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Alternative Medicine  5/2003 Oxygen Therapy
Horrobin, Dr. David shared that premature infants fed formula enriched with omega 3 fatty acids were able to accelerate neural growth & achieve normal brain development. Autumn 2005 newsletter
Idebenone, an enhanced form of CQ10, may promote regeneration to brains & nerves injured from strokes or Alzheimer's.

Oxygen chamber can boost brain repair -
Hyperbaric treatment revitalizes neurons in damaged brains, Israeli researchers find. 2/2013

Taurine - -
"Taurine increased the growth of brain cells by activating 'sleeping' stem cells.
Taurine also increased the survival of new neurons, resulting in an increase in adult brain cell creation.1-3 
Recent studies reveal that taurine has unique biochemical properties that promote new brain cell formation.4,5
Animal studies show that taurine triggers new brain cells to grow in the hippocampus, the area of the brain most concerned with memory.1,6
This can lead to dramatic improvements in cognition & recall.7,8 Low levels of taurine have been observed in patients with Parkinson’s disease.9,10  In addition to these impressive brain benefits, taurine also boosts cardiac function & reduces arterial stiffness as well as reducing the negative impacts of metabolic syndrome.11-16 ...
In addition to promoting the growth of new brain cells, taurine enhances neurites, which are tiny projections that help brain cells to communicate with each other. Neurites maximize connections between those cells, along which electrical impulses flow to support memory, cognition, feeling, & thinking...
2 specific conditions taurine has been shown to help benefit are Parkinson’s disease & depression.22,28
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Amen, Dr Daniel
Braverman, Dr. Eric R - The Edge -
&output=html&sig=ACfU3U30Svva9UntwuSUdXiVXLnFHy2vpw  New York MD uses alternative medicine to reverse disease.
Leaf, Dr. Caroline - 7/8/2009 - Switch on Your Brain with Meta-cognative Mapping +
Who Switched off My Brain #1 
Broken brain branches/dendrites are put into inaccessible bins where recall is not readily available. 
Short term memory generally stays only for up to 24 hours.
#2 Distorted thinking results when left & right side of brain does NOT work in synchrony/harmony.  For every electrical impulse your brain grows a branch/dendrite.
#3  m/watch?v=IGhogZ2t_r4&feature=related 2 feelings (fear/faith) have corresponding chemicals.  Fear chemicals are distorted feelings due to too much or too little of the good/faith chemical.
Llinás, Rodolfo R. @
books include I of the Vortex - From Neurons to Self
Mind-Brain Continuum - Sensory Processes
5 booklets by Sidney Children's Hospital
Hormann, Dr. Aiko - - Los Vegas - "Dr. Aiko's background as a research scientist in the brain & artificial Intelligence for the Pentagon has given her a unique perspective on healing…
She doesn't end with inner healing
& deliverance, but after removing these 'log jams' of the soul, she flows with the Holy Spirit right into physical healings & miracles…She has seen the Lord heal many brain dysfunctions, including schizophrenia, bi-polar, dyslexia & severe brain injuries from accidents. Other areas of focus are: re-creative miracles, relationship issues, blockages to finances, PTSD, addictions & intimacy with God."