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Dr Cox, Paul L  (Has deliverance ministry) www.aslansplace.com    www.sidroth.org
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance  www.thechildrensbread.net
Healing Your Family Tree by John Hampsch a Claretian Missionary priest, Los Angeles, California, USA  (Book, video, or audiotape) "All objects that have been used for occultic or spiritualistic activities should be destroyed, for they tend to attract evil spirits." www.claretiantapesministry.org 1-213-734-1234
Hope for the Heart radio program The Occult audio cassettes by June Hunt and Jim Crest
Dallas, Texas, USA 11/1/03 (Satanic abuse)1-800-488-HOPE   1-800-488-4673
Hunter's Book:How to Heal the Sick  pg 149 www.cfhunter.org
Kurt Koch Occult Bondage and Deliverance www.amazon.com
Pigs in the Parlor by Frank & Mae Hammond   www.thechildernsbread.net
Demons may have legal access to the mind or body, but not to the soul of Christians per
Book review The Pilgrim vol 15 #3 March 04
They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons  Derek Prince explains how to get rid of demons.www.derekprince.com   www.sidroth.org/radio
2/23/04-2/27/04 radio broadcast audio tape:
Pat Holliday PHD of Florida, USA has authored many deliverance publications.
USA PM phone 1-904-727-9676
Wright, Henry  A More Excellent Way  book PleasantValleyChurch Thomaston GA 30286 Has retreat for those with inherited diseases. www.pleasantvalleychurch.org
Catholic Exorcism
Catholic Exorcism: Every USA diocese has an exorcist.
Father James LeBar, New York exorcist - author of Cults, Sects and the New Age
lebar@ewtn.com - http://sxws.chm/charis/relics17.htm

Italian Gabriel Amorth's autobiography teaches priests, especially bishops who only are authorized to exorcize or appoint a representative, in An Exorcist Tells His Story book and audio tape.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer laminated card may be obtained by writing to HOM  Ministries, 108 Aberdeen St, Lowell, MA, USA, 01850

Genoa, Italy Team/School for Catholic Confessors/Exorcists -
www.zenit.org   ZE04032303
Huxley, Aldous  - The Devils of Loudun - published in 1952 inspired stage play as well as classic horror film by Ken Russell
editorial The Devil in the Convent - from http://drvitelli.typepad.com/providentia/books/