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MICHAEL: . I became seriously manically & suicidally depressed. I knew I was depressed because I was finishing my PhD in psychology, so we talking about the timing of the Lord. I was 37 & thought my life was over, but Jesus healed me.
MICHAEL: My oldest son started self-medicating. He was just a young man, 12-13, & we were homeless.
Many negative things happened.  He started just trying to take care of his pain.
MICHAEL: We had a beautiful home we lost.  Every possible, negative thing (happened) from death threats to the whole town talking about us. The Lord told me if I would forgive the people that had hurt me, He would make me forget the pain they caused me. So I made a list. I forgave the people.  After about 7 weeks of praying for people, the Lord visited me.
It's amazing. Not only took away the pain, He gave me love for the people that broke my heart.
My son, the moment he could, moved out of our house (to) the streets.  Drug dealers were trying to kill him.  Police (were) trying to arrest him. I just would lay on his bed that he grew up in and just prayed, "God, tonight, don't let my son die." The Lord spoke to me & said He wanted me to change the way that I talked about my son. The Lord reminded me of all the prophetic words over the years He'd given me about my son's life. I told my wife & we started saying (prophesying/declaring over/about/that) our son is a history maker & world shaker, man of God. He's going to be a godly husband & father.
MICHAEL: The Lord had spoken to me so strongly that if I would change my vocabulary, the outcome would be changed. So I just started repeating God's Word. Like Paul told Timothy, "Do warfare by the prophetic words you've received." I started speaking over his life that he would be everything God said he would be. Within 7 weeks of doing that, God visited my son & delivered him from drugs. He moved back home, became a missionary to Haiti with the Bible school, married a wonderful woman, became our church executive pastor, has 4 great kids & is a successful businessman. So everything God told me came to pass when I started saying what God said to me about him.

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Dr. Braverman -
Founder of PATH (The Place for Achieving Total Health Clinic) in New York City & Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
Books include The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally & Younger You,
teach ways of treating the brain, mind, & body naturally through hormone balancing, lifestyle, & nutritional changes.

Community Resources - 2011 - For 35 years Victory Programs has been providing housing & support services to homeless individuals & families who are also struggling with addiction & chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Starting in 1975 as a single program for 20 homeless men in Boston’s South End, today Victory Programs operates 18 innovative programs located throughout Boston & in Cambridge" Massachusetts, USA. 


Mexico - - 6/23/2011- "Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas leads the cult-Christian 'La Familia' cartel which has terrorized much of western Mexico for years...University-educated Vargas had a security team known as the '12 Apostles' & allegedly calls assassinations & beheadings 'divine justice'...La Familia's spiritual leader was Nazario Moreno González,, known as 'The Craziest One,' who published his own 'bible' telling members how to live piously (before he was killed in a shoot-out last year)." - Also watch Charlie Rose interview with Randal C. Archibold, New York Times bureau chief for Mexico - A discussion about Mexico 7/18/2012
Medication Withdrawal
Symptom Remediation
PASSIONFLOWER - other names is Passionflower known by:
Apricot Vine, Corona de Cristo, Fleischfarbige, Fleur de la Passion, Fleur de Passiflore, Flor de Passion, Grenadille, Madre Selva, Maracuja, Maypop, Maypop Passion Flower, Pasiflora, Passiflora, Passiflora incarnata, Passiflorae Herba, Passiflore, Passiflore Aubépine, Passiflore Officinale, Passiflore Purpurine, Passiflore Rouge, Passiflorina, Passion Vine, Passionaria, Passionblume, Passionflower Herb, Passionsblumenkraut, Purple Passion Flower, Water Lemon, Wild Passion Flower. - Possibly Effective for:
Anxiety, Relieving symptoms related to narcotic drug withdrawal, when used in combination with a medication called clonidine, &.A psychiatric disorder known as adjustment disorder with anxious mood when used in a multi-ingredient product (Euphytose, EUP).
Home Remedies for Drug Withdrawal -  5/23/2010 - Valerian from Valeriana officianalis root, John's Wort, Ginger, (& perhaps Dimenhydrinate an over-the-counter antihistamine)