DMT @ https://brainstuff.org/blog/does-the-human-body-make-dmt - 3/22/2016 -
(Pineal gland DMT hallucinations may be caused/triggered by mRNA COVID vaccinations per
https://rumble.com/v2eh6l4-payload-nanocapsules.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=6 @
Chapter 14 in Derek Prince's They Shall Expel Demons shares a testimony of deliverance from hallucinations www.derekprince.com
Secrets of the Dead PBS television case file The Witches Curse  VHS format item # SEDE921 
Excellent case study on the ergot fungus that may have caused psychosis & death in many towns. 
Many victims may have been burned at the stake as witches.  Ergot is a fungus found on rye grain, especially during damp weather.  Bread made from this grain may have been contaminated with ergot.