Alternative Medicine

AIT - Auditory Integration Training - Berard, Dr. Guy @ https://watch.tbn.org/tbn-original-series
AIT - Dr. Guy Berard's 20 session 10 step Protocol @ https://www.aitinstitute.org/berard_ait_testing_protocol.htm
DDAT (dyslexia, dyspraxia & attention deficit treatment) method of Wynford Dore 
now enables the cerebellum to connect with the cortex 
www.dorecenters.com   www.ddata.com.au  www.ddat.co.uk info@dorecenters.com
Nutrition and Mental Illness - Sampling of the Current Scientific Literature part 2 by Gary Null & Martin Feldman MD
2 recommended supplements are zinc & acetyl-L-carnitine.
Zinc deficiency may be implicated in pregnant/nursing mother's diet.
The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Schwartz & Begley  
(The ability of the brain to rewire itself using the CD software game Fast For Word )
To be published by Regan Books of Harper Collins Publishers Inc
Editorial by Mitch Albom  The painful secret that millions hide: I Cannot Read  www.parade.com
Jacques Demers won the Stanley cup in 1993, but still held a secret, that he could not read.  
Editorial shares names of individuals who have dyslexia, a neurological-based learning disability that impairs reading -
Cher, Bruce Jenner, Billy Bob Thornton and Whoopi Goldberg. 2/12/2006
Sandford,  John L & Paula - Growing Pains - Chapter 10 Dyslexia -
section How Do We Pray for a Dyslexic? -  6 Basic Ingredients Prayer:
1.for healing the wounded spirit (soul) 
2.for forgiveness for rebellious fleeing back 
3.for ability to forgive those both in past & present who wounded (us) 
4.(by minister) describing (visualizing or asking) the Lord reaching in(side) to 'turn the human spirit (soul) around'
to face forward & to be integrated & coordinated with every other part of the person (human spirit, human soul, body).
(The human "soul" can be fragmented; soul pieces can be captured by Satan but later loosed from him,
needing to be healed by the Trinity and reintegrated back into the soul. 
 Refer to book Iniquity. www.votlm.org )
[Human trinity = body, soul, spirit (mind/emotions/will)] 
5.for healing of (any) brain part that (might) be involved in dyslexia 
6.to empower person (client/patient/victim/student) to choose life...
Areas that may need subsequent healing/remediation:
l.Relationships strained during learning years.  2.Written-language skills.  3.Old inept self-sabotaging habits.


Grillo, Jerry  www.bishopgrillo.com  Jerry was healed by God.  Also see 2010 book Pray for Rain 
Jerry encourages us to embrace our unique difference; each of us was created to be and make a difference. 
He admonishes us NOT to quit but to endure.
Hormann, Aiko - http://www.aikohormann.org - Healed from dyslexia - now reading the Bible out loud
"He was quite articulate and talkative when expressing himself in a social context (but not in reading).
The Lord revealed to me that his Brocca area (speech formation area) in left hemisphere
was functioning fine (shown by his articulate conversation)
but neural pathways between his Occipital lobe (visual center in the back of the head), the Brocca,
was not completely developed
from birth (therefore, his difficulty in reading aloud simultaneously).

The Lord directed me to 'spin the inner man' (on God's 'Potter's Wheel' - 1 of the 'Tools of the Spirit')
Pray for the complete connection to be made between the Brocca & the Occipital lobe
This took only about 15 minutes. I watched him crying towards the end of the session,
so I asked him if he was experiencing something supernatural.
He told me that he felt something 'moving' inside his head,
& an impression came, 'You will never be humiliated again' - as he had been during his school years. 
I asked him to read the same paragraph he had previously attempted to read.
This time he read it smoothly, without hesitation or stumbling!"

www.aikohormann.org - http://www.xpmedia.com/video/10992/three-brains-rerun - We have 3 brains. Transplants also transfer DNA memory.  Speak To our mountain/problem.  Say, "It is written" followed by relevant scripture. 
http://aikohormann.org/index.php/endorsement - Las Vegas - "
Dr. Aiko's background as a research scientist in the brain & artificial Intelligence for the Pentagon has given her a unique perspective on healing…
She doesn't end with inner healing
& deliverance, but after removing these 'log jams' of the soul,
she flows with the Holy Spirit right into physical healings and miracles…
She has seen the Lord heal many brain dysfunctions, including schizophrenia, bi-polar, dyslexia
& severe brain injuries from accidents. Other areas of focus are:
re-creative miracles, relationship issues, blockages to finances, PTSD, addictions
& intimacy with God."