Manic Depression


Root Causes

Mania can be triggered by too much or too many ETC or offsetting medication, hormonal or emotional triggers.  Mania can be triggered by stress, crisis, abuse, trauma, war and one's inability to cope,  Mania can be triggered by the body's excess or insufficiency of certain brain biological chemicals.  Mania can be triggered by demons.   Mania can occur due to inheritance, immaturity, defect, age, plus one's poor self image due to poor relationships with self, family, friends, associates, superiors, and God.
Alternative Medicine
Goll, James @ Transcript - 6/3/2015 @ or - Edited Excerpt -
JAMES: The man of fire himself, Jesus, like Revelation, Chapter 1 says, "With every wound I received, I obtained a special level of healing for my people." Now while I explain this, I believe that faith is going to light up in the people's hearts right now, as I just explain this. As I speak this out, a special level of healing will come your way right now. He took me to His wounds: to his back & the 39 stripes. Within each of those places where the back of Yeshua Jesus was laid open, I saw names of sicknesses & diseases. I saw leukemia, paralysis, scoliosis, just different names. I saw names written in every 1 of the stripes of Jesus. He takes me to the crown of thorns & says, "When the crown of thorns was pierced upon My head, I obtained healing for every mental disease known to mankind." He took me to His feet where they were pierced through & said, "I obtained healing for paralysis." He took me to His hands & said something very distinctly, "Did you know that most diseases are transferred by touch. I obtained healing when I was nailed, pierced through in My hands. I obtained a special level of healing for every contagious disease." I believe Holy Spirit wants to touch some of you right now. Maybe you've gotten just some kind of sickness. Maybe you're like me with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. You have authority to give away what Jesus has given to you. Right now I just speak TO leukemia, I speak TO blood disorders. I speak to someone who's on kidney dialysis. God has another way. He is going to bring purification to your blood & kidneys. Jesus even was pierced through. I want to say to you, He has healing for every heart. Someone with like a hole in their heart & someone with a heart murmur, the Lord Himself is coming by to visit your house.  Healing is coming to your house today.
SID: You said it's 1 thing to understand this revelation, which Jesus taught, like the 39 stripes. Explain that again.
JAMES: Jesus's whole back was laid open.  It says, "By His stripes we are healed." He took me, turned to the side & revealed His back to me. I saw that it had been laid open. Within every 1 of these wounds, there was a name that was written of a disease or a sickness. Because for every wound Jesus received, He obtained a special level of healing for his people.
SID: How do you get that revelation to become fact.  There's faith involved. God has taught you a principle called decree. Explain.
JAMES: The Book of Job says, "You shall decree a thing & it will be established." & "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." The Book of James says, that, "Our soul is saved by the ingrafting of the Word of God." So we've got to store up the Word of God, the Bible, in our hearts.  Then we have got to proclaim the salvation of God. So we proclaim, "My whole house shall be saved." We proclaim: "By His stripes I am healed." I didn't just have an experience, an encounter. I then had to learn to work the miracle, called, the workings (or the working out) of miracles.  So God does His part.  Then we cooperate & do our part. I had to learn to (consistently) prophesy & decree (apply scripture) over my physical body, over my organs & speak (resurrection) life (in Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power.  Then thank Him).

Michael Maiden - Sid Roth Its Supernatural! | 11/30/2020 +
Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1077 Maiden.docx Transcript Edited Excerpt -
MICHAEL: . I became seriously manically & suicidally depressed. I knew I was depressed because I was finishing my PhD in psychology, so we talking about the timing of the Lord. I was 37 & thought my life was over, but Jesus healed me.
MICHAEL: My oldest son started self-medicating. He was just a young man, 12-13, & we were homeless.
Many negative things happened.  He started just trying to take care of his pain.
MICHAEL: We had a beautiful home we lost.  Every possible, negative thing (happened) from death threats to the whole town talking about us. The Lord told me if I would forgive the people that had hurt me, He would make me forget the pain they caused me. So I made a list. I forgave the people.  After about 7 weeks of praying for people, the Lord visited me.
It's amazing. Not only took away the pain, He gave me love for the people that broke my heart.
My son, the moment he could, moved out of our house (to) the streets.  Drug dealers were trying to kill him.  Police (were) trying to arrest him. I just would lay on his bed that he grew up in and just prayed, "God, tonight, don't let my son die." The Lord spoke to me & said He wanted me to change the way that I talked about my son. The Lord reminded me of all the prophetic words over the years He'd given me about my son's life. I told my wife & we started saying (prophesying/declaring over/about/that) our son is a history maker & world shaker, man of God. He's going to be a godly husband & father.
MICHAEL: The Lord had spoken to me so strongly that if I would change my vocabulary, the outcome would be changed. So I just started repeating God's Word. Like Paul told Timothy, "Do warfare by the prophetic words you've received." I started speaking over his life that he would be everything God said he would be. Within 7 weeks of doing that, God visited my son & delivered him from drugs. He moved back home, became a missionary to Haiti with the Bible school, married a wonderful woman, became our church executive pastor, has 4 great kids & is a successful businessman. So everything God told me came to pass when I started saying what God said to me about him.

Connell, Karen -

Secular Autobiographies/Biographies

Alexie, Sherman - book Blasphemy - Full Show: Living Outside Tribal Lines | Moyers ... - Bill Moyers 4/13/2013 TV -
Cheney, Terri -  u-tube  secular autobiography = Manic
Radio interview
  Mania is showcased by author as an acceleration into, a deceleration down from, or a place where the mind and body speeds up, somewhat like a 24/7 adrenalin fix or high, lasting weeks, prior to, or following, the opposite symptom (side of deep extreme) depression.  Some of the illustrated symptoms are compulsive and excessive promiscuity, talking, control, manipulation, flirting, performance, selfishness, and risk taking.
Kidder, Margot - Masks of Madness DVD - Wife of Superman on TV.
Main help was her affiliation with Abram Hoffer, Canadian MD and including in her diet lots of omega 3 oil.