1/19/02 Japan's main psychiatric body the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology changed the definition of schizophrenia from split-mind disease to integration disorder.
Hammond, Frank D & Ida Mae  Pigs in the Parlor, A Practical Guide to Deliverance, has a chapter entitled Schizophrenia which shares God's revelation to Ida Mae that there are 2 false personalities in a schizophrenic due to the wound of rejection.
Holliday, Pat         Family Deliverance Manual #1&#2      booklet/outline
Manual #2 addresses schizophrenia.  Numerous ministries suggest that schizophrenia may be genetic, and/or an inherited spirit of double-mindedness, and/or a split personality.  Holliday advocates the beliefs of William Menzies Alexander in that there is a new demon controlled/driven personality(s) acting out in the schizophrenic individual.  Holliday contends there are likely 2 major demons (with underlings) = rejection and/or rebellion.  Rebellion may allow a secret/other self to express a personality other that an individual's former self.   It may be a form of self defense against rejection.  For instance, self rejection may have such a grip on one as to reject one's sexual identity, creating a split personality or divided self.
The spirit of rejection causes one to reject themselves, to reject God, to isolate, to reject God, to become unstable, to act compulsively, to have an impaired memory, to have a divided heart (tottering between what God says and Satan says who one is - despised or loved), and to thus be double-minded.
Holliday also notes scripture makes a difference between being possessed by a demon and possessing a demon.  Note that the Greek translation should be demonization, rather than possession, in most instances.
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