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Hormann, Dr Aiko - - edited excerpts
Question: How do you help people with ADD & ADHD?
ADD & ADHD has a frontal lobe either over-active or under-active & not balance.
In ADD & ADHD you need to tap the very center of the top of the head to stimulate the Para-sympathetic Nervous System.
Actually, the balance between Sympathetic Nervous System & Para-sympathetic Nervous System maybe out of kilter.
People who are agitated or who are over-active, attention deficit, usually have more Sympathetic Nervous System.
1 way of producing more Para-sympathetic Nervous system is looking at the center in front of you & moving both index fingers to the side to stimulate peripheral visions. (Peripheral vision exercise) When you do this often enough, keep seeing index fingers on the side & your eyeballs fixed straight ahead. As you do this, you're actually stimulating the Para-sympathetic Nervous System. So that will calm the person with ADD & ADHD.
But diet has a lot to do with it. Sugar should be eliminated all together & soda. Diet coke is not good. 
Carbonated drinks not good either. Most sugar-free diet coke & other sodas has aspartame in it. Aspartame is brain damaging.  It is a neuro-toxin & will cause you to gain weight. Check labels for aspartame. Sugar-free chewing gums are notorious (for containing)  aspartame. Find chewing gum with zylitol, the best. BUT, the new Zero-coke has aspartame.
The calories maybe true but it would be destroying your brain cells & causing weight gain.

Do you say then ADD & ADHD children should not have any preservatives or processed food?
Yes, lots of processed food have chemicals. Sugar is the major cause of hyper-activity in children.
Honey is better but still its sugar. Splenda is just as bad. Stevia is better but zylitol is much better.
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Other books containing "some" of above more complete information are  Serpents in the Sanctuary & Turmoil in the Temple.
Chapter 10 The Power of the Tongue  A boy "had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) & depression...had spirits by permission of a generational curse & had been tormented all his young life.  Some of the permission was from ancestors involved in Freemasonry...I commanded the spirit responsible for ADD to confess that he would not have any need for medication once it left."  The boy was healed, permanently.


ADD ADHD patients with no change in symptoms may be re-diagnosed and given bipolar meds as FDA has lowered age to which children may be given anti-psychotic drugs. 9/2007

Medical Science Research -
"Recurrent excitatory connections depend on glutamate actions at NMDA receptors. Spatial tuning is heightened through GABAergic, inhibitory connections between networks with dissimilar spatial properties (e.g. Rao et al, J. Neurosci 20: 485, 2000)."
"“DNC spines” are particularly
evident in deep layer III, the sublayer subserving recurrent PFC microcircuits. This sublayer is also where the greatest spine loss is found in patients with schizophrenia (Glantz & Lewis, Arch Gen Psych 57:65-73, 2000). Thin spines are also lost from layer III with normal aging (Dumitriu et al, J Neurosci. 30:7507, 2010)."
Conventional - Normalizing, desensitization & taking the shame/sting/pain/stigma out of  ADD.