Alternative Medicine

Ashwagandha can help reduce cortisol hormones produced by stress & anxiety.  7/2009
Day, Dr Lorraine @ Turn on the Light: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
2 plant extracts Crataegus osyacantha and Eschscholtzia plus magnesium
may help reduce anxiety per Nutrition & Mental Health winter 2004 newsletter.
DHEA may block stress per 2002 Journal of Endocrinology Investigations  |DHEA may reduce risk for psychiatric disease per 3/2004 Life Extension per 12/29/1995 World Journal of Biological Psychiatry.
GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) @ GABA "is produced in the brain from glutamate.
This process is catalyzed by the active form of 
vitamin B6 & the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase (GAD).  Take with PM meal.
For anxiety, sleep, high blood pressure.
Macha @
Null, Dr Gary 
Various practioner approaches to anxiety disorders, phobias & depression
PM take tryptophan, histidine, glycine & taurine per Erdmann's The Amino Revolution          
Danger.  Histidine can help some schizophrenics while harming other schizophrenics
per Edelman's Natural Healing for Schizophrenia
Sceletium from Africa is an adaptogen per Nutrition & Mental Health Autumn 2002
Selenium, potassium, magnesium, kava, & vitamins B12 & C may help per Nutrition & Mental Illness -
Sampling of the Current Scientific Literature part 2 by Gary Null & Martin Feldman MD


anxiety Charisma editorials
Anxiety  Brad says on 10/14/2002  The book... called The Great Exchange: Your Thoughts for Godís Thoughts...was written by Robb Thompson...He...experienced mental illness & was committed to a mental institution.
He was saved there.  Now he is a Pastor of a church near Chicago. You can order this book @
Baptism COMMENTARY - When both we & our doctors fail to help us, be reminded the human is a spirit (offspring of our Father God Who is a Spirit).  1st our human spirit needs Holy Spirit intervention. 
2nd we have a soul (mind/emotions/will-power) which needs remediation.  3rd we have/wear a suit of flesh which also needs attention.  We are a 3 part trinity just like the spiritual Trinity (Father/Son/Holy-Spirit). 
Thus, each human needs a spiritual overhaul.  Spiritually we each need to
invite God's Son, Yeshua/Jesus to be our Messiah AND Holy Spirit baptizer.  We do not realize the significance of this until AFTER (in same manner we do not recognize the power/relevance of intercourse until after it has 1st occurred in marriage or rape/fornication/adultery/other.  The prince had to awaken up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. 
Our human spirit needs to awaken to the kiss of Jesus.)
The Real-Life Way to Rid Yourself of Your Awful Anxiety (Once and for All), Part 1 - Jesus did not allow Himself to be nailed to a cross so that our life could be overrun by anxiety.
That was not the 'life more abundantly' He envisioned for His followers.
His intention for His children is for them to walk in freedom: 'My peace I give to you' (John 14:27b). 
The inherent power of Scripture & of His Spirit within is strong enough to overcome every accusation the enemy hurls at believers during times of turmoil... God doesn't ask anyone to deny what is happening (or our emotional responses)... Through prayer, we extend the invitation for His involvement in our situation. "
Shuttlesworth, Ted @  @
Ted's son @
Steven Furtick Reveals His Battle With Anxiety 2018
Kerr, Kat @ Binding & Loosing Audio with transcription & NO music
Kerr, Kat @
Kerr, Kat @
Jerry Meade, LCSW, Founder & President, Center for Christian Counseling, Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Meditation For Fear And Anxiety -
Joyce Meyer: How to Beat Anxiety's Insidious Attacks
Meyer, Joyce 5/2/2022 @ 
Joyce shares that she utilizes anxiety RX.
15 Bible Verses on Anxiety
Scroll down below 20th verse on on emotions to section on Anxiety.
When a client/patient/child comes to you, SPEAK TO the problem which he/she has named. 
Inform person that you are NOT speaking to him/her but to the problem. 
Say, "I cover ___________ (name of person) with the blood of Christ." 
Say, WE 3 (you/I/Jesus) agree that (cited issue) "social anxiety" is not wanted.
Therefore, in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God, WE bind "social anxiety"
(or other cited issue) & its cohorts/affiliates:
we command them to quietly go under the feet of Jesus,
WE forbid them to return. 
WE ask the Holy Spirit to come & fill that vacant space with Himself
Who is the comforter, consoler, & counselor. 
Thank You Father for doing this." 
Now, __________ (name of person) when "social anxiety" returns, remind IT that IT has been replaced with the Holy Spirit, that IT is unwelcome, rejected, & refused.  IT is a lie, a trespasser & unwelcome, in the name of Jesus
Commentary: There is spiritual, emotional & physical healing. 
Isolation tends to prevent healing &/or enable a relapse, whereas pets often help.
Connell, Karen - -
"For many years as a Christian, I struggled with discouraging and
anxious thoughts that I could not seem to control.
This resulted in much emotional torment, many physical problems & damaged relationships with those I loved.
I was always standing in prayer lines asking for healing & help with so many emotional & physical issues. However, it wasnít until I discovered how Satan was waging & winning the battle over my mind, that I finally found total & lasting freedom."

Connell, Karen - @ Hancock, Michigan, USA


Hagin, Kenneth E - Timeless Teachings in 2009 magazine - editorial - Dealing with Anxieties -
When the devil wakes you up in the night & tries to give you a problem you have already given to the Lord, just refuse to take it back, in Jesus' name.  Repeat each time or each night, until the devil gets the message.
Knight, Margaret - The Man from Snowy River & the Sheep -  +  
Meyer, Joyce - 8/30/2019  shares that her mom had an anxiety disorder resulting in shock therapy (ETC). 
[Keep in mind that Joyce's dad sexually abused her (Joyce) for many years, prior to asking/receiving God's forgiveness.]
Paterson, Andrew Barton - The Merino Sheep - "The merino sheepís wool shows stress marks." -  +  
Pearson, Patricia - Autobiography - A Brief History of Anxiety - Yours and Mine - "Novelist and nonfiction writer Pearson (When She Was Bad) was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at 23 in 1987; she had suffered a nervous break-down after discovering that her lover was sleeping with another woman. In a rambling fashion, she traces the roots of her anxiety to a youth spent in tumultuous New Delhi, where her diplomat father was posted when an Indian-Pakistani war broke out over Bangladesh. Genetically, she traces her anxiety to a grandmother whose famous biting wit was likely, she surmises, a manifestation of anxiety & depression."

Conventional Therapy
Illuminating Depression - "What is the link between anxiety and depression, & can a form of talk therapy help treat both conditions? Learn more...with Philippe Goldin, Clinical Research Scientist for the Clinically Applied Affective Neuroscience Group at Stanford University." 9/22/2009 +
(CAUTION - Hypnotherapy is considered DANGEROUS by most Judeo-Christian deliverance ministries.)