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Baker, Rolland and Heidi  The Hungry Always Get Fed - A Year of Miracles  Chapter 4 Christ of the Rubbish Dump  "
I found myself lying face down on a grass mat with the mother of one of the little girls who had died. 
I lay down with this woman and wept with her, holding her in my arms. 
It was then that God said to me, "Heidi, it's about love.  It's NOT about victory (over dying/physical death.)"
Hallam, Walter's testimony regarding daughter's death & God's visit
Recent Death Revelation - - - interview by Perry Stone on Manna-Fest TV   6/20/2006
Holding On To Hope - Guthrey - I'll Hold You in Heaven - Jack Hayford
Baby Hunger by Beth Forbis
David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." 
Nathan replied, "The Lord has taken away your sin.  You are not going to die, but because (by doing this) you have made the enemies of the Lord show utter contempt, the son born to you will die." per Old Testament: 2nd Samuel, chapter 12, verse13
Jewish - Kaddish prayers - - wiki/conj/dealing_with_stillbirth_
[These INTERPRETATIONS of oral Jewish law are for the most part recent rulings & NOT in agreement with Messianic understandings of written Old Testament (Torah) scripture (that the spirit of a child occurs at conception & is/was spiritually conceived at the foundation of the world). 
Many Jews do NOT believe that a child has a soul/spirit until birth.  Many Jews as well as Christians rely on the rulings/teachings of clergy rather than reading the Scripture for themselves to see what G-d Himself & His prophets have to say in their own words.  How tragic.]  Regarding abortion & premature infant deaths.

"Jewish (oral/rabbinic) law does NOT regard a fetus as a child. A (viable/Jewish) child is a baby that is born. Abortion, even late term abortion, is not murder (immoral/sin).
Late term abortion is a dreadful choice...but to save her own life or health she may be obligated to undergo it...
According to Jewish law, an infant does not actually reach full personhood until it is 30 days old.
In the days when children commonly died soon after birth, the rabbis decided that parents of infants under 30 days old would be exempt from the requirements of mourning.
The customs of sitting shiva (avoiding celebration for 30 days) & reciting Kaddish (for 11 months) are not traditionally observed for infants under 30 days old.
Wishing to spare expense to families, the rabbis even decreed that a funeral is not conducted for such an infant.
(Today however,) "the Reform rabbi's manual includes a special prayer for the funeral of an infant under 30 days old."
Kerr, Kat - Children are taken to heaven at (premature) death, where we (who profess the Trinity as our God) will reunite with them at our death.
Kerr, Kat -
Book Volume #1 - - Chapter 6 - The Face of a Child - Heaven’s Nurseries -
"This chapter is somewhat bittersweet. Sweet because that is what babies are & they are kept in 1 of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in Heaven. Bitter because it is 1 of the most populated places in Heaven, thanks to the abortion clinics’ business over the past 40 years. How accountable are we all for the mass abuse of these tiny babies?  They are human lives swept under the carpet & remembered no more.
Heaven knows how many of their lives were shredded; they know, because they have ALL of them there!
NOT a 1 was lost or discarded by our Heavenly Father.
Only because of His great mercy & Christ’s blood is there forgiveness & healing available for this sin.
Even the children, when grown to the age of a toddler, go through a ceremony where they receive Jesus & forgive the ones who took their lives.
Yes, they know who their parents are & they are conscious of what happened to them when they 1st arrive in Heaven. They do not understand why they were not wanted, but they do forgive it.
These (heavenly) nurseries hold all the babies which are miscarried or aborted.
They are received by Jesus and He heals the wounds of their hearts (& glorified bodies).
They are cared for by angelic beings who sing to them as they rock them in their arms.
The breath of God nourishes them as they grow ever so slowly. Because of the goodness of God, a 20 year old mother could miscarry her baby & 50 years later die & go to Heaven; her baby would only be around 3 years old (in earth years). When she arrives, she is given her baby & gets to raise it.
How wonderful for all the parents who thought they had completely lost that privilege.
The mercy of God allows the same thing for those who have aborted their babies;
then repent, come to know Christ & make it to Heaven. For this reason alone,
a 2nd chance to hold your child in your arms, love & raise it as your own; wouldn’t you want to make it there?
Many will & can experience the joy of watching their child (once destroyed & now restored) grow & become a happy, complete being! God desires this restoration in families.
The 1st illustration is of the angel, Rahmee, & a baby named Precious, who was miscarried in 2006.
This baby girl was wanted very badly by the parents & 1 day she will be restored to them, because they have received Jesus as their Savior. She will be treated like a princess until their arrival in Heaven. There will be many surprised women, who did not know they had miscarried a baby, because it was so early in the pregnancy.
What a shock when they arrive & find a little ‘package’ waiting for them.
The facilities where these babies are cared for are very beautiful.
There are arched ceilings with openings at the top which cause the rooms to be bathed in a warm peachy glow.
Flowers are growing right out of the walls; tiny birds come & perch on the branches to sing for the babies.
The babies ‘beds’ have the appearances of beautiful sea shells that come out from niches in the wall.
Every baby’s name is etched in the wall above them: embellished onto lovely ribbons if it is a girl & on stately shields if they are boys.  If you have a baby in Heaven & haven’t named it, please do so.
Not only does it show Heaven you accept the fact that your baby lives there, but your child knows you cared enough to give it a name.
Some of the angels (I saw) appeared to be male & some female but they all wore soft ivory gowns with pale colored sashes. They held the ‘tiny’ babies (some only inches long) in the palm of their hands & the bigger ones against their chests.  As they sang to them, the breath of God nourished their little spirits.
Even though these babies (residing in heaven) are tiny, they are different than the babies here, because they do not necessarily need to sleep. They do rest, but they also play.
They already have the ability to ‘know’ things & can communicate.
They are raised in the perfect love of God; joy is an automatic part of their lives.
It was a most beautiful place, filled with the peace of God.
Their little faces reflect the Glory of God & they will know Him, as we all should know Him.
There are other places in Heaven for the older toddlers & children where they can play and learn.
1 place allows them to play games with the animals & actually slide down rainbows. Some of the landscape in the children’s area is similar to different parts of earth; so they will be in familiar surroundings while they adapt to being in Heaven. It is a fun & exciting thing to be a child & live in Heaven. There will never be rejection, pain, illness or loneliness in their lives. Family members come to see them often & eventually, when they are big enough, are sent home with them to await the arrival of their parents. Please be sure to make the right choice with your life. Your (predeceased) children are waiting,"
#168)  Kerr, Katt - Some Babies? - Alive_Again  Dec 23, 2012 - Heaven Invasion III Disc 2 - -
All life comes from God. When there is conception, He takes 1 of those little spirits & places it in the body (flesh) of those babies, & they become a human being. No matter what time, these little babies, if they die (prematurely) whether miscarriage or abortion, they're taken to Heaven.
#228) Kat Kerr - The Babies @ Dunamis - What Do You Want to Know About Heaven -
Alive_Again  Dec 30, 2012 -
(In heaven babies) "grow very, very, slowly. Whatever in your mind you picture that baby being, the age you continually picture them being, that's how old they'll be when they get to Heaven.
Most of them stay babies, & you get to help that finish raising that child grow. 
They'll laugh, play, sing, no diaper changes (women), no all night feedings.  None of that.
They don't need any of that.
They already know who you are. They go & sing to their parents.
They'll be carried to the portal. They'll sing to their parents.
They know who you are. If you aborted the baby, this is the best news God has for you.  If you've already asked for forgiveness, don't let the devil beat you up any more, because they actually forgive the people who did that. Jesus greets all aborted babies when they to come to Heaven, & heals that little part of them. Because they know they weren't wanted.  They actually forgive their parents.
They forgive the people who performed the abortion. They totally forgive them.
Because the Father lets them, 1 of the things these little babies get to do in Heaven, is to go & sit on Jesus' lap; they receive Him as their savior. These babies are in 1 of the most beautiful places in Heaven where they're cared for; the angels will rock & sing to them; the breath of God nourishes their little spirit.
Jesus comes & has parties with them. They don't sleep. Forget that.  Because your baby is never going to sleep.
I have pictures of the nursery wall.
1 of the nursery walls. I'm a sketch artist, & my artist took it and made them all laying down.
(You're going to have to change that, Walter, because they were hanging off these things.)
Climbing up them. Living roses & flowers grow out.  The birds come & take them for rides.
The deer come in from the meadow, put them on their back, take them for rides into the meadows & forest.
They live an amazing life, but the thing they want the most is for you to come home to Heaven.
Name them if you never named your baby.
If you don't know what it was, pick a girl name or a boy name. It's got to be 1 of them.
Do you know what the Father does? I don't care if it was 30 years ago, He goes & sends for them, puts them on His lap. He says, 'Your parent just named you. This is now your name, because the angels give them nicknames when they get there, & their name is embellished over their, their beds are these alabaster shelves
Mother of pearl coating on the inside of them. The most glorious fabrics. They actually sing, even their blankets sing to them. But they don't stay in there very long. They play. That's what they do. They play a lot in Heaven."
#265) Kat Kerr - Kids Have the Most Fun from Westgate Vineyard -
Alive_Again  Mar 3, 2013 - - "Kids have the most fun in Heaven?
They love being with Jesus. Jesus comes and spends time just with them. He loves them. Even the little babies. He spends time with the little babies. He has little parties.  Little tea parties with all of the little girl babies...
Even little babies...sing, play, talk, know who their parents are & very much want you to come to Heaven. 
They even have a ceremony in the Throne Room where they can come & receive Jesus as their Savior because they want to."
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours
@ If they died prematurely (were minors) you have opportunity to raise them when you get to heaven.

Kat Kerr May 18, 2014 from -
Tribulation Now RADIO - Regarding miscarriages and abortions, at the moment of death
the departed fetus' spirit leaves; it is perfect, healthy & happy.  If deliberately aborted, it forgives both the parent & any aborter, as it is now incubated in God's love.  It knows if the mother aborted intentionally or was forced to abort.  It knows if it was wanted or not. 
If the mother subsequently is born-again & repents, she can raise that child when her spirit goes to live in heaven.  2nd, if the mother later names that child, then God & the angels change the nick-name over the crib. -
Revelation 21:4 -
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) - 4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will no longer be any death; & there will no longer be any mourning, crying or pain; because the old order has passed away.”
An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
Make sure you name your deceased child.  You will raise it when you arrive in heaven. 
It will be age you perceive it to be.  Your choice.  Jesus has already healed its heart & body. 
It has forgiven you & loves you now.
Kerr, Kat - 1/2/2015 - Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 2nd half of program
@ - excellent -
From the moment of conception we have/are a 101% human being, regardless of appearances, because our spirit man is complete & would go to heaven if fetus were aborted &/or pregnancy prematurely terminated for any reason.
If you have repented & received Jesus as your savior, you will be able to raise your predeceased child in heaven.
Kerr, Kat - CD#1 & 2 - Warning, Heaven Rocks - 10/2/2015 - Mom's who have miscarried or aborted a child & repented will raise their own child when they die & go to heaven, if they have asked God's son to be their Savior, (Messiah & baptizer in the Holy Spirit).  Yes, mom's get a 2nd chance; they can raise their aborted child in the 3rd heaven.  There are NO special needs or handicapped children in heaven.  Defect is left behind.
Kerr, Kat -  Q&A Spirit Realm BootCamp (2. March 26, 2016)  @ Princess Reka
or @ Joan Hunter, Texas - 
Miscarried/aborted/premature babies in heaven are able to play & receive Jesus as their personal saviour.
MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - -
There is a spirit called death that can attach itself to traumatic death memories.
Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina -
Chapter 3 -
4.5.7 ASMODEE / ASMODEUS (evil spirits)
"Miscarriages & the death of children (can be due to evil spirits such as:)
(Astarte – death of children in uterus; Molech – death of the first born, & Dagon –
sacrifice of the placenta as a burnt offer to Satan; Leviathan – abortion of children in the womb & in real life)."
Robert Rogers lost 4 children and wife in a flash flood.1/24/05 audio Focus On The Family - 
Rutz, James - Mega Shift  5 yr old Samuel Cho,
son of David Yonggi Cho, was resurrected 1n 1974 in Seoul, Korea. pg 34-35
Schroedel, Jenny - Naming the child - Hope-filled Reflections on Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Infant Death 
Author indicates that naming the deceased child can be a key issue in emotional healing.
Sigmund, D.D., Ph.D.,D.O., Richard - A Place Called Heaven - - Book features Dr D L Kramer -
One whole week of MARVELOUS listening. -
Archived 11/28/2006 audio program #1515
(Real Player)
Tue   (Media Player) Tue (mp3 file) Tue shares that deceased children will recognize their parents & vice versa, & in some cases the ages may be adjusted to allow the parents to raise the child in heaven.
Springer, Rebecca Rutter -
Supernatural: The Life of William Branham - The Boy and His Deprivation (1909-1932) by Jorgensen, Owen. 
Biography of Branham includes incident where God allows Branham to see his deceased daughter in heaven.
The Death of a Child - Reflections for Grieving Parents by Elaine E Stillwell
Wood, Gary - A Place Called Heaven  Autobiography

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The Krow Family - "Don and Wendy were expecting twins and excited about their new
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Watch them explain what happened that day & see pictures of their twins that are now young women."

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