DANGEROUS Alternative SPIRITUAL Treatments

Michaelsen, Johanna  Like Lambs to the Slaughter - Your Child and the Occult  Chapter 6 Your Kid the Yogi  
Magazine Psychology Today editorial Little Swamis January 1985 notes that biofeedback, relaxation, self-hypnosis & imagery exercises HELP children as young as 3 gain control of pain, asthma attacks, migraines. 
In actuality, it is the power & intervention of invisible demons which the youth & many of their mentors are soliciting/tapping into. 
It is like the black lobster which turns red or the toad which becomes cooked - to death, not noticing the water's changing temperature as it turns from cold to boiling.  It is also called dumming down & desensitization. 
School systems, large corporations & public media utilize similar tactics to indoctrinate & to legislate against such issues as discrimination (in opposition to things forbidden by God such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender sexuality, rejection of His Messiah) or to speed up learning by enlisting spirit guides (under the auspices of other names) for each child/employee. 
(Be careful who is overseeing your kids.  Parents, do NOT stick your head in the sand, like an ostrich!)

Spiritually Toxic Resources

Throop, Priscilla - translator - Hildegard von Bingen's Physica - 'The fir tree (abies) is more hot that cold & contains many powers...Spirits of the air hate & avoid more than in other areas, any place where there is fir tree wood.  Magic thrives less & is less prevalent there."
"When a wolf 1st sees a person, the airy spirits accompanying it weaken the person's powers, so he does not know that the wolf sees him.  If the person sees the wolf 1st, he holds God in his heart & by that effort both the wolf & the airy spirits flee."
"If someone, because of weakness of diseases, should be mad in the head & insane, shave the hair from his head & cook a wolf in water, having thrown away its head & intestines.  Wash the head of the mad one in a broth of this water...If any of the broth enters his body, he would be more crazy, since it would be as a poison to him.  Do this for 3 days...After doing this for 3 days, he will return to his senses."
"In any house where there is pelt, hair or bones of a wolf, people are prone to quarrel & cause fights, because of the wolf's very bad nature, airy spirits free run about there."  (This sampling indicates NO mention of the Trinity, only of "potions" & modalities similar to witchcraft, forbidden by God.)