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A caregiver's manual A Different Visit may be ordered from
Samples of Mr Cameron Camp's activities for dementia patients may be downloaded @ Psychologist Camp contends that significant things can be done to help Alzheimer's patients who seem to have lost it all. 
One important thing is to encourage reading, which may be one of the last things to go. 
Another is to involve them in manipulating everyday objects such as balls, buttons, toothbrush, silverware, etc. 
Be sure to focus on strengths rather than on deficits.  The Epoch Times 11/21-27/2005
Acetyl-L-carnitine affects nerve growth factor, a protein influencing central & peripheral nerves.  It may prevent brain cell death  such as caused by amyloid beta peptide found in Alzheimer's brains.  It may help with cognition.  9/2006
Acetyl-L-carnitine (+ L-arginine) arginate mimics a protein called nerve growth factor that supports brain neurons  (in hippocampus) associated with emotion and (in forebrain) associated with cognition.
Supplements may help reverse brain deficits in both humans & animals. This combination was found to rescue brain neurons from amyloid beta induced toxicity (Alzheimer's brain cell death).  2/2006 
Acetyl-L-carnitine arginate
may increase neuron outgrowth independently of growth factors. 9/2006 
(AFA) Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae a blue-green algae may help Alzheimers says Gabriel
Cousens MD in Microalgae, First and Finest Superfood  5/95 Body Mind Spirit magazine
Aged garlic extract and fresh garlic may help prevent neuron death cites Carmia Borek, Ph.D in Life Extension August 2003
"A medical food called Axona...contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and other ingredients. But the evidence is weak...too soon to recommend these for Alzheimer's disease."  - Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database 4/12/2012
ALA (alpha lipoic acid) may help reverse/slow Alzheimer's."
Alzheimer Research Forum  Current Hypotheses  Current Papers   Milestone Papers 
Research News
Alzheimer's disease may be Type 3 Diabetes is conclusion of Brown Medical School scientists. 
Recommendations include avoidance of saturated fat, inclusion of omega-3-fatty acids, magnesium, chromium, lipoic acid, cinnamon, carnosine + regular exercise.  12/2006
Ashwagandha has been shown to promote memory retention, regenerate both axons & dendrites, reconstruct pre & post neuron synapses & inhibit AChe (acetyl-cholinesterase) enzyme which breaks down acetyl-choline neurotransmitter
lacking in Alzheimer's. 10/2005 5/2006 6/2006 3/2009
Ask the Pharmacist - Len & Joe radio 
ARCHIVE - Obesity & GI health - Melatonin & Alzheimer's  3/25/2008   WMA   RM
Beating Alzheimer's, A Step Towards Unlocking The Mysteries of Brain Diseases autobiography by Tom Warren. 
The key ingredient in his self cure is the elimination of all silver & other toxic dental materials.
B6 - Heme iron deficiency/anemia may be caused by insufficient vitamin B6 or toxic metal exposure. 
Insufficient heme synthesis may result in an excess of an enzyme that produces nitric oxide causing oxidative stress & imbalance in iron and zinc resulting in brain cells mimicking those of Alzheimer's. 11/2002 Health Scout News Spring 2003
Bee Royal Jelly has organic acetyl-choline
Beware, doctors are using schizophrenia atypical antipsychotics to treat psychiatric
symptoms of Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia. 8/26/04
Black Sesame Seeds - 2018 -'s_Disease_Preventive_Agent
Brahmi benefits memory retention
Braverman, Dr Eric R  
HTL mode
The Edge Effect - Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer's, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain,
Sexual Dysfunction and More
  pg 244 + cites supplements (eg. to boost dopamine, especially in Parkinson's disease). 
Pg 271+ discusses the BEAM or Brain Electrical Activity Map. Short summary at ..\deliverance_by_recognition.htm
Carnosine may  protect against brain degeneration. 1/03 Life Extension magazine
Choline is needed for memory and membranes.  Lecithin, a choline booster can be found in eggs, milk,
and soybeans.  Autopsy has found 40-50% loss of choline in Alzheimer brains per Boston MIT research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine.
Coconut oil - The Miracle (of Steve Newport's Alzheimer's breakthrough) Still Continues - - "MCT oil is derived from coconut oil...
MCT oil is digested differently than other fats. Instead of storing MCTs as fat, the liver converts them directly to ketone bodies & ketones nourish brain cells. 'Brain cells, specifically neurons, are very limited, more limited than other cells, in what kinds of fuel they can use to function & stay alive.  Normally, they require glucose (sugar), but they can also use ketone bodies,' Newport explains.  We know from earlier research that in Alzheimer’s disease neurons in certain areas of the brain are unable to take in glucose. 'If these cells had access to ketone bodies, they could potentially stay alive & continue to function,' Newport suggests...says, 'Since virgin coconut oil is 60% medium chain triglycerides, 1 could either take as a daily ration 14 teaspoons (70 grams) virgin coconut oil or 8 teaspoons (40 grams) of pure 100% MCT oil. This amount can be divided accordingly & taken with each meal."
"'An interesting comparison shows that a newborn breastfed baby getting 312 mg of MCTs from mother’s milk a day equals 47 grams of MCT for a 150 lb adult,' Newport adds, to help put the amount into perspective. To achieve higher & consistent levels of ketones, Newport suggests mixing 4 parts of MCT oil with 3 parts virgin coconut oil, which appears to be a good combination for fuelling neurons...
The coconut oil ensures support of the thyroid gland and offers antimicrobal properties, which help to kill off the viruses and bacteria that some researchers have associated with Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’ s diseases ...
Testimonial from Dr Jon J. Kabara,...'Saturated fatty acids are not a single family of fats but comprise of 3 subgroups: short (C2-C6), medium (C8-C12) & long (C14-C24) chain fatty acids. Lauric oils are found exclusively in the medium chain fats of coconut oil.”
Coconut oil "contains a high concentration of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are thought to improve brain metabolism and decrease beta-amyloid damage in the brain." Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database 4/12/2012
Coconut Oil - - "Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Stop Alzheimer’s Now, recommends VCO instead of MCT oil or MCT drugs such as Axona because the drugs become ineffective over time, wear off quickly, have side effects & cause free radical damage to the cells. And, MCT oil on its own is an adulterated, inferior form of coconut oil...When the MCTs in (natural/organic) virgin coconut oil are converted into ketones they act as a super fuel for the brain. This super fuel provides energy to the brain as well as stimulates healing & repair... Lauric acid is the most beneficial MCT of all, yet is absent in most MCT oil brands on the market or in significantly reduced amounts.  Go for the real thing & you won’t ever be disappointed down the road that clever marketing has somehow cost you your health or failed to produce the wellness results you seek." 
(Then one can buy/use the coconut water directly from a fresh coconut.  Nothing beats the real thing. 
Just drill a hole in the eye of the coconut & drink the liquid with a straw.)
CoQ10 may help reduce brain ataxia or atrophy, plus resist neurotoxic effect of amyloid beta peptides
in diabetes and Alzheimer's patients. 8/04 5/2006 Life Extension magazine
D-Limonene from orange oil helps to disperse and break down CoQ10 for digestion/utilization by body.
Idebenone, an enhanced CoQ10, at 120 mg 3x day may slow Alzheimer's.
Ubiquinol is a new stabilized form of
Curcumin from the turmeric plant may reduce inflammation as well as prevent oxidative damage in the brain. 12/2004 + 3/2005  
Curcumin (yellow pigment in India's curry spice) may inhibit brain beta amyloids + break up existing plaque. 
Curcumin may be more effective in inhibiting protein fragment formation than many Alzheimer drugs. 12/28/2004
Curcumin helps regulate inflammation at the cellular level where it originates. It may inhibit platelet aggregation & neutrophil responses to stimuli. Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol 5/25/2003
Curcumin may help reverse Alzheimer's.  Take with a little fat for proper assimilation!.
"The macrophages in Alzheimer's patients' blood were better at deleting (harmful) amyloid beta
when the curry chemical (bisdemethoxy-curcumin) was present."
Dr Robert Green, director of BU Alzheimer Disease Clinical and Research Program recommends eating leafy greens, blueberries and fish to slow down dementia. 12/4/2005
Hoffer, Abram - 2000
7/5/2004 The Patriot Ledger Cognitive training in early stages of Alzheimer's is effective.
3/04 Dharma Singh Khalsa MD warns us that chronic stress releases cortisol in the bloodstream, and that cortisol causes cell death in the brain's memory center. He encourages eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, plus supplements vinpocetine, huperzine A, galantamine, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo, phosphatidylserine, DHA or other omega-3 fatty acids , plus hormones (as needed) , pregnenolone, testosterone.  DHEA. Daily mind/body exercise is a must.
2005 - Supplements methyl-cobalamin and vinpocetine, plus the drug memantine (Namenda) block excitotoxicity due to too much glutamate released in the brain.  + 3/2004, 7/2004, 2005 collector's edition
E L Vliet MD in Screaming to Be Heard cites loss of acetyl-choline & estradiol as main deficiency leading to dementia in women.
Estradiol improves female hippocampus dentate gyrus, spine density, verbal and spatial cognition, plus working memory.  Because estradiol is basically a female  hormone, men do not usually benefit from the addition of estrogen.  
Folic acid seems to be a major player in the prevention/reversal of Alzheimer's. "Folates have already been proven to reduce birth defects, and research suggests that they are beneficial to warding off heart disease and strokes.
Although folates are abundant in foods (such as liver, kidneys, yeast, fruits (like bananas and oranges), leafy vegetables, whole-wheat bread, lima beans, eggs & milk), they are often destroyed by cooking or processing.
Because of their link to reducing birth defects, folates have been added to grain products sold in the U.S. since 1998...
Dutch scientists showed that adults who took 800 micrograms of folic acid daily had significant improved memory test scores, giving evidence that folates can slow cognitive decline.
Lentils are loaded with folate. In fact, no other unfortified food contains more of the key B vitamin, which helps lower heart disease & cancer risk and protects against certain birth defects. A cup of cooked lentils in a stew or soup gives you 90% of the daily folate that you need. What's more, lentils have lots of iron,(vegetable/incomplete) protein & fiber.
Peas contain 2 times more folate, a B vitamin that may help prevent heart disease, than is found in raw spinach. Bite for bite, peas rival spinach as a source of lutein, an antioxidant that may help protect against the eye disease macular degeneration. Peas also have more fiber than cooked broccoli & are an excellent source of vitamin C.
(Beware, raw uncooked live food is typically superior to cooked food.  Organic food is always a 1st choice.) Folate is a B vitamin & works best in concert with other B vitamins.
5,000 mcg Folic acid daily is recommended to stave off cognitive impairment & dementia in Alzheimer's disease in those with elevated homocysteine. 3/2005 Life Extension
1/02 Journal of Neurochemistry recommends Folic Acid (B9) + (vitamin B12 = cobalamin) 
Fotuhi, Majid, Canadian, neurology consultant to the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a faculty member at Harvard Medical School & director of the Memory Disorders Unit, Division of Neurology at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA -
The Memory Cure - How to Protect Your Brain Against Memory Loss and Alzheimer's Disease shares factors contributing to the development of memory loss & what to do to.  Lapses in memory simply go with the territory as we grow older...
A sign of Alzheimer's might be forgetting altogether that we even went to the movie.
The cheapest, safest & most effective medicine for brain function is a minimum 30 minutes of uninterrupted walking at least 3 times a week.  Do not isolate. 
Continuously learn new things, even a new musical instrument. 
Try to structure your life, including where & when you put your car keys.
GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid/amino acid
Audie G Leventhal, Utah School of Medicine, found that GABA eliminates brain garbage signals that distract & overwhelm. Take PM. www. -  9/4/2003
(Monitor GABA intake closely if family has history of mental illness.  Do any dosage increases SLOWLY. 
Some patients do wonderfully on GABA; some do not.)
Galantamine [phytonutrient extracted from the common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus L.), and spider lily (Lycoris radiata), among other plants] may stabilize or reduce breakdown of existing acetyl-choline & thus slow declines in functional ability & cognition. 
It may enhance nicotinic receptor activity to influence memory and intellectual activity.
Dried lily bulbs may be purchased from your local Oriental grocery stores such as Store 88 Spring 2004
Side effects of galantamine are similar to those of other cholinesterase inhibitors.
High doses may lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and dyspepsia.

[Orris root (iris germanica var. florentina) may be found at 
It is NOT a lily.  Danger, may cause vomiting. 
It is NOT galantamine. Formerly orris root was used for Dropsy.]
GPC glyceryl phosphoryl choline from soy   July 2003
Hup A, Huperzine A, Huperzia serrata, Chinese Club Moss
Scientists think huperzine A works by preventing the break down of acetylcholine,
a substance that is involved in memory and learning. It may also stimulate neurons.
Because Alzheimer's disease is associated with acetylcholine deficiency, huperzine A may offer treatment for disorder.
These acetylcholine-boosting properties may be of benefit to people with dementia as well. 
Huperzine A may also have the ability to enhance general memory and learning capacity."
Hyman, Dr. Mark,bcdLh1dF

Blood-Starved Brains Shown Prone to Alzheimer’s
Low-carb diets may impair memory and reaction time, while high-fat, low-carb diets improve attention
by Craig Weatherby
In animal studies, dietary omega-3s boost the rate of glucose uptake by brain cells, by raising brain levels of 2 essential glucose-transport proteins. (Pifferi F et al. 2005 and 2007) Diets rich in omega-3s probably cause human brain cells to absorb a greater proportion of the glucose carried by the brain's blood supply.
(See "Feel-Good Findings: Omega-3s Boost Mood, Reduce Anger, Ensure Brain's Flow of Fuel,b1kJpvRw,w )"
2 forms of x ray are being used to observe the progression of Alzheimer's. 
MRI to look at dead neurons and brain shrinking + PET to see if brain glucose metabolism has slowed.  10/14/04 Wall Street Journal Health
MIT is recommending a vitamin cocktail of omega-3 fatty acids, uridine
and choline to combat Alzheimer's.  Choline can be found in meats, nuts and eggs. 
Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, eggs, flaxseed & meat from grass-fed animals. Uridine, found in RNA and produced by the liver & kidney, is not obtained from the diet. However, uridine is found in human breast milk, which is a good indication that supplementary uridine is safe for humans to consume, according to Wurtman,
professor in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. 
Small, Dr Gary travels to give Memory Boot Camps.  His books include The Memory Cure, The 36 Hour Day, Alzheimer's Early Stages -1st Steps for Family, Friends & Caregivers, coping with Alzheimer's -
A Caregiver's Emotional Survival Guide
, Elder Rage or Take my Father, Please!, How to Care for Aging parents, There's Still a Person in There - The Complete Guide to Treating and Coping With Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's Activities - Hundreds of Activities, Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease, The Forgetting Alzheimer's - Portrait of an Epidemic, Alzheimer's - A Caregiver's Guide and Sourcebook, Speaking Our Minds - Personal Reflections from Individuals with Alzheimer's, Doing Things - A Guide to Programming Activities for Alzheimer's, The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home, Living in the Labyrinth - a Persona Journey Through the Maze of Alzheimer's, Mild Cognitive Impairment - Aging to Alzheimer's Disease, Aging Well - surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life, Aging with Grace - the Nun Study 
Imprinted Genes may hold some clues to Alzheimer's.  Methyl is a DNA silencer. 
The 2nd genetic code or pattern of DNA silencers is the next technology called MethylScope.  50+ genes are known to be imprinted due to inheritance or affected in the womb before birth & may be found by molecular diagnostic  testing.  Chromosome 10 may be linked to Alzheimer's'.  6/24/2005
L R Page in Boosting Immunity with Power Plants says too little acetyl-choline can result in Alzheimer's.  She recommends Royal Jelly.
Both early onset Alzheimer's & downs' syndrome have a 21st gene problem per Dr K McAll A guide to Healing the Family Tree  & PBS on The Forgetting TV 1/21/2004 airing
Cognition & visual-spatial skills may improve in hypo-gonadal males if injected with 200 mg testosterone every 2 weeks. 5/2005
Lithium, used to treat manic depression, may block 2 Alzheimer's proteins, amyloid beta and tau. 
2/2004 Bottom Line Health magazine - Lithium may be purchased as a low dose supplement. Solaray is 1 brand. 
Danger. Never never take without close supervision.
Magnesium-L-theonate may rebuild ruptured synapses & restore neuronal connections to improve both short-term and long-term memory improvement 1/2012 -
Most any magnesium is good for the brain, but this form seems to yield excellent test results.
Melatonin hormone deficiencies may contribute to Alzheimer's per Meiser and Anderson in Overcoming Senior Moments Melatonin is to be taken at bedtime. USA 888-628-8731 Canada 877-742-7078
Melatonin sleep inducing hormone may inhibit beta-amyloid production
and may counter the modification of tau protein to its toxic form. 8/2006
See NOHA subject index of articles
NAC benefits short term memory & reason.   ALA   stabilizes cognition        
Spring 2002 Nutrition & Mental Health newsletter
Neuroscientist Professor Jeffrey Macklis, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA found that partnerless neurons emit signals that coax precursor cells in mice brains to  become new neurons.  7/2/2004 Wall St Journal -
Phosph-atidyl-serine (PS) and glycero-phosph-choline (GPC) may help stay/slow/reverse cognitive impairment such as found in dementia or Alzheimer's.
GPC can help in the body's production of acetyl-choline & gamma-amino-butyric-acid (GABA). 
Uridine-5-mono-phosphate (UMP) helps build RNA (DNA like structures that cells use to create proteins from gene blueprints) & helps build CDP-choline. 
UMP with docosa-hexa-enoic acid (DHA) may contribute to stabilizing/slowing/reversal of Parkinson's.  3/2009
Pomegranate juice put a stop to amyloid-beta accumulation and help cognitive abilities. 
Additionally it may help diabetes, metabolic syndrome, prostate cancer, arthritis & gum disease (when used as a mouthwash with gotu kola/Centella asiatica), osteoarthritis. 
Pomegranate may protect the skin against UVA (ultraviolet A) radiation plus the liver. 5/2007
Sage oil protects a key chemical destroyed in Alzheimer's per Reuters Health 8/29/03
cited in Nutrition & Mental Health  Winter 2003
Rosemary, a spice, is recommended
Silicon may reduce aluminum per David G Williams MD.  Beer contains silicon. 
Beware, to drink only beer bottled in glass (not aluminum cans)!  1-800-843-8408
The 36 Hour Day by Mace and Rabins       
JohnHopkinsUniversityPress 1-8005375487 Dementia & memory loss care in later life
The Forgetting by David Shenk Book& DVD
Testosterone hormone replacement in men may delay/prevent/reverse diminished working memory & elevated beta amyloid in brain. 4/2007
Turmeric (curcumin/curry) 1-800-219-8591  David Williams MD report
Vinpocetine (from the periwinkle plant), ginger & grape seed may help Alzheimer's.
Vitamin B complex - "Cut your risk of the dreaded disease by 50% just by taking B vitamins." - - Robert J Rowen MD
Vitamin E per Boston Globe Knox's column 10/25/99 Health Science  Damage Control  John Hopkins study shows that Vitamin E + C may absorb brain damaging free radicals.3/2004
Vitamin E, B3 (niacinamide) ginkgo biloba may help Alzheimer's. 9/25/2002 Health Scout News Winter 2002 newsletter
6/29/2004 Wall Street Journal reports that the following are being studied to treat Alzheimer's disease: Vitamin C, E, B6, B12, & folate; huperazine + statins, Namenda (memantine), Alzhemed & anti-inflammatory drugs.
Williams, Dr. David The Only Way to Reverse Alzheimer's is by using niacinamide! 2/2009 newsletter
"The study of this treatment for Alzheimer's disease, headed by Dr. Kim Green at the University of California at Irvine, involved 4 months of Alzheimer's treatment with the human dose equivalent of 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of niacinamide. 'Cognitively, they were cured,' said Dr. Green. 'The vitamin completely prevented cognitive decline associated with the disease, bringing them back to the level they’d be at if they didn’t have the pathology.'
Niacinamide also improved memory in mice without Alzheimer’s.
The late Dr. William Kaufman did extensive research on niacinamide in the 1930s.
Dr. Kaufman found that niacinamide moves in & out of the body quickly, so that smaller doses throughout the day are most effective, with 250 milligrams being the most the body could utilize at one time.
Dr. Kaufman and his wife took 250 milligrams of niacinamide every 3 waking hours (6 doses) for at least 55 years, believing, as a result of his studies, that it helps prevent many of the physical & mental problems associated with aging, including arthritis, fatigue, muscle strength, loss of balance, depression & cancer...
Based on Dr. Kaufman’s work, Dr. Williams estimates that Alzheimer’s patients 'would achieve the best (and safest) results if they took 250 mg every 1½ hours (a total of 12 doses)' for Alzheimer's treatment...
The toxic dose would be nearly a pound of niacinamide daily.  There has never been a death reported from niacinamide supplementation.  (Remember, with any drug &/or supplement safest method is to slowly increase and/or slowly decrease.  Also remember that any B vitamin works best in association with other B vitamins, so add a multi B vitamin to one's daily niacinamide intake.) 
Dr. Williams says, 'I personally utilized Dr. Kaufman’s protocols for several years and saw some amazing improvements; however, I saw even better responses after switching to a product without preservatives.'
1 source of preservative-free niacinamide is Freeda Vitamins, 800-777-3737. ."
(Niacin can do the same thing & is good in small portions in winter, as it can cause heat, flushing and tingling. 
Niacin can be better than niacinamide for dilating the blood vessels & helping circulation.)
"Arthritis symptoms also improve or disappear with niacinamide, says Dr. (Jonathan) Wright , but it's not a cure; the arthritis symptoms return if patients stop taking it."
11/2009 Williams' newsletter notes that niacinamide is "widely found in foods like, turkey, peanuts, chicken, veal, fish, salmon, swordfish, tuna & (for vegetarians) sunflower seeds."
Wine, especially red, in moderation may contribute to slowing down Alzheimer's.  Besides the nutrition (phenolic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, resveratrol), the alcohol, in moderation, contributes by stimulating the release of acetylcholine plus dilates blood vessels & increases HDL the good cholesterol. Gifford-Jones, Dr W  4/30-5/6/2007
Richard Wurtman, the Cecil H. Green Distinguished Professor Emeritus at MIT, who invented the nutrient mixture. 7/9/2012 - "Wurtman came up with a mixture of 3 naturally occurring dietary compounds: choline, uridine and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Choline can be found in meats, nuts and eggs, and omega-3 fatty acids are found in a variety of sources, including fish, eggs, flaxseed and meat from grass-fed animals. Uridine is produced by the liver & kidney & is present in some foods as a component of RNA. 
These nutrients are precursors to the lipid molecules that, along with specific proteins, make up brain-cell membranes, which form synapses. To be effective, all 3 precursors must be administered together.  Results of the clinical trial, conducted in Europe, appear in the July 10 online edition of the
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.
The new findings are encouraging because very few clinical trials have produced consistent improvement in Alzheimer’s patients, says Jeffrey Cummings, director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health."
Yogurt improves cognition in Alzheimer’s patients 2016
@ archives
Zeligs MD & Connelly MD in All About DIM - encourage eating lots of raw cruciferous vegetables to adjust one's testosterone & estrogen hormones to delay the onset & progression of Alzheimer's disease


Alunimum - - Published: 
Most vaccines contain alunimum and thus can contribute to neirological deficits.
America Reframed - Looks Like Laury, Sounds Like Laury | Webisode
Blood test for Alzheimer's - - Matt Ridley interviews @ DNA Learning Center
Duncan, David Ewing - Are Microbes Stealing Your Mind? - Could bacteria hold the answer to an Alzheimer’s cure? Some researchers say yes.  1 great frustration of longer-living humans is that millions of... read more
insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1+IGF-2) expression  Suzanne DeLaMonte MD Insulin deficiency may be remediated by adding insulin like growth protein factors, thus helping reverse/slow down/stave off Alzheimer's.
Imaging - Tau Is Better Marker of Progression to Alzheimer’s Disease Than Amyloid Beta
5/11/2016- Using a new imaging agent that binds to tau protein & makes it visible in positron emission tomography (PET) scans, researchers have shown that measures of tau are better markers of the cognitive decline characteristic of Alzheimer’s than measures of amyloid beta."
Israel - Regeneration Against Alzheimer's Degeneration in Israel: Medicine or Miracle? - 9/2012
Israel - 2/2016
Schwartz, Michad - - edited excerpt @ -

Research published in 1998-1999 in Nature Medicine & in 2006 in Nature Neuroscience, Schwartz’s team set the ground for a new notion that had never been tested or even suggested before: the brain needs the immune system for its maintenance. As the immune system weakens with age, the communication between the brain & immune system is compromised, accelerating dementia and Alzheimer’s. 
“Common wisdom for decades has been that the brain is completely isolated from the immune system,” Schwartz said. “What my team suggested in the 1998 & other follow-up studies was that the brain actually does need the help of immune cells to keep healthy & that the aging of the brain & Alzheimer’s is associated with this insufficient communication between the brain & immune system.” 
“If the immune system prematurely ages it causes loss in cognitive performance,” she added.
“The integrity of the immune system is needed for brain support, for supporting brain plasticity & repair.” 
Armed with this knowledge, the team set out to show that if communication between the immune system & brain is restored, “we can modify or change the course of Alzheimer’s disease.” 
Releasing the immune system’s ‘brakes’ - The key was to find a way to boost the immune system in a controlled way, to restore communication & thereby to help mobilize the relevant immune cell population from the periphery to the brain, Schwartz said.  The researchers did this by using an antibody that would release the immune system’s “brakes” so it could start once again communicating with the brain. The brakes within the immune system cells keep the immune system under control. With the aging process, the brakes tend to become over-controlling, suppressing the immune system too much, which causes ” an exhaustion of the immune system,” Schwartz explained. 
“Rather than trying to deal directly with the plaques or any waste accumulated in the brain in this disease, we believe that if we boost the immune system, we re-activate a mechanism of maintenance & repair,” she said. 
The antibody IBC has engineered, based on the new understanding, has the ability to neutralize “1 of the mechanisms that keeps the immune system under tight control,” Schwartz said.
“The key is to release such brakes modestly, at an optimal level,” in order to avoid the side effects of overactivation. 
In the lab, using animal models with Alzheimer’s disease & dementia, the treatment with such antibody showed a “robust improvement in cognition & a reduction of the pathology,” she said. The effect was noticed on all the multiple toxic compounds that were built up in the brain, “thus addressing the multi-factorial nature of the diseases and their heterogeneity among patients,” Schwartz explained

Lewy Bodies - -
(Alzheimer's' drugs may worsen Lewy Bodies dementia.)
"Avoid neuroleptic drugs for psychiatric & behavioural problems. 
These commonly induce severe sensitivity reactions in DLB patients - motor & mental impairment is worsened & mortality is increased threefold.
[5][8Anti-Parkinsonian treatment may also worsen psychosis ."
Lopera, Dr Francisco - behavioral neurologist at Medellin's University of Antioquia, Columbia. -
MD discovers possible 14th chromosome defect in village with much intermarriage. "Patients’ families said this 'madness' or 'idiocy', called La Bobera, came from witchcraft, a tree, a Spaniard’s statue, a priest angry about being burglarized." or - Dr. Francisco Lopera, a Medellín neurologist...identified the family’s illness 28 years ago & helped discover its cause, an altered protein on the presenilin 1 gene on chromosome 14: the Paisa mutation." 
New hope for diseases of protein folding such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, ALS, cancer and
related studies offer new strategies for tackling the challenges of preventing" Alzheimer's. 1/6/2012
Peat, Ray -
Alzheimer's: The problem of Alzheimer's disease as a clue to immortality - part 1.
Alzheimer's: The problem of Alzheimer's disease as a clue to immortality - part 2.

, Rudolph - -[Author]&cmd=DetailsSearch&log$=details
Entering an anxiety spiral, for example, is optional...use an acronym: STOP
S: stop,
T: take a few deep breaths and smile,
O: observe what’s happening with your body &
P: proceed with kindness, compassion, and joy.
11/23/2016 clip -
clips @ full via subscription

, Jack - Chapter 10. CNS Aging and Alzheimer's Disease @
Chapter 46: Interventions for Common Dementia Behaviors - Quick View
Conventional Approaches
Apo E4 gene -
3/31/1999 Well Connected
publication mentions one may want to take a blood test for the ApoE4 gene
Recommendations: anti-inflammatory agents, acetylcholine, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, nicotine, taxol & guarana. 

GPS Sneakers
- Eldercare Locator, Washington DC. 1-800-677-1116 or - - -
GPS sneakers 
GPS sneakers
14.htmlGPS shoes for prostitutes
Rave Wireless's Rave Guardian GPS shoes
Tracking people by cell phone, the new Popular Science
Memory Fitness Institute -
Healing Hugs - 8/10/2009 Boston Globe - A HEALING TOUCH:
Auburndale man uses hugs, kisses to cope, help bring his wife back from the grip of Alzheimer's
Avalanche transceivers - 
comparisons  - Seem inappropriate due to learning curve.
Alzheimer's Publications
Courts have electronic anklets for criminals under house arrest.
Project Lifesaver has a one-ounce wrist transmitter that emits 24 hr signals.
33 USA states now participate with police. 3/21/2004 - (One could repurpose for alzheimers patients.)  
Montessori principles work for Alzheimer's -
Nature Medicine journal, the presence of 18 specific proteins may be sufficient to diagnose Alzheimer's in the senior
citizen age group.
Wherify Wireless has GPS locator for young children that locks onto the wrist.
Science Friday radio 10/19/2007 -

, Dr. Peter - 9/17/2003 Boston Globe's
                                                       Autobiography + Biography

, Greg - Chronicle - +
autobiographical book
On Pluto Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s by Greg O’Brien secular

, Gail - biography of husband + -

Genova, Lisa (cognitive psychology Harvard professor) Still Alice (2009)
Wake Up
One needs to research further.
Aluminum - A (toxic) metal suspect is aluminum found in deodorant and cooking dishes.
1 theory is that Alzheimer's is caused by the protein clumps themselves. 
Another theory is that a tau protein forms tangles & kills neurons responsible for thought & memory. 
There is a scientific war as to the cause of Alzheimer's.
Concern is that remedy for a "theory" may cause harm. 8/6/2004

Souza, Katie -
teaching-cds/795-the-serpent-and-the-soul-4-cd-set.html - CD
#00084 -
1st CD shares that ammonia stored in brain could contribute to Alzheimer's.

- -

What Chem
Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell L. Baylock - aluminum n vaccines warning 3/28/2013 + chem (aluminum) trails (from airplanes)

DANGER: Aluminum is suspect especially in lack of coordination, disruption of body functions & electrolyte imbalance.  Remove aluminum utensils, deodorant & baking powder.  Filter drinking water.  Can use chelating supplements. 
Meiser and Anderson Overcoming Senior Moments
Gluten could be a problem. - 2016 - Interview with Marilyn and Sarah Hickey:
Optimal Health – Memory/Alzheimer and Gluten with Dr. Bob DeMaria - Part 1
ICT + UCLA Protocol beverage - The Cure To Dementia – A Beverage? -
Europe already has a beverage called Souvenaid touted to help with Alzheimer's.
Waltham, Massachusetts' Dr. Glenn Rothfeld also touts his beverage to do likewise.

asperate or lithium orate (low dose supplements) may want to be considered (to remove aluminum).
"The aluminum felt to be a possible cause of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is chelated by lithium so it can be more easily removed from the body...
One tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily along with 400 I.U. of vitamin E ensures that no (minimumal) lithium toxicity can develop." - 5/5/2004 James Howenstine, MD. editorial
Lithum - "Dr. Jonathan Wright suggests 20-30 mg. of lithium aspartate or lithium orotate daily as an appropriate dose to stop brain aging."
Lithium - Some considerations/cautions in taking lithium:
Mercury - Predatory fish contain mercury poison says Dr J Hightower in 8/2003 Readers Digest
article One fish, two fish, red snapper, swordfish: a menace lurks in your "healthy" meal. - Danger. 
Potentially dangerous antibody vaccines are being developed. 
MSG is toxic food additive - omit from diet
RX - Peterson, Melody - -
Click Google's "contents" in it's book review to read chapters or go to
Tough read, but vital to the health of you and your family.
"The cognition of patients with Alzheimer's disease grew worse when they took either Detrol or Ditropan. 
Both bladder drugs have what doctors call anti-cholinergic effects, which means they block the action of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter.  Nerve cells release neurotransmitters to send signals to neighboring cells. 
The anti-cholinergic medicines block some of these signals...
The brains of the patients who had taken anti-cholinergic drugs for 2 years or longer had more that twice the level of abnormal clumps of amyloid plaque & tangled bundles of fibers as those who had not taken the drugs or had taken them for a such time...

Medication-induced dementia
often reverses, if it is found & patient stops taking the offending (prescription) drug."

- 3/22/2012 -
@ or Coconut oil is typically the best choice.
Zinc and copper are hypothesized to mix with beta amyloid brain protein and rust, thus destroying nerve cells. 
However, brain zinc and copper may be eliminated with a 70 yr old dysentery drug with toxic side affects per Dr. Ashley Bush.  12/26/2003 Wall Street Journal 
Vaccines will attempt to treat Alzheimer's based the "theory" that amyloid protein plaques cause the brain to shrink. 7/22024 Wall St Journal

Yeast overgrowth
such as Candida may play a role in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

                                                                 Spiritual VERY UNIQUE
“John Blake...battled with a rare disease (causing toxic ammonia buildup), and was completely healed of it (with help of Katie Souza’s ministry) when he got delivered of an ancient (Egyptian God Amun) idol in his soul.
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Jennifer Eivaz - 8/6/2017 -
SID: Any mind type diseases, Alzheimer's, bones. Pray right now.
JENNIFER:  I just prophesy over your body right now.
I prophesy to your mind, that you have a sound mind.
God has not given you a spirit of fear.
He has given you power and love, and a sound mind.
I break mental illness off of you.
I command your mind to come together in the name of Jesus.
I command your sanity to come back.
I command your chemicals to balance out.
I command a reversal in Alzheimer's and dementia right here and right now.
I even speak to your bones.
I command your bones to be healed, your broken bones to set themselves right now,
for fractures to heal, for knees to be healed, backs to be healed, discs to be healed.
Your body made whole, I prophesy it, in Jesus' name.
Roman Catholic Father Hampsch teaches that one of the evil spirits of infirmity is the spirit of Alzheimer's.

, Paul  2/12-16/2007  Healing Adults from Childhood Hurts
2/15/2007 Thursday Sid Roth's Messianic Vision radio broadcast
shares marvelous hope for Alzheimer's patients.
Listen at 
@  - Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain book #1064
Hunter, Joan -
"Alzheimer’s...this is what we pray: Father, right now in the name of Jesus,
I curse Alzheimer’s: to begin with any trauma that may have brought it on, any generational curse, take care of that too. 
(In Jesus' name we) command the excess fluid in the brain to be drained & absorbed in the body just like if the drainage tube is there. 
Then (In Jesus' name we) command the spinal cord to produce the proper levels
of the fluid in the brain, not to cause too much, which causes like a squishy brain.
Then (In Jesus' name we) speak the right mind in the memory of the justice blessed & done in Jesus’ name.

, Joan - - "In the name of Jesus: I command all 125 trillion cells along with all the T-cells in my body to align electrically, magnetically & chemically to the perfect DNA & RNA that God created.
I curse any (demonic) prions and antigens in this body.
I command all the bad cells to be discarded (never to return & to be replaced with healthy cells). Thank You, Jesus! Amen."
Hunter, Joan - Prions - 10/2016 Marilyn & Sarah Hickey TV interview IMPORTANT

, Herman regarding Lilly - - - "As I prayed the Lord gave me
discernment that the resistance was not physical or emotional; it was spiritual.
The enemy was attacking my wife Lillie in a spiritual battle.
I had to exercise discernment, which is a gift of the Spirit for all believers to discern the light from the darkness, and it can be exercised in faith.
I discerned that this 'resistance' spirit was a demonic attack against my wife.
Then the Lord said to enlarge my prayer, for He wanted to give healing not only for her but also for many others who are suffering from this disease.
Whenever the resistance would express itself, I would take the authority that Jesus gave to his disciples, the 'authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases.'”
(Luke 9:1).  When I took that authority I would pray & believe God for His power to break the power of the enemy.
I would not reason, argue or force Lillie in any way,
but simply stand in faith. Sometimes the resistance would be broken in a few minutes;
sometimes it would take an hour (or more)...A demonic attack and could be recognized
by discernment and overcome by taking authority in the name of Jesus....
The psychiatrist saw that I had learned how to overcome the resistance, and that my
method was valid, though in the medical and psychological field it had not been done.
I found however, that the attacks reoccurred almost daily. I had to discern &
exercise authority over them repeatedly. I did not understand why the enemy could not
be cast out permanently. However it did finally happen, for suddenly all the resistance
was gone completely. It was wonderful, but I did not understand why it happened.
Then I read something in Francis Frangipane’s book, referring to the powers of this
world noted in Ephesians 6:12, that Powers are not ‘cast out, they are
displaced in the spirit-realm by the fullness of the reign of Christ
in the church &
through the intercessory warfare of the saints in the region” (See The 3 Battlegrounds
in the Glossary under Powers.) That was the answer. I had been almost alone in my
battle formerly, but when I came to Frederick, Maryland a group of saints did spiritual
warfare in behalf of Lillie & that broke the power completely, by displacing the power
of resistance through the reign of Christ within the region."

[Kat Kerr mentors that we Messianic Christians are to daily "take power over all the (dark) power of the enemy".]
Souza, Katie - -
CD #
00084 - 1st CD shares that ammonia stored in brain could contribute to Alzheimer's. VERY UNIQUE
John Blake...battled with a rare disease (causing toxic ammonia buildup),
& was completely healed of it (with help of Katie Souza’s ministry)
when he got delivered of an ancient (
Egyptian God Amun) idol in his soul."
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Souza, Katie - Alzheimer's like disease healed
Katie Souza Live Stream Serpent & the Soul + Katie Souza Live Stream Serpent & the Soul +
Katie Souza Live Stream Serpent & the Soul @
LISTEN to radio broadcasts - Healing Prayer for Alzheimer's  Jason Westerfield #1  +
especially Jason Westerfield #2 
 4/25/2008 Awesome prayer for Alzheimer's.
4/14-18/2008 #1587 -
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Ana Mendez 
The Power of Communion - CD -
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Power and benefits available in communion. Radio 6/11-15/2007 Tuesday radio broadcast shares that Alzheimer's patient was healed.
Radio archives at    
or order Ana's Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood + The Power of His Blood CD#9012 -  


, John - 1/11/2013 - unique -
John had Hepatitis C + Alzheimer's + stupor/coma/sleep-apnea symptoms. @ Katie Souza
“John Blake...battled with a rare disease (causing protein & toxic ammonia buildup which his liver was unable to adequately process, but) was completely healed of it
[with help of Katie Souza’s ministry. Apply: 1st Jesus' blood, 2nd dynamos resurrection power to heal soul wound. 3rd evict any (idol) spirit that is in common with the respective disease.]  John got delivered of an ancient (Egyptian idol God Amun) spirit in his soul.
  Idols attract demons/evil-spirits which in turn attract/legalize diseases/ defects.  These invisible (curse causing) spirits are often familial/inherited/attracted due to un-confessed sin (such as ancestral idolatry which is idol worship).
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                                                               Pastors Gone Awry
9/14/2011 -
Pat Robertson Says Divorce Okay if Spouse has Alzheimer's 
COMMENTARY: Pat (Robertson) should know that Alzheimer's is curable by God. 
He is speaking from the soul & NOT the spirit, maybe like Peter did when he rebuked the Lord, & the Lord told the evil spirit in Peter to back off.