Birth Defects


Vitamin B 9 (folate) insufficiency is one of many causes of birth deformities/defects. (folic acid is synthetic B9)

Alternative Medicine

DIET:  Many birth defects can be prevented if prenatal vitamins/herbs/nutrition is adequate + infant formula/nutrition is adequate.


COMMENTARY: The majority of Judeo-Christian churches, especially Charasmatic Catholic & Penticostal Protestant, believe in & have prayer ministry for healing of both mind & body.  Scripture also backs this view, especially the New Testament.  Scripture is a proponent of not only healing but of reversal of deformity & premature death.

Spiritual Insights

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -

"Leviathan Works in the Womb: This principality (evil spirit) can be evident already with conception in the womb of the unsaved, or the sinful saved. [Dr Brand can testify of several cases of deliverance where the person was oppressed already from birth & a spiritual Entity spoke out of the victim during deliverance, admitting it.
In such cases, when the Entity was asked to reveal its name, Leviathan was the name given.]
1.Leviathan is the Strongman in Occultism & all Secret Societies. He is a fearless entity & work in cold blood.
2.Leviathan leads people into confusion of the mind & he using smoke screens to veil clear thought patterns.
He leads people into doubt so that they can be misled. Leviathan stirs up arguments & striving.
Entity’s that work with Leviathan are the following:84
Python (the spirit of Abort) is working together with Leviathan.
2.Jezebel the spirit of Intimidation, control & Murder
3.Many Water spirits (Sexual spirits: Isis, Marine, Asmodee, Poseidon, Succubus, Incubus, Sirene, Etc.)
4.Dragon – Instigating the fire of turmoil, strive & anger
5.Spirits of Pride / Mind boggling spirits – causing fantasy
6.Mermaids & Merows,
11.Faerie Ways who bewitch the victim.
12.Evil spirits who defile people, etc. Old Hag & Black Annis...
Leviathan is the King of the Sea.
The word Dragon is the common Hebrew word for any large serpent, sea monster, or dragon.
According to Isaiah 27:1 The Lord will slay Leviathan on the Day of Judgment. With His mighty sword God will punish Leviathan the Mysterious Serpent Leviathan the Twisting Serpent, & the dragon of the sea." + Comment:    S.Cheatham - 10/25/2015 - Wow! Praise God!

We are part of John G Lake Ministries team actively praying for our children who are diagnosed with birth defects and seeing results.

COMMENTARY: Some parents (in 3rd world countries) attribute deformity to witchcraft.  Sometimes deformed children (of parents believing their children are cursed by witches) will be shunned/abandoned/abused/neglected.
18 Deuteronomy-Chapter-28/ - Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. (For deliberate disobedience to God, without repentance.)

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