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The Weaponization of Psychiatry an Interview by Children's Health Defense Canada 
12/7/2022 video by Ginger Ross Breggin -
Breggin, Jewish Psychiatrist Peter - Medication Madness @ is licensed to treat the soul:(emotions/mind/willpower + body) but NOT the human spirit, the 3rd part of the human trinity.

What mainly distinguishes psychiatrists from other mental health professionals, & of course from non-professionals, is their ability to prescribe drugs. To compete against other mental health professionals, psychiatry has wed itself to the medical model, including biological & genetic explanations & physical treatments.
It has NO choice: Anything else would be professional suicide.
In providing psychosocial therapies, psychiatry cannot compete with less expensive, more helpful non-medical therapists, so it must create myths that support the need for medically trained psychiatrists.
After falling behind economically in competition with psychosocial approaches, psychiatry formed what the American Psychiatric Association now admits is a 'partner-ship' with the drug companies (Sabshin, 1992).
Organized psychiatry has become wholly dependent for financial support on this unholy collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry (Breggin, 1991). To deny the effectiveness of drugs or to admit their dangerousness would result in huge economic losses on every level from the individual psychiatrist who makes his or her living by prescribing medication, to the American Psychiatric Association which thrives on drug company largesse
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Breggin, Dr Peter R @ Neuroleptics or Antipsychotic Drugs  - Trojan Hoses in medicine.
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Breggin, Dr. Peter - Chapter 8: How to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs @ -
Chapter 8: How to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs - Reduce dosage (Titrate down) in increments of 10% or less. 
Go SLOW, over months NOT weeks/days & only remove 1 RX at a time.
Breggin, Dr. Peter - - 12/7/2022 - If psychiatry is targeting a person it can be considered a private medical matter, not a matter of the State or a police action. As a bonus for the authoritarians:
Psychiatry diagnoses the targeted person & diagnosis says it is this person who is sick/wrong/out of step.  
Nothing to see here, just a sick person. Move right along.  Finally, for the oppressors, as a double bonus:
Psychiatry is able to administer powerful drugs & even electroshock that prevent clear thinking.  In fact can cause a chemical lobotomy & other brain damage in the case of the antipsychotic drugs & brain damage in the case of electroshock.
See Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock & the Psychopharmaceutical Complex,
2nd Edition
by Peter R. Breggin, MD.
The psychiatric tactic of drugging or shocking the targeted critic neutralizes that individual...

Psychiatry is now targeting COVID critics & resisters
.  View this interview here.
Breggin, Dr. Peter - - 2020 Psychiatri Drugs are Neurotoxins @
Breggin, Dr. Peter @'s%20Chapter%201,%20Brain-Disabling%20Treatments%20in%20Psychiatry.htm Chapter 1 -
Breggin, Dr. Peter @ 2020 - How Do Psychiatric Drugs Really Work.
@ Canuck Truth
Breggin, Dr. Peter @ Preview
Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry Scroll down online in small window.
Breggin, Dr. Peter -  Books @ Why Prescription of Psychiatric Drugs Should Be Banned - Full booklet.
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Breggin, Dr. Peter @
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The legal link revealed the hidden meta tag warning:
sometimes the medications prescribed can actually exacerbate the situation.”

Alternative Medicine

Breggin, Dr. Peter @ - Talk therapy rather than RX.
Functional, Integrative & Orthomolecular therapy approaches often are beneficial esp. when MD is board certified,
able to monitor/prescribe or help titer down/off the psychiatric drugs.


Matthew 12:29
How can anyone enter a strong man's house & steal his possessions, unless he 1st ties up the strong man?
Then he can plunder his house. - A House Divided

If Satan is divided & rises against himself, he cannot stand; his end has come. 

Indeed, no one can enter a strong man’s house to steal his possessions unless he first ties up the strong
man. Then he can plunder his house. 

Truly I tell you, the sons of men will be forgiven all sins & blasphemies, as many as they utter...
COMMENT: It is written in Matthew & Mark that we need to BIND the spiritual strong man before we reclaim our things, so Father God in the name of Your Son Jessus & power of Your Holy Spirit, we BIND the strong man, Pharmacia, evict & place him under our feet.  We LOOSE from us all the harm.  We close al doors to the enemy. 
We invite You Holy Spirit to cleanse & heal all (detrimental) physical & soul wounds. 
Satan, in Jesus' name, we command all that was stolen to be returned 7-fold. 
In Jesus' name, we call down from Your holy heavenly storerooms all needed repalacement body parts.
Father God, we love, appreciate & thank You for reversing the cursing in our lives.  How aweseome.
Also, we elist our army host to BIND with & for us today & forever this strongman of Pharmacia in our lineage,
to strip all evil patforms allowing Pharmacia & to make toast of this evil spirit/demon in our family.  Much thanks.




Connell, Karen -
excerpt @ Chapter 6 of ANATOMY FOR DECEPTION: Even the Very Elect Will Be Deceived -
"By obediently giving our whole being that which it needs spiritually and mentally, by accepting Jesus as the Lord of our life & physically, through proper vitamin supplementation, diet & exercise, we can experience God’s healing & restoration power. I am living proof that God created our physical body to heal itself if it is given what it needs to do so."  (Sometimes RX may be temporarily needed/beneficial, but rarely should RX be a lifestyle/habit that short cuts the opportunity for God to be our doctor/ healer/deliverer to help us either instantly or gradually but progressively. 
Also remember to take communion as 1 form of God's medicine.)
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
RX Withdrawal
Breggin - RX Withdrawal Course - Description @ @
on RX Withdrawal -
Contact info @ 1-614-841-7700 + related courses @ @
Certified through Ohio State Board of Career Colleges - Registration # 09-09-1908T

(Although courses are excellent from a biological perspective, it is preferable to work in tandem with an orthomolecular & pastoral professional in addition to trustworthy family/friends.)

Breggin, Dr. Peter R @ - Overview - Jewish New York psychiatrist & "Author, known for books: Talking Back to Prozac, Toxic Psychiatry, & Medication Madness, is a lifelong reformer & scientist in mental health whose work has brought about significant change in psychiatric practice." + + (1 Endorsement:
"This is a needed book. Thoughtful clinicians, including psychiatrists, other prescribing physicians, clinical psychologists, social workers, other therapists, frequently think their patients should be withdrawn from psychiatric medication, but they are not sure. In addition, they do not know the best way to help the patient to safely withdraw from psychiatric medication. They are often afraid of the disapproval of their professional colleagues.
Nonmedical therapists may feel they have NO right to question the judgment of their medical colleagues about medication. Non-psychiatrist physicians may feel they should NOT discontinue the medication unless it is requested by the original prescriber, usually a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists may feel that if they withdraw their patients from psychiatric medication they will be resented by colleagues who almost never withdraw their own patients.
Psychiatric medication is sometimes helpful in the short run, but if continued becomes a problem & eventually a disaster. For a few patients it becomes a disaster right away.
The 1st part of the book is a careful & relatively complete description of the reasons why one should consider psychiatric drug withdrawal or dose reduction & when. Included are detailed discussions of antipsychotics (neuroleptics), antidepressants, stimulants, benzodiazepines & other sedatives & opiates, & lithium & other mood stabilizers.
The 2nd part of the book is a detailed description of the best way to withdraw from psychiatric drugs, taking into account the specific drug or multiple drugs, length of usage, & characteristics of the individual patient. Case histories are presented of simple & complex cases of withdrawal. This is information not previously (widely) available anywhere. Withdrawal is best handled by the prescriber, therapist, patient & 1 or more family members, working together as a team. Prescribers rarely see patients often & long enough to have a detailed knowledge of withdrawal effects without information from the others. Therapists are more likely to know about adverse drug effects, including withdrawal effects, especially if they are looking for them. Patients are likely to report symptoms if they think their therapist & prescriber want to know. However, 1 common side & withdrawal effect of psychiatric medication is a lack of awareness of symptoms (medication spellbinding or intoxication anosognosia). That is why a family member can be useful in pointing out & describing obvious symptoms of which the patient seems unaware.
The most heartening chapter is on children & teenagers. Most children & teenagers can be withdrawn with relative ease & safety, if their parents are cooperative. Withdrawal from stimulants is easily accomplished with children & teens diagnosed with ADHD if sensible family therapy & possible consultation with the child’s teachers are provided.
Not only will they be off the medication, their troubling symptoms will also be gone.
Of course, it would have been better to provide family therapy without medication from the beginning.
Children & teens diagnosed with bipolar disorders also readily respond to family therapy & withdrawal of medication. “Manic” symptoms in children & teens are almost always a side effect of antidepressants or of stimulants.
Children diagnosed with autism need help in relating & medication impairs their learning to relate.
They are able to respond to efforts by parents & others to relate to them once they are off medication.
Children & teens, whatever their diagnosis, even after prolonged exposure to multiple drugs, respond to family therapy & a team approach & usually can be withdrawn easily if they have a stable family.
Peter Breggin has more experience in safely withdrawing psychiatric patients from medication than any other psychiatrist. In this book he shares his lifetime experience.
of our patients deserve the benefit of our obtaining that knowledge." Bertram Karon, PhD Professor of Psychology Michigan State University Author, The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia.

Breggin, Dr. Peter - Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal - book preview - Scroll in small window @
Orthomolecular - drug withdrawal 2.
In the megavitamin treatment of 
schizophrenia, large doses of ascorbate & niacin (non-flush niacinamide B3) are routinely used. In schizophrenia, the brain receptor sites may be saturated with endogenously produced hallucinogens or schizomimetic metabolites. The action of ascorbate may be to replace these hallucinogens on the receptor sites.
In individuals where the therapeutic response to megavitamins is incomplete, it may be that the few grams of sodium ascorbate (form of vitamin c) routinely administered may not be "mega" enough for this purpose.
They require daily ascorbate in the same range required in drug addiction, at least in the beginning of the therapy. (Whether prescription, vitamin or herb always TITRATE up/down SLOWLY.) Materials & Sources: All the materials used in this study are orthomolecular & are commonly available. No toxic chemicals or narcotics are employed...
Summary (& editorial also addresses opiate addiction withdrawal).
Roberts, Maureen B, Jungian therapist @ - 3/6/2007 - (edited)

The neuroleptic ‘medications’ prescribed (or forcefully administered) for schizophrenia are NOT medicines which heal, but rather toxic drugs which can produce permanent disability, irreversible brain damage, even death. [See 1991 book Toxic Psychiatry,  by Peter Breggin, MD ]  Alarm. 
Over 50% of people receiving ‘treatment’ for schizophrenia are being (conned &) forcefully drugged.
Safe, natural, healing remedies are NOT funded by Medicare. Instead, the Australian Government continues to condone biopsychiatric human rights abuse, by funding drug-based, coercive psychiatry. In the vast majority of cases, schizophrenia is an acute psycho-spiritual crisis (indicating possible spiritual root/demonic influence) which has usually been triggered by a traumatic life conflict.  [Thus having a right relationship to God & the church may be critical to healing/health/deliverance/peace/wholeness.  The human spirit is a 3rd part of humanity, in addition to the soul (emotions/mind/willpower) & body.]  However, the following physical conditions can also trigger psychotic disturbances:
Cerebral allergies, Vitamin B-3 & B-6 dependencies, vitamin deficiencies (e.g. scurvy, pellagra), EFA deficiencies, mineral (e.g. zinc) deficiencies, toxic reactions to (e.g.) lead, or drugs (including psychiatric drugs), LSD, marijuana & other hallucinogens, infections such as rheumatic fever, syphilis, food allergies [e.g. to (A1) milk]

Withdrawing Safely from Toxic Psychiatric ‘Medications’:
Reference Source: Patients Rights Advocacy Waikato Inc.: Resource Handbook, 5th ed., Hamilton, NZ, 2001 
Gradual withdrawal is preferable, since it allows for slow re-adjustment & reduces withdrawal cramps
. Withdrawal symptoms may last 35 days after you have finished taking tablets, for every year you took ‘medication’.

Use the 10% Formula. Gradually reduce drug intake in 10% steps, taking as long as required.
It may (& is preferable to) take months (or even years) to withdraw completely.
Example: Reduce prescription (1 at a time) by 10% at each step, e.g. 500mg dosage (per day) minus 10% =
450mg/day. Take a week, month or longer, until free of withdrawal symptoms.
Step 2: Go from 450 to 400mg/day & wait a week, or preferably a month until you feel OK.
Step 3: Go from 400mg to 350mg/day (& titrate dosage DOWN monthly) until you have completely withdrawn from drugs.  For some, it is easier to reduce a morning tablet 1st.

Restoring Normal pH: Your body pH, or level of acidity, should be 7. If your body pH is acidic (less than 7),
you will need to drink ‘Cal-Mag’ (calcium-magnesium) formula (an anti-drug) until your pH returns to normal.
[A caring GP (general practitioner or nurse) can monitor blood pH].

Purchase from a Natural Healthcare Laboratory: Calcium Gluconate  [500g.] + Magnesium Carbonate  [200g. low grade] Cider Vinegar  [500ml.]  Put into a normal glass 1 level tablespoon of Calcium Gluconate, half a level teaspoon of Magnesium Carbonate & 1 tablespoon of Cider Vinegar. Stir into a paste, then add half a glass of boiling water.
Stir until powder is dissolved & liquid is clear. Add some cold water.
Use 2 drinks per day, I in the morning & 1 at night. Use while coming off of drugs/meds.

In addition to the above, try any combination of following natural remedies
(for which NO prescription is required):

Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia, 1999.  Seek out a compassionate GP who practices (drug-free) orthomolecular medicine & who is fully supportive of your wish to withdraw from psychiatric drugs.
S/he will be able to monitor blood levels & other physical parameters during the withdrawal process.
Present them with a copy of this printed information as a guideline to safe withdrawal.


Vitamin B-3: 3–6g daily, in 3 doses, after meals. Normal dose is 3–4.5g daily. [Dose can be increased to 30g]
Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine): Under 1,000mg/day. [Do NOT exceed 2,000 mg/day]
Vitamin B-9 - Folic Acid/Folate (facilitates vitamin B 12)
Vitamin B-12:
Large doses preferable [Try low dose multi B vitamin with each B3.]
Vitamin C: 3g./day, or more
Omega-3 EFAs (e.g. Fish Oil): 3–9 x 1,000mg. capsules/day

(2) MINERALS  [from Health Food store, or naturopath]:

Selenium (antioxidant/antidepressant)  200-600 micrograms/day)
Manganese  30 milligrams chelated manganese,
or 5-10 drops daily of a solution containing 10% zinc sulphate & 0.5% manganese chloride
Dolomite  Good aid to sleep (or melatonin or L-tryptophan)
Zinc   50mg per day in tablet form (Excellent COVID deterrent, esp. for males.]

[B] HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE  [from Homeopathic Pharmacies]: (Test out 1st as trial & dismiss if NOT helpful.)

Hyocaimus - titrate up to 200c  [for hearing voices, or desires to go about naked]
Aurum Met - titrate up to 200c [for blackness, depression, suicidal urges]

[D] HERBAL REMEDIES   [Available at Health Food Stores]:

Hypericum (St John’s Wort) - *Improves mood & relieves anxiety, fear, nervousness & depression without the side-effects of antidepressant drugs. It works best if combined with the herb Valerian. (When off of anti-depressants.)
Ginkgo biloba - *Improves brain circulation, memory & other mental functions. 
Helps with poor balance, fatigue, mood swings & headaches.
Korean Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Spirulina, Chelated Iron - * Good energy boosters (weekly not daily to avoid overload)

[D] DIET - Eat plenty of (organic non-GMO) fresh fruit & vegetables, whole grain breads & cereals, beans, beetroot, alfalfa & soybean sprouts, avocado, walnuts, paw paw, banana & a high intake of fluids (not coffee) to flush out toxins. Avoid chocolate, alcohol, cough syrup, nose drops, pickled meat & sweets. 
Do moderate exercise (e.g. walking, bike riding).  For diarrhea, take rice with cinnamon.

Highly recommended further reading:
Richard Gosden, PhD, Punishing the Patient: How Psychiatrists Misunderstand & Mistreat Schizophrenia -

+ ‘Schizophrenia: Your Questions Answered’
+ Schizophrenia Drug-free Crisis Centre - PO Box 7205 Hutt St, Adelaide, S. AUSTRALIA 5000
[Phone 61 8 8362 0980] 

SSRI Withdrawal @ -
During withdrawal, these realities change and evolve as some emotions become dominant.
Patients may experience uncontrollable rage for a few weeks, then enter a stage where depression dominates.
These emotional tides are outward signs of the brain readjusting to the need to self regulate neurotransmitter levels. It is almost as if the mind is going through the entire inventory of emotion trying to catalog what’s necessary to regulate each one. Some people will experience several uncontrollable emotions at the same time, but the uncontrollable aspect of them will fade away 1 at a time.
The variety & severity of symptoms often lead doctors to prescribe other drugs to mitigate the effects.
This strategy compounds the problems of withdrawal by adding a 2nd effect to an existing condition.
The patient now has to deal with withdrawal as well as effects of a new drug & perhaps a new set of withdrawal symptoms. The best strategy for dealing with SSRI withdrawal symptoms is time & SLOW weaning.
A prolonged weaning schedule will reduce the severity & number of withdrawal symptoms.
The brain requires a certain amount of time to adjust back to a natural balance of neurotransmitters which can’t be rushed. By slowly weaning off an SSRI, the brain does NOT have to deal with a sudden change to Serotonin levels, & can adjust at a natural rate.  It takes a great deal of time for receptors in the brain to regenerate.
A schedule that reduces the drug by 10% (or less) each month (or more) is usually sufficient.
Schedules can vary depending on the patient.
Some will be able to reduce their dose more quickly, others may have to go more slowly."
(The more severe the side effects, the greater the indication of need to slow down the withdrawal, both time & dosage.
Other red alerts are need to deal with underlying/root issues/cause for diagnosis & need for strict schedule which includes talk-therapy/work/volunteering/exercise/orthomolecular-vitamins/herbs & synagogue/church attendance, etc.)
Vieten, Mary Neal @
Trauma treatment for military veterans with no or minimal RX. Maryland, USA
Proceed with Caution
Informed Consent
Black Box Generic RX Alert @
2019 Medical Protocol of many Insurance Providers.  Request "NO Substitution" on brand name prescription. 
Black Box RX @
Breggin, Peter @ -         
"Perhaps the most insidious thing of all, the stigma of psychiatric treatment has been removed.
Breggin, Peter @
Cut RX in half? @
Schwartz, Bob - If I had known the risks – 30 minute film @ + 6/19/2023 Episode 159
Drug Company
con & pro
Political Advocacy
AAPS (Association of American Physicians & Surgeons) Winbars @ - Note on CME credit:
At the present time AAPS is being denied the ability to offer AMA-approved ACCME Category I credits for our events.  However, we believe that our programs meet standards at least as high as those that are granted AMA-approved credit. AAPS is therefore providing a certificate of attendance to those who wish it & details about our accreditation procedure in the event that your state permits some organization other than ACCME to be the accrediting agency.
Some AAPS Affiliates:

Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD
 @ +
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD @
Peter McCullough, MD, MPH @
Steve LaTulippe, MD @
R Gosden + Sharon Beder 10/2001- Pharmaceutical industry agenda in mental health policies. Read Online @
Gosden, Dr. Roger Read Online Conflict of Interest - Is the Fox watching the chicken coop? @
This is NOT a bee sting, but a nest of hornets, having invaded/infested our universities, hospitals, pharmacies, laws. Pharmacia proselytization is to remove STIGMA of having schizophrenia (& other psychiatric labels) as long as one takes meds, by force if necessary.
Kick Backs $ @ or 2/1/2021-
Middlemen claim to negotiate discounts on drugs & medical supplies for insurance plans & hospitals.
"The money saved is supposed to benefit patients,"
explains Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD @
But too often, the middlemen keep most or even all of the difference. They call the discount a 'rebate,' but in truth it is essentially a kickback. This hurts patients in a number of ways. It increases costs while reducing quality of care.
For example patients are
 steered towards the most expensive drug instead of the 1 that is the best option for their medical needs. In addition, 'pay-to-play' schemes create shortages of even the most common supplies.
That is why before leaving office, President Trump
directed the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to end special favors, given by previous administrations, that protect those who profit from kickbacks from prosecution under the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). His order would ensure that lower prices would be passed directly to patients instead of going into the pockets of middlemen.  Unfortunately the new administration has halted these good changes. 
The good news is there is an opportunity to make your voice heard. Every year the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) is required to
solicit comments on safe harbor provisions of the Anti-Kickback Statute.
2021 the comment window is open until February 16 at 5pm Eastern."