 Memory Tricks
Hegstrom, Paul - Sid Roth's Messianic Vision - Webcast  4/16-22/2007 - -
Watch: Real Player - Windows Media Player -
Paul shares how the Limbic system's thalmus only obeys your own voice.  Beware what you speak. 
When Paul became teachable, God revealed how to rewire the brain. 
One significant method is to read the Bible out LOUD (especially the red lettered words of God/Jesus.)
The brain's
amygdale has a major role in one's emotional development.  It can be rewired
Power of the Subconscious  sermon on tape
The subconscious affects every aspect of our lives, including perceptions...
Ongoing conferences at Tower Community Fellowship, Aurora, Colorado, USA

Good Tricks of the Trade

Farrow, Dave -
How to calculate mentally the day of the week for any known date.

Military Research

Darpa -

Medical Research

Cellular Memory -
"Cellular memory might be possible since the discovery that neuropeptides exist not only in the brain as once thought but in all the tissues of the body. These neuro-peptides are a way for the brain to "speak" to other bodily organs and for the organs to rely information back. However it is unknown if these newly found circuits could indeed store memories as the brain does in different organs. Due to the amount of peptides in the heart this organ is seen to have special potential in the study of this phenomena."
Claire Sylvia - Sylvia wrote a book about her experiences after learning the identity of her donor called A Change of Heart.- a Memoir -
Flatworms - Animal Loses Head But Remembers Everything - 12/31/2013 -
"Memory is NOT something that's stored in a fixed manner in the brain...It needs to be re-created all the time."
"It may be possible to buy an over-the-counter 'memory enhancer' (such as)...ginko biloba & other herbal supplements...that stimulate the brain's nicotinic receptors (nicotine is known memory enhancer)...
Stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine...slightly improve performance on clinical memory tasks."
Master controller of memory - "1 gene appears to regulate the brain's ability to form new memories." - 1/6/2012 - from
tterns of connections reveal brain -
"Neuroscientists have identified face-recognition areas based on what parts" - 1/6/2012
Leaf, Dr. Caroline - daily videos - Disorder comes from toxic choices. 
Disorder is not always a disease. (Bad) prion proteins result from choices & are rectifiable/reversible.
+ + with other good links @ -  Even in the aged,"new (neuron) cells were born in the part of the brain called the dentate gyrus. It is a part of the hippocampus which plays a central role in learning, memory, mood and emotion."
Omega 3 - Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying 9/2017
Fewer wildflower choices thwart bees’ natural inclination to choose a balanced diet
and they suffer cognitively from lack of omega-3 acids
. - Like humans, bees consuming an unhealthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids develop cognitive deficiencies.  They cannot simply choose pollen from flowers high in omega-3, because increasing urbanization has decimated many kinds of wildflowers.
The resulting nutritional imbalance is a major reason why honeybees, responsible for the pollination of more than 90 commercial food crops across the world, are dying at an alarming rate…
There are essential amino acids they can only get from pollen, & the amount of essential fatty acids:
omega-3 & omega-6 varies from pollen to pollen…
The experiment revealed that 90% of the bees raised on high omega-3 diets learned to differentiate between odors associated with sugar or salt within 3 trials.
But only about 45% of the bees raised on an omega-3 deficient diet were able to do so…
In humans, the right balance of omega-6 & omega-3 is 1:1. The typical modern Western diet [high in (GM/genetically altered) corn & corn byproducts & low in (wild) fish & free-range: meat, poultry & eggs] provides a (unnatural) 15:1 (omega-6 to omega-3 ratio).
This imbalance is thought to contribute to cognitive dysfunctions such as dementia, depression & ADHD…
Bees usually collect pollen higher in omega-3 than omega-6. When they can, they collect a mixed diet of pollen…
“In the observation hive, we could see what they were excited about because they do a ‘recruitment’ dance,” he says. “We videotaped all their dances & analyzed them, & found they did a more rigorous dance when they found the complementary pollen (supplying a previously lacking nutritional ingredient). So we saw that the individual foragers make decisions & relay them to the whole colony. We just ‘listened’ to what the bees told each other.”
In a similar study...each colony was deprived of a certain amino acid (protein) for a week.
Afterward, most foragers chose the complementary pollen to balance their diet…
There are multiple causes & they all synergize. The 3 most important factors are the use of pesticides & poisons in the environment; the Varroa mite & the viruses it transmits; & the lack of proper nutrition or malnutrition” caused by shrinking amount & variety of wildflowers.  Nutrition is the basis of everything, because malnourishment leads to a weaker immune system that cannot fight the effects of pesticides & viruses…
published in PNAS in 2015 + in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology  in 2016


Rewritable DNA Memory -
Walters, Sam - recommends Vinpocetine, L-Glutamine, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, DHA, Phosphatidylserine (PH), Bacopa, DMAE, Korean Ginseng Root, Huperzine (HUP-A) and Magnesium.  Sam Walters, NMD holds a Master of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition & a Bachelor's Degree in Bio-Nutrition in addition to his Naturopathic Medical Degree.
Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain? - Biologist, author, & investigator Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - theory -
"According to Sheldrake, author of numerous scientific books & articles, memory does not reside in any geographic region of the cerebrum, but instead in a kind of field surrounding & permeating the brain.
Meanwhile, the brain itself acts as a “decoder” for the flux of information produced by the interaction of each person with their environment.
In his paper “Mind, Memory, and Archetype Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious” published in the journal Psychological Perspectives, Sheldrake likens the brain to a TV set—drawing an analogy to explain how the mind & brain interact."