(also see exorcism)


Baker, H A -
Visions of Heaven, Whitaker House USA publisher, 1973, pages 46-47
Clark, Randy  There Is More  Chapter 12 shares a healing of a demonized woman.
St Thomas Aquinas said, "What have come to be known as 'familial spirits' seem to watch for weaknesses in the family tree that result from sins some place along the line in the past, & they strive to perpetuate the effects of that sin in the descendants." per Hampsch in Healing Your Family Tree 
Also see Hampsch booklet Devils & Demons; Fact or Fiction?
Demon Buster on Facebook -
Hickey, Marilyn - Shattered Mind NOT Demon Possessed - - Testimony begins at end approx 23:23 - where Marilyn shares that William Branham told her mom to place her tear stained handkerchief on her husband to allow God to heal him, that he was NOT demon possessed but rather had a shattered mind.
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae - Pigs in the Parlor   www.thechildren' 
12/02 Art Mathias: Radio broadcast on the Spiritual Roots of Disease
2/26/04 Sid Roth says that demons operate through ignorance. (Since most men deny their existence, they have full reign.)
Pittman, Howard - - Placebo - - full text
Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text - Chapter 3 Demons Evil Spirits -
When God gives Satan "special permission" for possession of a - minor child or unique adult (perhaps a Hitler), a "mystery demon is...involved...
Rarely, if ever, is a human being possessed by just 1 demon.  In most cases of total possession, there are many different demons from any different groups or areas of expertise...No matter how many are involved, only 1 is in charge.  When a project has to be abandoned, the command (mystery, highest order, or prince) demon is always the last to leave." - Demons often indwell statues in order to receive adoration & power.

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons  Derek Prince explains how to get rid of demons such as the spirit of heaviness/depression. - +
2/23-27/2004 Sid Roth radio broadcast CD or book.  Pat Holliday PHD of Florida, USA has authored many deliverance publications. - USA PM phone 1-904-727-9676
Smith, Alice Spiritual House Cleaning book  Are our treasures harboring evil spirits?
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown Prepare for War  Chapter 14 Ritualistic Child Abuse shares that ritualistic child abuse during satanic services are always for the purpose of placing demons (multiple personalities) within a child.  Some of these children are diagnosed as schizophrenic.  All are demon possessed (possessing demons).