CUTTING of one's body



Leviticus 19:28 KJV  - You shall not make any cuttings (piercings) in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks (tattoos) upon you; I am the Lord.
1st Kings 18:28 NKJV  They (the prophets of Baal) cried aloud & cut themselves,
as was the custom, with knives & lances, until the blood gushed out on them.
Mark 5:5 NKJV  Always, night & day, he (a man with an unclean spirit) was in the mountains & in tombs, crying out & cutting himself with stones.



Copeland, Kenneth @ Jesus Is the Healer—Yesterday, Today and Forever - 9/16/2020
Jesus is the Healer yesterday, today & forever healing/deliverance command/prayer.

Dickerman, Don - April 2016 - REJECTING REJECTION
@ - "
In case you are wondering about the deliverance with the inmate from Mexico. He did not receive deliverance because he would/could not confess that Jesus is Lord.
He would confess that Jesus is 'A' Lord but not 'the' Lord. After much explanation & time with him, he was so bound up by the lies of his ancestors church that he would not admit that Jesus is Lord of all. 

Sad,  but there is little help from this world to break the power of demons except the Name of Jesus.
Occasionally this happens when someone is unable or unwilling to forgive or repent of a particular sin.
Successful deliverance is dependent upon the desire of the candidate to acknowledge Jesus is Lord & to also surrender all to Him." 

(Well, this may be true, at least in part.  There are many other methods of deliverance, but each individual does have a free will.  Typically, another needs to stand in the gap, until the victim is able to spiritually stand on his/her own 2 feet, & subsequently to reject/renounce/refute all future demonic/spiritual attacks.)
Hayes, Norvel How To Cast Out Devils booklet
Chapter 8 The Doctor's Wife Who cut Her Wrists  "I said to her, 'Now that you have Jesus in you through the power of the Holy Spirit, you have authority; you have the power to run the Devil off.  The next time he (the evil spirit of suicide) comes to come (linger/walk/reside) on this property or bring any temptation on you to commit suicide or to do wrong (harm self/slash your wrists), shut your fist up just like you were going to fight, & in that moment say with authority,
I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name.
I command you to get out
of this house, & off this property.  Get away from me now, because I love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul, with all my mind, all the days that I shall live.  Him only will I serve."'" @ - LDM - Intense self-hatred
1.They may self abuse, i.e., cutting or slashing face, arms, pulling out hair, clawing skin.
2.They may punish themselves inside with disgust or loathing of self, fueled by the demonic, murderous hatred.
3.Cutting can also serve as a pain releaser; the level of (emotional) anguish inside is so great that slashing with a razorblade is minuscule in comparison. Self-abuse is definitely, NOT intended as an attention getter.
4.They may make suicide attempts.
5.They have very high expectations of and demands on themselves that often drive them into workaholism.
Sometimes after failure, they self abuse thinking, “I should be past this already & able to do the right thing.”

They have little grace for themselves and therefore for others.

Extreme Root Causes

Cutting due to programming - (in rare cases) - 
OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.”
The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies &/or self-mutilation.
This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation & too much memory is being recovered." Possible deprogrammer -
Jerry Mungadze Texas, USA
Male & Female Circumcision
EJP Outraged Over German Circumcision Ruling - 6/29/2012 - "The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) expressed its outrage on Thursday over a ruling of the German District Court of Cologne, which states that the circumcision of a child for religious reasons should be considered a physical assault. On Tuesday, the court ruled non-medical circumcision, practiced by most Jews & Muslims, causes bodily harm & therefore is a crime. The practice is a "serious & irreversible interference in the integrity of the human body," the Cologne district court decided." More


Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting -
read online chapter #1 What Is the Answer for Stevie? with Down's syndrome
Mahesh did 1, 7, 13, 14, 21 & 40 days fasts, & continues to do them, as the Lord leads. 
His 1st fast began with 3 days of neither food nor water, followed by 13 days of water only. 
Day 14 he was allowed to pray for Stevie, resulting in Stevie's healing from Down's syndrome & self-mutilation.
[This 3 day fast might be looked upon as (1) Christ was buried in the tomb 3 days/nights, (2) Jonah was in the belly of the giant fish 3 days, & (3) there are 3 persons in the Trinity. (Sometimes to undo a curse, things need to be done/said 3 times, to counteract the counterfeit activity of Satan.  Some prayers we need to repeat 3X in order to break curses or linkages to evil that have been invoked 3X to blaspheme the Trinity.  We can pray to end a curse: in the name of the Father; repeat the prayer in the name of the Son; repeat prayer again in the name of the Holy Spirit. 
Otherwise, we can repeat the prayer 3x, each time ending with: in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost/Spirit.  Actually we can/should command "the curse" to be broken, rather than asking God to do it. 
"Curse, be broken, in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit."

Regarding the 21 day fasts, one can refer to when Daniel sought the Lord & got a message from an angel that he had been fighting his way to bring a message to Daniel. Daniel 10:12-14 12He said to me, "Fear not, Daniel, for from the 1st day you set your heart to understand & chasten (perhaps by fasting?) yourself before God, your words were heard.  I have come because of your words (prayers). 13The prince (strongman/evil spirit/Satan's representative) of the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days.  Lo, Michael, 1 of the chief princes (holy angels) came to help me. I remained there with the kings of Persia.  14Now I have come to make you understand."  Most know that Jesus was tempted by Satan after a 40 day fast. See Matthew, chapter 4.)]
Mahesh says, "For the 1st 19 (of 29 40-day fasts), I limited my intake to water only.  After that, the Lord allowed me to drink juices."   (The quote does not appear to mean water only for 19 days, followed by juice 21 days for a total of 40 days.)
(An aside, eating was part of the original road to sin by the 1st people, Adam & Eve.  Eating (pacifying one's emotions/ appetite) may be a giant vulnerability in the human race.  That may be part of the reason why fasting is so effective in the spiritual world.) - "Baal is behind the cutting that the youth are doing to relieve pressure. The prophets of Baal cut themselves on Mt Carmel to try invoke Baal while with Elijah.  Because Elijah had brought the hidden things of Baal from the darkness to the light, they could not invoke Baal." 1 Kings 18:28, Lev.21:1-5
"Tattoo’s began as an ancient practice of cutting ones skin & placing the ashes of another dead person within the cut so when it healed it would be a mark. They would pray to the dead to keep the dead alive. It was also done to invoke the spirits."  Lev. 19:28, Deut 14:1, Lev. 21:1-5

PRAYER to stop cutting and heal scars - 9/2013 -
Watch the Video or So if you need a miracle or a healing then watch this episode and get yourself a testimony
( Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Testimonies -
Born again youth (began cutting in 8th grade) committed suicide at age 19, two weeks after being discharged from hospital (for an approx. 30 day stay, at his own request.)
[Lord we apologize for Your church's failure to help and educate, but most of all failure to implement (the full gospel) the healing and deliverance You left Your church.]
Schatzine, Pat - - 7/28/2014 - (edited) "4 years ago, I was sharing a message called, Why is God so Mad at Me? The concept is He's not mad at you, He's mad about you. The Lord had spoken to me, 'Rewrite My resume for generations.' So I'm at a big festival up in California. My son is with me. All of a sudden, I'm out there preaching & there's thousands. I get done speaking. God moves people. People get healed...saved radically. You know, the Bible says in John 14, verse 18, 'I will not leave you as an orphan,' & He says, 'I will come to you.' The Bible says in Romans, chapter 8, that 'We don't have a spirit of slavery,' but a spirit of son-ship or daughter-ship that we can cry out, Daddy Jesus. There's a reason why I'm sharing that is because, as I share about why is God so mad at me, it's all about, people think (feel in their heart), the reason why people think God is mad at them is because they don't understand He is the Father, because they see their earthly fathers, & they're wounded. But all of a sudden, my son comes to get me. I'm in the trailer. I just got done speaking. I had traveled all night to get to Monterey. My son comes running, 'Dad, you got to come outside.' I said, 'Nate, I'm going to my room to rest. I got to speak again tonight.' He goes, 'Dad, come outside.'   I walked outside.  There's kids lined up with their youth pastors holding their arm out to me like this. Craziest thing. I go, 'What, Nate?' He goes, 'Dad, they're all cutters.  In the middle of your sermon their scars all disappeared.' I found out that God usually speaks to me when I'm the most tired is because that's when [unintelligible]. So this began to happen over & over. Youth pastors weeping. 'I caught this one cutting.  Look, there's still blood there, but no scars.' This is the 1st time that happened. The manifestation began to happen over & over. A scar is 80% healing. So when you got a scar (physical &/or menal) you're only 80% healed. But the Lord spoke to me, 'Son, when I enter into somebody with My Holy SpiritI will not only heal the inside, I'll transform the outside.' So in November, November this last year (2013), speaking in front of thousands in Indianapolis, I get done speaking. God moves powerfully. I got to the back & this beautiful little blond headed girl comes running up to me & goes, 'Can I talk to you?' She's 16 years old. I said, sure. She said, 'You don't understand...I've been raped by my father, stepfather & boy-friend...But when you were preaching, I pulled off my Band-Aids & all my scars were gone...God healed me.' 
What I believe with all my heart is the enemy is doing everything he can to destroy generations.  25% are dead because of abortion. The rest are just confused because culture lies to a generation...Satan can reshape their identity...
Then satan can manipulate them to cut & destroy their bodies. But what I'm seeing with the heart of the Father is that He is calling (& reprogramming). In some of our services I'll have former cutters dance with the Lord...because we have a generation, 34 % that have grown up without their fathers, 72% in the inner city. So when we say, worship Heavenly Father, they're like, what's that? But see, the remnant whom God is raising up, it doesn't matter what they were raised in. What matters is who they've been called to & how He's going to take, shape & form them."

Pat Schatzline - 12/21/2015
PAT: This beautiful 16-year-old blond-headed girl comes running up to me; she’s giggling and dancing.
And all of a sudden she looks at me and she says, “I have to talk to you. I have to talk to you…
I was raped…”I always say, ‘Scars on Earth are testimonies in Heaven.’ God is taking what this generation
has been through & using it as their moment to overcome. It is their testimony of power.
She said, “I was raped by my dad…stepdad…boyfriend…but while you were preaching today…
the Lord said to me, ‘Pull back your sleeves.’”
She’s a cutter…The Bible talks about in 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 6, Verse 18, “Don’t be unequally yoked.”
But then it asks what does the Messiah have in communion with Belial.

Belial means chief demon, whose name means lawlessness or worthlessness.
There’s a worthless spirit on this generation. They’ve been through so much. She pulls her sleeves back…
All her scars are gone.…She’s weeping.  She shows me pictures of her former arms,
This has been happening to us for 4 years, hundreds coming to us in the middle of the service.
Here in Charlotte, back in January, 2 young ladies came running up, all the scars disappeared…
I said, “God, I don’t understand why this is happening in our services.” The Lord spoke to me & said,
Because when My love enters in, I not only heal the inside when I break that orphan
spirit, but I also heal the outside.”
PAT: The Spirit of the Lord is all over you. He’s next to you right now wherever you’re at.
You feel His presence. He is wrapping His arms around you. He’s restoring you right now.
He’s breaking off that lying spirit of self-hatred.  He’s going to fix you. You are God’s unqualified remnant that
He is raising up. Your testimony will be used by God. So wherever you’re at, if you’re watching us right now, if you’re in another country, if you’re on an island, if you’re in a hamlet or a village, the Spirit of the Lord is going to come on you right now. You feel that.  His presence is going to begin to break that worthlessness off you, because His spirit is roaring over you that you are God’s child.  We speak healing over you in Jesus’ name.



Eckhardt, John -
- Pierced Ears (tongue/etc) -
(On occasion there could be a spiritual curse/root/issue in place:)
"In Exodus 21:6, there is a connection between piercing the ear & slavery. Certain earrings can have spirits of lust attached to them. The problem is not necessarily with the earrings, but with the piercing of the ear. 
If there is a connection found in praying for persons with pierced ear(s), break all curses of Lust, Harlotry, Idolatry, Pride, Slavery & Bondage.  Also, in some instances while ministering deliverance, there has been found a relationship between female problems (cramps, pain, etc.) & pierced ears."
Rebecca Greenwood - 11/21-25/2011 - Listen to Sid Roth's Messianic radio -
Let Our Children Go
- DVD & Book set - Greenwood, Rebecca -
@ -
: Yes. You know another open door that we're seeing on children & youth is children watching Twilight movies.
There is a vampire movement that is out there with this generation and what this has done is it's made evil look good.
What it has caused the young children & even teenagers to begin thinking that it's okay to step into darkness.
There are even 8 year old girls now after watching these movies who will come up to the actor who starred in the show
and say, "Please bite me so I become a vampire like you." I mean, it has so…it's seduction.