INSANE - insanity

Matthew 4:24 "His fame went throughout all Syria: & they brought unto him all sick people taken with diverse: diseases, torments, devils, lunatick & palsy; & he healed them."
2 Timothy 1:7 '"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love & a sound mind."
1 Corinthians 2:16 "We have the mind of Christ."

Confession: God has given me the spirit of power, love & a sound mind.
I have the mind of Christ.
My mind is at peace.
I am not troubled or disturbed.
I am free from oppressive thoughts in Jesus' name.
Ezekiel 20:26 - "I pronounced them unclean because of their (wrong/unholy) gifts, in that they caused all their firstborn to pass through the fire so that I might make them desolate, in order that they might know that I am the LORD."
GOD'S WORD® Translation -
I let them dishonor themselves when they sacrificed all their 1st-born sons as gifts [to their false gods].
I terrified them so that they would know that I am the LORD.'
JPS Tanakh 1917 - I polluted them (and their family tree/bloodline/DNA) in their own gifts
(to idols/false gods), in that they set apart all that openeth the womb, that I might destroy them, to the end that they might (spiritually awaken to) know that I am the LORD.
[Abortion (& cannibalism) is another form of child sacrifice.] 
[Father God, we repent, reject sin & replace (with Your virtue) all personal & family abortion & sacrifice/murder way back to the first offense to You & harm/premature death of each family offspring. 
We invite Your resurrection fire to burn up all soul filth & then to heal our soul, our DNA. 
We disallow & command all evil sprits of insanity/Pharmacia/confusion/stinking-thinking to go under our feet, never to return. 
We invite & commission you holy host to minister to & with our family tree, from this day forward. 
We thank & praise You holy Trinity.  Amen. 
John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. 
We decree that we (& our family tree on both sides) are NOW free, 1st in heaven. 2nd on earth. Amen & amen.
We receive & enforce with Your consistent daily heavenly host.  Halleluiah. 6.22.2017
Leviticus 20:12 KJV -12 And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought (mental/emotional) confusion: their blood (guilt) shall be upon them.
28The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness & confusion of mind. deuteronomy/28.htm -
This curse is a consequence of disobedience to God.
Daniel, as recorded in Daniel 4:34 NIV Bible, speaks of a Babylonian king's healing of mental illness. -
"At the end of that time, I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven, & my sanity was restored
Then I praised the Most High; I honored & glorified Him who lives forever
Nebuchadnezzar's complete healing was not year l, nor year 2, not year 3, nor year 4, not year 5, nor year 6, but year 7. God is not only in the medical business of restoring sanity in the old testament, but also in the new testament, + today & tomorrow, for God is not dead.  Today most doctors do not come to us; we go to them. 
Doctor God is waiting for us to come to Him, not begging, but trusting, without any doubt. 
Then can He help us adequately, for doubt brings hindrance like puss is to a wound. 
Insanity {Forerunner} {Naves's} - Related Bible verses.
Yeshayah (Isaiah) 44:25  Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)  
That annuls the otot of the baddim (liars, false prophets), & maketh kosemim (diviners, soothsayers) into madmen; that turns back chachamim, & makes their da’as (knowledge, science) foolishness. 
@ - 2/7/2013


Dec-09 - Crazy -  from -  2009 -
(One with "deviant behavior" can be labeled crazy, imprisoned/institutionalized & forcefully treated with drugs, etc.  Each nation & generation has its own new set of rules.)
Arekion, Glenn - - Peace of Mind -
Brown, Rodney Howard - Hope 5/25/2022 @
Carrin, Charles - Deliverance Ministry May Be Your Answer (root or part of the solution/puzzle) - 3/2010 -
"'My ancestors have practiced Druid worship & psychic-powers for generations,' he explained.
'I am not participating in any way with witchcraft...
Our doctrine denies that Christians can have demons
in their minds or bodies'...
I brought the authority of Jesus against his ancestry of Druid worship...
4 major spirits were identified. 1 of those was the spirit of 'idiocy.'
When we challenged it, the man's eyes suddenly crossed, his hands became spastic, jerking rigidly, his tongue thickened, turned sideways in his mouth, & be began slobbering with senseless jabbering.
In a split-second, he became a full-blown idiot...
He was totally
delivered; the mental pain was gone forever." 8/19/20 - Transcript- Michael Nelson interview by 700 Club - testimony of healing of family bipolar/depression
Dixon, Timothy @ - 10/15/2022 -
Deliverance of the mentally ill is nearing.
The Letter of Aristeas verses 312-316 in the Pseudepigrapha (written 200 BC) speaks about insanity resulting from violating holy scripture or acting regarding sacred things without explicit consent from God. 
God has times & seasons for holy revelations. - 
"He (King Ptolemy of Egypt) said to Demetrius (President of the king's library), 'How is it that none of the historians or the poets have ever thought it worth their while to allude to such a wonderful achievement?' 
He replied, 'Because the law is sacred & of divine origin. 
Some of those who formed the intention of dealing with it have been smitten by God & therefore desisted from their purpose.'  He said that he had heard from Theopompus that he had been driven out of his mind for more than 30 days because he intended to insert in his history some of the incidents from the earlier & somewhat unreliable translations of the law.  When he had recovered a little, he besought God to make it clear to him why the misfortune had befallen him.  It was revealed to him in a dream, that from idle curiosity he was wishing to communicate sacred truths to common men, & that if he desisted, he would recover his health
I have heard, too, from the lips of Theodektes, 1 of the tragic poets, that when he was about to adapt some of the incidents recorded in the book for 1 of his plays, he was affected with cataracts in both his eyes. 
When he perceived the reason why the misfortune had befallen him, he prayed to God for many days & was afterwards restored." recommend the following web links:
1.The General Renunciation Prayers to Break Masonic Curses
2. Masonic curses Sickness, Disease, Early Death associated with Freemasonry -
Mental Illness
 I renounce & break all curses of mental illness coming down my ancestral (blood) line due to involvement in Freemasonry (&/or incest).
 I renounce & break the curse of having a double-soul, double-mind, ADD, or being Bipolar (manic depression).
I (renounce &) break the power of spiritual & mental confusion.
 I renounce & break all curses that disable me from comprehending & articulating what I feel.
I (renounce &) break all curses on my verbal faculties, & the ability to hear (or see) spiritually & physically.
 I renounce & break the curse of having 2 fathers or masters & resulting confusion in identity.
I call my body, soul & spirit into perfect alignment, according to God’s perfect plan & will.
 I renounce & break the curse of Paranoid Schizophrenia & Fear from my (our) ancestral (blood) line & myself.
 I renounce & break the power of Freemasonry witchcraft oaths & curses resulting in depression, melancholy, oppression & being in a psychotic state.
 I (renounce &) break all ungodly ties or bonds to anyone in my family line with the same problems.
 I renounce & break the power of the curses of the Freemasonry ceremony involving Nebuchadnezzar.
 I renounce & break the power of all Freemasonry witchcraft oaths resulting in insanity, senility or dementia, Alzheimer’s, disorientation, confusion, loss of memory, breakdown of any kind: mental, emotional, spiritual, nervous or physical.
 I (renounce &) break the curse of being committed into a psychiatric hospital or asylum.
 I renounce & break the curse of obsessive compulsive, repetitive behavior.
 I (renounce &) break the curse of all religious, spiritual, &/or doctrinal obsessions.
 I renounce & break the curses of suicide, death wishes, and mental instability.
 I renounce & break all curses of insecurity & co-dependency due to abandonment (or rejection) by the father because of Freemasonry.
Nervous Disorders & Fear - IN JESUS' NAME:
 I renounce & break all the curses on the nervous system coming down my family line due to involvement in Freemasonry.
 I renounce (& cancel) the Shriner’s ceremonial ritual & oath of standing on a board in bare feet & having electric shocks transmitted through the body.
I renounce (& cancel) all curses of shock to the nervous system, all attraction to electroshock treatment, & death from electric shock.
I renounce & break the curse of all shock, fear, trauma & grief stored in the nervous system through accident, sudden shock, sudden loss & death or through inheritance.
I declare that I am loosed from this fear & shock. 
(I declare) it is broken from my generational lines (on both sides).
I declare that continual shocks are broken from my family & me.
 I loose myself (& family) from fear (& future incidents) of accidents, rape, any kind of loss, & blows to the head.
 I renounce & break (cancel) the power of Freemasonry Occult curses to afflict my ancestral line & myself with diseases or violence affecting the nerves such as:
multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, spinal cancer, Parkinson’s disease, sexual abuse, rape, sudden death or betrayal by friends or marriage partner.
 I (renounce &) break the power of the Masonic curse of death from the spinal cord, nervous system, & (any evil) silver cord in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 I renounce & break every curse of inflammation of the nerves & nerves being on edge.
 I declare that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & all ties to the Masonic temple is cut.
I am loosed from every known or unknown disorder & disease resulting from any Freemasonry (witchcraft/satanic/occult) curse.
Every negative thing lodged in my (family) nervous system is now dislodged.
I now close & plead the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over every access point."
(In Jesus' name we invite You Holy Spirit to indwell & replace all damaged DNA.  Thanks.  Amen.)
3. Financial Curses Associated with Freemasonry
4. Masonic Renunciation Prayer Break Employment Relationship Curses
5. Masonic Renunciation Prayer Break Employment Relationship Curses
6. Renunciation Prayer to Renounce Eastern Star Curses
7. Learn more about the Masonic Lodge - Videos
Dictionary of Ancient Deities - Google Book - Patricia Turner, Charles Russell Coulter - 2001 - Fiction - 608 pages - "Cin Cinni (Turkey) 1 of a group of spirits known as Onlar, the Cin are spirits who can cause insanity, paralysis, or other illnesses."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 8/2009 excellent newsletter testimony -
Ana was delivered in a mental institution.
Gossett, Don - Healing of Nervous Disorder  from -
"Remember: no child of God (who has repented & invited Jesus' Holy Spirit to live in his/her heart) need ever experience a nervous breakdown, nor land in a mental hospital.
Knowledge of His truth (in Scripture) will set you free (from any institution & from any psychiatric diagnosis)...Here are some of the negative (root) factors that cause (trigger) nervous disorders...worry, fear, frustration, unforgiveness, sorrow, heartache, distress, bitterness, mental anguish.
In the Name of our Savior (Jesus, verbally/out-loud) cast out these negative spirits (problems) from your life. Refuse to allow them entrance again...
When you feel nervous, sing songs of victory. When griefs arise, sing them down...
TO those disquieted nerves of yours, speak it over & over again, 'Peace be still.'
Those ancient words of Jesus are fresh & vibrant with healing power to dispel every nervous disorder.
'By His stripes I am healed.'"
[Each of us MUST continually read (or listen to) the entire Bible & then speak relevant rebuttal scripture out loud TO Satan & TO any negative symptom, such as depression, anxiety, fear, feeling of suicide.]
Gossett, Don - PlayMarch 30, 2010 - A Sound Mind #1 (MP3)
Gossett, Don - PlayMarch 31, 2010 - A Sound Mind #2 (MP3)
Gossett, Don - PlayApril 1, 2010 - A Sound Mind #3 (MP3) RADIO from 2010 series at

Hayes, Norvel - -
Testimony of 2 healings/deliverances of insanity.

Hickey, Marilyn and Sarah - 11/17-23/2011 - Breaking Generational Curses
Part 1
- Watch this Program Here - superior - Mental illness had infested the Hickey bloodline, but God reminded Marilyn that her Father was God & He did NOT have mental illness in His blood line. 
Generational curses are real but not something we have to live under. @
Kolenda, Daniel - - "Deliverances & miracles took place including the deliverance of a woman who was insane for the last 8-years (see attached picture).
Also a boy, deaf from birth, was healed, lumps in a woman breasts vanished, a broken shoulder was healed."
 Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
Howard Pittman notes that his (heavenly) escort wanted him to see a demon in the process of actually possessing a human being. A demon with a horrible shape & form, which he recognized as from the lower perverted group was busy possession a young man.
Those in the flesh were only aware of themselves & could not see of hear those in the spirit realm.
The demon made himself desirable & attractive to the human.
Man has a sovereign will, beyond which the demon cannot come.
Angels or demons could not come beyond that sovereign will of man. God, Himself will not violate that will."
Dr. Francis Myles - -
 - "They brought this woman, a difficult case to pray for because she smelled, because she was insane & used to sleep in the trash cans.
So you can imagine when you have not taken a bath in 20 years, that's not a good smell.
So everybody in the crusade was staying away from her because the smell was overpowering. 
The more she came close, I could smell her. All of a sudden that liquid love came upon me & the smell disappeared. As the liquid love came upon me, I saw into her spirit. Her spirit was encircled by thousands of demons. Then her spirit looked up to me & said, 'Frances, I need your help.' The Lord said, 'Command them to unroll.' I said, 'Unroll in the name of the Messiah.' It's like an invisible hand reached out & touched 1 of the demons by the tail, & pulled him out, & the demons rolled out like that.
When the last 1 went out, the woman was instantly normal. When she looked around, she was properly dressed . She began to say, 'Why am I looking like this?' It was incredible."
Daniel Olukoya - Paralyzing Satanic Animals - Mark 5:10-5:12 - Affliction, Animals -
In order to afflict human beings, evil powers also make use of animals.
Through the activities of these satanic animals, a lot of lives have been caged.
As you are reading this bulletin therefore, I want you to exercise 3 things: holy anger, holy aggr
Read Full Sermon

#9. Lizards: The lizard quickly jumps at the slightest movement or noise.
It is afraid of practically everything. It represents the
spirit of fear.
It can also be responsible for the
spirit of insanity.
Sometimes, when you pray for people with
mental trouble & lizards are pulled out of their heads
, they get healed instantly.
Daniel Olukoya - Habitation Of Spiritual Insanity - - Ecclesiastes 9:3
Jesus took our place that we might have His peace. He took our sin that we might have His salvation.
Therefore our sense of sin will always be in proportion to our nearness to God.
The best way to face life’s changes is to look to the unchanging God. 
PRAYER POINTS - In the name of Jesus:
1. Power of God, kill my ( _____'s) internal (unholy spiritual) pharaoh.
2. Every wicked power that killed my ( _____'s) father (blood relatives), die.
3. Every wicked power working against my parent & is attacking my ( ____'s ) life, die now.
4. Any sickness that killed my ( _____'s) parents (blood relatives)
& is now trying to attack me ( ____ ), go back to where you come from.
5. Every madness of the spirit, (soul, &/or body), die.
6. (Holy) fire of the living God of Elijah, burn to ashes every witchcraft register that contains my ( ____'s ) name.
7. Yoke of stubborn witchcraft (in the family blood line) be broken.
8. My ( ____'s ) stubborn enemy, be disgraced by Goliath power, be shamed by Haman power, die & be eaten by Herod power.
9. Every power that has refused to let me ( ____ ) go, be broken now.
10. Every tragedy that is remaining this year shall NOT be my ( ____'s ) lot.
11. Every power sitting on the mat against me ( ____ ), die.
12. All my ( ____'s ) blessings remaining in this year, gather together now & locate me ( _____ ) by fire.
Daniel Olukoya - Madness Of The Mind -
print_friendly.asp?ContributorID=&SermonID=72523 - Ecclesiastes 9:3
Rule your mind or it will rule you, because anything that one imagines of God apart from Christ is idolatry. -
The mind of man has (at least) 2 parts: 1. The conscious mind. 2. The subconscious mind.
The conscious mind is a tiny portion of the whole person, while the sub-conscious mind is the larger part of it...
Inside that sub-conscious mind, we find long forgotten memories & experiences of childhood stocked there...
Our subconscious mind must be renewed, changed, reprogrammed & be made to conform to Christ.
Failure to do this will make (allow) the mind to fall under evil control...
Philippians 4:8...says, Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, & if there be any praise, think on these things...
The Bible...says our minds should NOT be dwelling on lies but on honest things. Anytime dishonesty comes into you, throw it out. Your mind should NOT welcome impure thoughts & the report (lies) of the enemy (those thoughts/facts which disagree with what God says in Scripture). Failure to do this will result in the mind falling under evil control (thus becoming deceived, as it does NOT agree/align with God's thoughts in the Bible).
1. The forces of Egypt:
This is a situation when Satan & his cohorts come against one’s spiritual progress, advancement & understanding. This can result in frustration and confusion.
Have you been born-again for some years & you do not seem to be making a headway in life?
Do not listen to the voice (thoughts) of the devil telling you (white & black lies)...
1 of the greatest tragedies that can happen is for a person who was once born again to begin to use charms & patronize herbalists. It is like saying that the devil is more powerful than God. This is a big lie.
Anyone who (believes Satan rather than)...
God for whatever reason would be in trouble. Such a person will never prosper (spiritually with God)...
2. The forces of suppression...cause one’s spiritual life to be dominated by fear.
3. The forces of depression and heaviness...discourage people and make them sad.
4. The forces of oppression...weigh people down & keep them from using their authority.
They cause physical & mental distress.
A majority of churchgoers experience 1 form of oppression or the other.
5. The forces of obsession...besiege the mind in an abnormal way.
They can change the mind & force the victim to take unreasonable actions.
6. The forces of possession...enter a person (attempt to) gain total control over the person & make it difficult for the person to reach God. Such a person will (may) eventually run mad.
If care is not taken (or ministry is not given, such as inner healing &/or deliverance, the victim may not be rescued)
i. Recognize that there is a problem. When you know that there is a problem, you must start addressing it.
ii. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ fully. Don’t be a part-time Christian.
iii. Surrender totally to Christ.
Every un-surrendered area of your life will open the door to the enemy
When you are not surrendered to Jesus & lack commitment to Him, you (can) open a door of your life for the enemy to enter.
Demons know whether you have surrendered or not (but will lie & tell you that you are NOT, when you really belong to Jesus).  (Thus always trust the Bible & never your own feeling about being saved/born-again.)
You can accept Jesus, but to surrender & to be committed is another thing.
(Spiritual muscle increases when one asks Jesus to baptize oneself with His Holy Spirit, when one reads aloud & memorizes the Bible & when one meets weekly with a prayer-group/Bible-study/church/synagogue,
prays in tongues & sings hymns.)
iv. Commit yourself completely to Jesus.
v. Study the word of God.
vi. Pray all evil deposits out of your mind...
Pray the following prayer points aggressively:
PRAYER POINTS - In Jesus' name:
1. Every power of familiar spirit & witchcraft working against my ( _____'s) mind, release me ( _____ ) now.
2. Every demonic arrest over my ( _____'s) mind, be frustrated.
3. Every satanic plantation in my ( _____'s) mind be destroyed by Holy Ghost fire.
4. Every spirit withstanding testimony in my ( _____'s) life, be bound.
5. Every river of backwardness flowing into my ( _____'s) mind, dry up.
6. Every evil association with un-friendly friends, break (off) now.
7. Anything representing me ( _____ ) in any demonic meeting.5.14.2013
Renner, Rick - What Does It Mean To Have a Sound Mind?
or (edited)
When your mind is guarded by the Word of God, you think differently.
When the Word of God is allowed to work in our mind, it safeguards our emotions, defends our mind from demonic assault & shields us from arrows the enemy may try to shoot in our direction in order to arouse a (self-sabotaging) spirit of fear inside us…When you begin to live a life of faith, when you reach out to do the impossible, the enemy will try to assault you mentally & emotionally in an attempt to stop your progress.
For instance, he may speak to your mind, saying things like, ‘You can’t do this.  This doesn’t make sense.
Are you crazy’? 
As you focus on Jesus & release all those burdens, you’ll find that your mind is working fine.
2 Timothy 1:7 promises us a sound mind; therefore, we have the right & privilege to tell the devil to shut up (in Jesus’ name) & then to declare by faith (in Jesus’ name) that your mind is sound, safe & secure.
I pray in Jesus’ name:
Lord, I thank You by faith that I am NOT going crazy & I am NOT losing my mind.
The stress and pressure I’ve been facing is going to pass. 
I know You will bring me through these challenging times.
You promised me a sound mind & that is exactly what You have given me.
I can’t ever thank You enough or fully express my gratitude for the power, love & sound mind
You have given to me that will carry me safely through these times.
In Jesus’ name:
I declare that my mind is guarded by the Word of God.
God’s Word: works in my mind, safeguards my emotions, defends my mind from demonic assault & shields me from the arrows the enemy tries to shoot in my direction in order to arouse a spirit of fear inside me (to trigger fight/flight/fright/confusion/compulsion/terror/intimidation/despair).
When the devil tries to convince me that I’m losing my mind or to confuse me with stressful situations,
I get alone with the Lord & give my concerns to Him.
As I focus on Jesus and (daily) release all those burdens, I find that my mind is working fine. 
hank You good precious Lord.
Stone, Perry - 8/13/2012 - The Spirit of Confusion & Curse of Madness - Read Leviticus 20:12
Sumrall, Lester - He had been dedicated to the devil before he was born, but one day he was delivered from the demons by the power of the Lord @ -
Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira
shares (pg 37) that 1 demon, who would not name itself, called himself the Captain of Host of the Insane
[Frequently (Portugese) Brazilian spiritism is a marriage of African witchcraft with that of Roman Catholicism.] -
Sumrall, Lester - The Mystery of Immortality -
Chapter 4 Protecting the Immortality of Man - Numerous things can contribute to progeny sickness, insanity &/or deformity: being unequally yoked in marriage, divorce, fornication & adultery, homosexuality & lesbianism & especially the sexual things that negatively affect one's offspring's eternal life & destiny in God. 
This in large part is because only humans have been granted the honor to procreate/reproduce beings like themselves that will live forever.  (Location depends on whether or not they choose Jesus to be their Messiah).
Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice - - Chapter 4 Human Conscience without God - "A conscience without God will (attempt to) destroy you.  It will beat you to pieces.  There are people in insane asylums right now because their consciences have beaten them into that place."
Gary Whetstone - Recommended - Dealing with FEAR is 1 of his specialties. - Israel & the Hebrew Diaspora [edit] -
"Passages of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament have been interpreted as describing mood disorders in figures such as Job, King Saul & in the Psalms of David.[8] In the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar is described as temporarily losing his sanity.[9] Mental disorder was not a problem like any other, caused by 1 of the gods, but rather caused by problems in the relationship between the individual & God.[citation needed]  They believed that abnormal behavior was the result of possessions that represented the wrath & punishment from God. This punishment was seen as a withdrawal of God's protection & abandonment of the individual to evil forces.[10] "
Wommack, Andrew - Watch 10/10/2014 from Week 41 - 10/6-10/2014 - God Wants You to Succeed -
Discussion is on King Nebuchadnezzar who became insane due to pride, not of doing evil to others, but of arrogance regarding being self-righteous & NOT attributing goodness to God.  God allowed a 7 year internship of insanity, before returning/restoring his sanity & kingdom.  [Be reminded, that a key offender to God was Lucifer (renamed Satan) was via this same sin of pride, triggered the downfall of the entire human race (the fallen nature of mankind, the preliminary separation of man from God, requiring the death & resurrection of the Messiah + our recognition, acceptance & appropriation of this salvation for ourselves in order to be redeemed.]
COMMENTARY: Whether in whole or part, a demon or his attributes (disease/defect/death/delusion/deceipt/hurt/harm) is always a spiritual root issue of one's NOT being whole/healed/healthy/recovered/sane/sound.)

Myles, Francis -

"I once prayed for a black woman in South Africa who had been insane for at least 20 years.
She used to sleep in dirty tunnels & ditches. She ate from trash cans & was scantily dressed.
After I prayed for her, she was gloriously delivered.
When she came back to her senses, she gasped at the scanty dressing that covered her.
I immediately instructed the women in the crusade to find something for her to wear.
While she was robbed of both self & world-consciousness, this woman did not care about how she looked.
But after she recovered her 'consciousness' she demanded an immediate change in attire.
She knew immediately that she was naked & did not like it 1 bit."
Myles, Francis - Can You Change Your DNA?


Will Banning Aspartame Stop Insanity? by Elaine Hollingsworth @
Glenda Jackson - video -
transcript (edited) @ RADIO - 10/20/2014 -

So powers in the visible world are very upset with my guest. She marries.
Her husband has epilepsy. He's insane. There's no hope. She goes on a 40-day fast.  What happened, Glenda?
Well he had 27 grand mal seizures, lost his mind. That night they put him in the hospital.
They had him tied in bed.  He was incontinent, couldn't keep clothes on him, & looked like a wild man. 
The doctors wanted to commit him. I said, "I'm going to go home, pray & be back tomorrow."
When I went home, I could smell the sawdust of my dad's tent revivals.  I said, if my dad was here, he would know what to do.  I began to call churches in town to see if they could cast the devil out of my husband.  They said, commit him, everyone of them. But I'm glad they did say that or I wouldn't have the faith I've got today.
God will put you in a situation where you have to use your faith.  Jesus said, "Go back, check him out, tell him that you got a new doctor & you're going to commit him to Me." So that's it. I said, "Well I have no car."
Like he didn't know. He said, "I already got a ride coming to get you at 10 in the morning."
Ten o'clock, a car showed up.  A woman showed up saying, "God told me to come pick you up." 
We went to the hospital.  I went in.  The doctors had the papers, pushed them to me & said, "Are you ready to commit him?" I said, "Yes."  They said, "Good." I said, "But not to you. I found a new doctor." 
They said, "Who is this doctor that you found?" I said, "Jesus Christ of Nazareth." 
They started cussing & said, "We're going to go over your head to get power of attorney & commit him." 
I said, "Go right ahead, 'cause he's my attorney, too."  They were so mad. 
He said, "Get him, get out of here & don't ever come back."  So I did. 
He told me, "He's going to kill you & your children. You don't realize how bad he is."  So I took him home. 
I was fasting. I'll never forget, on the last night of the fast, an angel came in, the biggest angel I've ever seen in my life.  He said, "You've been given the authority to use the name of Jesus.
Everybody doesn't have that authority
." I said, "What?"  He said, "Only believers do.
Everybody is not a believer that says they are.  These signs shall follow them that believe
He handed me a sword.  So I went there & laid it on my husband. The angel disappeared.
You're telling me the angel gave you a sword & you put this sword on your husband?
Yes.  He told me that sword was the sword of the Spirit, the word of Almighty God. As soon as I did, those things started coming out of him, all kinds of creature looking things, who would name themselves.
1 came out & said, "I'm insanity." They would just go out naming themselves.
The last 1 that came out, it just looked terrible, but they all were just creatures. My husband sat up & was just like he came from the dead. He didn't know what had happened. He said, "I'm hungry."
I thought, everybody Jesus touches that's dead, or this or that, they're always hungry when they come back.
Oliveira, Carlos - @ Out Demons Behind INSANITY, SCHIZOPHRENIA, DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, etc.
Permanently depart peacefully, silently, quitely, softly, without harm/injury/trauma/shaming. 
Be replaplaced with healing/health/sound mind/contment.
Be filled with Holy Spirit & His chararacter/virtues/peace, in Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power.
Prince, Derek -6/20/2014 How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking part #1 or  
Whole link @ @ God'sTruthBeingTold -
Derek at 1 time contended with severe depression which he believed was a part of him-self. 
Holy Spirit revealed that it was an entity/identity/evil/family/familiar-spirit/person/personality without a body, separate from oneself.
Demons have 3 objectives: To Torment & Torture, To prevent oneself from receiving Christ as savior (of human spirit, human nature/soul & body), To keep us from serving Christ (our savior) effectively.
At vulnerable/emotional points in our routines, demons (especially via words/thoughts/suggestions) entice, harass, torment with fear, pain & disease, compel, enslave (Demons contribute to most addictions.), defile (including projection of unclean words/thoughts/pictures at an inopportune/holy time) and deceive. 
Favorite demonic suggestions/lies are: God/nobody loves me.  I am worthless. 
Life is not worth living.  I am not really saved or I have lost my salvation. 
Demons habitually attack one's emotions & attitudes. 
There is a demon affecting (in driver's seat of) every (consistently) out of control emotion. 
Demons operate in gangs, opening the door for their next friend/criminal/bully.

To reiterate:
Shreve, Mike - 7/23/2018 - (edited) - -
MIKE: 1 of my teachers had told me, if you ever have a confrontation with a demon, either directly or in a human being, then take your authority, your Throne Room authority & declare the Word of God with the same authority God would in the same situation.
SID: You talk about strongholds in the mind. There are 3 primary weapons to tear them down.
MIKE: 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 10, Verses 3-5 says, "Though we're in the flesh we do not war after the flesh, but the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds."
Now watch the wording carefully. It says, "Casting down," not demons, not principalities or powers, but "casting down imaginations & every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God."
So there are certain mindsets.
SID:  You might be able to say everything that exalts itself against a promise of God.
MIKE: Is a stronghold.
MIKE: (A pastor) began to explain to me that 1 of his best members, a very godly woman, the leader of his intercessory group had been married to an abusive man that constantly told her things like how stupid, ugly & worthless she was, a man who is supposed to be a protector, not a predator in his home.
She cracked & finally had a nervous breakdown. We went there (to the insane asylum). 
They gave us only 5 minutes with her.  They said,  "No religious stuff."
I didn't know how to respond to that, so I didn't say yea or nay. I just smiled & thought, "Let them interpret that smile any way they want to." In my mind I was thinking, "I'm here to do God's work." 
They led us back to the room. Thankfully, they let us close the door.
She did not acknowledge us being in the room. She acted like she was alone, just sitting on the bed, muttering.
Her pastor said, "You go ahead." I walked over.
I thought, "Well even if she doesn't act like she hears me, I believe her spirit hears me.
I believe her heart hears me."  I didn't want anybody outside to hear. I got real close to her.
I thought, "I'm going to declare every promise I can think of in the Word of God, for the next 4-5 minutes.
I thought, "Jesus, when He faced off with the devil, always said, 'It is written, it is written, it is written.'"
I thought, "I'm going to use the same method."
I got down close to her & said, "It is written, there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. It is written nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.
It is written, behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy.
It is written God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a power of love & of a sound mind.
It is written if God be for you, who can be against you," on & on, & on.
I looked at my watch & lo & behold, we had 30 seconds left.
I said, "Pastor, we've got to go for it."  So we both laid hands on her, without planning it in advance. 
We both burst out speaking in tongues as loud as we could, very loud, so much so the door swung open & 2 big bouncers came in, grabbed us by the arm, led us to the front door, threw us outside & locked the door behind. But we had already done sufficient damage to the devil's kingdom, because after we left, that woman got up, bathed, clothed herself & went up to the front desk. 
She said, "Call my family, I don't need to be in here anymore. God gave me my mind back."
Souza, Katie - 9/21/2016
#9 (edited) "In Mark 5, we find evidence. Jesus allowed Legion to go into a herd of pigs. 
The pigs went crazy and committed suicide (Sooey-cide. Get it?)
Legion makes you lose your mind. When they occupied the man, he was out of his mind.
When Jesus forced them into the pigs, the pigs went nuts, too. They dove off a cliff & drowned...
What did Legion request from Jesus, other than not to be tormented?
He wanted to stay in the region. Now the people are telling Jesus to leave the region.
Who’s really talking, both times? Legion, (the invisible head/spokesman of the regional spirits).  
He wants Jesus off his turf... Legion had a (legal) right to be a regional demon with regional impact & control.
(Most) all people in region where you minister have (similar) wounds in their souls.
Everyone in the world is dwelling among tombs (emotional caves) to some degree, which is why spirits like Legion are empowered to control land regions over the earth...
Stay on the path God gave you. You will encounter resistance from the enemy, but you can still prevail for the Kingdom of God. Get your soul healed & job will be easier...
Evil spirits protecting a region found nothing in common with Jesus & were powerless against Him.
The Bible records several instances where spirits immediately recognized Him & said, 'Oh, Jesus, what is there in common between us? Don’t torment me.' Since Jesus came as a man, we can achieve the same power over powers of darkness, by eliminating the wounds that create common ground with the (evil) spirits." - 10/20/2016
#13 "I had tried & failed to correct something that was beyond my ability to correct.
That led me to feel like a disappointment & a failure, which made me depressed & unhappy.
It was a miserable cycle.  Now that I understood the problem, I could go to the root of it.
I could (1st repent, then 2nd) apply the blood of Jesus (to remove the sin) AND (3rd apply resurrection) dunamis (laser power/surgery) & be rid of it (the soul wound) forever.
After doing so, for the 1st time in my life, I walked in peace & freedom. 
Character bents plague us & facilitate the acts that lead to death & destruction in our lives.
Yet, the blood washes our conscience clean, so we can freely serve the living God.
We can finally enjoy the 'peace that passes all understanding'...Jesus is so amazing.
Through His sacrifice on the cross & resurrection, He made sure you could be healed of every negative character BENT that defeats any GIANT that would come against our life."
Maria Woodworth Etter @ +
Maria Woodworth-Etter @ - 6/24/2014 - MIDWEST HEALING and SALVATION “SIGNS & WONDERS” Chapter 27, Pg. 130-131 “REMARKABLE HEALING, a GREAT MIRACLE” “There was a boy 7 years old, who had never walked; he was born insane, blind, deaf & dumb & was always pounding his head & beating himself like the maniac among the tombs. They tried everything, including the best medical help, but the doctors could not locate his sufferings & said he would never have any sense; but praise the Lord, He says, “I am the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Me?” Praise His holy name, “All things are possible to him that believeth.” 
We told the parents if they would give themselves & child into the hands of the Lord, I had faith that the Lord would heal him; they were Catholics. The Lord has performed the greatest miracle ever known. 
There is no case of healing in Bible record so wonderful as this boy
. The man born blind was considered a great wonder; then the man at the Beautiful Gate, who was healed of weak ankles, was born lame, was considered a great miracle; but this child was born blind, deaf & dumb & had no mind. 
Now he can hear & see perfectly.  God has given him a bright, intelligent mind.
He laughs, plays & walks around in front of the pulpit every day in view of all the congregation.  Before he was healed, he had spasms, as many as 20 a day, but now he is well & happy.  (Praise You holy Trinity)...
In healing this child, God has put His seal on this work & proven to the world that I am called & sent of God, that the Lord is using me in a wonderful way to do His will in these last days.
The power of Elijah is working among the people with mighty miracles, signs & wonders, showing that the coming of the Lord is near at hand, even at the door (1 Thess.4:16).
He is preparing the bride, mounting her on the white horse of power, ready to meet the Bridegroom.”
Medical Science
Research & Theory - 6/3/2010
Richard Horowitz - Lyme Disease remediation using gut pro-biotics - -
Lyme disease is the “great imitator”, mimicking every psychiatric diagnosis in an ICD-9 manual....
2 major types of intestinal bacteria are particularly important in cytokine production: lactobacilli & bifido-bacteria. Most strains of lactobacilli are robust producers of the inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha, where most strains of bifido-bacteria are weak cytokine producers. Bifido-bacteria are able to decrease the production of cytokines from lactobacilli, changing their immunological effects. It is therefore possible that by manipulating the types of intestinal bacteria, we can also affect cytokine production & change mood...
Biological Psychiatry, showed that pro-biotics may offer an alternative treatment option for depression & other psychiatric conditions.
The journal's editors reported that healthy volunteers who received a type of pro-biotic called Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 + B longum for 30 days reported significantly lower stress levels...
'These bacteria are capable of producing & delivering neuro-active substances such as gamma-amino-butyric acid [GABA] & serotonin, which act on the brain-gut axis.'" @
Jellied Century-Old Brains Reveal Secrets of Mental Illness - -
"DNA extracted from 'insane' brains sheds light on mental disorders." - 1/9/2012 @ 
DeWolf, Dr. James Ratchford - for over 20 years was superintendent of the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 8/2009 excellent newsletter testimony -
Ana was delivered in a mental institution.
Hickey, Marilyn - Shattered Mind NOT Demon Possessed -  - Testimony begins at end approx 23:23 where Marilyn shares that William Branham told her mom to place her tear stained handkerchief on her husband to allow God to heal him, that he was NOT demon possessed but rather had a shattered mind.

Vitale, Joe with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Zero Limits ( NON Judeo-Christian post (edited)     
+ @ "2 years ago, I heard about
a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients without ever seeing any of them.

The psychologist
would study an inmate's chart & then look within himself to see how
he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.
  When I 1st heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by (1st) healing himself?
How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? 

It didn't make any sense. It wasn't logical, so I dismissed the story.  However, I heard it again 1 year later.
I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called 'Ho oponopono'

(Ho o po no po no
. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn't let it leave my mind.
If the story was at all true, I had to know more.

I had always understood 'total responsibility' to mean that I am responsible for what I think & do
.(we often don't see that God is behind events in our lives). Beyond that, it's out of my hands.
I think that most people think of total responsibility that way.
We're responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does.
The Hawaiian therapist healed those mentally ill people & would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. 
His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.(e hal e ack ala). We probably spent 1 hour talking on our 1st phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist.
He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for 4 years.
That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis.
The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit. 

Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office & to review their files.
While he looked at those files
, he would work
on himself.
He would say to himself, '
I'm sorry for creating you by seeing (viewing/diagnosing/labeling/speaking of) you as ill
. [He affected the mass consciousness of mankind (in that premise) reflecting back as negativity in those susceptible says Joe Vitale].
I love you
' As he worked
on himself, patients began to heal
'After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,' he told me. 'Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. Those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.'  I was in awe. 
'Not only that' he went on 'but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism & turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed, because patients were being released & all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.'  [In essence he gave angels verbal substance with which to bless prisoners, rather than give deomons substance with chich to curse prisoners & staff.]
This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: 'What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?' 
'I was simply healing the part of me that created (gave hell permission to label & mess with) them. ('he understood the truth),,' he said. "I didn't understand."

Principle is that we heal the world simply by changing our mind about the world.
The world you see is simply
a projection of your thoughts about it, strange as this may sound, but it has to do with the fact of eternity; that is, there is no past & future in eternity. Eternity is always in the present. Past & future exist only in our minds, our memories, our expectations, our plans, dreams & hopes. You exist in eternity.  The base of eternity is in the silence.
You go there (spiritually) when you
meditate (as an occult practitioner or preferably pray).

You cannot see what your attention has bypassed. That's why many are not spiritual.
Attention is elsewhere for whatever reasons they may have & no doubt attention is elsewhere because experiences and decisions were
haphazardly made along their way of life to now & in this, so much of life turns out to be just the 'spinning of wheels'. 

The Soul has no limits. It's only the ego that allows itself to believe in limitation, drawing these beliefs from the mass consciousness. Belief in limitation is the cause of all troubles in the world.(*).
The Soul produces but
never runs out of the stuff
.(energy).that enables it to produce. Herein we see free energy for use for mankind and devices which register thought forms. The things of the spirit are always available & never run out. All is spirit, such as is water, electricity & matter..
"Look at your soul & see that everything has been available there for a long time." (guru non Christian)
Grigori Grabovoi (

"This is at 1st difficult, to say the least, for many to understand.
How can the world simply be
a projection of thought & your thought only?  This is nuts.
We have much to yet
comprehend about the fantastic world of invisibility: 1Corinthians 13:12; 2:9.
How can all you see, all you experience be caused by you, but it is. 
We live in & individually are,
parallel universes
I later attended a 'Ho oponopono' workshop run by Dr. Len. He's now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly (occult) shaman and is somewhat reclusive.  He praised my book The Attractor Factor

Dr. Len's complete prayer is:
"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.
The Great Infinite One is blessing you now."

Long version from Morna Simeon
(Dr. Len's teacher) is:
"Divine (Trinity) creator, father, mother, son as 1...
If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended You, Your family, relatives & ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask Your forgiveness...
Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies & vibrations &
transmute these unwanted energies to pure light. It is done.'

Another version:."I'm sorry I have caused this in you. I love you & will fix it.".
How? 2 ways: Using what Dr. Len says.(''I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.') B
Looking at your
own dark side focuses attention on darkness in you.
Attention with love is (God's dynumus resurrection) light which
dissipates the darkness, thereby cleaning you up; this is change from the darkness & into the light.

"Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life, simply because it is in your life, is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.".
Ok, let's
assume this is all true for now & see if we can do anything for us & the world.
This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is 1 thing. Being responsible
for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life."  [So here we see some of the spiritual principles/laws related to what God showed Henry Gruber: ]
[2nd be reminded that Satan is a counterfeiter of all good modalities & that he is aware of all spiritual laws (which both good & bad angels &/or people have access to) Don't Take it Personally + Remitting Sins ]
Mulkey, Monty -  episode-677-spirits-of-insanity.mp3 5/22/2012 (starts about 53:30 on internet dial) Believing the lies of demons can be a root problem of insanity.
Glenda Jackson - – 10/20/2014 -
Radio - 9/22/2014 (edited) C
ured own mate of insanity:
SID: She marries. Her husband has epilepsy. He's insane. There's no hope.
She goes on a 40-day fast. What happened, Glenda?
Well he had 27 grand mal seizures, lost his mind. That night they put him in the hospital.
They had him tied in bed.  He was incontinent, couldn't keep clothes on him.  He looked like a wild man. 
The doctors wanted to commit him. I said, "I'm going to go home & pray. I'll be back tomorrow."
When I went home, I could smell the sawdust of my dad's tent revivals. I said, if my dad was here, he would know what to do.  I began to call churches in town to see if they could cast the devil out of my husband. 
They said, commit him, every one of them. But I'm glad they did say that or I wouldn't have the faith I've got today. God will put you in a situation where you have to use your faith.  So I went, Jesus said, "Go back, check him out (of hospital/institution), tell him that you got a new doctor & you're going to commit him to Me."
So that's it. I said, "Well I have no car." Like he didn't know.
He said, "I already got a ride coming to get you at 10 in the morning."
10 o'clock, a car showed up. A woman showed up saying, "God told me to come pick you up."  We went to the hospital & went in.  The doctors had the papers, pushed them to me & said, "Are you ready to commit him?"
I said, "Yes."  They said, "Good." I said, "But not to you.
I found a new doctor."  They said, "Who is this doctor that you found?" I said, "Jesus Christ of Nazareth." 
They started cussing & said, "We're going to go over your head to get power of attorney & we're going to commit him."  I said, "Go right ahead 'cause He's my attorney, too." 
They were so mad & said, "Get him, get out of here & don't ever come back."  I did. 
The doctor told me, "He's going to kill you & your children. You don't realize how bad he is."
So I took him home.  I was fasting
I'll never forget, on the last night of the fast, the biggest angel I've ever seen in my life came & said, "You've been given the authority to use the name of Jesus. Everybody doesn't have that authority."I said, "What?"
He said, "Only believers do. Everybody is not a believer that says they are.  These signs shall follow them that believe."  He handed me a sword.  So I went there & laid it on my husband.  The angel disappeared.
The angel gave you a sword & you put this sword on your husband?
GLENDA: Yes. He told me that sword was the sword of the Spirit, the Word of Almighty God.
As soon as I did, those things started coming out of him, all kinds of creature looking things. 
They would name themselves.  1 came out & said, "I'm insanity
They would just go out naming themselves. 
The last 1 that came out just looked terrible, but they all were just creatures. 
My husband sat up; he was just like he came from the dead. He didn't know what had happened.
He said, "I'm hungry." I thought, everybody Jesus touches that's dead, or this or that, they're always hungry when they come back.
Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text
Chapter 7 The Mystery - There seem to be two 4th groups. 
A 4th group "1 of the leading groups...may be the most important 1...
These demons remain aloof...& their area of expertise is most important to Satan's last day attack...
These demons have  great power over flesh... more power than the other demons. 
Part of their great strength rests in their anonymity...
Demons have been successful in remaining anonymous & convincing man that demons do not exist...
When a human is demon possessed, there are certain classic symptoms which indicate demon possession. 
This is NOT true with the mystery demon...A classic example of demon possession is an individual displaying a split personality...All humans who have more than 1 personality ARE demon possessed...
All spirit beings have only 1 soul or personality
... NO exceptions... It's impossible for a spirit to live in & control a physical body without revealing himself in the form of a personality to others. 
This is true of the spirit of man as well as the spirit of demons.
However, when the personality of the mystery demon is displayed, it is NOT always obvious...
It is usually revealed as a hidden personality in that possessed human...
These same demons may manifest themselves as physical deformities, sicknesses or many other ways which are not so obvious...
When demons work through an individual (such as a minor child) who had NO choice, then that individual has NO blame... All demon possession in those below the level of accountability is done so on a permission basis (to Satan by God, often due to parental open doors). 
The mystery demon is the only group of demons allowed to work in that individual who is below the level of accountability...
These demons are also the hardest with which to deal & must be dealt with in a special way (Matthew 17:21)...
The mystery demon...great strength seems to depend on his remaining anonymous in the life of the human... The mystery demon is able to mimic epilepsy...has something to do with what we call insanity...
He interferes with the control line between the spirit of man & the physical organ called the brain...
When that invisible communication line (between spirit, mind & brain) is distorted or disrupted in some manner, it produces an unstable reaction in the physical body called insanity... Mental institutions are filled with people who are demon possessed &...would be normal if they were only delivered.  However deliverance, itself, is NO guarantee of the complete recovery...Deliverance is just the 1st step.  (Former patients need to become born again, baptized in water & the Holy Spirit & taught how to prevent demonic re-infestation/ reentry/relapse)."
Pittman, Howard @ 88LHCD12-18A THE MYSTERY DEMON 1-of-2
Pittman, Howard @ 88LHCD12-18B - THE MYSTERY DEMON 2-of-2
@ 1988 - "God spoke audibly to Bro. Pittman, telling him we are in the Laodicean church age, & then gave him a command to 'go tell.'
With that in mind, this message is to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.
1 of the greatest failures of the church today has been their gross underestimation of the adversary.
Satan is endeavoring to set himself up as god of this world & cause all flesh to worship him. His plan is highly organized & his leaders are extremely capable of carrying out his orders. Each (evil) spirit has its own particular job to do & that is their area of expertise. The mystery demon is identified as the order of spirits responsible for exotic diseases & catastrophic illnesses. These are coming down upon us through the (inherited) ancestral curses that are put upon us (allowed) by God because of disobedience to His Word. Unrighteous sexual acts remain an abomination in the sight of God.
In spite of rampant immorality in the world today, unless they are repented of they will continue to bring physical death to the human body. In the vein of spiritual warfare & deliverance, this message exposes the enemy spirits of perversion & sorcery.  This service concludes with a call to repentance before God." @
Understanding Trauma - How We Treat the Broken Among Us By Yaholo Hoyt -


Insanity Defense - The 'insanity defense' and diminished capacity  - - United States v. Hinckley -
Insanity Defense - -
Federal & state laws typically approach this issue differently.