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Deliverance  -  DEMONS to CAST OUT in the NAME of JESUS -
PREPARATION FOR CASTING OUT DEMONS - "Before you start casting out demons, go to the appropriate lessons and use the prayers to establish repentance, to break curses and soul ties, and remember to call on the Lord to help you.
ABUSED CHILDREN (DELIVERANCE for the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) - Start with basic deliverance in (victim's/patient's/client's) subconscious mind and conscious mind [especially in the areas of (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion)].
Then (bind and) call (out the) for demon spirits that went in from the abuser [(Spirits of Abuse) including rape and incest].
Call out the Victim Spirit [which often sends out vibrations/frequencies/signals (advertises to be victimized)]; (call out) beating, discontent, covetousness, hate, dejection, stealing, guilt, hopelessness, kleptomania, retaliation, suicide, material lust, destruction, death (welcome fantasy), food lust, pouting, morbidity, greed, cursing, heaviness, criticism, berating, gloom, intolerance, inferiority, false burdens, irritability, lonely, worry, competition, timid and shy, dread, driving ,inadequacy, apprehension, argument, ineptness, nervous, grief, suspicion, excitement, sorrow, jealousy, schizophrenia, heartache, spite, mental illness, heartbreak, hatred, retarded, crying (for control of others) cruelty, madness, contention, manic depressive, sadness, daydreaming, paranoia, laziness, fantasy, unfairness, death, distrust, fear of judgment, cursing,pretension, fear of condemnation, gossip, unreality, fear of accusation, mockery, escape, fear of reproof, belittling, indifference, sensitiveness, railing, stoicism, hallucinations, idleness, passivity, nightmares, self-pity, sleepiness, confusion, self-reward, alcohol, frustration, self-hatred, drugs, forgetfulness, self-awareness,quarreling, incoherence, self-condemnation, fighting, doubt, self-protection, torment, unbelief, sexual impurity,harassment, skepticism, lust, funk, indecision, incest, listlessness, procrastination, fantasy lust, lethargy, compromise, masturbation, depression, pride, homosexuality, despair, ego, harlotry, despondency, fear of authority, rape, disgust, lying and deceit (for protection), exposure, discouraged, frigidity, defeated, pretense, murder, sadism, backbiting, hyperactive, driving, no peace, lying, fear of loss of love, fear of love, manipulation by false love, cold hearted, no feeling, don't care, unstable, loveless, unlovable, deceptive, sly, cunning."